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Efficient Fleet Fuel Management System

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The most heated discussion of today’s time is probably the environmental and fuel issues that are attracting the attention of more and more people everyday. In such type of situation, there is a need of the presence of an efficient fleet fuel management system.

What is a Fleet Fuel Management System?

What is a Fleet Fuel Management System

Many people may not be aware of what is a fleet fuel management system. A fleet fuel management system is a system that helps a company for the management of its fuel expenses. It is done by centralizing fuel buying and billing.

Vehicle Fleet Management of a Company

Fleet fuel management system is an important and inevitable component of a fleet management system. The fleet management system is the vehicle fleet management of a company. This system encircles a wide range of functions like vehicle maintenance, vehicle financing, driver management, vehicle telematics (that include tracking and diagnostics), health & safety management and fuel management.

Things You Can Do with Fleet Management System

Fleet management system enables companies that are mainly reliant on transportation in their business to minimize or remove the risks of vehicle investment, productivity, improving efficiency and cutting down on the overall costs of transportation with the provision of 100 percent compliance with the legalizations set by the government. These are just few tasks that are carried out by the fleet management system.

Benefits of Fleet Management System

If you have deployed an efficient fuel management system then it can help you for variety of things. Read the full story

Improvement in the Mileage and Operating Power

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Every driver wants more engine power of the vehicle on hilly track or on a highway where speedy traveling is required. You want more horsepower but you have ever thought about fuel economy? Due to rapid increase in the fuel over past few years, most of the people have become conscious about the coast of filling up fuel.

Better solution

Better solution

But there is a solution for you, you can make improvement in the performance and fuel mileage. For controlling the operations of the engine there is a central controlling system in almost every vehicle this system may be considered as computer. You can reprogram the memory of this computer with new better software which can operate engine in a better way to get better mileage.

Effect of program installed on vehicle performance

Advancement in every technology has made work easy for people and the information is easily accessible to people. IPods and other digital pads have made entertainment and information available in a new way and betterment has come. Reprogrammable devices installed in the vehicles have widely increased the vehicle performance. Many automotive programmers are working on making better programs, so that these programs can control all the operation of the vehicles.

Easy installing process

Installing these programs on your vehicle system you do not need any specialty, it is simple you will have to the plug cable of the programmer in the connector under the dashboard of the vehicle. Read the full story

Best Alternative Fuels available

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If anyone is environmental friendly he shows his passion by riding a car that runs on non-fossil fuels. These cars not only emit less carbon but also save you money as the alternative fuel is cheaper than conventional fuels.

Types of Non-Fossil Fuels

Types of Non-Fossil Fuels

There are many types of non-fossil fuels currently available in the market. These types include hydrogen, ethanol, electricity, natural gas, biodiesel and liquefied petroleum gas which is commonly referred as LPG. Anyone can alter their engines so they can run on any of the mentioned types of fuel. Whereas some fuels don’t require alteration of the engine.

Natural Gas and LPG as Fuels for Cars

Vehicles that run on natural gas are more environmental friendly and they leave less carbon footprints. It is a mainly a fossil fuel. Honda has produced a car under the name of Civic GX which uses natural gas as the primary fuel.  Another alternate fuel is Liquefied Petroleum Gas commonly known as LPG. It is formed during the refinement of crude oil. This fuel is very popular all over the world and currently more than 9 million vehicles use LPG as their primary fuel. Read the full story

Making a Solar Heater With Car Radiator

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Radiator is a tool placed in the vehicle engine to protect the engine from overheating. The radiator keeps the engine cool and prevents it from getting damaged. Not only this but the there are several other uses of a car radiator. If you are thinking to buy a water heater, and possess a radiator you can save money and get your hot water. We will tell you how to make a solar heater from a car radiator. Radiators can be used to make cheap and strong water heaters.

 Solar kits

Simple Technique and Simple Tools

You don’t need to be an expert in auto mechanics or electronics. Any average person without any knowledge of engineering can make a solar heater with a car radiator. All you need is a car radiator, a screwdriver, tack hammer, black spray paint, two rubber radiator pipes and two pipe fasteners. Once you have collected all the tools and gadgets you are ready to start your project.Radiator is the main component of your project therefore it is necessary for you to check it properly. Before you start make sure if it has been repaired, and does not leak. The radiator you will be using should also be properly flushed and pressurized. An unchecked or leaking radiator might not work properly and can cause problems later on.

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Certain Advantages Of Biodiesel Fuel

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Bio scientists have always been in search of finding and introducing fuels that can prove to be good substitute of traditional fuel items. The reason of all such efforts is quite obvious. First because the traditional fuel is not going to last forever as it is depleting rapidly. Secondly because there are so many environment issues associated to the usage of traditional fuels.

Biodiesel Fuel

Why biodiesel fuel is good

Despite of some of the disadvantages associated to the biodiesel fuel, its advantages are far greater. As bio scientists are continuously striving to make it more environment friendly, it has started showing results by reducing smoke pollution, noise pollution and by lessening the vibrations. Biodiesel is also better than gasoline when it is about keeping the engine fit and maintaining the acceleration. Biodiesel is a good fuel to be used in large means of transportation like ships.

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Ways To Prevent Global Warming

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We are all aware of the harmful effects of global warming, but there can be many ways to prevent global warming. Although we can’t prevent global warming completely, we can sure help to reduce the intensity of the future effects of global warming.

global warming Prevention

Here are some steps that we can take in our daily lives to prevent global warming effects.

  • Use transportation only for travelling to far off areas. Try walking for short journeys or using a bicycle more frequently.
  • Share transportation and do car-pooling whenever possible.
  • Drive in the correct gear to reduce fuel usage. Keep all windows shut on warm days if you have air conditioning to maximize fuel efficiency.
  • Consider purchasing a hybrid or electric vehicle when looking for a new car.

RV Solar Panels

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You may not be aware of this, but if you own a RV, i.e. a recreational vehicle, then it may be possible to get a number of solar panel solutions that can help you out in time of need.

rv solar panels

One of the main benefits of installing RV solar panels is that they can produce electricity even in remote locations. So if you are stuck in some far off area, without any patrol or gas, then this might come in handy for you.

The cost of RV kits can range from around $400 to $1000, depending on the power output you require.

RV solar cells are available in a variety of packages, which include starter kits or RV solar array extensions for addition to a current RV solar electricity system. The most widespread way to attach RV panels is by fixing them to the roof. This can be done by using mounts which screw into your RV roof.

Future Car Concept Use Magnetic Field Power

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Despite of many failures in different types of experiment, the modern people of this era does not stop thinking about new inventions. Due to this reason daily a new invention becomes a part of our life.


Nowadays scientists are more interested in environmentally friendly products and materials. And so the new innovations are arriving in this field. Naturally it is a desire of all human beings to breathe clean air and drink clean water.

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