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Solar Energy Rebate in Florida

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Solar energy is proving to be a very good alternative to electricity produced from oil and gas at thermal power stations. It is safe for the environment and is un-exhaustible. Understanding this vast potential of solar energy, the Governments around the world are encouraging the consumers to switch to solar energy.

They offer lucrative incentives and rebates. One such measure is the Florida rebate offered to the residents of Florida.

Florida Rebate

This is a programme to make the state of Florida increase its electricity generation capacity. In this regard, a senate bill titled Florida Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency Act was passed in 2006. This bill caters for the use of renewable energy sources in the state of Florida. It is also called the Energy Act.

Energy Act

The Florida rebate has another important provision called the Renewable Energy Technologies Grant Program. This programme allows various amounts of grants to the researchers and companies to promote the use of renewable fuel. It aims at building up alternate fuel vehicles and construction of renewable energy power systems.

This act has also resulted in creation of a nine member Florida Energy Commission. Finally, the act provides a one-week sales tax holiday for the purchase of energy efficient products in early October.

Tax Exemptions

The Florida rebate announced a one week sales tax exemption on all kinds of equipment related to the development and utilization of renewable energy resources. These exemptions are applicable to the solar energy too.

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Solar Lights For The Garden

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Electricity has become the basic necessity of life. It is available for the consumers by connection to the national power grid. However such a connection involves a lot of wiring and poles. An alternative to this arrangement is the use of solar energy by using the solar panels.

The lights operating on these solar panels can be installed without the hassle of wiring ansd  are extremely energy efficient.

Solar Lights For The Garden

The garden is a place of natural beauty and the large clumps of wiring spoil its beauty. The electricity is required for lights in the garden at night and this electricity can be obtained by installing solar lights. Such solar lights are an easy application that is very easy to operate and handle. In addition, their backup time and no cost energy make them best choice for use in gardens.

Principle Of Operation

The solar lights work on the principle of conversion of sunlight into the electricity. During the day time, they absorb the sunlight and get themselves charged. Once the night falls they are switched on to produce light for the garden and other outside places.

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Commercial Uses Of Wind Turbines

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Cheap energy is the dream of the modern era. The energy capacity of water is being capped since ages and the use of solar energy is gaining popularity. A new development in this direction is production of energy using wind. The windmills have been in service since long for milling of cereals but their potential for electricity generation is a new dimension. They appear to be a promising and cheap source of energy with no harmful environmental hazards.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are successfully being used in UK and many parts of the globe in generation of electricity for the people. It is a good opportunity for power users in reducing their energy cost and developing strong infrastructures, which support the wind turbine technology. Wind power is capable of fulfilling one half of our energy needs and it is not a new concept for many industrial users. One example of the potential of wind turbines is the Coemi 55/15 50kW turbine that can generate up to 188,000 kWhs per annum.

Commercial Interest

The sources of alternative energy are a blessing for consumers sick of load shedding and electricity bills. As against the traditional energy sources of oil and gas, the wind energy provides a safe and environment friendly option. Wind power could be utilized to generate innumerable business profits by providing electricity for both domestic as well as the industrial purposes. Assessing the vast potential of the energy capacity of wind, a large number of investors are concentrating on this technology. Wind turbines for commercial users can become an amazing revenue earning opportunity.

Advantages Of Wind turbines

Wind power creates positive impact upon the environment as well as upon the cost of the electricity.

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Passive Solar Heating: Indirect Gain

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Sun is the source of energy for our entire planet. It not only provides us the light during the day, it is also useful in regulating the temperature of our planet. The light rays of sun also heat the environment and thereby they promote life on our planet. The new advancements in field of science and technology have developed ways and means to cap the potential of the sun rays. These solar rays are used by the photovoltaic cells for production of electric current. These energy rays are also being used to heat different appliances using the passive heating concept.

Indirect Gain

Indirect gain is a means to achieving indirect or passive solar heating. This technique involves transfer of heat energy though the principle of convection. The heat energy is transported from one medium to the other without the use of the hydraulics of pumps. The heat energy is collected in one part of the building and is transferred to the other by the principles of heat exchange. Nowadays different means of using indirect gain are being incorporated in the building structures to heat by passive solar heating.

Few of the means of achieving indirect gain in buildings are as below:-

Use Of Roof Ponds

In this technique, a set of collapsible ponds are filled with water and these are placed on the roofs during the day time.

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Solar Powered Mobile Chargers

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Energy is the soul of the modern era. The depletion of our conventional energy sources like oil and gas has troubled the scientific community since long and they are looking for alternative energy resources. This research for alternative and environmentally safe energy sources has lead to development of fuels like ethanol but the biggest, though a bit expensive to start with, revelation is the use of solar energy for powering up our life

Solar Energy

Solar energy is an un-harnessed area with vast potential. The energy reaches the earth in form of light and heat which is used by the life on earth. But the light rays have a capability to produce energy once they are used by the solar cells made up of photoreceptors. These solar cells may be used to power the wrist watch or power an automobile. The principle remains the same and that is to convert light into electricity.

Solar Power Mobile Charger

Solar power mobile charger is used for the purpose of charging from direct sunlight. It powers itself from the sunlight or any light source and in turn supplies this electric current to the battery of the mobile set. These power chargers come in a wide range of capacities and you must choose carefully the correct charger giving the right amount of current in units of amperes and watts to power your mobile phone. Also the compatible accessories like wires with suitable ports for plugging into your battery must be procured.

In Case of Emergency

Mobile phones are an ideal way to communicate from far off distances and they are the means for calling help in an emergency. However, their dependence on battery and limitation of talk time or standby times may cause them to be out of function once you need them the most. Solar power mobile charger can store energy up to hours depends upon the storage and capability of device.

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Cool Your House Through Solar Cooling Tower

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Solar energy is being used by people from a long time. However, with the help of new techniques, solar energy has enabled us to perform a number of functions that were not possible before on such a low cost. Solar energy is being converted to a number of other forms including electricity and heat.

Solar cooling

Solar cooling
Solar cooling towers are one of the most incredible applications of solar energy systems. This cooling system is a very practical use of solar energy, which is being used by people to cool their houses from centuries. This system is not only used for houses, but you can also use it for cooling commercial buildings.

Solar power combination

We can regard the solar cooling system as a type of geothermal or solar power combination. When it comes to the structure of a solar cooling system, one major p-art comes in mind that is corrugated pipes. These pipes are laid in the trench that has a dimension of five to ten feet below grade. The pipe is long enough to cover a large area that is meant to be cooled.

Movement of water through pipes

To allow the condense water to run out of the building, these pipes are provided with drainage holes. These holes are present at the bottom of the system or on the top of the gravel bed. This enables the water to run in a straight line and out of the house or the building. Read the full story

Facts about Solar Energy

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The market for renewable energy is now dominated by the Solar energy systems. Solar systems are becoming a preferred choice for people who want an energy system that is clean and environmentally friendly. Many people think that solar energy can only be used in electrical generation. Well it is the most widely known phenomena but it is not the only one. Read on and find out facts about solar energy and its other interesting uses.

Facts about Solar Energy Systems

Facts about Solar Energy Systems

  • The sun is the only source for production of electricity in Solar panels.
  • Greenpeace says that, energy generated with the help of the sun can fulfill energy requirements of about ten similar places like Earth
  • Solar systems only make about 0.039 percent of Earth’s total energy requirements. That is very less when compared to the extent to which solar energy is capable of producing.
  • Direct electrical generation through energy from the sun is done with the help of photovoltaic cells. These cells are made in such a way that they absorb energy from the sun and then converts it into usable electrical energy.
  • If only four percent of the Earth’s deserts are covered by Photovoltaic cells, the energy produced by them will be enough to meet electricity demand. These photovoltaic cells take energy for electrical generation only from the Sun. Read the full story

What Would Be The Uses Of Solar Energy In Future?

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The solar power is the most essential resource of renewable energy accessible to mankind of all the other resources in its search of a sustainable future. It is absolutely clean, free and abundant. But apart from all this, the most critical challenge faced is its complete control and distribution. A significant advancement has been made with solar power, but its future uses will be generated by the innovations which are still to arrive. Currently, there are three main ways in which solar power is being used. These are to heat air, water and space.

More Advancement In Future:

More Advancement In Future

The most famous form to convert sun energy into power is the photovoltaic cells. According to the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy arm, more advancement will occur in cell designs, new materials and new techniques to product development in photovoltaic research and development. Our mode of transportation and even clothing would also be involved in the future uses of solar power, which will be prepared to generate safe, clean electric power.

Extensive Use Of Solar Energy In Future:

The department also considers that the use of solar energy in the future would be everywhere. The reason for this is that there would be complete competition between the conventional power-generating technologies and concentrating solar power within a decade. Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in North Dakota

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If you fill out the correct information in the survey on the North Dakota solar energy website, then one of the North Dakota solar professionals will call you. He will guide you about solar evaluation free of cost. He will also supply you the most recent details about the rebates and tax breaks in North Dakota.


North Dakota

Check an option of the solar power Solution(s) relevant for your house. Click all those choices that are valid for you:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Supply the Correct Information

If you provide the correct details, you will obtain more precise evaluation. This is specifically right for the sum of your energy bill each month. If the details are combined with your energy Supply Company by obtaining its rates from some alternate source, you will then receive more correct utilization of your current requirements of energy ever month.

This information will guide you to determine about the quantity of solar panels required to supply you the proportion of solar energy to meet your needs.

North Dakota Free of Cost Solar Assessment

Likewise many of the other states, North Dakota is also an ideal locality for the use of solar energy. You have the facility of getting free of cost solar assessment through internet. . This will give you fairly good idea about the amount of cash that you can save with the use of solar power.

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Disadventages of Solar Water Heater

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The use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy is on the rise. Several equipments and house hold items are run on the power generated from the sunlight. These items include solar powered lights, solar inverters, generators, and solar water heaters. Solar heater provides the facility of warm water whenever needed. It is no doubt that solar water heater come with advantages, but there are certain disadvantages of solar water heater as well.

Soaring Prices of Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

There are several types of water heaters available in the market. People purchase these heaters according to their affordability and according to their needs. Though the sale of products which run on solar energy is on the rise, but not all the people can afford solar water heater, or require them. There are heaters which use gas or electricity to produce heat. These heaters are cheaper than the solar water heaters.

If a comparison is made between the prices of gas or electric heater to the prices of solar heater, you will see an astonishing difference. A solar water heater can cost you from 800 USD to 32, 00 USD. The cost of solar panel used in the heater makes the price of the solar water heater high.

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Solar Powered Air Conditioners: Air Heating Systems

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People are getting aware about the use of solar energy which is very beneficial for the nature and the environment. The solar energy is saved by the solar units and then can be used in any way like for running lights, fans, geysers etc.

Mechanism of the Solar Hot Air Heating System

The solar hot air heating system use air as a working tool for storing and transferring of solar energy. The air collectors can be used to heat the rooms directly. The air collector produces the heat all day long because of that it can be used in solar heaters and can be used more comparing to the liquid system.

Solar heating system

Another important aspect is that the air system do not freeze, any leakage from the ducts will not cause any problem for it but the leakage will effect the performance .Contrary these problem if arises in liquid system it wont work .So it is a big advantage of solar hot air heating system.

Room Air Heaters

It can be installed on the roof or at the exterior side of the house. The factory made built collectors is also available in market which costs around a few hundred dollars. The collector contains an air tight metal frame and a black metal plate glazed from front, which is being used to absorb the heat. The sun heats the plate and the plate in turns heats the collector and the blow is given to the room .

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