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General Characteristics Of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

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The vehicle in which two or more different power sources are used to move the vehicle is known as fuel cell hybrid vehicle. Generally the term refers to hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).The internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors are combined together in hybrid electric vehicles. The fuel cell hybrid car is powered by the gas engine and an electric.

Working Of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

Working Of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

The energy is stored in rechargeable batteries. This stored energy is later on used to power electric motor. When the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen takes place, it results in the production of electricity. This electricity is generated by the fuel cells. So no greenhouse gases are emitted during the process. The storage battery that is fed by the electricity is powers the electric motor. There is a computer system fitted in the hybrid electric vehicles. This computer system helps in selecting the best energy source to maximize the efficiency of the vehicle. It also helps in providing the safety and comfort.

Greenest Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

The fuel cell hybrid vehicle has been nominated as one of the greenest vehicles by The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The cost of fuel cell hybrid vehicles is not necessarily high than conventional fossil fuel powered vehicles. Very small wear and tear is required by the engine. Higher mileage warranty is offered by the manufacturers of fuel cell hybrid vehicles. Read the full story

Biological Fuel Benefits

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Biofuel is the latest and easiest way to produce energy. The Biofuel is also regarded as one of the most popular alternative energy producing ways. Many individuals have completely adapted to the Biofuel as the mode of life. Biofuel is comparatively cheaper than any other form of Alternative Energy. The economic advantages of Biofuel are countless. However some experts have shown clear reservations regarding the nature of Biofuel.

Biofuel – Threat or Blessing?

Depletion of Ozone Layer is another issue which must be addressed. Although Biofuel is an alternative energy source, however it has not been certified by all experts as pollution free or nature friendly. The carbon present in Biofuel is potentially harmful to the surrounding environment. Many people have showed concerns regarding this aspect of Biofuel.

Usage of Biofuel

Many countries like Sweden have resorted to Biofuel as an alternative. Sweden offers special incentives to people who use vehicles which are equipped with Biofuel engines. Read the full story

Insurance Coverage for Electric Automobile

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Electric cars are gaining popularity, especially among green consumers. These cars can play great role to help green consumers maintaining their green lifestyle. Recently the government of the United Kingdom has announced that all the British drivers will receive an amount of between USD 2,900 and USD 7,300 from the government for the purchase of an electric or plug-in hybrid upon becoming commercially available.

Electric Cars as Main Source of Transportation

Electric Cars as Main Source of Transportation

Geoff Hoon, who is the transport secretary, said that he would like to see people using electric as the main source of transportation. He wishes for electric to become the most popular mode of transportation in the United Kingdom. This is not only the wish of Geoff Hoon, as many true green consumers wish for the same. Currently, in the United Kingdom there are around 26 millions car of them only less than .1 percent are electric automobiles. All electric car drivers are happy about this, but they also have to think about electric automobile insurance policy.

Importance of Insurance

Insurance should not be overlooked by car owners because it makes about one quarter of the entire fixed costs of the car ownership. You should consider it first instead of putting it off for later.

Who is Offering Electric Automobile Insurance?

It is important to note that not all insurance companies are offering electric automobile insurance. Read the full story

Wind Farms in Lake Michigan: an Ongoing Debate

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Lake Michigan in town Algoma is adjacent to the green bay. With its famous little red lighthouse is one of the lakes known for its beauty and blue green waters.

But some prospective changes are expected as a meeting is scheduled to occur for the fate of towns with these kinds of lakes. Experts will be present to talk about installing the giant windmills generating energy.

Offshore Not an Effective Option

Offshore Not an Effective Option

Both the pros and cons for the decision are going hand in hand. Some say it will improve technology while others are worried about the lake beauty and tourism related with it. The chairman of the Algoma’s marina committee strongly shares the later views.

Costing more than a million dollars, placing these turbines offshore is not much an effective option. They either need to be anchored in shallow lake water or allow floating to guarantee productivity.

The Facts and Figures

The turbines would stand high approximately 400 feet with large blades. Claiming the massive magnitude of the turbines the leader of the National Renewable Energy lab Walt Musial will deliver a lecture in a university discussing more details.

Above water with consistent, stronger and less turbulent winds the power generation would be total effective. This will ensure no long distance non effective to the local towns. They would be supplied power from their own nearby lakes.

Wind Farm Idea is Tried and Tested Before

This idea of renewable energy generation isn’t new.  This is also effectively practiced in Denmark, U.K, Baltic seas etc. 170 turbine powered wind generation plant is planned at Mexico’s Gulf. More than 3 more offshore projects on the East coast are in the pipeline. Read the full story

Terra Firma Invests In US Renewable Energy Projects

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Terra Firma, the UK private equity group, has confirmed its first US acquisition today. The firm will invest 350 million USD in wind farms developing company – Everpower – dedicated to provide electricity for 250,000 homes in 5 years.


This agreement is the second so far this year by Terra Firma. This private equity group is owned by Guy Hands. He is known as one of the London’s most popular buy-out bosses. As you know he encountered trouble in 2007, when he purchased music group EMI at £4bn ($6.5bn).

Read the full story

The Hydro Power

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Water covers major part of the earth. It is of daily use and is essentially needed in our daily life. When it rains or snows, the water that comes from the sky reaches the land by flowing down through mountains and hills. This moving water is very useful, since it possess kinetic energy. We know that kinetic energy can be brought in work thus a lot of needs can be fulfilled by bringing this moving water in procession.Hydro Power

Water is used in lot of labor since old times. It was used in water mills and grist mills to crop wheat and corn. the machine used to work with the falling water. England has a dark history attached with water mills, even in its literature, the discussion of water mills is observed when one mill covered uses of 400 people. Water mills were kept in different methods. That is either it was situated in the river where the wheel turns with the flow of river or it also works in a manner when the water is placed in top.

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Global Warming: Seasons Now Arrive 2 Days Earlier

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BERKELEY — Not only has the average global temperature increased in the past 50 years, but the hottest day of the year has shifted nearly two days earlier, according to a new study by scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard University.

Just as human-generated greenhouse gases appear to the be the cause of global warming, human activity may also be the cause of the shift in the cycle of seasons, according to Alexander R. Stine, a graduate student in UC Berkeley’s Department of Earth and Planetary Science and first author of the report.

"We see 100 years where there is a very natural pattern of variability, and then we see a large departure from that pattern at the same time as global mean temperatures start increasing, which makes us suspect that there’s a human role here," he said.

Although the cause of this seasonal shift – which has occurred over land, but not the ocean – is unclear, the researchers say the shift appears to be related, in part, to a particular pattern of winds that also has been changing over the same time period. This pattern of atmospheric circulation, known as the Northern Annular Mode, is the most important wind pattern for controlling why one winter in the Northern Hemisphere is different from another. The researchers found that the mode also is important in controlling the arrival of the seasons each year.

The Four Seasons

Whatever the cause, Stine said, current Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) models do not predict this phase shift in the annual temperature cycle.

Details are published in the Jan. 22 issue of the journal Nature.

Temperatures at any given time of the year can be very different on land than over the ocean, Stine said, and a change in the strength and direction of the winds can move a lot of heat from the ocean onto land, which may affect the timing of the seasons. However, this seems to be only a partial explanation, he said, because the relationship between this pattern of circulation and the shift in the timing of the seasons is not strong enough to explain the magnitude of the seasonal shift.

The researchers also found that the difference between summer and winter land temperatures has decreased over the same 50-year period, with winter temperatures warming more than those in summer. They found that in non-tropical regions, winter temperatures over land warmed by 1.8 degrees Celsius and summer temperatures increased by 1 degree. Ocean warming has been somewhat less.

Stine noted that the study limited its focus to non-tropical regions because the seasons are more pronounced outside the tropics.

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