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Benefits of Solar Film

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Some of the most brilliant innovations seem today are a result of the creation of science. Advancements in science have enabled a lot of beneficial creations to come into existence. These creations have proved to be very fruitful in solving the issues which man faces in day to day life. Sunlight is a very important medium which provides Earth with its prime form of energy. However, Sunlight also carries with it some harmful rays which may cause Cancer.

Solar Film – A Protective Shield

Solar Film – A Protective Shield

Apart from Cancer, the rays within Sunlight may be the cause of Eye Cataracts and Rashes on the Skin. These rays are known as the Ultra-Violet Rays. Ultra-Violet Rays belong to the radioactive category of energy which must be filtered before it comes into human contact in any possible form. One of the best and most amazing products which may filter out Ultra-Violet Rays include Solar Films. Solar Films are the ideal option for one to consider.

Shield from Cancer Rays

The Solar film has been developed by experts while finding ways to reduce Ultra-Violet Rays which come into human contact. Such Ultra-Violet Rays are filtered out by the small and minute cells present inside the Solar Film. A Solar Film can be purchased easily from any retailer of Hardware shop or from any certified or renowned brand.

Filtering Harmful Rays

Many countries worldwide are making use of Solar Films as it can seriously cut the level of U-V Rays. These rays are filtered by the path breaking technology used to create Solar Films. Read the full story

Making Cheaper Solar Panels

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Developing your own solar cells is not as much technical exercise as you think it to be. It is basically very easy procedure if you have an excellent information kit. You can easily conserve your money partially if not completely by switching over to solar energy if you receive enough sun rays on home. Further you can also conserve money if you construct your own solar panel instead of buying costly complete solar power system.

You need some essential parts which comprise of a board; a wooden board is best one, silicone caulk, some side panels, screws, solar cells, pane of glass and wires and the necessary tools.

The most expensive element of your listed constituents is solar cells. You can easily buy almost every thing of your needs except the solar cells. Various hardware stores near to you may have the solar cells too, but it would be least expensive to get the solar cells using internet.

The Solar Cells:

The first important step before you acquire the items listed, is to work out you power requirements. The experts advice to construct initially one solar panel and if after you enhance your abilities to work with, you can construct the additional panels.

Normally approximate 36 solar cells would be enough to generate 60 watts of electricity. But it varies from solar cells to solar cells depending on its labeled capacity. You need to work out the dimensions of your solar panel according to your power needs or the electric equipment you are going to use with.

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Solar Powered Air Conditioners: Air Heating Systems

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People are getting aware about the use of solar energy which is very beneficial for the nature and the environment. The solar energy is saved by the solar units and then can be used in any way like for running lights, fans, geysers etc.

Mechanism of the Solar Hot Air Heating System

The solar hot air heating system use air as a working tool for storing and transferring of solar energy. The air collectors can be used to heat the rooms directly. The air collector produces the heat all day long because of that it can be used in solar heaters and can be used more comparing to the liquid system.

Solar heating system

Another important aspect is that the air system do not freeze, any leakage from the ducts will not cause any problem for it but the leakage will effect the performance .Contrary these problem if arises in liquid system it wont work .So it is a big advantage of solar hot air heating system.

Room Air Heaters

It can be installed on the roof or at the exterior side of the house. The factory made built collectors is also available in market which costs around a few hundred dollars. The collector contains an air tight metal frame and a black metal plate glazed from front, which is being used to absorb the heat. The sun heats the plate and the plate in turns heats the collector and the blow is given to the room .

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Alternative Energy – Geothermal Energy

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Keeping in view the importance of geothermal energy we shall put all efforts to cultivate geothermal energy techniques. This is a field which has marvelous growth opportunities and it simply harvests the natural energy present under the surface of our planet Earth. There are huge reserves of geothermal energy under the surface of earth. What we have to do is go for it and connect to pipe it up.

The Science of Geothermal Energy

The temperature at centre of our planet the Earth is more than 60 times greater than the boiling point of water. Such a huge temperature generates massive pressure deep under the surface of earth. The vast pressure contains immense quantity of energy in the form of heat and pressure. The pressure so generated develops channels to come out of surface of earth. We can observe this energy when hot fluids called magma flare-up from volcanoes. The idea of geothermal energy is to convert this energy into electricity which we can use for our domestic and industrial consumption. A vast quantity of magma is present deep under the surface of earth. We have to locate such sites where the deposits of magma are large enough to run our project economically. Than we have to develop the channels to release underground pressure. Erect a power generation plant and produce power.

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Panasonic Unveiled ‘world’s most efficient’ Domestic Fuel Cell

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Panasonic has publicizing its fuel-cell technology as a new  and innovative way to provide homes with electricity and cut their consumption of mains-sourced power, claiming that every home should have one.The company declared that it will start the production of  home-use polymer electrolyte fuel cell (PEFC) system in June. According to the company, the power pack can run for 40,000 hours and 4,000 start-stop cycles that is enough for a ten-year operational lifespan.


Working Of PEFC

The PEFC, i.e. the polymer electrolyte fuel cell, works in the usual way. It takes the hydrogen from the fuel which is combined with the oxygen from the air across a pair of electrodes separated by an electrolyte. The electrons produced by the reacting hydrogen and oxygen are forced by the electrolyte to travel around a circuit as a current. Heat and water are also generated in this process.

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How Air Conditioner Works: BTU and EER

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A British Thermal Unit (BTU) is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of 0.45 kg (1 pound) of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit (0.56 degrees Celsius). To be precise, 1 BTU is equal to 1,055 Joules and in heating or cooling terms, 1 ton equals 12000 BTU.


A 2000 square-foot house may require a 5-ton (60,000 BTU) air conditioning system. A typical window-type air conditioner has a rating of 10, 000 BTU. Therefore, you might need 30 BTU per square foot, but these are all rough estimates.

The Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of an air conditioner is its BTU rating over its wattage. For example, if a 10,000-BTU air conditioner consumes 1,200 watts, its EER will be 10000/1200 which will equal to 8.3. Normally a higher EER comes with a higher price.

Suppose that you had to chose between these two 10,000 BTU units.

Unit 1 having:

- EER of 8.3

- Consumption of 1200 watts

Unit 2 having:

- EER of 10

- Consumption of 1000 watts

And the price difference is $100. To find out which unit is more economical, you will have to find out how many hours per year you will be using the unit, and how much a kilowatt-hour will cost in your area of living.

Lets say you decide to use the air conditioner for four months in a year, i.e. in the summer season only and supposing that we use it for 6 hours daily. Taking the cost in your area as $0.10 kWh, the difference in energy consumption for the two units will be as follows:

For unit 1:

- number of hours in 4 months

4 x 30 days x 6 hrs/day = 720 hrs

- 720 x 1200/ 1000 x $0.10 = $ 86.4

For unit 2:

- number of hours remains the same as above i.e. 720 hours

- 720 x 1000/1000 x $0.10 = $ 72

Therefore, the difference between the two becomes:

- $86.4 – $72 = $14.4

what you have to understand is that as the difference between the two is of 200 watts, i.e. 1200- 1000 = 200 watts, for every 5 hours the less expensive unit will consume an additional kWh and therefore $0.10 more than the more expensive unit.

And as the more expensive unit costs $100 more, it will take about seven years for the more expensive unit to break even.