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Alternative Energy Sources

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Energy is a very vast term and can be used to define the sources of power. These power sources need not be materialistic however energy in form of wind or plasma can also greatly contribute. Alternative Energy is a term used by many experts to indicate towards power resources which can replenish automatically. If not replenish, then these sources of power are infinite and in abundance unlike the Fossil-Fuels which may run out in future.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy is regarded as the only and most feasible option to overcome energy crisis. Many developing nations have made use of Alternate Energy sources in various forms. These forms of energy can be quite interesting and wonderful to explore. However the most popular Alternate Energy form remains the Solar Power. Apart from Solar Power, Wind Energy and Tidal Energy are also useful for power generation process in many ways.

The Research of Experts

The present sources of power are being studied by experts and research is being poured in to understand how power resources work. Several new technologies have been erected on the grounds of better power production. Scientists have dedicated ample amount of time and energy to construct better ways of obtaining power.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is by far the most renowned form of Alternate Energy present. This is because several additions have been made to Solar Energy. Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in Hawaii

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If you note down the details in the questionnaire correctly on the Hawaii solar power website, then one of the Hawaii solar professional will surely give you a call. He will guide you about solar assessment free of cost and also provide you with the most recent information about the price cuts and tax rebates in Hawaii.


Choose an option of the solar power Solution(s) for your place. Tick all those options that are applicable to you:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Hawaii Solar Evaluation

Try to Furnish More Correct Information

If you supply the correct information, you will obtain the more precise evaluation. This is particularly right for the quantity of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is joined with the power supply company, its prices can be looked through some other source, and then you will get more exact usage of your current needs of electricity on monthly basis.

These details will help you to determine about the quantity of solar panels required to provide you the percentage of solar power you require to fulfill your needs.

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Tidal Power – Pros and Cons

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The Earth is filled with alternative energy resources, only if we seek out solutions to harness those natural energies and bring them forward for use. Because we are so hooked on to fossil fuel energy, we tend to neglect other alternative sources. One such natural energy example is tidal power or in simpler terms, the energy produced by sea waves. The Earth is one 1/3rd water, and still we have not yet brought this great tidal power to use. The theory behind is not even complicated, neither is it a hard target to achieve. Let’s take a look at both sides of tidal power and find out its pros and cons.


The Good Side of Tidal Energy

Tidal energy is one of the most important forms of renewable energy after solar and wind energy. Because of gravitational forces between the Moon, Sun and the Earth, tidal power will give us energy for billions of years to come. Read the full story

Natural Energy Sources

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Most countries of the world are trying to lessen or completely end their dependency on fossil fuel; this is because of the rising prices of fossil fuel and its pollution effects on our environment and our health, which is also contributing a great deal in the climate change and global warming. The use of natural energy for heating, electricity production and fueling purposes is gaining in popularity day by day. By investing in natural and alternative sources of energy can help reduce the burden of fossil fuel on our country’s economy. Anyone can contribute to improve the current condition of our environment by switching to an alternative or natural energy sources. Some natural energy sources are wind energy, solar energy, tidal energy. There are other renewable energy like hydrogen fuel and biomass also.

Solar energy:

Solar energy is the energy which the sun produces in the form of solar radiation. Through the use of solar panels or solar cells, the photons in the solar radiation are converted into electricity. However one disadvantage going with this form of energy is the high prices of solar panels. Large numbers of solar panels are necessary to produce a substantial amount of electricity. Read the full story

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tidal Energy

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Tidal Energy is a natural source of energy, but it has some prominent following advantages and disadvantages:


  • Tidal power is free.
  • It has no greenhouse gas emissions and no other wastes.
  • Don’t need any fuel.
  • Reliable electricity production.
  • Its maintenance is not highly expensive.
  • Tide.s are always predictable
  • Offshore turbines and vertical-axis turbines are costly but not costly to built, also that it has positive impact on environment.
  • Its renewable energy. The tides will continue to ebb and flow, and will produce the power.
  • One tidal plant after implementation can produce energy for 75 to 100 years.
  • For generating power,  it uses cheapest source as fuel which is water.
  • Electricity production is reliable through tidal nergy.
  • It protects the coastline against the damage from high storm tides and provides a ready made road bridge.
  • As long as as moon exists, earth revolves,nothing can stop tidal flows.


  • It causes a constant loss of mechanical energy in the earth-Moon system.
  • Energy loss causes the earth to slow in the 4.5 billion years, since formation losing 17% of its rotational energy.
  • It may take extra energy from the system which will increase the rate of slowing it over the next millions of years.
  • Similar effects are on large dams; it affects the flow of saltwater in and out of estuaries. This will change the hydrology and salinity, and can create negative affects on the marine mammals that use the estuaries as their habitat.
  • When smaller volume of water exchanges between the basin and the sea, the turbidity decreases.
  • It decreases the salinity inside the basin which also affect on the ecosystem.

Four Main Sources Of Renewable Energy

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With only a limited supply of oil and gas available on Earth, it is extremely important to find alternative sources of energy or else with the depletion of these natural resources, humans will be unable to fulfill a number of basic requirements.

4 sources

Renewable energy can be defined as any form of power that is derived from a source that cannot be depleted. Wind, solar, geothermal and tidal are examples of renewable energy.

There are several benefits of using renewable energy. It has some dominant environmental, economic and societal advantages. Renewable energy sources do not need any fossil fuels to generate power, which makes them environment friendly. Following are the main sources of renewable energy.

Read the full story

Wave Power and Electricity

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The Ocean waves has been proved as a great source of energy. The power of ocean waves can be utilized in an effective way to generate electricity to meet the demands of the rising energy crisis.

wave energy

If you have a quick look on the globe, you’ll immediately notice that there’s a very small part of dry land, as compared to the water. The water covers almost 70 percent of the Earth’s surface. Thus if we can make use of this 70% to generate power for the people living on the 30% land, it will more than enough to meet all the daily needs.

Wave energy is about exploiting the phenomenal power of water waves. Waves have an enormous amount of unused energy, some of which can be used to power at least a portion of the world’s everyday electricity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tidal Energy

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Tidal energy is used to generate electricity through the use of tidal energy generators. By placing large underwater turbines in areas with high tidal movements, they are used to capture the kinetic motion of the ebbing and surging of ocean tides in order to generate electricity.

tidal energy

Tidal power is a great source of renewable energy, offering great potential for future power and electricity generation due to the massive size of the oceans.

Advantages of Tidal Energy

  • Apart from the initial installation cost, tidal power is free.
  • Tidal energy produces no greenhouse gases or any other kind of pollution.
  • It requires no fuel.
  • Electricity is produced reliably.

Tidal Power Energy From The Sea

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Tidal energy is a great source of clean renewable energy, but most of us don’t know about how it works? Every day, the tide moves a huge amount of water twice, and harnessing it could provide a great deal of energy, which can make up around 20% of Britain’s needs.

tidal power

The energy generated through this process is reliable and plentiful, but converting it into useful electrical power is not easy. Some time back, “tidal power” meant “tidal barrage”,but nowadays there are other options as well.

The working of a tidal barrage is similar to a hydro-electric scheme, except that the dam is much bigger. A huge dam called a “barrage”, is built across a river estuary. When the tide goes in and out, the water flows through tunnels in the dam.

Tidal Power! Another Best Energy Alternate

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Welcome back to our 10 of the best series, counting through 10 of the greatest ways to generate cleaner, greener energy. Number 2 on our list, tidal power generators are a newbie to the circuit but with masses of potential yet to come!


Tidal energy is produced using tidal energy generators. This can be done in 2 ways; 1)Barrage generation, and, 2) tidal steam generators. Power created by the former is on the whole more environmentally friendly due to less impact on ecosystems. Like the wind turbine, the tidal stream generator rotates under water with the kinetic motions of the ocean tides harnessing the energy to produce electricity. Tidal power has huge potential due to the size of the oceans and predictability of the tides. Read the full story

Oceans: A Big Source of Energy

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We know that Ocean is big, and we can avail it in a great extent. Oceans cover a large part of the globe, we can utilize the ocean energy in creating electricity. There are very few power plants of oceans and probably are small. But the main point to think over is how can we get ocean energy?There are three different ways we can use ocean energy, one by using the ocean waves, other by using its low and high tides and the third is by using the different temperatures of the water of the ocean. In this post we will briefly have a look at each method.ocean power

Wave Energy

ocean waves are in motion so they possess kinetic energy. this kinetic energy can be used to power turbine. One example is waves passes through the chamber and pushes the air outside the chamber, this air in motion turns the turbine that motivates the generator. wave ocean As the waves goes down the air that was pushed up returns back into the chamber through doors that are usually closed. Apart from this system, other wave-energy system has piston that powers up with the upside down motion of the waves in a cylinder. This piston can also turn generator on. These systems are not too big, but they are capable enough to light up the light house or warning buoy.

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