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Solar Lights for Residential Use

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Some people are confused about solar lights for indoors, as they think solar lights only work in the outdoor. In reality, solar lights are now most widely being used for lighting indoor of a residential or office set up. There are various ways by which residential lights can be empowered.

Ways to Empower Residential Lights by Solar Power

Ways to Empower Residential Lights by Solar Power

You can empower your residential lights by sun power energy in various ways. Some of these ways are listed below:

Solar Electricity

Solar electricity is a one way to utilize solar power energy for empowering the residential lights. Sun power energy is converted into electricity with the help of photovoltaic technology. Photovoltaic panels are often built in conjunction with the utility grid power system of a residential or home set up that is using a grid tie inverter. During night time, electricity is drawn from the grid to power all the lights that are installed indoor and also to power other electrical appliances. In this way, you can create credit on your energy bill by producing more energy from your solar system than you actually consume at your home.

Skylights to Harness Sun Power Energy

Utilization of skylights is another feasible way to capture and absorb solar power energy to power the indoor lights. Skylights that are specially designed like the skylights hat are manufactured by Solar Direct increase levels of light to the equivalent of 1800 watts of light, producing 68 percent less heat at the same time. Read the full story

A Guide to Plastic Solar Cells

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Solar technology continues to advance and most products of solar cell technology are under research. In the year 2002, a well known group of U.C Berkley chemists first time discovered a feasible way to manufacture plastic solar cells. Even though, plastic solar cells that were manufactured by using this innovative method were not as efficient as standard solar or photovoltaic cells of that time. However, the new technology brought many useful aspects with it like affordability, flexibility and potential to give renewable electricity.

New Advancements in the Solar Cell Technology

New Advancements in the Solar Cell Technology

Due to the flexibility of plastic, the new technology widened the horizon of solar cell technology. Solar or photovoltaic cells were directly placed into the plastic in which there were tiny nanorods were dispersed between the electrodes. The entire device could be painted or sprayed on materials like clothing or other materials. On such materials the device would generate sufficient electricity to power radios, low-power devices and small computers. These devices are far more convenient than the huge and heavy solar panels that need a confusing or more complex installation. The installation of heavy solar panels can be done only with the help of expert solar contractors.

Increased Power of plastic Solar Cells

The power of plastic solar had increased to great extent since the year 2002, when these cells practically started producing 0.7 volts at the efficiency of 1.7 percent. By the year 2005, these solar cells became able to convert up to 6 percent captured sun power into energy.  Read the full story

A Guide to Solar Power Energy

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Sun is the source of the cheapest and the safer and cleaner form of power. Sunlight has most widely been utilized for a variety of purposes both on commercial and residential levels. Sun power is usable in all forms, in unprocessed form it has been helping mankind for various purposes like for laundry drying, crops rearing and for the sustainability of life. With the advances in technology, scientists started to use solar energy for various purposes by converting it into reusable energy.

Benefits of Solar Power Energy

Benefits of Solar Power Energy

Solar energy is far feasible than conventional energy. It is available at free of cost and it is renewable. Sun power energy is feasible for areas where there is a lot of full and strong sunlight, but have little electrical infrastructure. These areas can make most of sun power energy.

Downside of Solar Power Energy

The downside of solar power energy is that it is reliable only in those areas that receive full and strong sunlight. Sunlight cannot be collected and absorbed during night time. Also, a number of collectors are required in order to produce a little bit of solar energy. Despite of these setbacks, sun power energy still remains a popular source of the production of power among its counterparts.

Ways to Harness Solar Power Energy

There are various ways by which sun power energy can easily be harnessed, so it can be utilized in different things. Read the full story

Important Things about Solar Trackers

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Solar power energy is serving for a variety of purposes. In the past few years, more forms of solar power energy have become popular among green people. These consumers also directed towards ways by which they can keep the track of the performance and efficiency of their solar power system. One of the most popular ways to become more efficient when operating a solar power program is to utilize a tracking base. Following are the few important things about running a photovoltaic system:

Advantages of Tracking

Advantages of Tracking

You can enhance the energy production with the tracking because tracking-arrays get more sun power when it is at its peak. This allows the installation of a smaller array and reduces the required array footprint that is beneficial for sites that do not have much space available. Tracking array can also be beneficial for the kits with wide open solar access. The sun power that is received during early morning and late hours can be sufficient, especially during low summer times during which at most northern latitudes, the rise in the northeastern region and sets in the northwestern region.

Appropriate Applications of Tracking Array

Surplus power is only advantageous in the case when can easily sell it or store it for future use. In this case, a utility connected system with wide open sun window can be very beneficial option for a tracked array. It is because every kilowatt-hour will be utilized. Read the full story

Important Things about Integral Collector Storage

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Passive solar heating is a great way to cut down on the maintenance cost of the free utility power and to save money on it. Passive solar heating systems harness sun power energy without using any type of mechanical or electrical tool. Passive solar heating systems are divided into three main types, one of which is integral collector storage (ICS).

Working of Integral Controller Storage Units

Working of Integral Controller Storage Units

The other types of passive solar heating system like flat plate or evaporated tube collectors utilize absorbent metal plates for heat transfer. On the other hand, integral collector storage units utilize only water. In simpler word, these systems rely on water that acts as collector itself. Water is stored in a storage tank. That tank is painted black and installed in an insulated box that is glazed on its one side. When the sunlight shines through the glazing on one side and strikes the black tank that is located on the other side, water that is contained in that tank become hot. Water is usually drawn from the top.

Do-it-Yourself ICS Units

Homeowners that are looking to heat small amount of hot water can build integral collector storage units by themselves without nay external help. In such cases, hot water becomes cool overnight and it remains available only during the day in the presence of sufficient amount of full and direct sunlight.

Advanced Integral Collector Storage Units

In more advanced or sophisticated integral collector storage units, cold water is available on demand from the house. Read the full story

An Overview of Solar Fountains

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Solar power is serving a variety of purposes and offering clean and safe energy for everyday use. There are various benefits of using solar power and the biggest advantage is that solar power is available at free of cost. Solar power is helping people to heat water, outdoor lighting, cooking etc. Solar fountains are one of the products of solar technology.

What are Solar Fountains?

What are Solar Fountains

Basically, solar fountains are quite similar to conventional fountains. However, there are two things that differentiate solar fountains from conventional fountains. These two things are he cost of solar fountains and their energy saving property. Solar fountains do not require any type of electrical power to perform functioning because they run on the most powerful energy that is available at free of cost and that is sun energy.

Working of Solar Fountains

Like other solar products, solar fountains also utilize sun power. These fountains collect solar energy and transform it into usable electrical energy through the photovoltaic solar panels. Most of the photovoltaic solar panels utilize first-generation silicon wafer devices as semiconductors.

These devices work when sunlight strikes these devices and enters into semiconductor, electricity is generated. The electricity that is generated empowers the pump of the solar fountains. Read the full story