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Solar Powered Jacket: Charging Gadgets On The Move

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Sun is the biggest Source of energy for our little(not so much) world. If we divide that energy by the time we consume that energy the result is known as Power. This is how the idea of getting electric power from sun cherished.

You can use Solar panels to make green electricity for your home and you use that electricity in daily life to do many things. For instance your computer uses electricity, you can use that even to charge your green car and you can use it to charge your gadgets. Did I just say charge gadgets! Ever got into a situation where your cell phone is dead and you had to make a business call! Almost every body gets into a situation like that. So how about charging your gadgets on move via your Jacket?

Solar Power Right In Your Jacket

If the idea seems great to you, surely it will if you are kind of always-on-move person, then you should have a look at these solar panels for jackets by PowerFLEX™. These Solar panels are specially built to fit in Scottevest SeV jackets. Jacket will conceal all the wires either connecting with ear buds or charger.

Tech’s And Specs Of Solar Panels

PowerFLEX panels used on the jackets are made from thin photovoltaic material. This thin material is basically copper indium gallium diselenide(CIGS) on a thin stainless-steel substrate.

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Benefits Of Wind Turbines And Solar Panels

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Wind turbines and solar panels are becoming a popular means of electricity generation. They allow you to live at a remote place and still be able to operate your electrical appliances without needing to run a generator.

Solar Energy By Using Solar Panels

Sun is a vast and inexpensive source of energy for the entire planet. It produces heat and light. While the heat is being used to warm our earth, the sun light can be effectively used to generate electric current.

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are the devoices that use the sun light and convert into electric current> these cells are composed of silicon and once the light falls on these cells present in arrays of solar panel, the electrons are freed which cause the current to flow. In this way, electricity is generated without any harmful emission.

2. Factors Affecting Solar Energy

Since the solar energy is obtained from the sunlight, any thing affecting its intensity is going to affect the amount of electricity produced. If the solar panels are placed at a place where they receive very little light or they receive the light for short intervals, their production shall be very limited. On the other hand, the exposure to intense light will generate higher amount of electricity. The weather conditions also affect the solar panels.

3. Solar Power System

A solar Power system is composed of a solar panel connected to the battery. The battery is charged by the current produced by the panel and this battery powers the appliance in the homes.

Power Your Homes with Wind Turbines

The wind is also a source of energy and its power can be experience during the hurricanes.

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Google`s Solar Power Project

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The research for the alternate energy sources has gained pace in last few decades. A large number of companies are investing huge amounts to develop the renewable energy sources. Solar energy has proven to be a promising field and the solar potential is capped by a number of companies.

This cheap and environment friendly source of energy has gained popularity amongst people and they are switching to solar energy for the household chores as well.

Solar Drive By Google

Google is also aware of the vast potential of the solar energy and they have initiated their solar drive. The company has planned to power its campus by solar energy. In addition, a large portion of the housing facility is also going to be shifted on solar energy.

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Why Use Sun-Powered Garden Lights?

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Using solar lights in garden can bring great advantages. Because of their many benefits, these are getting popular than electric lights. Although, their initial cost is higher than conventional lights, these prove to be more rewarding in the long-run.

How solar lights are convenient to use?

Since no wiring, switches or sockets are required, these are not difficult to install. You can easily set these for accurate placement. These work equally well in your lawn, garden or backyard. You can move these anywhere you like.

Using solar lights is cost-effective

Using these solar lights saves considerable amount of money. These are fairly economical.  The only source of energy they require is the sun. You don’t have to pay for hefty monthly bills.  Thanks to nature that provides solar energy absolutely free of charge. However, the price for solar lights can be higher than normal ones. But, their long-term advantages are worth the cost.

Conventional lights versus solar lights

Another big difference in solar lights and conventional lights is that these produce a soft glow. These work well to lighten driveway, patio, garden path, decks and sheds. Sufficient light is produced to illuminate all areas inside and around the garden.

How sun-powered lights work?

Solar garden lights absorb sun energy that strikes their surface. It is then stored during daytime. At night this retained heat energy gained from sunlight is released. That helps brighten up the area around.

Main components

Each solar light consists of a solar cell, which is surrounded by a case made of plastic. It rests at the top area. A standard battery is wired with solar cell. This is rechargeable and gets energy from sunlight during the day. It then lights up at night time.

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Passive Solar Heating: Indirect Gain

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Sun is the source of energy for our entire planet. It not only provides us the light during the day, it is also useful in regulating the temperature of our planet. The light rays of sun also heat the environment and thereby they promote life on our planet. The new advancements in field of science and technology have developed ways and means to cap the potential of the sun rays. These solar rays are used by the photovoltaic cells for production of electric current. These energy rays are also being used to heat different appliances using the passive heating concept.

Indirect Gain

Indirect gain is a means to achieving indirect or passive solar heating. This technique involves transfer of heat energy though the principle of convection. The heat energy is transported from one medium to the other without the use of the hydraulics of pumps. The heat energy is collected in one part of the building and is transferred to the other by the principles of heat exchange. Nowadays different means of using indirect gain are being incorporated in the building structures to heat by passive solar heating.

Few of the means of achieving indirect gain in buildings are as below:-

Use Of Roof Ponds

In this technique, a set of collapsible ponds are filled with water and these are placed on the roofs during the day time.

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Amerigreen Bio Diesel: An Environment Friendly Option

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Bio fuels have a certain bad impression and a bad name attached to them. This is because of the unfriendly environment nature of some of them. So, thankfully AMERIgreen bio fuels promises no damage to the environment or the surroundings.

AMERIgreen Bio Fuel Is Environment Friendly

AMERIgreen Bio Fuel Is Environment Friendly

Many bio fuels are causing global warming to an extensive level. Critics have always criticized the production of bio fuels due to this reason. But AMERIgreen addresses the doubts of all the skeptics. This company is working hard to provide environment friendly energy. They provide renewable energy to fulfill the needs of vehicles and heating oil systems.

AMERIgreen bio fuels is an ASTM certified company dealing in energy supply. They ensure an alleviated green house gas emission. it performs nearly similar to other regular petroleum fuels. AMERIgreen fuel is bliss for many. The pricing is much affordable for this bio fuel which guarantees no damage to the environment.

Production Of AMERIgreen Bio Fuel

AMERIgreen bio fuels are produced in America. This serves to ensure that the country is self reliant on fuel and energy sources. Middle East also is manufacturing this bio fuel. Local farmers are producing on small scale.Bio diesel is also produced by AMERIgreen bio fuels.

This is a premium high quality clean fuel. It functions similar to normal diesel. The only major advantage is the environment friendly operation. Health Effects Testing Requirement is well met by this fuel. This is the only clean fuel fulfilling the Clean Air Act requirements.

Advantages Of AMERIgreen Biodiesel

AMERIgreen biodiesel is gaining popularity day by day. The reason is that it does not require any modification. It offers a better lubricity and has natural cleaning agents. These characteristics are often missing in most diesels. AMERIgreen biodiesel carries comparatively more amount of cetanes. This allows it to posses’ greater BTU content.AMERIgreen bio fuel is a renewable fuel source of energy. Read the full story

Solar Installation Professionals

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Solar installation is a technique use to produce solar energy.  Solar installation means the installation of solar panels. Solar energy is a very cheap source of energy. Solar installation professionals install this setup very efficiently.  These professionals are specially trained to install this setup. The professionals can select this place very well. They are able to produce much energy by selecting right place. But solar panels do the main work. These solar panels are made by connecting solar cells. One solar cell produces very low energy. But collectively they can produce much electric energy.

Procedure Of Solar Installation

Procedure Of Solar Installation

Solar installation needs particular place for efficient work. The selection of right place depends on the intensity of rays coming from the sun at that place. In this way solar panel will produce more electrical energy. Selection of reliable roof is necessary in solar installation. It must be capable of holding solar panel. It should not be inclined at very big angle. In every country, many solar companies have solar installation professionals. People are getting awareness from them about the right procedure of installation. Only professionals can tell them exact procedure.

Working Of Installed System

The working of installed system depends on the solar cells. A solar cell directly converts solar energy into electrical energy. Read the full story

Important Components of the Solar Lights

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Solar lights have gained popularity with the passage of time due to their cost effective nature. There is no need to spend even a single dime for the fuel in case of solar lights. Previously they were considered as dim and unreliable. However, now things have changed drastically and solar lights are one of the biggest hits. The environmental friendly features of such lights add to their popularity.

Applications of solar lights

Applications of solar lights

The manufacturers of solar lights are also taking every aspect in mind before designing them, and now these lights are available in every size and shape that fit according to different situations. You can illuminate your driveway, yard, or even sidewalk with the help of solar lights. Read the full story

Solar Evaporative or Swamp Cooling

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Evaporative or swamp cooling is a simpler and a type of air conditioning that is time-tested. Evaporative or swamp cooling is not only economical but also low technology. It only requires as little as one quarter the amount of electricity that it utilizes as a standard air conditioning.

Water Evaporation in Swamp Cooling

Water Evaporation in Swamp Cooling

Swamp cooling mainly relies on water evaporation for cooling the atmospheric air. A fan that is installed within the swamp cooling system, draws in the fresh air from the exterior environment. This fresh air is then passes through the most/damped pads. The same air is then cooled by the help of the process of evaporation and then it is recalculated in the home. A finding of Consumer Energy Center revealed that evaporative or swamp coolers are capable of reducing the temperature of outside air by as much as 30 degrees.

Solar Energy for Swamp or Evaporative Cooling

Solar power energy is ideal source of energy for the swamp or evaporative cooling systems. Evaporative or swamp cooling systems utilize relatively small quantity of electricity. These cooling systems are known for working best in dry desert climatic conditions. Read the full story

Finding Solar Cells For Sale

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Are you fed up with thinking about the amount of money you have to spend every time on payment of the utility bill? Even though you might be trying to live as comfortably as possible, but it would be really surprising for you to know that the heat and electricity on which you rely in your homes and offices comes from the burning of coal and probably from the nuclear power. There are a lot of severe negative effects of these sources of fuel on the quality of the natural environment being shared by all of us. It will not be complicated or expensive for you to change your home or business from to a more renewable source of energy. It would be a good place to start, if you start finding solar cells for sale.

Why People Are Reluctant In Utilizing Solar Cells?

Why People Are Reluctant In Utilizing Solar Cells

The idea of buying the solar cells for sale might be confusing for you, if you are not aware of utilizing solar power for heat and electricity.  A lot of people clearly realize the fact that how much significant it is to take into consideration renewable sources of energy as soon as they become accessible.

 It may be the case that you have seen solar power arrays in your town which are being used on homes and businesses, but you might consider them so expensive or complicated to obtain their benefit.

Awareness About The Solar Cells:

If you would opt to go to the market in the near future for the purpose of finding solar cells for sale in the future, you should be aware of the fact that solar cells are equipment that generate electricity from light through the process of photovoltaic effect. Read the full story

Understanding Liquid-Based Solar Heating System

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Solar energy is a popular alternative source of energy. Around the world, more and more are converting their simple homes into solar energy compatible homes. Great efforts are being done by researchers that are trying hard to find the ways to make solar energy more affordable and competitive.

What is a Liquid-Based Solar Heating System?

Liquid-Based Solar Heating System

Liquid based solar heating is a fairly cheap and simple system to incorporate a certain amount of solar energy into your home to make use of the presence of sun and to stay green.

Types of Solar Thermal Space Heating

There are two main types of solar thermal space hating. These types include active and passive. It is very important to you to fully understand these two different types of solar thermal space heating to determine which will be beneficial for your use.

Passive Liquid Based Space Heating

In this systems liquid usually water is heated by sunlight that is kept in barrels. That sunlight is absorbed by solar plastic or glass. Over a certain period of time, heat that is produced by the sunlight warms the water and then water us distributed to desired applications.

Active Liquid Based Space Heating

This system requires some special equipment to perform the same function that is performed by the passive liquid based space heating system. Read the full story