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Procedure to Make Your Own Solar Light

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The lighting is considered to be imperative for all. At the time of sun setting, everyone wants the light to be very near to them. Often, we may be befitted from our light system, but we cannot do anything when there is no light. Lighting can be utilized in numerous manners.

Different Sources and Types of Light

Solar Panel

You may have various wattages and colors of bulbs for lighting purposes. You can get light through different means, like an overhead light, a lamp, a terrace light, flash light, etc. You either take light with yourself or may leave it. The lights can be indoor or outdoor lights.

How to Make your Own Light?

There are certain means through which you can acquire knowledge for building your personal solar lights. You will find the details of the simplest method through which you can make your personal solar like without spending much money for that purpose. Solar lights are really a good choice, as these can be utilized inside the rooms of your home. Besides this, you can make use of solar lights outdoor for beautification as well as for lighting purposes.

The Material for Building Solar Light

Prior to the creation of your own solar lights, you have to purchase some material from the shop or store. The requirement of your buying material is allied to the number of solar lights that you would like to formulate.

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How to Make Small Solar Panels

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Solar panels are becoming much more famous as they help you save money on electrical bills. This means that if you build your own solar panel then you could light up most of the appliances you wish, depending on the size of the panel.

Size of the panel

There are various sizes which could be built. However, if you wish to build a small solar panel then you would have to learn a few techniques. Even if the solar panel is small in size, it would be enough to provide energy to appliances such as calculators, watches and radios. This is the last amount of solar energy which could be used from a solar panel.

solar waterheater


In order to be able to generate solar energy, you would have to purchase the solar cells from a place like Radio shack or any other hardware store in the area nearest to you.  Solar panels after being built take energy from the sun after which they are ready to perform their function.

Ways of Building a Panel

The most recommended option would be buy the kit which you get in the market. This kit allows you to just assemble the solar panel according to the size you wish to make. However, if you go onto making it yourself then you could get the work done easily in an hour.

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Homemade Solar Cells

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These days everybody is concerned about the growing amount of their energy bills, now the solar option is available to reduce your dependence on utility companies. That would mean a reduced energy bill and savings obviously with just an effort required in making your solar cells and panel. It is necessary that you take and follow guidance in the cells and panel making process.

Some every day tools that we use and perhaps an access to a work shop is all you require to be able to build yourself a solar cell at home. One of the numerous advantages of a solar cell is that it is renewable and the energy it would generate would be much cheaper as compared to the utility company rates.

 Solar cell


The Solar Cell working

The working of a solar cell working may be understood keeping in view the photosynthesis process of plant with the help of chlorophyll pigment present in them. The solar cells do the same, they obtain energy from the sun and convert it into current with the help of silicon in them.

Advancement of Solar Technology

Solar cell technology has grown more and more efficient with time, now it is possible to power your complete house with the solar energy and almost eliminate your dependence on the power companies and their bills.

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How to Make a Basic Solar Panel

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Often most individuals are intrigued by the fact of how solar panels are built. The factor which makes building solar panels easy is that it does not cost much if you build it yourself. If the solar panel is purchased from the market place, it would cost you few thousand dollars. However, if you take the raw materials and build it yourself, the work would be done in a few hundred dollars. Readymade solar panels may seem attractive and a much easier option, however if you wish to save money then building it yourself would be recommended.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels


Functioning of Solar Panels

If one person questions you regarding how the solar panel functions then the answer to it isn’t much complex. Solar panels operate using the photovoltaic effect. This means that the radiation from the sun provides the energy which causes the electrons placed on the solar cells to react. These electrons then shift from their molecules and this movement creates electricity

Cost of Creating a Solar Panel

Advancements in technology has not only made life easier for us but also made several things much cheaper than they were till about a few years ago. One of these things includes the solar panel.

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How to Install Roof Solar Kits on Roof ?

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There has been an increase in the number of people who are using alternative means of energy. The usage of solar energy is on the rise. Solar energy is cheaper and good for the environment; unlike the usually available electricity provided by the power companies. The main components of a solar panel are the solar cells which are mounted on the panels and convert the light energy into electricity or heat. These panels are part of the roof solar kit. The installation process of the solar panels is very easy and anyone can install it.

Installing the Roof Solar Kit

shidler solar Panel

Sunlight is the main prerequisite to convert solar energy into heat and/or light energy. Therefore it is necessary that you place your solar panel in a place where there is plenty of sunlight. The most optimum place to put your residential solar panel is in the south of your roof.

If it is not possible to place your solar panels in the south of you roof then place them in the west of your roof. If you can’t situate your panels in the west because of any reason, then placing them in the east is the third optimized option.  The least likely place for the installation of solar panels is the north side of your roof.

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7 Types of Solar Panel Mounting Systems for Homes

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Solar panel is actually used to generate energy. The greatest problem of this century is no doubt the energy crisis so the need of such alternatives automatically increases rapidly. Some types of solar panel mounting systems for homes specifically, are discussed here. They are also known as residential mounting systems.

Checking Your Roof

Solar Panels

Before starting off with these systems and getting them installed, you must check the undercarriage of your roof. This can be done by any qualified structural engineer so do get their services prior to the installment. It is not required by every country to have an engineer’s stamp on the building but for a Vibrant, a structural engineer is must.

Building Codes

UBC mandates the techniques and the building materials. It actually stands for universal building code. Codes are given after every few years. When any city or a country decides for adopting a new UBC version, the efficiency varies.

Local buildings code usually has some variations from the standard techniques. People must also consider the fire department and electrical code regulations before the installment.

1. Flush Mount

Flush mount is a standard mounting system. The benefit is that a less space is taken by them and it has the lowest visual impact. If you want to install it, your roof will be penetrated into the joists by using a 5/8” long bolt. A standard roofing sealant is also used. There is a metal of L-shaped foot which is fixed by the bolt. Vents, pipes, and other structures are also used accordingly.

2. Tilt Mount

Metal legs are added to the flush mounting for tilting the tops of the panels. It is done in order to gain a better angle towards the southern horizon.

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Not All Solar Power is ‘green’

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All the solar thermal plants in USA are not pollution-free. It is because they use different kinds of fuels as well. They are the result of several kinds of pollution and harmful effects to the environment and the atmosphere.

Solar thermal plants

They are so called the green-energy alternatives. They make use of the energy coming from the sun and are expected to be pollution-free. They are thought to be a great contribution in the present time of energy crisis.

Solar energy

But unfortunately, they don’t solely use the sun energy but a number of other chemicals are used in their working. This is making them cause pollution of several types. They also result in green house effect and thus in global warming.

Some of the solar thermal plants are designed that use natural gas or propane boilers other than the sun energy. This is used as a fuel to start up the units. It results in the production of the gases that cause the green house effect.

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How to Reduce your Energy Cost

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The power supplied from the utility is more costly than the renewable energy from solar or wind. Therefore the first step to take is to get rid of the current utility bills by installing solar cells for your home. When converting to solar power you have to be very cautious in your use of electric power. You can cut your energy requirements and in turn energy expenses by reducing the use of heating devices, increasing energy efficient lighting and appliances. Below are mentioned a few approaches to help you reduce your electricity bills.

Low Energy Consuming Home Interior

The peak load occurs due to the heating devices. With a simultaneous use of heating devices there is danger that the DC battery, supplied along the solar panels, can be depleted of charge very quickly; particularly in overcast and dark conditions. A few techniques to reduce this sort of use of electricity can help you reduce bills in case of utility supply or can attain a longer battery life from solar panels.

Energy Consuming Home Interior

Make sure you have effective insulation at your home. This is the most economical way of preserving heat of your home.  The windows and ceiling of your house are the main source of heat loss. The eaves should be insulated in order not to let the bulk heat escape in the form of warm air. The windows should be sheathed with curtains and blinds. The gaps on the outer side of the windows should be filled so that no cold air from outside can enter.

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How Are Solar Panels Made?

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The method of making solar panels is complicated and delicate which is why there are delays in advances of solar process. However, advances in semiconductors and photovoltaic design have been made that permitted progressively more efficient and inexpensive solar cells to be developed.

silicon cell

Crystalline Silicon Solar Panels

The process of developing a crystalline solar panel is as follows:

  • First silicon is cut into tiny disk and than a centimeter thick. These thin,
  • Wafer-like disks are then polished and if any damage found, they are then fixed and repair.

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Samsung’s Latest Environmental Phone Launches in Sweden

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Samsung has launched a new mobile phone, the S7550 Blue Earth, by incorporating environmental awareness and technological know-how more fully than before.

samsung blue earth

Several different products have been launched by different mobile phone manufacturers by utilizing whatever environmentally-friendly credentials they may have.

Samsung is not the only company bringing environment friendly phones to the market. LG, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson have all shown that they are prepared to play the game to one extent or another.

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Solar Power For Wildlife Research

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Stephan Gold, a San Francisco building contractor, assembles solar-power kits for wildlife researchers in the field. Thus when researchers are tracking elephants in remote northern Kenya and require a stable source of electricity for their camp, they turn to Stephen Gold.

solar enery for wildlife

Gold works as a volunteer for the Wildlife Conservation Network in Los Altos, in order to figure out the equipment that the researches will need. He then gathers the required equipment from companies willing to donate to a worthy cause, packs it up with some instructions and ships it to far off corners of the world.

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