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Why Renewable Energy Architecture Is Important?

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Various terms for renewable energy architecture are used interchangeably. These are “sustainable architecture” and “green architecture”. All of these have almost the same meaning and usage. With advancement in every field of architecture, this area is also expanding.

What does renewable energy architecture mean?

It involves the idea of using those materials and techniques which are environment-friendly. It stimulates and encourages architects to create imaginative solutions for designing sustainable energy-efficient buildings worldwide. It is of course a challenging task.

How renewable energy architecture is environment-conscious?

The answer is simple. Our homes emit carbon in large amount. These are in fact a major source of its emission. There must be a way to minimize domestic effects on global warming. It is through green energy architecture that environment-friendly house structures are created.

Using solar power in architecture

Green energy architecture uses many renewable sources. Solar power is one of these. While a building or a house is designed, various special techniques are used. These enable solar power incorporation into the structure. Many building materials are used that enable using sun energy effectively.

Which devices are used?

Specifically designed devices are needed for providing required energy. Photovoltaic solar panels are installed in the building. These provide electricity for various uses. Sunlight strikes their surface during day time. It is then retained and converted into electric current.

Structure design

Renewable energy architecture differs from conventional architecture. Roofs are designed facing towards the sun. In this way, it enables photovoltaic panels to get sunlight at maximum level. Thus, their efficiency is increased.

Advanced structure

In more advanced form, a moveable structure is designed. It keeps on rotating throughout the day with the direction of sunlight.

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Solar System A Growing Source Of Energy

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Global warming, energy crises and greenhouse effects are worldwide concerns. All countries are insistently pursuing other safe alternatives of energy sources. Solar system is on top priority list among other alternative sources of energy. Countries are investing extra money in the field of research for the development of a solar energy system.

Solar system produces 0.1 percent of electricity in U.S.A. It will increase up to 10 percent. It offers competitive cost than other sources of energy.

Competitive Costs

Some factors influence the costs of a solar system. The Size of a system, required energy and a location of installation, set price of a solar system. Average cost of an installed system roughly estimated about $36,000 for a home of 2500 square foot.  This estimated cost is about 4 Kwh at $9 per watt. This estimation is not accurate. It just provides an idea of the cost.

Determine Size Of Solar System

The size of a home does not determine the size and the consumption of a solar system. Just call a representative and ask him to calculate the size of a solar system for your home. He will call your utility power company and get your monthly or daily electric usage in kilowatt hours. This information is also available in the copies of electric bills.

Tax Credits And Rebates

High Costs of Electricity in USA dissatisfy thousands of utility consumers. They enjoyed tax credits and generous discounts. Credits and discounts are available for the installation of solar electric system for household and business venues. The State of California for instance offers 15% tax credit and $4000.00 (per kilowatt) as a cash rebate for the solar electric system.

Photovoltaic panels

New solar system generates free energy from the sun and runs TVs, refrigerators, pumps, computers and many other appliances. Photovoltaic panels produce power directly through sunlight. Photovoltaic panels use semiconductors made up of various components. These panels are first preference of residential solar system.

Solar Thermal Collectors

This is another way of trapping, absorbing and transferring heat from sunlight in the form of warm water or air.  Solar energy system has a long way to go. It moves in a right direction with better incentives.

Configuration Of Solar Electric System

The Solar Photovoltaic Array is a unit that collects the energy from a sun. It is on the top of a roof in a south direction. So it gets maximum exposure to the sun.

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Getting Residential Solar System in New Mexico

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New Mexico is potentially strong for the exploitation of solar energy. Because of abundant sunshine and high altitude it is a perfect site for solar energy production.

States Incentives

Residential Solar Systems

New Mexico State provides a plenty of state sponsored incentive and discount programs to its people, planned to make solar power more economical for the average homeowner. These programs are useful in reducing the cost of a solar panel kit installation.

Federal Incentives

Along with that Federal programs are also offered to locals of New Mexico. By combining both of the above mentioned programs, it is possible to construct an economical solar power system. Solarhome.org is providing free solar evaluation to the Mew Mexico. So win the benefit of the free solar evaluation and discover the potential of solar power, take advantage of these incentives and start saving money.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Developed progress in the past decade has lowered the rate of solar panels. Now it is possible that a 30 percent efficiency panel can overcome the cost of production and installation over the first 6years of its life. This means that solar power is now cost-effective and feasible, since panels are designed to run for at least 10 years before they start to break down.

Free Solar Evaluation

The California Solar initiative has been an example for other states to pursue in setting up incentive programs to promote solar power. There are also other states with more solar potential and discount or incentives. For more information on the viability of solar power in your area, as well as information on local incentive programs, solar evaluation is needed. It will collect particulars about the locality, conditions, power usage etc. With these it will be estimated that what type of quantity of solar kit needed. For that purpose a questionnaire is to be filled. The questionnaire requires information to estimate the solar need.

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How Much Solar Panels Will Cost?

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The use of solar power in homes as well as businesses is the most recent trend in order to protect the environment and also for preserving the power. The conventional sources of energy production depend on relic fuels. These are very expensive as well as pollute the environment. Besides that, these fuels are rapidly depleting.

What is Solar Power?

What is Solar Power

Solar energy is the power generated from the sun. It has excellent outcomes, if you make utilization of power as well its preservation. With the popularity of solar power, the requirement of solar power merchandise is also increasing.

Solar Power Appliances

Now the individuals are constructing the solar power homes for making their lives easier and for leading their lives resourcefully. Besides constructing solar power proficient homes, they also like to use efficient solar power lighting, electrical devices, water heaters and water pumps. You can therefore, purchase solar power equipments for using in the kitchen

By and large, the apparatus to be used in kitchen are the most expensive in a house, because in the kitchen, equipments function on continuous and frequent basis.  Now there is an important aspect to calculate the cost.

Cost Allied to the Power Consumption

It is allied to the wattage that you require or would like to have in your home; the expense varies from US$7.00 to US$9.00 per watt usage. Now, it is correlated to the quantity of solar panels you require or you desire to have; the complete expenses can reach up to the figure of US$70,000.

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Getting Residential Solar System in Wyoming

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Vast solar farms can be built in WI as it is mostly undeveloped. Having large solar farms will make it a potential candidate for supplying power to neighboring states as well as their own.

Solar Power Vs. Wind Turbine

Solar Power Vs. Wind Turbine

Wyoming is famous for the production of wind power. It is one of the windiest states. But solar power is just as practical and necessary as a wind turbine. Wind turbines only work about ½ of the time, and solar panels work the remaining ½ of that time making them a suitable combination for producing ample electricity. Once installation is complete then the areas far away from power lines can be connected to the grid by smaller solar. You have to bear no utility costs for that.

Free Solar Evaluation

Fill the Wyoming free solar evaluation form and you will find out all the factors that can affect the feasibility of converting to solar power. Power consumption in any home or business depend on these factors such as location, building materials, square footage, number of windows and type of roof. By completing the questionnaire correctly on the Wyoming solar power website, you will be called by one of the Wyoming solar experts. He will advise you about solar evaluation on free of cost basis and also provide you with the latest details about the discounts and tax credits.


Make a choice of the solar power Solution(s) for your vicinity. Tick all those options that apply:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Accurate Data

If you give the more correct details, you will be able to get the more exact evaluation. This is particularly right in relation to the sum of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is gathered with the name of your electricity company supplier who prices can be taken through some other sources, then you will be able to get more accurate consumption of your current usage of electricity on monthly basis.

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3 Types of Solar Panels For Home and Garden

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Many people have heard about the solar energy panels and intend to use them in their gardens and homes. Many want to use them in place of the regular electricity. But the problem is that people have heard of them, but do not know how to use them. The other thing that might be a matter of concern for people is that will the solar panels be enough to fulfill their energy needs. We will tell you about different types of solar panels which are available for your home and garden. The aim is to create basic understanding about the solar panels the types of solar panels available in the market. We will also elaborates the functioning and cost of solar panels and suggests what type of solar panels can a you use for your home and garden.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Understanding the functioning of Solar Panels

Like any other form of energy solar energy is also a form of energy. The laws of physics tell us that energy can be converted from one form into the other. Likewise solar energy can be converted into electricity or heat energy. The solar panels do the job; they convert light energy into electricity or heat. Combined with phosphorus, boron or other elements the solar panels are made from silicon plates. The aim is to create solar cells which produce negative and positive charges. The two thin solar panels i.e. photoelectric modules and solar thermal collector are microscopically thin rectangle boxes which absorb the sunlight and convert it to heat or electricity.

Why Solar panels?

The solar panels are more environment-friendly medium of energy. Compared to electricity, solar energy pollutes the environment to the least and does not emit harmful gases which prove harmful for the environment.

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How to Reduce your Energy Cost

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The power supplied from the utility is more costly than the renewable energy from solar or wind. Therefore the first step to take is to get rid of the current utility bills by installing solar cells for your home. When converting to solar power you have to be very cautious in your use of electric power. You can cut your energy requirements and in turn energy expenses by reducing the use of heating devices, increasing energy efficient lighting and appliances. Below are mentioned a few approaches to help you reduce your electricity bills.

Low Energy Consuming Home Interior

The peak load occurs due to the heating devices. With a simultaneous use of heating devices there is danger that the DC battery, supplied along the solar panels, can be depleted of charge very quickly; particularly in overcast and dark conditions. A few techniques to reduce this sort of use of electricity can help you reduce bills in case of utility supply or can attain a longer battery life from solar panels.

Energy Consuming Home Interior

Make sure you have effective insulation at your home. This is the most economical way of preserving heat of your home.  The windows and ceiling of your house are the main source of heat loss. The eaves should be insulated in order not to let the bulk heat escape in the form of warm air. The windows should be sheathed with curtains and blinds. The gaps on the outer side of the windows should be filled so that no cold air from outside can enter.

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Issues in Solar Power Generation

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Nowadays, solar energy is being accepted as a feasible energy source for producing electric power. This is because the technology has developed and the costs for generation have significantly designed. The utility companies with their big budgets are focusing on solar thermal, whereas the residential and the business hubs are more interested in buying the photo voltaic technology. This growth is more pronounced in the last decade. The regulatory policies applied to solar power generation are in experimental phase.

Independence From Conventional Energy Resources

The financing is very limited these days for accessing solar power because of the economic depression but the government has still employed programs to encourage the growth in this area and these need to continue because renewable energy generation mark an independence from the fossil fuels we have to import. The solar energy technology has still not reached at a point of being connected to the grid, but its advantages such as availability at peak loads and no cost of fuel are lucrative enough for the investors.

Major Challenges Confronted

On the other hand, like other renewable energy projects solar energy projects present many challenges. Regulatory agreements, power purchase negotiations, financing plans, purchase of land, construction contracts, availability of technical man power, land and property rights and connection to the grid are the main challenges in solar power generation.

Knowledge of these Issues

Each issue can become cumbersome and can even turn to failure of the entire project if it is not properly dealt with, which of course requires extensive knowledge. For example let us take the solar leases and easements. These vary from system to system. For photo voltaic system we need to think about the type of installation, whether to deploy roof top or ground mounted and the type of landowner whether he is commercial, residential or utility scale. For a concentrated solar power system availability of water is critical. We need to examine whether the water is available above the surface or we have to drill to extract the underground water. If that is not available then look for divert some canal near by and what regulations are in practice for that particular area. What effect this move will have on the environment, which of course is the basic spirit of deploying solar energy project.

Residential Solar Leasing Program for Denver, Colorado

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There are many types of solar systems but one of the best system to produce electricity is Colorado solar photovoltaic (electric) system. It can be used in all types of buildings, throughout Colorado. There is also some full Zero Carbon System for small homes. This includes solar thermal, geothermal, solar photovoltaic and energy controllers to zero out both your electricity and gas usage.

Rebate by government on solar systems

Almost all the companies in Colorado are offering maximum rebate on solar system. Government is also offering different packages rebate to promote the usage of solar energy. Solar energy is comparatively less expensive than company electricity. With collaboration with Government Energy Office many companies are offering different rebates on solar systems.

Solar leasing programs for residential area

To promote the usage of solar system Vibrant Solar announced the new Solar Residential Leasing program. Home owners can easily afford such leasing plans. This company does not need any down payment or initial installment. You can select a lease plan and pay your installments as easy as you pay your monthly electricity bill.

Prices of solar system are going down

Government and other large companies are trying there best to promote solar electricity, so with help of Government Energy Office, prices of solar system came down 40 percent last year. Read the full story

Residential Solar Power Systems for Denver and Southern Colorado

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Solar energy is a promising source of energy due to its economically affordable advantage. Solar panel is considered as a necessity for residential purpose at Colorado. There is a 40% discount offers in the total price of the solar panel system for homeowners which is not considered to be taxable income. So, this is the right time to go for solar panel. In 2008, an amount of $2,000 was capped by the federal tax credit. However, this cap was eliminated from January 1, 2009. After rebate cost, it became the 30% of the tax credit. This tax credit can be now used to achieve the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT).

Primary requirements

Residential solar system is designed according to the requirements of the homeowners. Its need, site and cost are included in the primary factors of requirement for the homeowners. The quote of the solar system usually made after measuring and inspecting the home in order to obtain the necessary requirements for its design. There is no obligation concerning with the visit, quotation and design.

Cost effective Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic systems are economically available on very low cost. Low rates of the residential solar panels in Colorado make it prestigious for the homeowners. Designs of the system vary with size, orientation and other requirements. KVAR energy controllers are used to reduce the utilization which might be economically beneficial.

No obligation for visit and getting information

Quotes are generally made by visiting the sites in order to get necessary information about the design of the solar system. This is done by the experts without any obligation who obtained the information as per the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s statistics upon weather condition in the specific area. It also includes the lower cost and emission of carbon dioxide. Read the full story

DIY Solar Energy Accumulator System

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Solar energy storage system are feasible and mutually exclusive,less costly to the conventional closed loop solar hot water system.Do you know that distinctive commercial,100-gallon solar hot water tanks maximum retails price is about 1000$.If you want to heat your house entirely with these tanks then don’t ask even its cost more. Is it difficult to make homemade energy hot accumulator vault? DIY Solar Heating System

Will they costly above our tolerance?

Are the materials in this regard will be available easily?

Is it possible build up in a low cost budget?

Should I spent amount on PV or solar thermal applications?