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Solar Lights For The Garden

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Electricity has become the basic necessity of life. It is available for the consumers by connection to the national power grid. However such a connection involves a lot of wiring and poles. An alternative to this arrangement is the use of solar energy by using the solar panels.

The lights operating on these solar panels can be installed without the hassle of wiring ansd  are extremely energy efficient.

Solar Lights For The Garden

The garden is a place of natural beauty and the large clumps of wiring spoil its beauty. The electricity is required for lights in the garden at night and this electricity can be obtained by installing solar lights. Such solar lights are an easy application that is very easy to operate and handle. In addition, their backup time and no cost energy make them best choice for use in gardens.

Principle Of Operation

The solar lights work on the principle of conversion of sunlight into the electricity. During the day time, they absorb the sunlight and get themselves charged. Once the night falls they are switched on to produce light for the garden and other outside places.

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Why Use Sun-Powered Garden Lights?

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Using solar lights in garden can bring great advantages. Because of their many benefits, these are getting popular than electric lights. Although, their initial cost is higher than conventional lights, these prove to be more rewarding in the long-run.

How solar lights are convenient to use?

Since no wiring, switches or sockets are required, these are not difficult to install. You can easily set these for accurate placement. These work equally well in your lawn, garden or backyard. You can move these anywhere you like.

Using solar lights is cost-effective

Using these solar lights saves considerable amount of money. These are fairly economical.  The only source of energy they require is the sun. You don’t have to pay for hefty monthly bills.  Thanks to nature that provides solar energy absolutely free of charge. However, the price for solar lights can be higher than normal ones. But, their long-term advantages are worth the cost.

Conventional lights versus solar lights

Another big difference in solar lights and conventional lights is that these produce a soft glow. These work well to lighten driveway, patio, garden path, decks and sheds. Sufficient light is produced to illuminate all areas inside and around the garden.

How sun-powered lights work?

Solar garden lights absorb sun energy that strikes their surface. It is then stored during daytime. At night this retained heat energy gained from sunlight is released. That helps brighten up the area around.

Main components

Each solar light consists of a solar cell, which is surrounded by a case made of plastic. It rests at the top area. A standard battery is wired with solar cell. This is rechargeable and gets energy from sunlight during the day. It then lights up at night time.

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Solar Lights for Residential Use

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Some people are confused about solar lights for indoors, as they think solar lights only work in the outdoor. In reality, solar lights are now most widely being used for lighting indoor of a residential or office set up. There are various ways by which residential lights can be empowered.

Ways to Empower Residential Lights by Solar Power

Ways to Empower Residential Lights by Solar Power

You can empower your residential lights by sun power energy in various ways. Some of these ways are listed below:

Solar Electricity

Solar electricity is a one way to utilize solar power energy for empowering the residential lights. Sun power energy is converted into electricity with the help of photovoltaic technology. Photovoltaic panels are often built in conjunction with the utility grid power system of a residential or home set up that is using a grid tie inverter. During night time, electricity is drawn from the grid to power all the lights that are installed indoor and also to power other electrical appliances. In this way, you can create credit on your energy bill by producing more energy from your solar system than you actually consume at your home.

Skylights to Harness Sun Power Energy

Utilization of skylights is another feasible way to capture and absorb solar power energy to power the indoor lights. Skylights that are specially designed like the skylights hat are manufactured by Solar Direct increase levels of light to the equivalent of 1800 watts of light, producing 68 percent less heat at the same time. Read the full story

Lighting With The Help of Solar Energy

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Nobody likes dark places and also nobody wants increase their electricity bills. Well with the introduction of solar lighting solutions one can escape from both types of situations. Solar lights can easily light your homes as well as decorate your gardens in the best way possible and without affecting your electricity bill. These solar systems are easy to install and easy to use. Following article will show how one can take advantage from these lighting solutions for the indoors as well as the outdoors.

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor Solar Lighting
Outdoor lights powered by solar systems are wireless and very easy to use and also provide greater mobility. You can move these lights to any place according to your needs because all they need is the sun. These solar systems absorb light energy from the sun and then convert it into usable electricity which is then stored in batteries which are also connected with these lights. The electricity is stored in the batteries for later use when there is no light. A photo resistor detects darkness when the sun goes down and then sends a signal to the control panel of the solar light which in turn powers up the light with the help of the energy stored in the batteries in the day time. And hence no electricity is required from the grid which saves money on electricity bills and also keeps the garden lit.

LEDs used in Outdoor Solar Systems

Outdoor solar lighting solutions consist of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The LEDs used in solar systems are very powerful when we look at their performance but use very less amount of energy. Read the full story

Composition and Types Of Solar Cells

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You can find a number of devices in the market that runs on solar energy. Solar lights are one of the most popular among all the other applications of solar components. In previous times, the solar lights were considered dim and unreliable due to less glow and lack of quality. Such lights were pretty expensive back then. However, in the past few years things have changed a lot. Solar lights are considered one of the most reliable electrical components.

Solar lighting

Solar lighting

Solar lighting is gaining a significant place in our life due to its increasing reliability and cost effective nature. These lights may seem a bit expensive to you, but the incredible feature that set them apart from the traditional lighting is that you are not supposed to spend a single dime in order to provide them with fuel. Solar energy is the only sort of fuel that is present all over the world in abundance, and you can use as much you require.

Solar panel

If you are thinking about having a solar energy system for your house, then you must keep in mind some vital components of that system. The major part of the solar energy system, on which it relies entirely is the solar panel. Read the full story

Indoor Solar Lights

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Many people ask the question, is it possible to get solar lights inside the house? As a matter of fact, nowadays solar light is very common and widespread in the buildings and the homes as well. There are different methods due to which the light at homes can be powered by the solar energy.

Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity

One of the very common ways is the use of solar electricity. The technology known as photovoltaic (PV), is used for the conversion of solar energy to the electricity. A grid tie converter is used and the panels of photovoltaic are configured in conjunction with grid power system of the house.

How Indoor Lights Are Powered?

The electrical appliances and the indoor lights are powered when the electricity is drawn from the grid at night. It is a very useful technique which can actually generate credit on the electricity bill. The electricity generated by the solar system is much more than the electricity that is used at home.


Skylights are another way of using the solar light indoors.   Read the full story

Tubular Solar Lights

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Home decoration is an art that very few individuals possess. In a rapidly progressing and competing world, it is beneficial to be up to date with every fashion or trend. Solar energy is one amazing form of energy. Through census, experts have also concluded that solar power is the most popular means of power generation. Many people have put extensive and lifelong research into solar power. Solar power must be used at its best potential.

Solar Tubular Light Units

Solar Tubular Light Units

For many people, solar energy is just about generating sufficient amount of power to fulfill domestic and commercial needs. However some individuals have thought about much more creative and wonderful techniques through which solar power can be made absolutely useful. Solar energy is the energy that is harnessed from the sun and can be channeled into house hold appliances. However Tubular Solar Lights have changed many trends.

Get Rid of the Usual Sky-Light Units

The Solar Tubular Skylights are latest and most unique way of making the home brighten up with natural light. Sunlight has many benefits to it and is responsible for creating Vitamin D when it comes to contact with human skin. Providing the household with natural light may solve many problems and issues with power production.

Natural Sunlight In The Home

The provision of sunlight to the household environment is simple and elegant. Solar Tubular Lights can be used to lighten the home. Read the full story

An Overview of Tubular Solar Lights

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The main objective of both the tubular solar lights and skylights is to expose the interiors o natural light. It is no doubt adds to the comfort and brightness of the room. Also, it helps homeowner to save a significant amount of money by cutting down on the large consumption of electricity. In this point of view, solar tubular lights offer a wide range of benefits. The reflective materials of solar tubular lights emit more light than conventional skylights. The solar tubular lights are designed to evenly distribute this light in all parts of the room.

Working of Solar Tubular Lights

Working of Solar Tubular Lights

The working of tubular skylights is very simple to understand. Solar power energy flows through a tube that is highly reflective from this tube it enters the tubular lights through a clear dome. From this dome it is distributed throughout the room. As a result of this activity, beautiful natural sunlight illuminates the interior with very little or no color distortion, for example, yellow or blue light.

Benefits of Tubular Solar Lights

Tubular solar lights distribute natural sunlight evenly in all parts of the indoor space. In addition to evenly distribution of natural light, tubular solar lights are available at lower prices than conventional lights. These lights do not require large space and maintenance. These lights are easy to install without any expert help.

Natural Light Tubular Skylight

A more effective and popular model called the Natural Light Tubular Skylight by the natural light energy systems. Read the full story

Types of Solar Lights

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Everyone wants to illuminate his/her garden and pathways and no one wants the hassle of the wires. Now there is a solution for these people that are solar lighting system. The solar lights are wireless and these lights are better than other traditional electric lights in a way that these lights can easily be installed and have long life.

Solar powered lights get electricity from the solar panels. Solar lights are installed indoor and outdoor. The outdoor lights are garden lights, driveway lights and many others. Indoor lights are used in the garages, cabins and sheds. You can get information regarding installation and working.  

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights have several advantages the main the advantages that it does not have any additional wiring and these lights are easy to install. These lights save your money because these do not any additional energy. Solar lights produce a softer glow it illuminate you garden, sheds or driveways. Solar garden lights store the solar energy during the day time and release at night.

The whole lighting system consist solar cells, rechargeable battery, LED lights and photo resistors. Solar cells fixed on the top to absorb sunlight the cell is wired to the rechargeable battery, the battery stores the energy. The photo resistor detects the darkness and gives direction to the controller to on the LED light.

Solar Tubular Lights

These lights expose the indoors to the natural light, this reduces your electricity bills and increases brightness of the room. Read the full story

Solar Lights Used As Floodlights and Spotlights

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Solar lights have created hype in today’s world. This is the era of solar energy derived components. We can regard solar energy as one of the best alternatives for other fuel options. You are not required to spend even a single dime for fuel in case of solar driven components, because they are operated entirely on solar energy. The best thing about solar lights is that they are easy to install and are movable.

Powerful lighting options

Powerful lighting options

These solar lights can be used as flood lights and spot lights in some cases as required. They perform extremely well as flood lights, as they are totally capable of providing with a uniform, and even spread of light across wide open area. You can also use them at places including sheds, doors, garages, patios, gardens, entryways, pathways, and many others. Solar lighting is very powerful in comparison with other lighting options.

Light emitting diodes

LEDs or light emitting diodes are the major components of all the solar lights. These are special sort of diodes that emit light when provided with electrical energy. The solar flood lights also utilize these diodes in order to produce lighting. Read the full story

Solar Lights for Gardens: No Need for Wiring

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Solar energy is providing us with an excellent alternative to a number of fuel options. Today there are varieties of products in the market that can be operated through solar energy. Sunlight is very effectively being converted in to electrical energy. Solar lights have changed our life tremendously, and there are infinite number of benefits and uses of solar lights.

Wiring and installation

Wiring and installation

The best thing about solar lights is that they are extremely handy when it comes to installation, as there is no need of wiring in this case. The main features of solar lights include their mobility. They can easily be moved from one place to another. Apart from sunlight, there is no type of additional fuel that is required by the solar lights.

No additional fuel

The solar lights entirely depend upon sunlight for their operation and function that makes them very cost effective. Read the full story