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Free Solar Energy For Homes

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Solar energy has become a hot topic for the people fed up of paying utility bills. It is becoming difficult to pay the utility bills due to decreasing income and people face the budgeting issues. Solar energy provides them an option to produce free electricity for their homes.

Factors For Conversion To Solar Energy

People are trying to convert to solar energy at a rapid pace. The governments are also offering rebates and incentives in this regard. However, one should consider a few factors before blindly going for the solar energy conversion. These factors are discussed below:-

1. Your Budget

Solar energy is expensive to start with. Therefore, one must know that how much is he going to invest in this project? The budget allocated must also be compatible with your expected requirements. Too much or too little budget will be useless for you in the long run.

2. Incentives For Solar Energy

Different states offer different rebates for the consumers. One should assess the amount of the government support in a particular area for installing a solar system.

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Components Of Solar System

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The solar energy has become one of the cheap means of energy for the domestic users. It has also gained popularity because of its non toxic emissions and being safe for the environment. However, the equipment to tap this energy is quite expensive and relatively sensitive. Therefore, there is a need to understand al the components of the solar energy system so that their preservation and maintenance can be done easily.

Component Of Solar System

A solar system for the domestic users is composed of following parts:-

1. Solar Panels

2. Inverter

3. Charge controllers

4. Control panel and wiring

5 Batteries

Solar Panel

This is the principle source of conversion of light into electric energy. These are made up of photovoltaic cell that converts the light energy into electrical current. This component is installed outside, generally on roofs, and faces the direction of sunlight. The mounting of solar panels may be adjustable to tilt the panels for getting maximum exposure to sunlight.


This is the necessary item for conversion of the electric current generated by the panel into current needed for house.

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Conversion Of RV To Solar System

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The spirit of adventure is the driving force behind the travel industry. A lot of innovation has been made to make the traveling as comfortable as possible. However, the growing fuel prices have proven to be a hindrance in this regard. The busses and RVs are the common transport means for the travelers but they have become expensive to use.

However, with the introduction of the renewable energy resources, this expenditure can be cut down. Converting your RV or bus to the solar energy system is the best solution in modern era.

Advantages For RV

An efficient solar system specifically designed for the RV can provide following advantages to the owner and consumers:-

  1. The charging environment of the vehicle is controlled and hence it is bound to give better performance of battery. In addition the battery life is prolonged.
  2. The load on the engine and its charging system can be reduced by connecting the vehicle to a solar or wind powered system. Such a system shall provide separate charging facility for the vehicles interior and living areas and hence shall reduce burden on the engine.
  3. You can run or operate the normal household appliances without switching on the generator. The solar system provides consistent energy and hence the system is noise free.
  4. Economy in fuel consumption and hence the owner can save on the fuel costs.
  5. Promote a greener environment which is noise free and minimum emission of gases from burning of fuel in the generators and engine.

Solar Systems For The RV

There is a wide range of solar systems available for the owners to choose from. The owner can select any system depending upon his needs and budget. A few of the most commonly available systems are listed below:-

DC Only System

This is the system involving a set of solar panels attached to a battery. The solar panels are designed and fitted to keep the battery or set of batteries charged. This set of batteries is in addition to the starting battery of the vehicle.

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Solar System A Growing Source Of Energy

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Global warming, energy crises and greenhouse effects are worldwide concerns. All countries are insistently pursuing other safe alternatives of energy sources. Solar system is on top priority list among other alternative sources of energy. Countries are investing extra money in the field of research for the development of a solar energy system.

Solar system produces 0.1 percent of electricity in U.S.A. It will increase up to 10 percent. It offers competitive cost than other sources of energy.

Competitive Costs

Some factors influence the costs of a solar system. The Size of a system, required energy and a location of installation, set price of a solar system. Average cost of an installed system roughly estimated about $36,000 for a home of 2500 square foot.  This estimated cost is about 4 Kwh at $9 per watt. This estimation is not accurate. It just provides an idea of the cost.

Determine Size Of Solar System

The size of a home does not determine the size and the consumption of a solar system. Just call a representative and ask him to calculate the size of a solar system for your home. He will call your utility power company and get your monthly or daily electric usage in kilowatt hours. This information is also available in the copies of electric bills.

Tax Credits And Rebates

High Costs of Electricity in USA dissatisfy thousands of utility consumers. They enjoyed tax credits and generous discounts. Credits and discounts are available for the installation of solar electric system for household and business venues. The State of California for instance offers 15% tax credit and $4000.00 (per kilowatt) as a cash rebate for the solar electric system.

Photovoltaic panels

New solar system generates free energy from the sun and runs TVs, refrigerators, pumps, computers and many other appliances. Photovoltaic panels produce power directly through sunlight. Photovoltaic panels use semiconductors made up of various components. These panels are first preference of residential solar system.

Solar Thermal Collectors

This is another way of trapping, absorbing and transferring heat from sunlight in the form of warm water or air.  Solar energy system has a long way to go. It moves in a right direction with better incentives.

Configuration Of Solar Electric System

The Solar Photovoltaic Array is a unit that collects the energy from a sun. It is on the top of a roof in a south direction. So it gets maximum exposure to the sun.

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Producing Electricity From Sillicon Solar Cells

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Natural resources of fuel are at a risk of being eliminated due to their consumption in very large amount. Scientist are trying to find new ways of producing fuel. One of them is the solar energy. Solar systems have been invented which convert heat energy into electricity. These solar systems are now in use and are cheap source of electricity. To understand the whole working of the solar energy systems, one must understand about the basic thing that is “Solar cell”.

Use Of Silicon In Solar Cells

Use Of Silicon In Solar Cells

The world has progressed rapidly in the field of solar energy. It is easy to use and is cheapest form of energy. To understand about solar energy system, one must start from basic level.,, a solar cell. The basic component of the solar cell is the semiconductor used to convert heat energy into electric charge. Many elements are now being used for this purpose but the best element that has been used from a long time and is still a part of many solar devices is Silicon. The guide line for solar cells is provided by the silicon structure in a photovoltaic (PV) cell. The current is produced in these cells by movement of the electrons from their respective shells. To move more electrons, additional impurities are added in silicon.

Producing Electricity From Solar Cell

A solar grade is made up with a crystalline structure. Semiconductor used in the cells is Silicon atom having three layers holding electrons. The no. of electrons increase in the center of atom. When the electrons from the outer shell of silicon escape, electrons from inner shells move to replace them. This moving results in creating a locked structure. Due to this reason, most of the silicon solar cells ape P-type or N-type silicon cells. N-type cells are added with the impurity that is mainly phosphorous which helps more electrons to escape from the outermost cell of silicon atom. Read the full story

Solar Inverter and Its Applications

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Solar inverter is a great tool that utilizes sunlight and converts it into reusable electricity. It is an integral part of a solar generator. Solar inverter can be bought separately or along with the solar panel and battery for setting up a fully functional solar power system.  If you are considering buying an inverter separately then make sure you are going to buy an inverter that matches with the wattage output of the solar panel that is installed in your home.

Working of Solar Inverter

Working of Solar Inverter

Solar inverter works on a very simple principal that is receiving sunlight by the solar panels and conversion of that sunlight by the help of solar inverter into reusable electrical power.

Standalone Inverter

The power that is generated by the solar inverter is stored in batteries. This is the point where inverters are needed. Solar inverter converts the direct current (DC) that is stored in the battery. That DC is converted into the alternating current (AC) that is then used for domestic purpose for powering electrical equipment and devices. The inverter that performs this simple task is referred to as the standalone model.

Synchronous Inverter

In this type of inverter energy from the photovoltaic (PV) module or a solar panel is directly connected to the utility grid, in such a case a grid-tie inverter or a synchronous is required for that energy. The synchronous inverter performs the same function as the standalone inverter does. It converts the direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC). Read the full story

Composition and Types Of Solar Cells

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You can find a number of devices in the market that runs on solar energy. Solar lights are one of the most popular among all the other applications of solar components. In previous times, the solar lights were considered dim and unreliable due to less glow and lack of quality. Such lights were pretty expensive back then. However, in the past few years things have changed a lot. Solar lights are considered one of the most reliable electrical components.

Solar lighting

Solar lighting

Solar lighting is gaining a significant place in our life due to its increasing reliability and cost effective nature. These lights may seem a bit expensive to you, but the incredible feature that set them apart from the traditional lighting is that you are not supposed to spend a single dime in order to provide them with fuel. Solar energy is the only sort of fuel that is present all over the world in abundance, and you can use as much you require.

Solar panel

If you are thinking about having a solar energy system for your house, then you must keep in mind some vital components of that system. The major part of the solar energy system, on which it relies entirely is the solar panel. Read the full story

Passive Solar Technique: Solar Direct Gain

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Solar energy systems are considered as the best alternative to the traditional ones. Solar energy is being converted into other forms of energy pretty successfully now-a-days. This is one of the most reliable and efficient thing to do. You are not required to spend a lot of money on fuel anymore. All you need is sunlight.

Applications of solar energy

Applications of solar energy

Solar energy is available all over the world, and you do not have to pay for it unlike other sources of energy. The function and efficiency of the devices that run on solar energy depends upon the amount of sunlight they are subjected to for the entire day. Lighting and heating are two of the most significant applications of solar energy systems.

Passive solar gain

If you are interested in getting a solar energy system for your house, you are recommended to get quality parts like solar panel, battery, etc. When it comes to heating, direct gain is the simplest technique regarding passive solar gain. You must be aware of the fact that the passive solar heating does not require too much maintenance. In fact this sort of heating needs the minimum amount of maintenance as compared to other techniques.

Active solar gain

On the other hand, the active solar heating totally relies on the mechanical devices for the transfer and distribution of heat, which makes it obligatory for the person to maintain the components well. Read the full story

Working of Flat Plate Solar Collectors

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When one creates a solar energy system, the important thing that is kept in mind is the method of collection. This is very important because if you want your solar energy system to be successful it must have an efficient collector which is able to collect energy from the sun in the best way possible. In the market one can find mainly three different types of collectors but the most popular and the most widely used collector in the market today is the Flat Plate collector.

What is A Flat Plate Collector?

What is A Flat Plate Collector

A flat plate collector basically consists of a rectangular box which is covered by a plastic glazing or a glass, and underneath this covering lays a metal plate. The heat is trapped in the rectangular box with the help of the plastic glazing or the glass covering. This heat is then absorbed by the metal plate which is colored to absorb maximum heat. This absorbed heat is then transferred to tubes which contain air or water. These tubes then carry this absorbed heat around the house and keep the house warm without the need of any heavy electrical appliances

Air and Liquid systems

There are two types of systems. One system contains air in the tubes and the other system contains liquid in the carrying tubes.

Air Systems

Air systems in which heat is carried around with the help of air are not very efficient. Read the full story

Solar Power and How It Works?

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To gain electricity through solar power is getting very popular now a days. Its use has become very common in this century. In face solar energy system is very easy to use and its benefits are numerous. It is a cheap way to get electricity. Following are some important aspects of solar power system:

Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic Panels

When we talk about a complete solar energy system, the first and foremost thing that comes into mind is photovoltaic panel. A home solar energy system is comprised of these important panels. And off course in order to get a reliably amount of solar energy one must have high quality photovoltaic panels. If these panels are solid and of good quality then sufficient amount of energy can easily be collected. Moreover they must have rightly placed in order to absorb power from the Sun. So while buying panels’ extreme care must be taken otherwise it would be the wastage of money.


When you have completed the installation of solar panels then they started to absorb heat from the sun through its rays. One of most important parts of these panels is semiconductor. One common example of semiconductor is silicon. Electric current is created when the photons of sun rays hit the electrons.

Current Produce

When electrons are turned loose then a direct current is created. But most of home appliances like freezers, microwave ovens, DVD players, dishwashers and television are run through alternative current. So in this case it would not be possible to run the most important things of daily use. Then a question comes into mind that if panels produce direct current then it is useless to have a home solar energy system.


This problem can be solved with the help of a converter. It is also an important part of solar power system. Read the full story

Important Components of the Solar Lights

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Solar lights have gained popularity with the passage of time due to their cost effective nature. There is no need to spend even a single dime for the fuel in case of solar lights. Previously they were considered as dim and unreliable. However, now things have changed drastically and solar lights are one of the biggest hits. The environmental friendly features of such lights add to their popularity.

Applications of solar lights

Applications of solar lights

The manufacturers of solar lights are also taking every aspect in mind before designing them, and now these lights are available in every size and shape that fit according to different situations. You can illuminate your driveway, yard, or even sidewalk with the help of solar lights. Read the full story