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Pros and Cons of Gallium Arsenide Solar Cells

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Gallium arsenide solar cells are marked by high efficiency and high price. Due to these reasons, they have found most of their applications where such a high efficiency is required and the budget of the project allows their use.

Aerospace industry is the most important industry where these cells are being used extensively.

Efficiency of Gallium Arsenide Solar cells

These cells have efficiency as high as 29% during laboratory testing. But, since the conditions are different in real world, their efficiency drops somewhat but they can still show an efficiency of 20%. The greater efficiency in laboratory is mainly because a concentrated light source is used to calculate the efficiency there.

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Composition and Types Of Solar Cells

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You can find a number of devices in the market that runs on solar energy. Solar lights are one of the most popular among all the other applications of solar components. In previous times, the solar lights were considered dim and unreliable due to less glow and lack of quality. Such lights were pretty expensive back then. However, in the past few years things have changed a lot. Solar lights are considered one of the most reliable electrical components.

Solar lighting

Solar lighting

Solar lighting is gaining a significant place in our life due to its increasing reliability and cost effective nature. These lights may seem a bit expensive to you, but the incredible feature that set them apart from the traditional lighting is that you are not supposed to spend a single dime in order to provide them with fuel. Solar energy is the only sort of fuel that is present all over the world in abundance, and you can use as much you require.

Solar panel

If you are thinking about having a solar energy system for your house, then you must keep in mind some vital components of that system. The major part of the solar energy system, on which it relies entirely is the solar panel. Read the full story

Flat-Plate Solar Collectors

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Initiation of every solar thermal heating process takes place with thermal collectors. These collectors are used to trap the solar radiations and draw heat from these radiations. These radiations pass through the liquid or air enclosed in the tube. These tube transfers the solar-heated to the system installed in the house.

Circulation systems in the collectors

Circulation systems in the collectors

There are two heat circulation systems open and closed loop system. In the open loop system the indoor air is heated by directly passing it through the thermal collector and in the closed loop system the heat exchanger transfers its heat to the inner parts of the home.  Flat-plate collectors are most commonly type of collectors used these days. These collectors are either liquid or air-based. Evacuated tube collectors can provide the most efficient of gathering solar heat. Flat-plate collectors are inexpensive and are mostly used at residential place or in any small scale application.

Flat plate Liquid Solar Collectors

Flat-plate collectors consist of metal box that is insulated and covered by a gazing. Read the full story

Components of Active Solar Water Heating System

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Unlike the passive system in active solar hot water system electric fans and pumps are used. These devices are used for transferring the heated water through the system and different parts of the home. The types of active solar water heaters are differentiated on the basis of the type of collectors and circulations system.

Flat-plate collectors

Flat-plate collectors

Flat-plate collectors are inexpensive; these collectors are used at small scale application. These collectors are most commonly used for the residential applications. For the prevention of solar heat loss the sides and bottom are insulated. Collectors usually look like flat and large metal boxes. Inside these metal boxes there are absorber plates made from copper or aluminum. These plates are covered with glazing and darkened for absorption of solar radiations. Under these plates there is a series of inter-connected pipe, through which cool water passes. That water is heated inside the box collectors. An electric pump circulates the heated water throughout the home. In the freezing climates, the transferring fluid used is other than water. The type is fluid is used that do not freezes inside the collector and continuous circulation is done in order to prevent freezing.

Evacuated tube collector

Using evacuated tube collector in the active solar water heating system can be an expensive option. But the efficiency of collecting solar heat is much higher than other collectors; it has the inability to reach the highest temperature. Evacuated tube has a glass tube inside the tube there are flat metal absorbers are installed. The metal absorbers used absorb the solar heat. Read the full story

Concept of Renewable Energy

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The energy is capable of being replenished and reused so it can render in various ways. This idea is referred as renewable energy and is being extensively studied and researched these days. Renewable energy can be obtained in various ways.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

During one hour, the solar energy coming from the sun is enough for the world’s energy need for more than one year. Energy obtained this way does not need presence of sunlight all the time. The method used to convert solar energy into electricity is called photovoltaic panel. Hence solar energy is an example of renewable energy.

Wind Energy

Wind turbines are used to capture wind energy. So the wind energy is another example of renewable energy.

Passive Solar Home

Electricity is not the only objective to be achieved by the renewable energy concept. Energy can be obtained and captured by some inactive home designing as well. Having the concepts of simple laws of energy can be very effective. According to law of energy, heat transfers itself from warm surfaces to the cooler in order to maintain the difference of temperature. Passive solar home can be designed by understanding this law.

Role Of Radiation

Radiation plays important role in such scenario.   Read the full story

Integral Collectors Offer Easy Water Heating and Storage

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Solar hot water collecting systems are used to heat water through the solar heat. Sunlight is captured by solar panels and it used to generate power that heats the water. There are basically three types of solar hot water collecting systems. These systems are flat plate, evacuated tubes and integral collector system (ICS).

Why ICS is Different from Other Collectors?

Why ICS is Different from Other Collectors

Integral collector systems are different from other collectors because in these systems water itself work as a collector. On the other hand, flat plate and evacuated tubes collector use metal for heat transfer. Integral collector stores water in tanks that are painted black and these tanks absorb heat from the sun and then heat the water for domestic use.

Boxes & Tanks Used in ICS

The tanks that are used in integral collector systems are placed in a box with glazing that is done on at least one side these tanks that transfers solar radiations. In certain form of integral collector systems, black metal tubes are also used instead of the glazed tanks, but both are doing the same work. Read the full story

Problems of Solar Power Storage

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The most abundant source of energy on earth is the solar power. The direction radiations of the sun cause the heating in places which are not even directly exposed to the sun rays. Closed buildings with no air conditioning and stationary cars with closed panes are examples of such places. This phenomenon can be used to fulfill any heat requirement. The intensity of the sun rays can be epitomized by standing in direct sun rays for a few minutes.

Solar Source

Solar Source

Solar power has free fuel namely the sun rays. A solar source is a device that stores the sun rays’ energy to be used for specific purposes. There can be many solar sources. For example the interior of the parked car remains heated even when it is not directly exposed to sun rays for a while.

Examples of Solar Sources

Solar source can be any thing which absorbs heat like metals, black color. Also the reflectors are used for directing the sun rays for useful purposes. The heat from the sun rays can be trapped in liquids such as water to be used for various applications of warm water. The heat can be trapped in large pools which can then be used with the help of compressor.  Although this heat can be used to heat up rooms etc. but it can’t be used in applications where intense heat is required.

Storage of Electricity

The sunlight can be used for creating electricity from solar panels that can then be stored in batteries for a lot of time. Although they carry a lot of installation cost but the maintenance cost is almost negligible. Stand alone solar panels i.e. the ones which are not connected to the grid have batteries which don’t last for more than several hours present a problem.

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Step by Step Guide to Residential Solar Power System

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For the installation of a Photovoltaic Solar Energy System, firstly you have to check out that how much solar energy is usually absorbed by your panel which depends on the mean daily solar radiations for your area.

1. Calculating the Potential Solar Radiation Power

The average Solar energy obtained is about 4-5 kWh/m2/day, in most of the areas but in some areas it even reaches to 8.

Solar power

In order to check your area, please concern to this map which is provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Resource Assessment Program. In the units kWh/m2/day, where kWh stands for kilowatt hour, with “m” is the area of the absorber, for this case, the photovoltaic cell, with square meters. Where the solar panels work with the efficiency of ranging from 7 to 17%.

Solar Radiation (kWh/m2/day) X % of Solar Panel’s Efficiency (7%) = Tot, Power in kW a solar Panel (2m2) can generate Daily

Keeping in mind the above formula, your habitat consist of an average solar radiation of 4.5 kWh/m2/day in the surface area of about 1m2 of photovoltaic cells, then the resultant can be 0.315 kWh/day (315 Watt/day) with the efficiency of about 7% of an average solar panel.

2. Determine Your Average Energy Usage

Once you come to know that how much solar energy you are obtaining from the sun then you can calculate that how much energy you need on your recent energy involvement.

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Nuclear Power – Alternate Energy Source

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Scientists agree that power generation through fission reactions of atom commonly known as nuclear energy is an important alternate energy solution. This is because of its vast potential to generate power.

Efficiency of Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants consume most of their input and their performance is pretty amazing. Most preservationists show their reservations on the use of nuclear energy as a source of alternate energy source. They claim the residue material, which is in the form of radioactive gases is dangerous to environment. To address their point of concern, the efficiency of the nuclear power reactor is used as a yardstick. Nuclear power is produced at 80% efficiency, which means that output of the fission reactions is more or less equivalent to the input. This results minimal residue substances. In production of power through other sources also creates residue material. There could be no mean of power generation without leaving the residue material. Off course, there is residue material in this technology too.

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Facts about Solar Energy

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The solar energy we receive from the sun has a great potential. Since the prehistory man has been using the solar energy for different heating purposes. Virtually every living being has been using sunlight directly or indirectly for million of years now. In modern times, the use of solar energy can manifest in different forms by using different techniques. In the lines to follow we will elaborate some of the common uses of solar energy.

Direction Conversion to Electricity

Direction Conversion to Electricity

Solar energy can be directly converted to electricity. The photovoltaic cells or more commonly known as solar cells, convert the light to electricity using a photoelectric effect. The semiconductors doped with an impurity help in creating the free flowing electrons to supply the electric current to loads upon receiving the sunlight. The small cells are gelled together to make a module. Tens of modules are bound together to make a solar panel. An assembly of solar panels is called a solar array. When there are a lot of solar arrays spread over a specific area of land we will witness a solar farm from which bulk electricity can be produced.

Passive Solar Energy Usage

Solar Energy Collectors

Solar energy can be collected using solar collectors or large bodies of water or other heat absorbing fluids. The energy from the sun can be directly used in heating buildings or offices using large windows.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Power

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Solar energy takes benefit from the sun radiations to produce of the sun’s rays to generate electrical energy or power. It is a natural source of energy and unique for its capacity to produce energy in a calm, clean, and reliable way.

solar power faqs

How Do Solar Photovoltaic Cells Work?

Photovoltaic cells consist of a semiconductor substance like silicon. In addition, other components are the phosphorous and boron which produce conductivity within the cell and enables the movement of electrons. The electrons pass across the cell when activated by the sunlight’s energy into the electrical circuit.

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