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Mono Crystalline Solar Cells

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Mono crystalline solar cells are the earliest form of solar cells. With the growing demand of energy in the world, the concept of renewable energy has attracted the attention of not only the scientists and researchers but also the consumers and common people.

How are mono crystalline solar cells formed?

There are several steps involved in their production and formation. But the basic outline of the procedure involves the following steps.

  • Cylindrical ingots of silicon are used for the preparation of these solar cells.
  • Ingots are long rectangular or oblong blocks of silicon.
  • Thin wafers are cut out of these oblong blocks of silicon.
  • The process of sawing is used the most frequently for cutting of the wafers.
  • Great care has to be taken since the wafers are extremely thin and the dimensions have to be very accurate.
  • Another important thing which is required is a rigid glass substrate.
  • The wafers of silicon are then deposited on the glass substrate.

Appearance of Mono crystalline Solar cells

These cells appear to be polka dotted. They have gaps at all corners of the cell this shape gives them a unique appearance. Among all kinds of solar cells, these cells are the most easy to recognize.

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Using Solar Sunspaces In Homes

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Sun rooms, green houses and “sun spaces” are a few terms that are often used interchangeably. But, there is a difference in all of these. It depends upon the purpose for which these are used. These are all used to retain heat from the sun. A brief note on all three is given below:


It is a general term used for those home extensions that use natural light and windows. You can convert that extended area into reading room because it has ample light. It can also be used as an area for playing games. Kids would surely love that. Another option is to make it your prayer room or store sacred items in that.

Sunrooms don’t necessarily provide heating around the area. These are simple lighted extensions in a home that can be used in various forms.


Greenhouses are especially made to hold back solar heat. This energy is needed for the growth of plants. Optimal conditions required by plants are not favorable for home living spaces. Moreover, in greenhouses it is important to control high temperature and excessive level of humidity. Otherwise, it is hard for plants to survive.

In a house attached with greenhouse, if windows are fixed in place of insulated walls, house can use more energy.

solar sunspaces and their purpose

Solar sunspaces work differently from greenhouses and sunrooms. These are supposed to collect solar heat that is distributed throughout the home. Since, there is no mechanical equipment or device needed; it is type of passive solar heating.

What are the main advantages of solar sunspaces?

Passive heating system has many advantages over active heating system. Sunspaces are built using techniques that integrate well into the design of a house. These go with the building structure and material, therefore these are not expensive.

Another benefit of solar sunspaces is that these are easy to maintain. There are no solar panels to clean or repair as in other active heating systems.

How sunspaces work?

A combination of direct and indirect solar heat gain is used in sunspaces. They can serve as storage area in the form of an attached room. Where is the solar collector in a sunspace? The space in the attached solar sun space acts as collector. It retains natural sun heat to keep room warm.

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Wind Turbine Structure

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Wind Turbines are the most effective means through which energy from the Wind can be harnessed. Wind energy is included in the most beneficial and brilliant means of power generation. The Wind energy is an alternative energy source which can prove to be very advantageous for people of all regions. The Wind energy units must be installed to facilitate from Wind energy. These units are available in several different forms of Wind Turbines.

Wind Turbines – Making Use of Wind Energy

Wind Turbines – Making Use of Wind Energy

Wind Turbine is the only component which is required to manage the production of Wind Energy. Wind Turbines are responsible for creating all the Wind energy. The Kinetic energy of the Wind is converted into electrical energy. The electrical energy can then be made of use after proper conversion. Many farms and other commercial projects make use of Wind energy. Wind Turbines can found in such locations which are self dependent in terms of power production.

Effective & Powerful

The most effective and efficient of Wind Turbines include those which are made by the Coemi. Coemi is one of the most recognized and renowned brands which produce Wind Turbines. The Wind Turbines are known for their excellent power and the manner through which they work. These Wind Turbines are powerful and very sound.

Horizontal Axis Turbine Structure

The Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Design has been aced by Coemi. One of the latest and most brilliant Wind Turbines to come from the workshop of Coemi is the Coemi G3 Wind Turbines. Read the full story

New Financing Schemes To Make Solar More Affordable

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The general idea we all have about installing solar panels is that they are very expensive and due to that, unaffordable although they do offer long term benefits, but putting in $20,000 to $30,000 in cash upfront to install a solar system on the roof of your home is not an easy thing to do.

solar panels roof

However, the good news is that many Bay Area solar companies that include Akeena Solar, SolarCity, Sungevity and SunRun, are in the process of starting new business models through creative financing mechanisms to make rooftop solar more affordable.

Most of the local and state governments, including Washington, are willing to help. The White House is already busy promoting a new form of financing generically known as PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy, which allows private property owners to pay for renewable projects like solar and energy efficiency upgrades through an addition to their property tax bill.

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