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Frequently Asked Questions About Wind Turbines – FAQ

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If you are interested in installing a Wind Turbine and you want to produce your own energy, then there must be many questions in your mind related different matters about the Wind Turbines. Some of the question that are very frequently asked by many people are listed here with there appropriate answers.

How wind acts as energy?

How wind acts as energy

Wind energy actually comes from the force with which wind strikes any object. When the wind strikes the Rotor blades, they start rotating and convert this energy into electricity. The amount of electricity produced depends upon the force of the wind which strikes the rotor blades.

What will be the total cost on  Wind Turbine?

The cost of a wind turbine depends upon the size of the desired model. Different places like home, office, farms and factories use different amount of energy so wind turbines of different sizes are installed as required. A 10kW coemi model costs around £35950, and a 50kW costs around £169,950. The bases and the cable run are not included in this cost.

How is wind used as a usable energy?

Wind energy can be directly used as a source of electricity to operate different electrical appliances. And if an excess amount of energy is produced by the wind turbines, it can be transferred to a electric grid near by. Read the full story

How Government Agencies Can Reduce Their Electricity Bills?

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Government agencies are now converting their primary source of energy from the conventional sources to new, clean and environmental friendly solar electricity which converts light that the sun shines upon the Earth into usable Electricity. Unlike the old solar panels which were used to heat water, these new and advanced solar panels produce electricity that can be used to power anything from televisions, personal computers, lights, air conditioners and other countless electrical equipment.

Why Should the Agencies Start Using Renewable Energy?

Why Should the Agencies Start Using Renewable Energy

The government agencies might be converting to clean energy due to the fact that the Government of the United States is offering great rebates or refunds with the purchase of solar electric systems on their facilities. For example, the state of California is offering cash rebate of up to $4000 per kilowatt of the installed capacity. Many other states are also offering cash rebates in the purchase of solar electric systems. This not only helps the environment but also saves the money which government agencies spend on their electricity as the electricity obtained from the sun is completely free of cost and it just requires an installation fee and nothing else.

Do We Continue use of Electricity From Power Companies?

Yes, the connection of a power company is necessary but while using energy of Power Company one can also make his own energy by installing solar panels. In this way one can not only produce and consume energy from one’s personal solar panel but also save on Electricity bills and also enjoy Electricity during power outages. In this way one can become a power producer by just installing solar panels.

Solar electric panels are very easy to use and set up in your home. They are not breakable and one does not have to monitor its usage. Solar panels produce electricity from the sun whose light is free of cost. Solar have an expected warranty of 25 years and in most cases it has been notes to last almost twice as that. So you don’t have to worry if this is a profitable investment or not.

How Solar Panels Transfer Energy

There are basically two things required to setup a solar energy producing plant. One is the Solar Photovoltaic Array that is the panel which receives light from the sun and other is the inverter which converts Direct Current or DC that is produced by the Solar panel into home usable Alternating Current or AC.

The Solar PV Array should be nested at a point where it can absorb maximum light from the sun. The panel then converts this light into electricity in the form of DC. This DC is fed into the inverter which inverts this Direct Current into Alternating Current or AC. This AC current is then synchronized with the AC current the Power Company is producing and then it is fed through the Utility meter and then towards the grid. This will reduce the electricity one consumes from the power companies which slows down the Utility meter and in some cases it also runs backward. If one is living in a State such as California, the local Power Company is required to credit the person for the electricity that he has produced. This is called “Net Metering State”.

Battery Backed or Battery Less

Both the systems, that is, battery less and battery backed perform the same thing. Read the full story

Wind Energy Turbines

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The progress of industry and other criterions require ample amount of energy. Production of energy is quite expensive and requires investment which is bearable. In times of recession, finding the correct amount of investment is not at all easy. Many individuals face constant problems with traditional energy resources.

Wind Energy – A Feasible Option

Wind Energy – A Feasible Option

Energy is mostly produced by the combustion of Fossil Fuels. Fossil Fuels reserves worldwide are limited. These reserves may very well be depleted soon if alternative energy generation methods are not introduced. One of the alternative energy producing ways includes Wind Energy. Have a look at how Wind Energy works and how it can greatly help individuals not to depend upon oil. Wind Energy is safe, reliable and very nature friendly.

How Wind Energy Is Used

The Wind Energy is basically the energy that is extracted from the Wind. Wind Turbines are majorly responsible for producing the Wind Energy. These Wind Turbines consist or large rotating blades which convert the kinetic energy into thermal and later electrical energy. The requirements for energy can be easily fulfilled by Wind Power.

Installing Wind Turbines

Most of the Wind Energy Power Panels are installed in windy areas. Wind is the only component requires powering the Wind Turbines. Speaking in terms of production, the more the wind is the better energy generation occurs. Many individuals criticize the role of Wind Turbines by commenting that they kill birds. However that is not true.

Safe & Convenient – How Wind Turbines Contribute

Wind Turbines are perhaps the most safest and convenient means of power generations. Read the full story