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Wind Energy Turbines

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The progress of industry and other criterions require ample amount of energy. Production of energy is quite expensive and requires investment which is bearable. In times of recession, finding the correct amount of investment is not at all easy. Many individuals face constant problems with traditional energy resources.

Wind Energy – A Feasible Option

Wind Energy – A Feasible Option

Energy is mostly produced by the combustion of Fossil Fuels. Fossil Fuels reserves worldwide are limited. These reserves may very well be depleted soon if alternative energy generation methods are not introduced. One of the alternative energy producing ways includes Wind Energy. Have a look at how Wind Energy works and how it can greatly help individuals not to depend upon oil. Wind Energy is safe, reliable and very nature friendly.

How Wind Energy Is Used

The Wind Energy is basically the energy that is extracted from the Wind. Wind Turbines are majorly responsible for producing the Wind Energy. These Wind Turbines consist or large rotating blades which convert the kinetic energy into thermal and later electrical energy. The requirements for energy can be easily fulfilled by Wind Power.

Installing Wind Turbines

Most of the Wind Energy Power Panels are installed in windy areas. Wind is the only component requires powering the Wind Turbines. Speaking in terms of production, the more the wind is the better energy generation occurs. Many individuals criticize the role of Wind Turbines by commenting that they kill birds. However that is not true.

Safe & Convenient – How Wind Turbines Contribute

Wind Turbines are perhaps the most safest and convenient means of power generations. Read the full story

Efficiency of Biofuels

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Biofuels can be created with the conversion of natural material into power in order to strengthen the people. These biofuels are also an alternative energy resource as against the relic sources of power that we are presently using.

Biofuels Chemicals

The umbrella of biofuels comprise of a chemical substance ethanol and end products of couple of plants, like sugar cane. These also consist of corn oils. It should, however, be kept in mind that complete set of ethanol products are not premeditated as a petrol source. In this regard The International Agency has disclosed that within the time of fifteen years, ten percent of global petrol will be made by ethanol. This figure will rise to 30% in 2050 and currently the amount is only 2%.

Energy Efficiency

Nonetheless, it is long process to purify these biofuels and make these usable. In this regard, the Oregon State University has also unearthed the fact through their research that still we need to widen the energy resourceful biofuels, because gas is prepared from the fuel. Energy efficiency gauges the total quantity of functional energy that we require is resultant of particular quantity of input power. So far, not enough energy has been derived for our needs.

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How to Install Solar Panels at Your Home

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Number of people installing solar panels at their homes is increasing everyday. There are many factors fueling this hot trend. Increasing price of oil and electricity are among them. Decrease in cost of solar panels and subsequent decline in per watt rate of electricity produced by them has encouraged small scale solar energy generation.

Cost is no more a Factor

Gone are those times when people who cared about environment were unable to switch to solar because the cost of solar panels. But these days, this excuse is no more. Everyone can now afford solar energy system for their home provided they get enough sunshine during the day. Cost is no more a factor.

Types of mounts

3 Problems to Solve before you Install Solar Panels

Thanks to DIY Solar Kits, Installing solar panels is a no brainer. Still, little planning would not do any harm. If you got to do it, do it professionally. A typical plan to fit solar panels at your home should take care of following problems.

  1. Selecting a suitable place to install solar panels.
  2. Buying Solar panels that are right for your needs.
  3. Hiring an electrician to do the wiring.

Let’s discuss these problems and try to solve them one by one

Where to Install Solar panels

Where you will install your solar panels will depend largely upon location of your home. Mostly it should be the sunniest unused place in your house. your roof.

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Specifics about Solar Energy

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Installation of solar panels at home assists you in two ways; one is that you get cheapest energy for your home and second it increases your home value. Modern solar systems are more accurate, efficient and easy to install. Though initially installation of solar panels cost you much, but on long term you really know that your investment won’t go in vain. When the solar panel will be installed, the costs depreciate over time. The system itself adds value to your home. Overall, you get inner satisfaction that you are using clean and non-polluting systems.

Six Things That Makes Solar Energy a Better Choice:

  1. Unlike other energy sources like oil, coal, or natural gas, solar energy is a free source.
  2. If you sell back the extra electricity to the electric company made by your solar panel, you can have no electric company bill. Read the full story

Major Gases Responsible For Global Warming

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The greenhouse effect is a natural process by which the earth keeps itself warm enough for the living organisms to survive. However, due to the human intervention, the level of these greenhouse gases has increased to such an extent that the greenhouse effect is become hazardous for human life.


Greenhouse gases are heat trapping gases formed on earth through natural processes and human activities, which then enter the atmosphere. Here are some of the major gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

1. Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide is being emitted in the air constantly as every time you breathe, a tiny amount of CO2 enters the atmosphere. However, this is an extremely small amount as compared to the CO2 produced when wood and fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal are burnt. Many other industries also produce CO2 as a by product. Although plants get rid of the CO2 present in the air during photosynthesis. With the increase in the fossil fuel combustion and deforestation, atmospheric CO2 has increased greatly. Carbon dioxide is accountable for most of the global warming, and with the ongoing rate, atmospheric CO2 level can almost double as soon as in 2050.

Some Facts About Solar Energy

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Our Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of solar radiations at the upper atmosphere, out of which almost 30% is reflected back to space whereas the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land masses.solar energy

The Earth’s land surface, oceans and atmosphere that absorb solar radiation, raises their temperature. This causes warm air that contains evaporated water from the oceans to rise, causing atmospheric circulation or convection.

The water cycle gets completed when the air reaches a high altitude, where low temperature prevails, and the water vapor condenses into clouds, which rain onto the Earth’s surface.

Causes Of Global Warming

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There are many causes that lead to Global warming, with each of the reasons contributing more to the increasing intensity of the climate change that has affected our planet.

causes of global warming

The main cause of global warming is the increase rate of greenhouse gases present in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases cause the the greenhouse effect, which traps the heat present on the earth by reducing the level of solar rays that are able to escape from our atmosphere.

Although the greenhouse effect is extremely important to support life on earth, by keeping our atmosphere warm enough to support life, the addition of human activities contributing to the quantity of greenhouse gases has caused an artificial increase in the intensity of the greenhouse effect, which has made this great phenomena a bad effect. Thus greenhouse effect is not bad, it is the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases that are causing the harm.

Why Is Solar Energy Important?

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Solar energy is extremely important for us to survive. Besides helping us to stay warm, and enabling other organisms to survive, it is used in the commercial power production as well.

solar energ

Solar energy is also essential for plant life as it is necessary for photosynthesis, the process through which plants generate energy and process nutrients for their growth by converting solar light for their own use by utilizing chloroplasts within their leaves and bodies.

Through this process, food is produced for other herbivores together with oxygen for us to breath and removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, allowing creatures such as ourselves to survive while maintaining a balanced world temperature.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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Solar energy is a reliable and never ending source of energy. Although the initial cost of using the solar energy may be high, the high price can be recovered as after the system is installed, there will be no cost of producing the electricity.

solar panels house

Advantages of Solar Energy

  • Solar cells are long lasting sources of energy which can be used almost anywhere.
  • They are particularly useful in areas where there is no national grid and in areas where there is less population, such as in a remote site.
  • Solar cells provide cost effective solutions to energy issues in places where there is no mains electricity.

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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Continue Significant Climb

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An international group of scientists have revealed that the annual rate of increase in carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels has more than tripled in this decade, as compared to the 1990s.

carbon dioxide emission

Furthermore, they have claimed that the Earth’s future is quite dark unless the CO2 emissions are reduced considerably.

The Global Carbon Project report stated that the CO2 emissions have risen at a rate of 3.4% per year from 2000 to 2008, in comparison to 1% that occurred each year in the previous decade.

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CLIMATE CHANGE: How Eco-Friendly Is Natural Gas?

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Natural gas is mostly promoted as part of the solution to climate change by the gas industry. Although it is non-renewable, it is a plentiful energy source. However, according to some experts, its contribution to global warming is only slightly less than that of coal and oil.

climate change

The main component of natural gas is methane which is a fossil fuel just like crude and coal. When methane is burned, it produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These are called greenhouse gases because they trap the heat of the sun’s rays in the atmosphere, warming the earth’s surface. Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas.

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