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Understanding Active Thermal Air Conditioning

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The basic purpose of active thermal air conditioning is to transfer thermal energy. Traditional compressor-based cooling systems work by releasing thermal energy from the interiors of the home to the exterior. These conventional systems do not utilize the thermal energy (heat) to run the cooling process. Other types of systems like absorption chiller utilize manufactured thermal energy to activate an endothermic air conditioning process.

Working of Active Thermal System

Active Thermal System

Basically there are two main types of thermal cooling systems, these include active and passive. Active cooling systems utilize mechanical tools to perform their functions. On the other hand, passive thermal cooling systems do not utilize any type of mechanical tools. Mechanical tools help in pumping the fluids and blowing air through the cooling unit and also to in and out the home.

Types of Active Thermal Cooling Systems

Most active thermal cooling systems are operated by one of three energy sources. The commonest that is being utilized is gas-fired systems. The gas is a natural gas or propane. The current sources of renewable, energy efficient cooling and heating systems are solar thermal and geothermal systems. Read the full story

Products Of Solar Thermal Systems And Their Working

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The three common and primary applications of thermal systems at home are heating, cooling and hot water. There are numerous types of thermal products available these days. They could be the essential components for the home system or may be a single room. The different types of thermal system include geothermal, solar thermal, gas-powered and radiant floor heating.

Products Of Solar Thermal System

Products Of Solar Thermal System

Generally the broader side of the thermal products is considered. For example, if someone is looking for a solar thermal system, the immediate reaction is the thought of collectors, storage tanks, pumps and some other pipes or tubing. Some of the other very useful products are actuators, expansion tanks, controllers, insulation and PEX tubing.

Thermal Pumps

The alternative energy systems for heating and cooling home is the use of thermal pumps, better known as heat pumps. The heat pumps draw energy from the earth, underground water, surface water, air and waste heat from different mechanical system. These are similar to the refrigerators that draw heat from the outside source rather than food.

Working Of Thermal Pumps

The geothermal pump or the ground source heat pump is the some of the common application of thermal pumps these days. The pump effectively cools and preheats indoor air. Read the full story

California Going Solar

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California has the largest number of homes in the USA which have solar panels installed in their home to convert solar energy into electricity. Solar energy power is getting more famous and is growing rapidly not only in California but also in other parts of the world.The reason for conversion from regular electricity to solar energy is to help eliminate the environmental hazards and utilize the natural resource which is abundant in nature. The solar power energy is new but it is going to go forward in near future because if its cheapness reliability and environmental benefits.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

How Do Solar Panels Work

The solar panels absorb the sunlight. It is then turned into electricity, which feeds into the utility poles hooked up to PG&E’s massive grid.There are some points to be kept in mind that all commercially available solar panels produce electricity only. That is of course good for running lights, air conditioners, microwave ovens and many other appliances but many appliances in our household are running on other fuels, like oil or natural gas. These are heaters, stoves, etc.

Evaluating The Usage Of Electricity

It is essential to evaluate first the total consumption of electricity of the house. Solar panels do not work after the sun sets. So for consuming electricity after dark you will need a battery storage system. Read the full story

Solar Desiccant System – New Addition to the Cooling Systems

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Solar desiccant system works on the solar energy this system is a thermally activated cooling system; it absorbs the solar heat for separation and evaporation of the refrigerant fluid. The desiccant system uses solar-heated air to reproduce desiccants that helps in driving off the warm water in air. The cooled air produced is through different evaporative stages and then finally transferred to different parts of the home.

Solar desiccant an expensive system

Solar desiccant an expensive system

It is not necessary that desiccant system will cool and remove the humidity from the air. Use of the desiccant systems is not very common. The main reason of less use of these systems is that they are more expensive and they work in combination of the heat-driven and natural gas cooling systems.


Solar cooling system operating on the desiccant system can work better in low temperature place than the solar absorption systems. Solar desiccant systems work on the solar thermal energy that is obtained from the rooftop solar collectors. Read the full story

Inflation In Gas Prices

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The main reason for higher gas prices are a rise in the prices of crude oil. The prices generally rise when demand exceeds supply. But in some cases, where the political situation of the world is at unrest, Companies buy the gas and gold for future reserves. This sometimes is the cases of high gas prices.

The Seasonal Rise In Prices

The Seasonal Rise In Prices

Gas prices usually rise in summer season where the traveling doubles than usual travelling. Every year, it is observed that the gas prices rise in the mid of the year. Since in summer season, most people want to go to different cities.

How The Rise In Crude Oil Affects Gas Prices

Trading of gasoline, which is primarily sold at the regional market and crude oil, is traded in the global market. The prices of crude oil are necessary in determining the prices of gas because crude oil is a primary raw material which is used in the production of gasoline. The price of crude oil may be accountable for over half the price of a gallon of gasoline.

Reviews On High Gas Prices

According to BP’s statistical review, the world has approx 41 years’ worth of oil left and as for natural gas, the world has a 65-year of gas supply remaining. Read the full story

Natural Gas Vehicles Are Supreme Choice For America

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To promote natural gas vehicles in America, organization named NGVAmerica (Natural Gas Vehicles for America) is working on national levels. The idea of natural gas vehicles is not so common so far, but it provides an amazing option to get fossil fuel-free life. Natural gas vehicles for America are dedicated to market vehicles driven and motorized by natural gas or hydrogen.

Multiple Manufacturers

Multiple Manufacturers

There are more than 100 companies represented by Natural Gas Vehicles for America which are interested in promoting natural gas vehicles. These companies include vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, engine manufacturers, gas companies as well as natural gas produces. Meanwhile NGVAmerica is supported by various environmental organizations as well as from government sector.

Market Scenario

There are round about 110, 00 natural gas vehicles driven on roads of US, as per information given on the website of NGVAmerica. Total number of natural gas vehicles all over the world exceeds 11 millions. In United States, number of natural gas fuel station exceeds 1,100.

There are about 30 companies in U.S which manufacture such vehicles as well as their equipments. Cost of using natural gas is three times less than conventional gasoline. Natural gas is sold on gallons’ standard for gasoline, that is, GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalents), where GGE contains the same amount of energy (125, 00 BTU) as it is found in one gallon of gasoline without containing ethanol.

Available Markets for NGVs

According to NGVAmerica, number of natural gas vehicular increased up to double from the year 2003 till the year 2009. Read the full story

Automobiles Using Alternative Fuel

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Those people who are in search of a guilt-free driving experience, alternative fuel vehicles could be the most excellent answer for them. Alternative fuel vehicles require fuel sources other than fossil fuel or fossil fuel derivatives that cause less pollution. These fuels include ethanol, electricity, natural gas, biodiesel, hydrogen and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The most popular alternative fuel cars are the hybrid and flex cars.

Hybrid Cars:

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are regarded as the most well-liked alternative fuel vehicles. These cars involve the combination of two propulsion systems. Normally, one of the engines operates on gasoline and the others are comprised of an electric drive motor. The performance delivered by hybrid is above-the-average MPG.

Flex Cars:

These are also considered as very famous alternative fuel vehicles (particularly in Brazil and the United States). They can operate on gasoline, alcohol or the combination of both of them from the similar tank. The major sources of ethanol are corn and sugar cane.

Recently, an extensive research is also being performed in the fields of cellulosic ethanol. This particular kind of ethanol is produced from woody grasses and other biomass.

Obstacles To Overcome:

Taking a further futurist route into alternative fuel vehicles, electric vehicles (EV) draw a lot of interest but still have to overcome a lot of obstacles. The most significant of which is the life of the battery. Read the full story

A Guide to Solar Generator

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A solar generator usually has various components. All these components work in collaboration to create electricity so you can get power for your home. The main components of solar generators are as follows:

  • Solar Panel
  • Controller
  • Inverter
  • Battery

Solar Panel

Solar Panel

The solar panel is installed on the roof and it collects sunlight and then converts it into applicable electricity. Currently, solar panels can easily be replaced by tiles or solar shingles. Tiles or solar shingles are used by the consumers who do not like the look of solar panels.


It converts direct current electricity into alternate current electricity that you can use in your home for various purposes. There is a grid-tied or utility connected inverter that connects solar power system to the utility grid of the utility company.


The battery of solar power system stores solar energy to provide it in emergency or during evening time when sun is absent. It works during cloudy days and during nights.

Charging Controller

The charging controller of the solar power system monitors the working of battery back and protects it from getting overcharged. Read the full story

Setbacks of Ethanol as an Energy Source

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Natural reserves like natural gas, coal, oil etc depleting exponentially and soon a time will come when these natural reserves will bid goodbye to us forever. Currently and since the time when humans become mindful of the wonders of natural resources, these resources are doing great job by fueling our cars and heating homes. Due to fewer deposits of these natural resources, many countries are finding alternate sources for energy production. Not only for the fewer energy resources but also for the betterment of environment, alternative sources of energy are inevitable to be practiced.

Ethanol as Energy Needs Solution

Ethanol as Energy Needs Solution

The debate of what is the best alternate energy source is a never ending debate. Many people have advocated ethanol as an appropriate alternate source of energy. In many countries ethanol has already been adopted as a source of energy for automobile fueling and for other purposes. However, there are some serious setbacks of ethanol as an alternate source of energy. It is important for people be aware of these setbacks.

Understand Ethanol

First, it is very important to understand what ethanol is and how it is produced. I is a corn based fuel that has a potential to be used as energy source for automobiles fueling and trucks. Many studies have shown that ethanol releases toxic substances into the environment through vehicle exhaust. Read the full story

Best Alternative Fuels available

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If anyone is environmental friendly he shows his passion by riding a car that runs on non-fossil fuels. These cars not only emit less carbon but also save you money as the alternative fuel is cheaper than conventional fuels.

Types of Non-Fossil Fuels

Types of Non-Fossil Fuels

There are many types of non-fossil fuels currently available in the market. These types include hydrogen, ethanol, electricity, natural gas, biodiesel and liquefied petroleum gas which is commonly referred as LPG. Anyone can alter their engines so they can run on any of the mentioned types of fuel. Whereas some fuels don’t require alteration of the engine.

Natural Gas and LPG as Fuels for Cars

Vehicles that run on natural gas are more environmental friendly and they leave less carbon footprints. It is a mainly a fossil fuel. Honda has produced a car under the name of Civic GX which uses natural gas as the primary fuel.  Another alternate fuel is Liquefied Petroleum Gas commonly known as LPG. It is formed during the refinement of crude oil. This fuel is very popular all over the world and currently more than 9 million vehicles use LPG as their primary fuel. Read the full story

Know Your Bill – Shift To Solar Energy

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Pacific Gas & Electric Company is one of the largest of suppliers of a combination of natural gas and electricity in California, United States. This firm is originally based in San Francisco. This company provides electricity to more than 15 million residents over an area of 80000 square Kilometers in Northern & Central California.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company facilitates roughly 9.6 million Electric and Natural Gas consuming customers and is responsible for their needs.

Shift To Solar Energy

However due to increased consumption of energy, a dire need is felt to shift to other modern and sophisticated sources of obtaining energy. Perhaps Solar Power is the answer.

Step towards A Green Future

In the modern world, development requires resources. One of the most significant aspects of the term resources is “Power”. Power can be in the form of labor or monetary assistance. To many this term may simply mean “Power to use”. By that I mean power resources which help us live our lives. Over time many people have become increasingly tired of receiving long and hefty power bills. These bills are extremely hard to pay back and cause many less earning families face problems. To avoid this hustle, simply what you have to do is shift to Solar Power.

What is Solar Power?

Solar Power is the energy obtained by Sun Light. Sunlight can be converted to electrical energy by the use of Photovoltaic Cells. For many people, these terms are extremely confusing and frustrating and some individuals just might cheat you under the pretext of providing you with better and cheaper shift to energy. I will define some of these terms to you beforehand.

Some Terms

Photovoltaic Cells: Also known as Solar Cells is a solid state device which directly converts the Sun Light into Electric Power through the Photovoltaic Cell.

Watt: Watt is an International Unit for measuring the consumption of Power in a certain time.

Kilo Watt: A Thousand Watts

Mega Watt: A Hundred Thousand Watts

Peak Hours: The time when Power consumption is the most.

Net Energy Metering: What remains after the deduction?

-Meet the Mother Of Complications

It is Complicated

These are some of the terms you very often come across while viewing your Electric Bill. After closely monitoring the Electricity bills of 2 of my close friends, I have come to the conclusion that Energy bills are really complicated for those with improper knowledge of these terminologies and they are very hard to pay back at certain times. Many people all over the world are living without the privilege of Electricity.

How Can Solar Power Help?

These people are deprived of perhaps the most basic commodity of life. In such times we are blessed to have access to Electricity plants which provide us Power to use. But would it not be better to shift to a much convenient and environment friendly power resource? Yes it would definitely be. By comparative analyses it is proven that people using PV Cells for generating power are much better than those depending upon local institutions as such PG & E Company.

First of all I will tell to you that if you plan to shift to Solar Power system, you will have to come into agreement with your Local Energy Provider. Like PG & E Company. They gave my friend a rate plan of E1 & E7.  If you choose E1 rate plan, the Company will provide them Power at the same rate and will credit them for every unit extra they produce and give the Company. You will be credited this way.

It Can Save You Money

It Can Save You Money

If you choose the E& package, the `Time You Use` (T.O.U) your energy will determine the bill you receive. That means the Company will charge you more during Peak time and less during Non-peak time. So logically, E7 Package, upon your choosing will require you to install a special meter which will cost you approximately $250 or more and will measure your Peak and Off-Peak hours separately.

The Peak Hours are from “12:00 A.M to 6:00 P.M”. This is the time when you will be earning the most of your money if you have the correct PV Unit installed! So my friends, before they got their Solar Panel Unit installed, received PG & E Company’s Energy Statement or more informally known as a Blue Bill. Read the full story