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Quantum Dot or Nano Crystalline Solar Cells

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Quantum dot solar cells are basically nano crystalline cells. These cells used a thin layer of nano materials over the substrate. The substrate is usually made of silicon.

Efficiency of Quantum dot Solar cells

These cells are much more efficient than any other kind of cells. They can produce enormous energy from just a single photon of light. Photons are the packets of light. They can be considered as building blocks just like atom is the building block of matter.

Prediction of National Renewable energy laboratory 2005

In 2005 researchers and scientists predicted about the extra ordinary capabilities of this emerging technology. They also claimed to be able to achieve an efficiency of 65% with quantum dot or nano crystalline solar cells.

Formation of Nano crystalline or Quantum dot Solar cells

The formation of these solar cells includes following steps.

  • A silicon substrate is required first of all.
  • The silicon substrate can be obtained in any way through ingots or something else.
  • The cells are not totally made of nano material.
  • A thin coating of nano material has to be done over the substrate.

Spin coating

Recently, new and more advanced methods of developing nano crystalline or quantum dot solar cells have been established. Spin coating is the most important among these.

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Wind Farms in Lake Michigan: an Ongoing Debate

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Lake Michigan in town Algoma is adjacent to the green bay. With its famous little red lighthouse is one of the lakes known for its beauty and blue green waters.

But some prospective changes are expected as a meeting is scheduled to occur for the fate of towns with these kinds of lakes. Experts will be present to talk about installing the giant windmills generating energy.

Offshore Not an Effective Option

Offshore Not an Effective Option

Both the pros and cons for the decision are going hand in hand. Some say it will improve technology while others are worried about the lake beauty and tourism related with it. The chairman of the Algoma’s marina committee strongly shares the later views.

Costing more than a million dollars, placing these turbines offshore is not much an effective option. They either need to be anchored in shallow lake water or allow floating to guarantee productivity.

The Facts and Figures

The turbines would stand high approximately 400 feet with large blades. Claiming the massive magnitude of the turbines the leader of the National Renewable Energy lab Walt Musial will deliver a lecture in a university discussing more details.

Above water with consistent, stronger and less turbulent winds the power generation would be total effective. This will ensure no long distance non effective to the local towns. They would be supplied power from their own nearby lakes.

Wind Farm Idea is Tried and Tested Before

This idea of renewable energy generation isn’t new.  This is also effectively practiced in Denmark, U.K, Baltic seas etc. 170 turbine powered wind generation plant is planned at Mexico’s Gulf. More than 3 more offshore projects on the East coast are in the pipeline. Read the full story

Government Grants for Alternative Energy

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President George W. Bush enhanced the funding for R&D for alternative energy in 2007 by 22%. But while announcing the enhancement he mentioned that the enhancement would apply on fabricated units. There look some exciting contradictions when the question for funding the alternative energy comes under discussion.The reason for the contradictions is that meanwhile Mr. President was announcing for enhancement of funding for the alternative energy R&D at the same time the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Golden Colorado (NREL) was terminating its employees and contractors’ contracts.

Government Grants for Alternative Energy

It looks the decision was later communicated to NREL and it started renegotiating contracts with employees immediately after the President’s address. Later the President addressed at the NREL. Now the matter is quite undisputed and it is understood that the US government is committed to boost up alternative energy projects by supporting R&D programs and tax concessions.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Golden Colorado (NREL)

The NREL is a foremost part of National Bio-energy Center and practically has no physical office. This is an extension of Energy Department of US and its prime responsibility is development of alternative energy. The examiners and the developers at the research centers are dedicated professionals and perform vital functions for the development of economically feasible products based on the proven creative ideas as claimed by the Director of Laboratory, Mr. Dan Arvizu.

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Step by Step Guide to Residential Solar Power System

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For the installation of a Photovoltaic Solar Energy System, firstly you have to check out that how much solar energy is usually absorbed by your panel which depends on the mean daily solar radiations for your area.

1. Calculating the Potential Solar Radiation Power

The average Solar energy obtained is about 4-5 kWh/m2/day, in most of the areas but in some areas it even reaches to 8.

Solar power

In order to check your area, please concern to this map which is provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Resource Assessment Program. In the units kWh/m2/day, where kWh stands for kilowatt hour, with “m” is the area of the absorber, for this case, the photovoltaic cell, with square meters. Where the solar panels work with the efficiency of ranging from 7 to 17%.

Solar Radiation (kWh/m2/day) X % of Solar Panel’s Efficiency (7%) = Tot, Power in kW a solar Panel (2m2) can generate Daily

Keeping in mind the above formula, your habitat consist of an average solar radiation of 4.5 kWh/m2/day in the surface area of about 1m2 of photovoltaic cells, then the resultant can be 0.315 kWh/day (315 Watt/day) with the efficiency of about 7% of an average solar panel.

2. Determine Your Average Energy Usage

Once you come to know that how much solar energy you are obtaining from the sun then you can calculate that how much energy you need on your recent energy involvement.

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