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Interesting Facts About Solar Power

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When it comes to buy a thing, you can try it after buying it and even post a review about it on internet for others. However, when it comes to transferring to Renewable power sources, most probably Solar power, one simply cannot go and try after buying it. It’s understood that transfer to renewable energy requires a lot of investment.


Probably you already have read enough advantages of Renewable energies as well as how you can get your money back on investment. So, lets just keep this thing to some interesting facts about Solar Power because understanding some facts about Solar power will certainly help you in deciding whether to make that huge investment on Solar power or not.

Demand Of Solar Power Is Increasing By 25% Every Year!

No wonders Solar Power demand is increasing at this rate since it is the ecological renewable source of energy.

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Finding The Best Solar Power Solution For Electricity Need

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Oil prices are rising skywards these days and all businesses are suffering due to the additional cost of fuel. Besides, public has also started to search for the alternatives of fossil fuel powered electricity for residential purposes. Right now there are two solutions available in this regard, solar power and wind power. Projects of wind power take more money and are less reliable than solar power.

This is the reason due to which customers take more interest in solar powered electricity. If you are one of these people then here are some suggestions to follow while selecting the proper system of solar electricity.

Estimate your energy needs

First of all, you should run a survey in order to understand your exact energy needs. In this regard, you will go in loss if arranged for more or less power than your needs. After this, estimate your future energy needs.

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Solar/Wind Hybrid Units

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Solar power and wind energy are two forms of energy. The solar and wind energy are considered to be the alternative energy sources. The energy generated from these two mediums is pollution free and cheap. Solar power and wind energy can be combined together to form an interesting mode of energy production. The solar/wind energy hybrid is the latest innovation achieved by experts. This unit combines solar and wind power together to increase electricity production.

Solar Power & Wind Power

Research on solar and wind energy enabled this breakthrough to be made. These hybrid units are easy to install and provide with great power. The solar/wind hybrid units are the best backup power source for any home or commercial project. They can make power at any time of the day depending on natural factors like wind and sunlight. An all-round year generation of power can be expected in this manner.

Supplying Power to Remote Areas

Many isolated regions do not have any adequate or proper supply of proper. To deal with this issue, individuals must address the solar/wind energy hybrid units. These units have been preferred by main organizations in their aims to reduce carbon foot prints as well as improving energy production.

Power by Solar/Wind Hybrid

The cost of a Solar/wind energy hybrid unit is comparatively greater than individual solar and wind energy units. However, these units are quite easy to maintain.

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A Review Of SunRun Power

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The need for alternate energy resources has forced the investors world over to devote money for research of alternate energy resources. The power of wing has been utilized for milling of cereals since ages but the same potential for electricity generation is now being capped. Similarly the sun energy has been used for drying of products like meat and onion etc but the same is now being converted into electricity by using the photovoltaic cells. One of the companies investing huge amounts in the field of solar energy is SunRun.

History Of SunRun

SunRun is the first ever company in USA that provides solar panel for residential use on lease. They are in fact the pioneers in solar leasing and also offer the loans for research and development projects in the field of solar energy. The company is based in San Francisco, California. It was established by Ed Fenster and Lynn Jurich, two students that established it right after their graduation from Stanford University.

Goals Of SunRun

The SunRun Company has a set of clearly defined goals. The company was established once the theme of global pollution was very popular and hence the company, right from its inception, has the aim to provide the consumers with an environmentally friendly energy source.

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Passive Solar Technique: Solar Direct Gain

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Solar energy systems are considered as the best alternative to the traditional ones. Solar energy is being converted into other forms of energy pretty successfully now-a-days. This is one of the most reliable and efficient thing to do. You are not required to spend a lot of money on fuel anymore. All you need is sunlight.

Applications of solar energy

Applications of solar energy

Solar energy is available all over the world, and you do not have to pay for it unlike other sources of energy. The function and efficiency of the devices that run on solar energy depends upon the amount of sunlight they are subjected to for the entire day. Lighting and heating are two of the most significant applications of solar energy systems.

Passive solar gain

If you are interested in getting a solar energy system for your house, you are recommended to get quality parts like solar panel, battery, etc. When it comes to heating, direct gain is the simplest technique regarding passive solar gain. You must be aware of the fact that the passive solar heating does not require too much maintenance. In fact this sort of heating needs the minimum amount of maintenance as compared to other techniques.

Active solar gain

On the other hand, the active solar heating totally relies on the mechanical devices for the transfer and distribution of heat, which makes it obligatory for the person to maintain the components well. Read the full story

A Guide to Solar Pavers

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Solar pavers provide safe lighting to roadways during the absence of sunlight. They are charged by sunlight and don’t require wiring for installation and working. Solar pavers offer a wide variety of application such as they can be used for lighting pathways, driveways, decks and patios. All these ways are lit by the wireless LED perks of solar pavers.

Advantages of Solar Lighting

Advantages of Solar Lighting

Solar lighting offers a number of advantages. Solar pavers are very helpful in keeping the enviroinment safe and clean in comparison with traditional lighting bulbs that are not beneficial for environment. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Solar lighting is environmental friendly and poses no serious harm to environment
  • Solar lighting is safe
  • Its installation is very easy
  • It is not very expensive, although solar pavers can be costly because they are built extra strong so they can endure foot and car traffic. However, wireless installation is economical and it saves on both money and electricity.

Characteristics of Solar Pavers

Solar pavers come with great characteristics. These are scratch-resistant and also waterproof. Solar pavers are the perfect examples of integrated solar lighting. These pavers are available in a variety of forms. The most common shape of solar pavers is round, square and rectangular. These solar pavers are easily deployable during the installation of new paver patio, walkway, or driveway. Read the full story

10 Effective Ways to Save Energy

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More and more people are getting inclined towards going green. Many of them have successfully adopted the ways by which they can save sufficient amount of energy and cut down on the huge energy bills. There are various ways by which you can save significant amount of energy. However, there are certain basic steps that you should take in order to cut down on your energy consumption. Keep in mind that you have to make significant changes to save energy and you are also required to change your typical mentality.

Energy Saving Leads to Money Saving

Energy Saving Leads to Money Saving

You should take energy saving matter as serious as you take money saving matter. It is because energy saving is not different from money saving. Both tasks require consistency, strong will and patience from you. In fact, when you save energy it also means that you are saving money, as less energy consumption means low utility bills you have to pay at the end of the month. Following are ten proven ways to save energy on your energy bills.

Clean or Change Filter Regularly

Make sure you regularly clean or change the filter. It is very important because dust particles can damage the furnace and can potentially decrease its efficiency.

Use Programmable Thermostatic

Make sure you install a programmable thermostat, as it can cut down on the heating bill by up to 10 percent.

Install Roof Insulation

Make sure you add more insulation on the roof, as it will also cut down on your energy bills to a great extent.

Seal Your House For Winters

Make sure you have sealed your house before the arrival of winter season. Read the full story

Cash For Financing : Solar Lease

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Many of us are faced with the problem of not having adequate money at hand to be able to buy out something which we need and which may actually serve to bring down our expenses. The only hindrance in its way seems to be our having inadequate finances, we find ourselves short of cash for buying something which when, once bought would actually increase the cash available in our hands. Consider the case of solar energy, the inflating prices of the electric utility company bill seems to rob us of cash available in our hands, to get ourselves out of this situation we desperately wish to turn to the solar option. Now how to buy the solar system to save money, as we know the prices of the electricity is to rise further, here is where the solar lease option steps in.

Solar Loft


People living in California, Oregon or Arizona may avail this opportunity of solar lease, the leading company leasing the panels in these states is the solar city. There is however, a criterion which you have to fulfill for becoming eligible for this lease, your credit rating has to be a minimum of 720 or above.

No Upfront Cost

With this lease there is no upfront cost, all you have to do is to pay a monthly lease installment.

Lease Period

The lease period is 15 years, in case you sell your house to someone the lease can be transferred to the new house owner or you may take the panels along with you to your new home.

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Rebates for ENERGY STAR Qualified Refrigerators

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If you are aspiring to purchase a new refrigerator, then LIPA has a good offer for you. LIPA is presenting you money back guarantee on purchasing a normal size refrigerator of your choice from the fridges qualified by the ENERGY STAR. It should be bigger than 7.5 cubit feet.

Energy Star Qualified Refrigerators

ENERGY STAR Qualified Refrigerator

For the majority of homes, the refrigerator is the only one kitchen gadget that consumes the maximum power. You will, however, find a better solution. The new ENERY STAR qualified refrigerators are not less than twenty or even more proficient as compare to the other new traditional models available in the market. These ENERGY STAR qualified fridges are in fact 40 percent more resourceful than the conventional refrigerators in 2001. If you substitute your refrigerator (that you have purchased in 1990) with a new ENERGY STAR qualified model, you will be able to save ample power to provide light to a normal size family for around four months.

Benefits of Energy Star Refrigerators

  • You will find these models in various styles, like bottom, side by side like freezer and top.
  • These are designed with better prevention of conduction.
  • With more exact temperature and melting system.
  • These are with more proficient compressors.

Refrigerator Recycling Program Offered by LIPA

LIPA will give you the amount of US$35 for recycling your used, but functional refrigerator or freezer.

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Residential Wind Electric System

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In view of the energy crisis the world is faced with, more and more efforts are being made to switch to alternative methods of energy generation. Home owners are being encouraged to switch their energy needs to alternative methods of power production. This shall enable them to minimize their reliance on utility company generated electricity as the rates of this electricity are fast inflating.

Wind Energy

One of the modes of power generation which is fast catching attention of people is the Wind electric system

One Time Investment

One of the features of residential wind electric system is the fact that a onetime investment shall lead to savings for a long period of time for the next 25 or more years.

Reduced Energy Bill

Your monthly energy bill shall be greatly reduced after the installation of wind turbine, you will be saving a lot of money on monthly basis in lieu of your electricity bill.

Environmental Friendly

The residential wind electric system is environmental friendly, it does not contribute to environmental pollution, consumption of fossil fuels and natural resources which are depleting fast.

Following are the pre-requisites and conditions of installation of wind turbine at your home

Enough Wind

There should be enough wind in the area where you live, so the wind turbine might be able to operate and generate electricity. The wind blow should also be consistent in order for the electricity to be generated.

Permission of Tall Towers

The tall towers are permitted to be installed at your place, if this is not the case the wind turbine cannot be installed there for the generation of wind electricity.

Adequate Place for the Tower

There should be enough place and area for the wind turbine to be installed at your home.

Knowing Your Electricity Requirement

You should also determine the amount of electricity you require for your consumption and know how much you wish to produce with the wind turbine.

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CFL Rebates: ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

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In order to renovate and modernize lights inside your house, fall and winter Seasons are ideal epoch. In this regard, you will be pleased to know that Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is bestowing you a price cut on the ENERGY STAR ® component of compact fluorescent light (CFL) gear for your house.

Energy Star Use Less Energy

ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

In this regard, you should also keep in mind that the ENERGY STAR component of compact fluorescent light equipment makes use of not less than seventy five percent energy and it is ten times more durable than the luminescent lights. Hence, it will surely save a great deal of money for you.

Salient Features of Energy Savings

Your energy savings can be more striking keeping in view these points:

  • If you would like to have a ceiling fan, then make installation of an ENERGY STAR qualified mixture of ceiling fan and light. They are more than fifty percent cheaper in comparison to the ordinary light and fan available in the market. Hence, it will also make you a saving of the amount of over US$15 in twelve months on your power bill.
  • The yearly expense of a luminescent 4-light useless gear would be US$52.03. On the other hand yearly cost of an ENERGY STAR component of compact fluorescent light model is US$11.27.

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