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Solar Powered Jacket: Charging Gadgets On The Move

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Sun is the biggest Source of energy for our little(not so much) world. If we divide that energy by the time we consume that energy the result is known as Power. This is how the idea of getting electric power from sun cherished.

You can use Solar panels to make green electricity for your home and you use that electricity in daily life to do many things. For instance your computer uses electricity, you can use that even to charge your green car and you can use it to charge your gadgets. Did I just say charge gadgets! Ever got into a situation where your cell phone is dead and you had to make a business call! Almost every body gets into a situation like that. So how about charging your gadgets on move via your Jacket?

Solar Power Right In Your Jacket

If the idea seems great to you, surely it will if you are kind of always-on-move person, then you should have a look at these solar panels for jackets by PowerFLEX™. These Solar panels are specially built to fit in Scottevest SeV jackets. Jacket will conceal all the wires either connecting with ear buds or charger.

Tech’s And Specs Of Solar Panels

PowerFLEX panels used on the jackets are made from thin photovoltaic material. This thin material is basically copper indium gallium diselenide(CIGS) on a thin stainless-steel substrate.

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Some Measures To Improve Environment

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Environment is no more an issue that is a concern of NGO’s only. In fact as the awareness campaigns are becoming successful, whole of the world is trying its best in playing its role for the betterment of environment conditions. People have started realizing that the issue is staring in the eyes and if we would not address it head on, it is not going to give us much time before causing some real havoc.

global Warming

Some of the environmental issues

Catastrophic changes in environment has started showing up. The severe climate waves US and Europe is currently experiencing is a reaction of the deteriorating environment conditions. We are facing global warming, seasons are changing their patterns, forests are fast depleting and the deserts are expanding with each passing day and all of this is because of the havoc our carelessness has shown towards environmental issues.

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