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Solar Lights for Residential Use

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Some people are confused about solar lights for indoors, as they think solar lights only work in the outdoor. In reality, solar lights are now most widely being used for lighting indoor of a residential or office set up. There are various ways by which residential lights can be empowered.

Ways to Empower Residential Lights by Solar Power

Ways to Empower Residential Lights by Solar Power

You can empower your residential lights by sun power energy in various ways. Some of these ways are listed below:

Solar Electricity

Solar electricity is a one way to utilize solar power energy for empowering the residential lights. Sun power energy is converted into electricity with the help of photovoltaic technology. Photovoltaic panels are often built in conjunction with the utility grid power system of a residential or home set up that is using a grid tie inverter. During night time, electricity is drawn from the grid to power all the lights that are installed indoor and also to power other electrical appliances. In this way, you can create credit on your energy bill by producing more energy from your solar system than you actually consume at your home.

Skylights to Harness Sun Power Energy

Utilization of skylights is another feasible way to capture and absorb solar power energy to power the indoor lights. Skylights that are specially designed like the skylights hat are manufactured by Solar Direct increase levels of light to the equivalent of 1800 watts of light, producing 68 percent less heat at the same time. Read the full story

Solar Devices Used Around and In the Residential Places

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These days the solar technology widely spreading and more people are converting their home applications to the solar energy. There are a number of indoor and outdoor lights that work on the solar energy, and this energy is also used in cooling and heating the living space.

Thermal Expansion Tanks

Thermal Expansion Tanks

Expansion tanks are considered as a necessary part of the closed-loop solar water heating system. In this system water does not enters the solar collector. a mixture of water and glycol is used as heat flow/transfer fluid. During the operation the fluid is heated up by solar energy in the solar collector. When the fluid travels to the water tank that is mostly inside home there the heat exchange takes place. When the glycol is heat up it expands therefore, expansion tank is required.

Thermal actuator Functions

The main function of the thermal actuator is to prevent the freezing of the water inside the solar collectors or pipes. The actuator also act as tacking system for helping the collector to exactly position itself in the direction of the sun and resets at night so that collector can start functioning in morning. Actuator can be driven thermally or electrically.

Thermal pumps

Thermal pumps are used as an alternative of the energy systems to cool or heat the living space. These pumps draw heat from earth, underground water and from many other sources. The pump uses the temperature of the earth 6 to 12 feet below the surface to preheat or cool the indoor air.

Solar lanterns

Before the invention of the electricity lanterns were used for lighting. Now when you go for camping or a place where electricity is not available lantern are required there. Read the full story

Solar Lamp Post Lights for Outdoor Lighting

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Solar lamp post lights are of great use, especially for outdoor lighting needs. Solar lamp post lights are ideal lighting materials for your yard and also for driveways. There are various reasons that advocate the usage of solar lamp post lights to be ideal for outdoor lighting needs. Following are these reasons in detail.

Looks of Solar Lamp Post Lights

Looks of Solar Lamp Post Lights

Regardless of the fact whether the solar lamp post light is environmental friendly or not it must look good enough for your yard. These lights should not be giving a bad look to your yard or looking misfit in your yard. Luckily, there are solar lamp post lights that are available in attractive and good looking shapes. You can get these beautiful and unique solar lamp post lights. These lights are also available in different attractive and eye catching styles complementing your yard theme.

Power of Lighting of Solar Lamp Post Lights

Many people think that if they are choosing solar lamp post lights then it will not be a good idea because they may be not as bright as the other light bulbs. In reality, it is not right to presume anything like that for solar lamp post lights. It is a reality that at time dimming can occur if sun is not shining to it fullest and also if days are cloudy and sun remains behind heavy clods most of the time. But the reality is most of the solar lamp post lights provide sufficient lighting or several days on only one day of charging. Read the full story

Tubular Solar Lights

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Home decoration is an art that very few individuals possess. In a rapidly progressing and competing world, it is beneficial to be up to date with every fashion or trend. Solar energy is one amazing form of energy. Through census, experts have also concluded that solar power is the most popular means of power generation. Many people have put extensive and lifelong research into solar power. Solar power must be used at its best potential.

Solar Tubular Light Units

Solar Tubular Light Units

For many people, solar energy is just about generating sufficient amount of power to fulfill domestic and commercial needs. However some individuals have thought about much more creative and wonderful techniques through which solar power can be made absolutely useful. Solar energy is the energy that is harnessed from the sun and can be channeled into house hold appliances. However Tubular Solar Lights have changed many trends.

Get Rid of the Usual Sky-Light Units

The Solar Tubular Skylights are latest and most unique way of making the home brighten up with natural light. Sunlight has many benefits to it and is responsible for creating Vitamin D when it comes to contact with human skin. Providing the household with natural light may solve many problems and issues with power production.

Natural Sunlight In The Home

The provision of sunlight to the household environment is simple and elegant. Solar Tubular Lights can be used to lighten the home. Read the full story

An Overview of Tubular Solar Lights

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The main objective of both the tubular solar lights and skylights is to expose the interiors o natural light. It is no doubt adds to the comfort and brightness of the room. Also, it helps homeowner to save a significant amount of money by cutting down on the large consumption of electricity. In this point of view, solar tubular lights offer a wide range of benefits. The reflective materials of solar tubular lights emit more light than conventional skylights. The solar tubular lights are designed to evenly distribute this light in all parts of the room.

Working of Solar Tubular Lights

Working of Solar Tubular Lights

The working of tubular skylights is very simple to understand. Solar power energy flows through a tube that is highly reflective from this tube it enters the tubular lights through a clear dome. From this dome it is distributed throughout the room. As a result of this activity, beautiful natural sunlight illuminates the interior with very little or no color distortion, for example, yellow or blue light.

Benefits of Tubular Solar Lights

Tubular solar lights distribute natural sunlight evenly in all parts of the indoor space. In addition to evenly distribution of natural light, tubular solar lights are available at lower prices than conventional lights. These lights do not require large space and maintenance. These lights are easy to install without any expert help.

Natural Light Tubular Skylight

A more effective and popular model called the Natural Light Tubular Skylight by the natural light energy systems. Read the full story

Types of Solar Lights

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Everyone wants to illuminate his/her garden and pathways and no one wants the hassle of the wires. Now there is a solution for these people that are solar lighting system. The solar lights are wireless and these lights are better than other traditional electric lights in a way that these lights can easily be installed and have long life.

Solar powered lights get electricity from the solar panels. Solar lights are installed indoor and outdoor. The outdoor lights are garden lights, driveway lights and many others. Indoor lights are used in the garages, cabins and sheds. You can get information regarding installation and working.  

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights have several advantages the main the advantages that it does not have any additional wiring and these lights are easy to install. These lights save your money because these do not any additional energy. Solar lights produce a softer glow it illuminate you garden, sheds or driveways. Solar garden lights store the solar energy during the day time and release at night.

The whole lighting system consist solar cells, rechargeable battery, LED lights and photo resistors. Solar cells fixed on the top to absorb sunlight the cell is wired to the rechargeable battery, the battery stores the energy. The photo resistor detects the darkness and gives direction to the controller to on the LED light.

Solar Tubular Lights

These lights expose the indoors to the natural light, this reduces your electricity bills and increases brightness of the room. Read the full story

Solar Lights Used As Floodlights and Spotlights

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Solar lights have created hype in today’s world. This is the era of solar energy derived components. We can regard solar energy as one of the best alternatives for other fuel options. You are not required to spend even a single dime for fuel in case of solar driven components, because they are operated entirely on solar energy. The best thing about solar lights is that they are easy to install and are movable.

Powerful lighting options

Powerful lighting options

These solar lights can be used as flood lights and spot lights in some cases as required. They perform extremely well as flood lights, as they are totally capable of providing with a uniform, and even spread of light across wide open area. You can also use them at places including sheds, doors, garages, patios, gardens, entryways, pathways, and many others. Solar lighting is very powerful in comparison with other lighting options.

Light emitting diodes

LEDs or light emitting diodes are the major components of all the solar lights. These are special sort of diodes that emit light when provided with electrical energy. The solar flood lights also utilize these diodes in order to produce lighting. Read the full story

A Guide to Solar Pavers

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Solar pavers provide safe lighting to roadways during the absence of sunlight. They are charged by sunlight and don’t require wiring for installation and working. Solar pavers offer a wide variety of application such as they can be used for lighting pathways, driveways, decks and patios. All these ways are lit by the wireless LED perks of solar pavers.

Advantages of Solar Lighting

Advantages of Solar Lighting

Solar lighting offers a number of advantages. Solar pavers are very helpful in keeping the enviroinment safe and clean in comparison with traditional lighting bulbs that are not beneficial for environment. Some of these advantages are as follows:

  • Solar lighting is environmental friendly and poses no serious harm to environment
  • Solar lighting is safe
  • Its installation is very easy
  • It is not very expensive, although solar pavers can be costly because they are built extra strong so they can endure foot and car traffic. However, wireless installation is economical and it saves on both money and electricity.

Characteristics of Solar Pavers

Solar pavers come with great characteristics. These are scratch-resistant and also waterproof. Solar pavers are the perfect examples of integrated solar lighting. These pavers are available in a variety of forms. The most common shape of solar pavers is round, square and rectangular. These solar pavers are easily deployable during the installation of new paver patio, walkway, or driveway. Read the full story

Solar Screens

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If you have a beautiful garden or yard and you want to protect it from dangerous sun rays then the best way is solar screens. These screens can also be used at domestic level like you can also use it for your shops and rooms. People are using it on domestic level and on industry level. Material used in solar screens is very light weight and not very expensive. These solar screens can stop up to 95% to 97% of harmful rays coming from sun. Solar screens have lots of benefits which is mention in next paragraphs.

Material Used In Solar Screens

Material Used In Solar Screens

Many companies are making solar screens but thee material used in the manufacturing of solar screens is almost the same. The most important raw material for solar screens is aluminum, vinyl, stainless steel, acrylic, and fiberglass. Aluminum is used because of its light weight and strength. Purpose of using stainless steel is to protect solar screens from stains and increase its life.

Transparent Shades

Some solar screens are highly transparent that you can look at your yard or garden from outside. This feature of solar screens makes it more efficient and attractive. You can see through these screens even in night only if intensity of light at outside is lower than the intensity of light at inside.

Make Your Solar Screens

You can also make your own solar screens by yourself. You have to purchase important parts of solar screens like rods, sheets and nuts. Read the full story

Garden lights Powered by Solar Energy

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Gardens are a very important part of someone’s home. Gardens not only decorate the home but also give fresh feeling to the home. For a creative person the garden could be the place to shower all the creativity. Lighting also brings out the best part of a garden. Without proper lighting a garden does not really feel good. There are many types of lightings available in the market but the newest addition to the variety of lightings is solar powered garden lights. These solar powered garden lights not only give a fresh feeling to the garden but also help in saving the environment.

Garden lights Powered by Solar Energy

These solar powered garden lights also save on electricity bills. There are many benefits of solar powered lights so they can be a great addition to someone’s garden. Some advantages over normal lightings are as follows.

Saving Costs on Electricity

Solar powered lights are eco friendly lights which produce light with the help of a solar collector attached to it. This collector collects energy from the sun and then converts it into usable electricity which is then stored in the battery connected to the solar collector. And when the Sun goes down these lights utilize the energy stored in the batteries to power up the garden lights which are very bright.

Installation of Solar Powered Garden Lights

Installation of solar powered garden lights is very easy then conventional lightings. Read the full story

CFL Rebates: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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Compact fluorescent light bulbs are fluorescent lamps which are replacing the incandescent lamps commonly used in houses. They have less power consumption. So they save money as well as conserve energy. This means that the higher purchasing price of a fluorescent lamp is easily recovered.


Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The power savings are upto 75%. They last about 6 to 10 times longer than the incandescent bulbs normally used at homes. This means that if an incandescent bulb used 5 hours a day lasts 6 months, a fluorescent bulb will last 3 years.

Impact on Environment:

Recently, there has been a global awareness regarding the need to conserve energy. This is because many non-renewable resources will be depleted if continued to be used without restraint. By using less energy, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs serve this purpose. They also reduce pollution caused by power plants in producing electricity.

Money Saving:

First of all, your electricity cost for lights is reduced by 75%, if you were using incandescent lamps before. Money is also saved as Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs need not be replaced that frequently. So the initial extra cost of purchasing is accounted for.

Operating Life:

An incandescent bulb operating at 60 kilowatts is equivalent to a fluorescent bulb of 13 kilowatts. They are designed to last 6000 to 15000 hours. Incandescent bulbs will last only about 750 to 1000 hours in comparison.


Cost of fluorescent bulb: 3 dollars

Cost of an incandescent bulb: approximately less than a dollar. Read the full story