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Air and Liquid-Based Active Solar Heating

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There are mainly two ways of solar heating, those are active and passive. In passive solar heating process there is no electrical or mechanical device to gather the solar heat. This whole process is done by using the structure and design of the buildings, and is considered advantageous due to low maintenance and operational coast. While in active solar heating pumps and fans are required to direct and move solar heat. Active solar heating is further classified into air-based and liquid- based systems.

Liquid-based active solar heating

Liquid-based active solar heating

To trap the solar heat and in moving it liquid-based solar systems use liquid solar collectors. These collectors are filled with the fluids; the fluids are used on their capability of absorbing solar heat. These fluids can be water or any antifreeze agent. Flat-plate collector is among the most common collectors which are being used.

Working and installation of liquid-based solar systems

Mechanical collectors are also used; pump is a common mechanical collector it is used in transferring the heated liquid into heat exchanger or storage tank. If you are planning to install this system you have to decide about the size, coast, placement and durability of the storage tank. The distribution of the solar heat can be done by central forced air system or using various type of devices.

Air-based active solar heating

Air-based solar heating system uses air instead of water for transferring solar heat. The operations of the air collector are less efficient than the liquid collector. The main reason for lesser efficiency is that air does not transfer heat efficiently than as liquid. Read the full story

Evaporative Cooling: New Better Technology

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Humans have been using cooling techniques for a long time. Evaporative cooling is among those ancient techniques. To minimize the hot climate effect people used to sleep in home enclosures or screened-in porches. During the summer nights wet blankets or sheets were hung around the enclosure, fans were used to draw the warm air and the air coming into room through the wet blanked helped in cooling the room. Same technique now days are being used in many homes of the hooter climate areas like south California and Arizona.

Economical technology

Economical technology

Evaporative cooler mostly has an electric fan that draws the warm air in the system, there the air passes through the moist pads and through evaporation it is cooled. Then that air is distributed throughout the home according to the requirement. This cooler makes use of the simpler technology than the refrigerant air conditioners; technology used in this cooler is much cheaper. This also requires much less maintenance and it do not expel any toxic refrigerant fluids or gases. It only requires replacement of the moist pads after one or two seasons. They work only in the areas where humidity level is low, area having humidity thirty percent or low is considered ideal.

High efficiency

Due to their high efficiency and environmental friendly nature they are gaining popularity quickly. These coolers require much less energy to operate than the air conditioners. It has created new options for you; you can use these coolers with smaller motors on solar panels electricity.  Solar panels work at their maximum capacity in the hotter parts of the day exactly at that time maximum cooling is required. The cooler will get maximum electric energy from the solar panel so it will work in a best way.

There are two main types of evaporative coolers, direct and indirect. Read the full story

CFL Rebates: Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

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Compact fluorescent light bulbs are fluorescent lamps which are replacing the incandescent lamps commonly used in houses. They have less power consumption. So they save money as well as conserve energy. This means that the higher purchasing price of a fluorescent lamp is easily recovered.


Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The power savings are upto 75%. They last about 6 to 10 times longer than the incandescent bulbs normally used at homes. This means that if an incandescent bulb used 5 hours a day lasts 6 months, a fluorescent bulb will last 3 years.

Impact on Environment:

Recently, there has been a global awareness regarding the need to conserve energy. This is because many non-renewable resources will be depleted if continued to be used without restraint. By using less energy, Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs serve this purpose. They also reduce pollution caused by power plants in producing electricity.

Money Saving:

First of all, your electricity cost for lights is reduced by 75%, if you were using incandescent lamps before. Money is also saved as Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs need not be replaced that frequently. So the initial extra cost of purchasing is accounted for.

Operating Life:

An incandescent bulb operating at 60 kilowatts is equivalent to a fluorescent bulb of 13 kilowatts. They are designed to last 6000 to 15000 hours. Incandescent bulbs will last only about 750 to 1000 hours in comparison.


Cost of fluorescent bulb: 3 dollars

Cost of an incandescent bulb: approximately less than a dollar. Read the full story

Advantages of ENERGY STAR Qualified Washers

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Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is a non-profit community electric supplier. It holds the retail electric Transmission and Distribution System on Long Island. More than 0ne million consumers are benefited in Nassau and Suffolk counties and the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, by LIPA. It is the second biggest electric utility in the nation in generating electric returns, third biggest in customer’s service and the seventh biggest in terms of electricity provider.

Renewable Energy Provider

Clothes Washer

LIPA is a nationally well-known renewable energy provider. It offers clean and sustainable energy options to customers. It enables customer to become more energy efficient by saving money & energy with the discounts, tips & tools for household appliance use.


LIPA, combined with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an attempt to make homes more energy efficient. This will help in decrease carbon combustion and stimulate the regional economy. Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) and the Towns of Babylon and Southampton introduced a new module of LIPA’s Home Performance with Energy Star® Program.

ENERGY STAR® Qualified Clothes Washers

With the partnership of EPA, LIPA promote the ENERGY STAR authorized clothes washers. ENERGY STAR from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy give license to only the products with the highest level of energy efficiency.

Read the full story

CFL Rebates: ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

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In order to renovate and modernize lights inside your house, fall and winter Seasons are ideal epoch. In this regard, you will be pleased to know that Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is bestowing you a price cut on the ENERGY STAR ® component of compact fluorescent light (CFL) gear for your house.

Energy Star Use Less Energy

ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

In this regard, you should also keep in mind that the ENERGY STAR component of compact fluorescent light equipment makes use of not less than seventy five percent energy and it is ten times more durable than the luminescent lights. Hence, it will surely save a great deal of money for you.

Salient Features of Energy Savings

Your energy savings can be more striking keeping in view these points:

  • If you would like to have a ceiling fan, then make installation of an ENERGY STAR qualified mixture of ceiling fan and light. They are more than fifty percent cheaper in comparison to the ordinary light and fan available in the market. Hence, it will also make you a saving of the amount of over US$15 in twelve months on your power bill.
  • The yearly expense of a luminescent 4-light useless gear would be US$52.03. On the other hand yearly cost of an ENERGY STAR component of compact fluorescent light model is US$11.27.

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Numerous Ways to Save Energy

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There are numerous ways that can decrease the energy expenditures and use it more proficiently. There are some techniques and suggestions to control the energy bills.

Save energy

  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Hot Waters
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Home Electronics
  • Cooling
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Dishwashers
  • Cooking
  • Laundry

Guidelines for Heating

All the guidelines mentioned below are supposed to for consumers who are using electric energy as their basic energy mix. All the heating devices use electric power to operate, be it a hot-air force system or a hot-water circulating system. An efficient boiler separately would not contribute towards reduction of your consumption bill rather we need to keep in focus the complete heating system as a one unit. By keeping a blend of proper wadding, thermostat adjustment and climate stripping we can control the use of energy by our heating system and minimum exhausts to atmosphere.

  • Scheduled regular visits by certified experts for routine maintenance and checkup of your heating system are beneficial.
  • Suitably padded walls, floors, ceilings, hot air vessels, hot water channels substantially eliminates transfer of heat to atmosphere.
  • The filters of hot-air force system should be periodically checked and properly cleaned or replaced.
  • When the temperature is equal the air with low humidity, makes you feel wintry than the air with more humidity. Therefore the installation of humidifier or manually keeping the home humid will lessen the energy cost.
  • If you are going to install a new boiler keep in mind to select such a boiler the speed of which can be controlled either through some analogue or digital system. You can adjust the speed of the motors according to your needs and it will save your energy. It will also result better quality air, control changes in temperature and produce low sound.
  • While purchasing a new boiler, bear in mind the automatic thermostat which could be programmed in advance for all the possible outcomes and adjusts itself accordingly. You can conserve at least 18% of your energy costs form heating and cooling systems by using such a thermostat. You can also replace your existing thermostat. Keep the temperature of the thermostat according to your comfort.
  • Use storm windows and doors as these contribute as much as 15% towards saving your energy bills. Stick or paste such material on your windows and doors which controls loss of heat. Clear plastic sheet across the windows or windows with double glass (double glaze) controls loss of heat to atmosphere.
  • Proper fabrication of walls, floor, roofs windows and doors with weather shield and specially the areas which contain cracks, conserves energy costs.
  • The moveable electric heaters use extraordinary energy, please avoid these.
  • Allow the sunlight, the natural source of heat to come in. Slide the blinds, curtains, canopies away from window glasses.

Guidelines for Cooling

The cooling system is the largest energy consumer than any other energy consuming system at your home. Like in the case of other systems you can conserve energy and save dollars by appropriate look after and constantly improving your cooling machines.

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Use Of Solar Home Kits

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Owing to the sharp increase in the energy expenses, the demand and popularity of solar home kits have been enhanced. These kits are designed in such a manner that fulfills the requirements of your home to obtain the additional energy from sun. The energy derived from the sun is free of cost. You must take care of the following points while using solar home kits.

Reduction in Energy Cost

The solar home kit will use less of energy. It is therefore, not only energy efficient but also consumes less energy as compare to the traditional source of energy.

solar house

The customers are very satisfied by using these. They have even observed that energy bills have been reduced by fifty percent with the use of solar home kits to obtain extra power.

Better Source of Power

If you fix solar home kit in your home, then even in case of a major power or electricity break down, you still have some power. The solar home kits generally do not synchronize with the completely powered large conventional houses. A typical home utilizes much extra power on daily basis that can be offered by a steering solar panel.

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Global Warming: Seasons Now Arrive 2 Days Earlier

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BERKELEY — Not only has the average global temperature increased in the past 50 years, but the hottest day of the year has shifted nearly two days earlier, according to a new study by scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, and Harvard University.

Just as human-generated greenhouse gases appear to the be the cause of global warming, human activity may also be the cause of the shift in the cycle of seasons, according to Alexander R. Stine, a graduate student in UC Berkeley’s Department of Earth and Planetary Science and first author of the report.

"We see 100 years where there is a very natural pattern of variability, and then we see a large departure from that pattern at the same time as global mean temperatures start increasing, which makes us suspect that there’s a human role here," he said.

Although the cause of this seasonal shift – which has occurred over land, but not the ocean – is unclear, the researchers say the shift appears to be related, in part, to a particular pattern of winds that also has been changing over the same time period. This pattern of atmospheric circulation, known as the Northern Annular Mode, is the most important wind pattern for controlling why one winter in the Northern Hemisphere is different from another. The researchers found that the mode also is important in controlling the arrival of the seasons each year.

The Four Seasons

Whatever the cause, Stine said, current Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) models do not predict this phase shift in the annual temperature cycle.

Details are published in the Jan. 22 issue of the journal Nature.

Temperatures at any given time of the year can be very different on land than over the ocean, Stine said, and a change in the strength and direction of the winds can move a lot of heat from the ocean onto land, which may affect the timing of the seasons. However, this seems to be only a partial explanation, he said, because the relationship between this pattern of circulation and the shift in the timing of the seasons is not strong enough to explain the magnitude of the seasonal shift.

The researchers also found that the difference between summer and winter land temperatures has decreased over the same 50-year period, with winter temperatures warming more than those in summer. They found that in non-tropical regions, winter temperatures over land warmed by 1.8 degrees Celsius and summer temperatures increased by 1 degree. Ocean warming has been somewhat less.

Stine noted that the study limited its focus to non-tropical regions because the seasons are more pronounced outside the tropics.

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