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Details of CT Solar Lease

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The CT Solar lease is good news for the home owners of Connecticut.The solar technology is fast emerging as the new mode of energy generation but as the solar panels installation is expensive, not everybody can afford to buy and install them. To overcome this issue, the lease method of payment and acquiring is fast making its way in this industry and avenue to facilitate people in benefiting from this method of power generation.

Qualifying Terms of the Deal

CT Solar Lease in Connecticut

In order to qualify for this deal the homeowners must confirm to certain standards set for the availing of this deal, the FICO credit score has to be a minimum of around 650 or more. You also have to be a customer of CL&P or UI utilities, besides this the approved installer shall analyze if your home is fit for the solar installation. This would generally mean that your roof is minimum shaded and is in good suitable condition for the installation and your roof faces South East, South West or South. Another criterion which threshold may vary with the no of people living in your home is that your household must be generating less than the 200% of your area’s median income. The logic behind this is that if this is not the case then you might be in a position to benefit from the 30% Federal tax credit. However, the amount of home equity left in your home is not considered or a criterion in the availing of this deal.

No Upfront Charges

There are no upfront charges associated with the deal.

Lease Term

The Lease term is a minimum of 15 years, extend able to 20 years, the lease is transferable to the buyer. The solar system can be bought at the fair market value (FMV) after 20 years, this might mean a very nominal amount.

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Residential Solar Leasing Program

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The solar energy powered residents are the need of the day, with the continuous rising rates of electricity and the rising awareness about the environmental damage. Many people think about switching their residence to the solar energy but do not find it a feasible option in monetary terms and are thus not able to make the switch. Nobody can deny the benefit of reduced energy bill obtained from it but yet they are unable to avail it.

Solar Leasing

Solar Leasing

Keeping in view the fact that people want to switch to solar energy but the only thing keeping them back is the heavy cost of the solar panels and that people can’t afford to pay lump sum for it, solar panel financing has made it way to the market. The solar leasing is now available that is facilitating people to switch their homes to solar energy at easy and facilitating terms of lease payments.

Suntech Solar Panel Leasing Program

Suntech is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels; the company has now launched a solar lease program for home solar financing called BriteLease.

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Step by Step Guide to Residential Solar Power System

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For the installation of a Photovoltaic Solar Energy System, firstly you have to check out that how much solar energy is usually absorbed by your panel which depends on the mean daily solar radiations for your area.

1. Calculating the Potential Solar Radiation Power

The average Solar energy obtained is about 4-5 kWh/m2/day, in most of the areas but in some areas it even reaches to 8.

Solar power

In order to check your area, please concern to this map which is provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Resource Assessment Program. In the units kWh/m2/day, where kWh stands for kilowatt hour, with “m” is the area of the absorber, for this case, the photovoltaic cell, with square meters. Where the solar panels work with the efficiency of ranging from 7 to 17%.

Solar Radiation (kWh/m2/day) X % of Solar Panel’s Efficiency (7%) = Tot, Power in kW a solar Panel (2m2) can generate Daily

Keeping in mind the above formula, your habitat consist of an average solar radiation of 4.5 kWh/m2/day in the surface area of about 1m2 of photovoltaic cells, then the resultant can be 0.315 kWh/day (315 Watt/day) with the efficiency of about 7% of an average solar panel.

2. Determine Your Average Energy Usage

Once you come to know that how much solar energy you are obtaining from the sun then you can calculate that how much energy you need on your recent energy involvement.

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What is Free Energy?

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Typically, one sort of energy, known as “free of cost energy” is a widely discussed issue now a days. With the advent of appropriate scientific developments we can extract the energy directly from the atmosphere, and which is unlimited in supply. The discussions are mainly about its availability or non-availability, and if available the supply is unlimited or not, and if it is available the costs involved in making it available.

What it Free Energy

The discussions also involve the verification of the claims of its supporters that it would be efficient to consume resources to investigate and cultivate it, as a probable alternative energy source.

The Basic Concept

The term “free energy gadget” has multiple notations when we talk about it. One of the possible outcomes of such a gadget is that it accumulates energy from a source which is not scientifically proven, and transfers it to the other source. And off course, it is free of cost too. It may also be some sort of a machine which accumulates cost free energy or a famous uninterrupted motion vehicle. Such an uninterrupted motion vehicle as its name suggests, it will move everlastingly and will never need to be refueled. It looks beyond the reality now. But it is not beyond the reality to develop such scientific techniques which may convert energy hovering in the environment.

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How to Seek Grants for Alternative Energy

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You may be aspiring to do some study and want to build up alternative energy expertise on that basis. You may also desire to establish it as a non-profit business. For that purpose, you do require funding from the Federal as well as the state governments.

The Need for Alternative Energy Sources

The govt. funding for seeking up information and nurturing up the alternative energy have been largely publicized by the elected officials currently on various levels, like Federal, State and Town. In fact, the President of U.S is also very concerned about this issue.  The reality is that now as a nation, we have accepted the truth that we have to search for and enlarge the alternative energy resources as against the relic oils that we are currently using. The reason is that these fuels are slowly depleting. Now, it has become very expensive to extract these. Additionally these fuels are also polluting the surrounding as well as the quality of air

Govt. Grant Programs

If you look into more details, you will find that govt. has been offering a huge range of funding plans for that purpose. In this regard, you must consider the most vital fact in essence of that; Govt. funding is normally offered free of cost. It is not a lending activity for which you have to make interest repayments. In fact, you don’t have to return these funds to Govt. Nonetheless, in order to be eligible for this grant (since entails the grant of free money from the government), you have to fulfill a large number of pre-requisites. Read the full story

Lease Solar Panels in Texas

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Renewable solar energy is now becoming a promising source of low cost energy for homeowners in Texas. There are many leading companies of solar systems present in Texas. These companies are adjoining significant contributions in this achievement. Some companies with collaboration of one another City offers the program of different services like solar system installation, design, monitoring, financing and maintenance etc. These services are specifically available for homeowners in North Texas. These are considered to be very prestigious due to the low cost of solar power systems. Lease programs for solar power make it affordable for the homeowners of Texas.

Special features

There are many special features attached with the adaption of solar energy. These include its low cost and reliable source of energy. Solar energy is now considered to be an alternative source of low cost renewable energy.

Solar lease options

There are some solar lease options are available in the program. This includes the solar system installation, its design, maintenance and repairing for very low monthly charges. A variety of lease programs are available now in Texas for this low cost renewable energy source.

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New Financing Schemes To Make Solar More Affordable

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The general idea we all have about installing solar panels is that they are very expensive and due to that, unaffordable although they do offer long term benefits, but putting in $20,000 to $30,000 in cash upfront to install a solar system on the roof of your home is not an easy thing to do.

solar panels roof

However, the good news is that many Bay Area solar companies that include Akeena Solar, SolarCity, Sungevity and SunRun, are in the process of starting new business models through creative financing mechanisms to make rooftop solar more affordable.

Most of the local and state governments, including Washington, are willing to help. The White House is already busy promoting a new form of financing generically known as PACE, or Property Assessed Clean Energy, which allows private property owners to pay for renewable projects like solar and energy efficiency upgrades through an addition to their property tax bill.

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Arizona Homeowners Can Save Money With Solar Panel Lease Program

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According to the Arizona Republic reports, around 1,000 Arizona Public Service Company customers will be able to lease solar panels for home installations.

Financed by National Bank of Arizona, the panels will be provided by California-based SolarCity Corp. The bank will spend about $25 million to buy solar panels from SolarCity and will then offer them on lease to Phoenix homeowners in no-money-down leases.

It is estimated by SolarCity, that the panels will provide between 60 percent and 80 percent of homeowners’ electricity needs.

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