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CFL Rebates: ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

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In order to renovate and modernize lights inside your house, fall and winter Seasons are ideal epoch. In this regard, you will be pleased to know that Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is bestowing you a price cut on the ENERGY STAR ® component of compact fluorescent light (CFL) gear for your house.

Energy Star Use Less Energy

ENERGY STAR Qualified Fixtures

In this regard, you should also keep in mind that the ENERGY STAR component of compact fluorescent light equipment makes use of not less than seventy five percent energy and it is ten times more durable than the luminescent lights. Hence, it will surely save a great deal of money for you.

Salient Features of Energy Savings

Your energy savings can be more striking keeping in view these points:

  • If you would like to have a ceiling fan, then make installation of an ENERGY STAR qualified mixture of ceiling fan and light. They are more than fifty percent cheaper in comparison to the ordinary light and fan available in the market. Hence, it will also make you a saving of the amount of over US$15 in twelve months on your power bill.
  • The yearly expense of a luminescent 4-light useless gear would be US$52.03. On the other hand yearly cost of an ENERGY STAR component of compact fluorescent light model is US$11.27.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Of Wind Energy

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Wind energy is being used as a reliable source of energy for a long time. The Babylonians and Chinese used wind power to pump water for irrigating crops 4,000 years ago, and sailing boats were around long before that.wind turbine

Wind power was used in the Middle Ages, in Europe, to grind corn, which is where the term “windmill” comes from. Following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of wind energy:


  • Wind is absolutely free and wind farms need no fuel to generate electricity.
  • Wind energy produces no waste or greenhouse gases.
  • The land beneath the wind turbines can usually still be used for farming.

Some Facts About Solar Energy

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Our Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of solar radiations at the upper atmosphere, out of which almost 30% is reflected back to space whereas the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land masses.solar energy

The Earth’s land surface, oceans and atmosphere that absorb solar radiation, raises their temperature. This causes warm air that contains evaporated water from the oceans to rise, causing atmospheric circulation or convection.

The water cycle gets completed when the air reaches a high altitude, where low temperature prevails, and the water vapor condenses into clouds, which rain onto the Earth’s surface.

Coastal Wind Turbines

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Wind turbines are a great source of renewable energy, and have been producing significant quantities of electricity for a number of countries across the globe. Wind turbines have proved to be especially successful at sea due to various reasons.


But the question is that with the construction of on-shore wind turbines increasing constantly, should we looking into the construction of more off-shore wind farms?

The biggest advantage of coastal wind energy is that it is usually much more reliable and offers greater force as compared to land wind energy.

This coastal energy is much greater because of the open spaces the wind is able to use. The sea is completely flat, until you come to land. This gives wind energy a large open, clear path, without any obstruction to hold it back, allowing to gain energy before hitting a land mass.

Have you noticed how hurricanes lose their energy once they reach land mass. Although this is an extreme example, but it can help illustrate the effect a land mass has on the force of the wind.

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Vertical Wind Turbines

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Wind turbines are commonly used to produce clean energy. However, many of us don’t know that there are mainly two types of wind turbines, the horizontal and the vertical wind turbine. Horizontal wind turbine are more common and have been built at various places across the world.

This horizontal turbine is one that has a large shaft with the propellers based on top, as compared to the vertical wind turbines design. The main difference between the horizontal and vertical designs is the rotation of the blades.

In the commonly used horizontal form, the blades are on the top, spinning round in the air, whereas the vertical design has the generator situated at the base of the tower, and has the blades wrapped around the shaft.

The horizontal turbine spins round in a propeller type motion, in contrast to the vertical wind turbine design, which spins round in a circle in a cylinder type design.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Natural Energy Sources

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Using natural energy sources to generate power is gaining popularity everyday, especially among homeowners.natural resources

This is extremely necessary to reduce our current, vital dependency on fossil fuels. Apart from the fact that fossil fuels are depleting fast, the increasing amounts of fossil fuels we burn each day is contributing greatly to climate change, causing the pollution of air and surrounding environments.

However, it is possible to save the earth and its resources if we act now by switching to natural and renewable energy sources.

Here are some of the many advantages related to the use of natural and renewable energy sources:

  • Renewable energy can be produced from the sun, wind, tides, and geothermal activity, which are all free to use.
  • Besides the initial cost of installation, which includes solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal energy equipment, there are no other costs, and no fuel requirements.

Disadvantages Of Geothermal Energy

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Earlier in a post, I discussed the various advantages of geothermal energy and its effects. But the question remains that if geothermal energy is so clean and productive, then why don’t we use it commonly to generate power? Here are some disadvantages of producing power through geothermal energy to explain this.

geothermal power

The biggest disadvantages of building a geothermal energy plant is the time it takes to exploration the perfect land. While exploring the suitable place, researchers will do a land survey, which may take several years to complete. Thus if a company wishes to build a plant, it may have to wait for several years before the researchers reply whether the land is suitable or not.

Moreover, most companies that order surveys are often disappointed, as the land they were interested is incapable of supporting a geothermal energy plant. In order to extract the heat required, we have to find certain hot spots within the earths crust, which are quite common around volcanoes and fault lines, which are obviously very difficult places to build a geothermal energy plant.

Landfill Will Use Methane To Make Energy

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Adding a new dimension to its popularity, the Houston County is going to become one of the first one to consume the garbage from its public landfill to produce electricity, as a result of a deal signed in December between the county and Flint Energies.


The methane gas, produced due to the natural decomposition of garbage underground, is currently being “flared,” or burned off, but soon it will become a source of energy and earn income for the county as well.

The gas will be bought by Flint, which is an electric co-op. It will then use the gas to make electricity through an adjacent generating plant on county land.

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Wind Energy as Renewable Energy Source

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Air in motion is called wind. Uneven heating of the Earth’s surface generates wind. As Earth’s surface is made of very different type of land and water and it absorbs sun’s heat at different rates.


The Daily Wind Cycle

In day the air above land heats up quickly than air over water. The warm air over the land expands and rises and as cooler air is heavier it rushes to take place with this procedure wind is created. While in night its total different than day because in night air over land gets cooler quickly than air on over water.

The atmospheric winds that circles the earth are also created in same way because land near the Earth’s equator heats up more than the land near South and North Poles.

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Ice Loss Offsets Global Warming

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Global warming has been held responsible for the loss of ice shelves in Antarctica. However, according to the recent studies conducted, it can be seen that the newly-exposed areas of sea are now absorbing up some of the carbon gas, which is causing further problem.

global warming sea

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) done by Scientists indicated that, with very passing minute, a marine plant called phytoplankton, is gobbling the ocean’s carbon. This marine plant floats near the surface.

The phytoplankton either dies or sinks after the natural process of sucking the carbon called photosynthesis.

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Feds, Schwarzenegger Sign Pact To Aid Renewable Energy Efforts

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Today, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a memorandum of understanding to enhance siting and approval of renewable energy facilities on public lands. This was done at a news conference held on a Loyola University rooftop covered with solar panels, this morning.

Renewable energy California

The memorandum is first of a kind between a state and the federal government involving energy production. The aim of this memorandum is to accelerate about 30 solar, wind and geothermal projects on track to break ground by the end of 2010 and become eligible for more than $15 billion in federal stimulus funds.

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