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Hydroelectric Power: An Introduction

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This renewable energy is in widespread use. It is an alternative source to fossil fuels. It is called “hydro power” due to, its generation by the force of water.  The greater the force and amount of water, the greater the amount of electricity produced. A power station is needed to generate hydro electricity.

Essential Conditions:

Certain favorable physical conditions are essential for generation of hydro power. These include:

  • Fast-flowing water
  • Perennial and high rate of rainfall
  • Natural store of water (lake)
  • A narrow, deep valley for building a dam and reservoir

How is it Generated?

A dam is built to trap the water. This is built in a valley with a lake. Water is passed through tunnels in the dam, which turns turbines. These turbines then run the generators and hence, electricity is generated. The electricity is further transmitted through pylons and cables.


Since 70% of Earth is water it will not run out. The hydro power is more reliable than wind and solar. Natural water flow allows unfaltering energy production. Once established, it is the cheap source of electricity.

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Wind Farms in Lake Michigan: an Ongoing Debate

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Lake Michigan in town Algoma is adjacent to the green bay. With its famous little red lighthouse is one of the lakes known for its beauty and blue green waters.

But some prospective changes are expected as a meeting is scheduled to occur for the fate of towns with these kinds of lakes. Experts will be present to talk about installing the giant windmills generating energy.

Offshore Not an Effective Option

Offshore Not an Effective Option

Both the pros and cons for the decision are going hand in hand. Some say it will improve technology while others are worried about the lake beauty and tourism related with it. The chairman of the Algoma’s marina committee strongly shares the later views.

Costing more than a million dollars, placing these turbines offshore is not much an effective option. They either need to be anchored in shallow lake water or allow floating to guarantee productivity.

The Facts and Figures

The turbines would stand high approximately 400 feet with large blades. Claiming the massive magnitude of the turbines the leader of the National Renewable Energy lab Walt Musial will deliver a lecture in a university discussing more details.

Above water with consistent, stronger and less turbulent winds the power generation would be total effective. This will ensure no long distance non effective to the local towns. They would be supplied power from their own nearby lakes.

Wind Farm Idea is Tried and Tested Before

This idea of renewable energy generation isn’t new.  This is also effectively practiced in Denmark, U.K, Baltic seas etc. 170 turbine powered wind generation plant is planned at Mexico’s Gulf. More than 3 more offshore projects on the East coast are in the pipeline. Read the full story