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There are various environment friendly and renewable energy resources available that offer alternate source of energy and help to nullify the effects of certain forms of pollution. All these power generation techniques can be described as renewable because they are not reducing the quantity of any resources to create the energy.

Here is a list of the top 10 renewable energy resources.

# 1 – Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is obtained through any nuclear technology designed to extract usable energy from atomic nuclei through controlled nuclear reactions. Currently,  only fission nuclear method is used, though other methods might one day include nuclear fusion and radioactive decay.


The reactors heat up the water to produce steam, which is then converted into mechanical work for the purpose of generating electricity or propulsion.

Fourteen percent of the world’s electricity is produced by nuclear energy. U.S. , France, and Japan together account for 56.5% of nuclear generated electricity.

439 nuclear power reactors are in operation around the world in 31 countries. According to the figures of World Nuclear Association during 1980s one new nuclear reactor starts up in every 17 days on average, and this ratio will increase till 2015 up to one reactor every 5 days.

France gets cleanest air than any other industrialized country because of nuclear power, and also cheapest electricity in all of Europe. For reducing mass and making more energy France reprocesses it nuclear waste.

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The Hydro Power

by batoolAugust 8, 2009

Water flow is used in creating electricity. and the electricity that is created with water is termed as Hydro-electric power. The hydro electric power is created due to moving water.

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