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Hydroelectric Power: An Introduction

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This renewable energy is in widespread use. It is an alternative source to fossil fuels. It is called “hydro power” due to, its generation by the force of water.  The greater the force and amount of water, the greater the amount of electricity produced. A power station is needed to generate hydro electricity.

Essential Conditions:

Certain favorable physical conditions are essential for generation of hydro power. These include:

  • Fast-flowing water
  • Perennial and high rate of rainfall
  • Natural store of water (lake)
  • A narrow, deep valley for building a dam and reservoir

How is it Generated?

A dam is built to trap the water. This is built in a valley with a lake. Water is passed through tunnels in the dam, which turns turbines. These turbines then run the generators and hence, electricity is generated. The electricity is further transmitted through pylons and cables.


Since 70% of Earth is water it will not run out. The hydro power is more reliable than wind and solar. Natural water flow allows unfaltering energy production. Once established, it is the cheap source of electricity.

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Alternative Energy – Geothermal Energy

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Keeping in view the importance of geothermal energy we shall put all efforts to cultivate geothermal energy techniques. This is a field which has marvelous growth opportunities and it simply harvests the natural energy present under the surface of our planet Earth. There are huge reserves of geothermal energy under the surface of earth. What we have to do is go for it and connect to pipe it up.

The Science of Geothermal Energy

The temperature at centre of our planet the Earth is more than 60 times greater than the boiling point of water. Such a huge temperature generates massive pressure deep under the surface of earth. The vast pressure contains immense quantity of energy in the form of heat and pressure. The pressure so generated develops channels to come out of surface of earth. We can observe this energy when hot fluids called magma flare-up from volcanoes. The idea of geothermal energy is to convert this energy into electricity which we can use for our domestic and industrial consumption. A vast quantity of magma is present deep under the surface of earth. We have to locate such sites where the deposits of magma are large enough to run our project economically. Than we have to develop the channels to release underground pressure. Erect a power generation plant and produce power.

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Water Power- Hydroelectricity

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As the name suggests hydroelectricity is water power rather it is electricity generated by the flow of water. The power of the flow of water is used in this case to do work and the water can be used again so it is the widely used and cheapest source of renewable energy. Running water has been used to grind corn for hundreds of years. Hydro is Greek word meaning water.

How Hydroelectricity Is Produced

Let’s have a general over view. Firstly a large landscape is used to trap water which is usually a valley or an adjoin area to a river to store a huge quantity of water and as in this stage of storing water the water is possessing gravitational potential energy. This huge storage is usually at some height and on the lower side or foothill side turbines are installed. Water is allowed to flow through pathways from the dam to fall with a pressure on the turbines which in turn will drive the generator.  So in this case we are using water energy to do all the work for us after letting water gain acceleration due to height. The generators transform mechanical energy into electrical energy and electrical energy is then supplied to users by a network of wires and transformers.

We have dams built as such so we can control the flow of water by gates installed to store water upstream as well as downstream. The water used to turn the turbines can be used for agricultural and drinking purposes.

Development Due To Hydro-power

When dams are built to generate electricity, cities develop around the dams and multiply in size as usually royalty is provided to the residents of that area as subsidized or free electric power. Like the city of Las Vegas was built around Colorado River and hoover dam and it has expanded into a huge metropolitan city. Read the full story

Major Renewable Energy Sources

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Renewable energy sources are defined as those energy sources which will not finish for millions of years. As reserves of fuel for conventional electric power production are depleting quickly, the need for developing alternative energy technology has grown rapidly. Developed countries have been working on this for quite some time now. Demand of energy from fast growing economies has escalated the need for alternatives for fossil fuel. To fulfill these needs three major sources of renewable energy are being used; named solar, wind and hydro. Other sources like bio fuels, geothermal and bio mass.

Factors Affecting the Choice of Renewable Energy Resource

The main factors, on which the suitability of a renewable energy for a particular region or country depends, are its geography and climate. Other factors are cost, efficiency, technology and man power availability and whether there is a need to invest in that particular place for renewable power production. The three major sources are discussed below with their pros and cons

Solar Power

Photo voltaic cells or more popularly called solar cells convert solar energy to electric power. The silicon in photo voltaic cells creates electric current upon reception of sun light. The electricity produced is stored in batteries or can be directly fed to an electric grid.

Solar power is more suited to the regions which receive sunlight for most part of the year. The regions where the weather remains dry and the sunlight is intense are perfect for solar power production. The solar energy produced will be a major source of income for African countries when they will export it to more developed nations who are major power consumers. Read the full story

Hydro Powered Vehicles

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A “hydro powered vehicle” is an automobile that putatively derives its energy directly from water. Hydro powered cars have been the subject of numerous international patents, newspaper and popular science magazine articles, local television news coverage, and the internet. Gas prices are at an all time high, and with world oil prices at the same record levels, and showing no sign of coming down any time soon. You may know about conversion kits i-e, convert your car to run on water.

We can split the water into its component elements, Oxygen and Hydrogen, and feed these into your engine along with the regular gas. A mixture is created that is more effective, and in tests has achieved fuel consumption savings of 45% – 65% on standard vehicles.

When we separate the element parts out of the water they form a mixed gas called HHO, or Brown’s Gas. Both the gases in the mixture help combustion – most people know that Oxygen is an essential element for combustion, and Hydrogen itself is highly flammable, and will increase the efficiency of the gas burn.

Brown Gas has been recognized as a production of “oxyhydrogen gas” in a common-ducted electrolyzer. Oxyhydrogen is a combination of oxygen and hydrogen gases, in a 2:1 molar ratio. When oxyhydrogen gas is ignited, oxygen and hydrogen atoms bond and discharge energy.

Utilizing water to power a car is definitely an amazing piece of news to the world. In Japan, water technology has been tested to power vehicle. By using hydrogen energy to power your car, you are able to save on fuel costs, at the same time you are also protecting the environment due to the removal of carbon deposits from the exhaust. Through this technology you can not only extend the lifespan of your engine, but also double your car mileage.

Hydroelectric Renewable Energy

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Hydropower, or water-power is power that is generated from the energy of moving water, which may be harnessed for many useful purposes.

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Before the availability of commercial electric power became widespread, hydro power was used for irrigation, and used to operate various machines, such as watermills, textile machines, sawmills, dock cranes, and domestic lifts.

Hydropower is one of the oldest methods used to harness energy, and has been used for hundreds of years. Water wheels and watermills were built in India; water powered mills produced flour from grain in Imperial Rome, and were also used for sawing timber and stone.

The power generated from a wave of water released from a tank was used to extract the metal ores in a method known as hushing. This was extensively used in Britain in the Medieval and later periods to extract lead and tin ores. The same method later evolved into hydraulic mining when used during the California gold rush.

Why Is Solar Energy Important?

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Solar energy is extremely important for us to survive. Besides helping us to stay warm, and enabling other organisms to survive, it is used in the commercial power production as well.

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Solar energy is also essential for plant life as it is necessary for photosynthesis, the process through which plants generate energy and process nutrients for their growth by converting solar light for their own use by utilizing chloroplasts within their leaves and bodies.

Through this process, food is produced for other herbivores together with oxygen for us to breath and removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, allowing creatures such as ourselves to survive while maintaining a balanced world temperature.