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Energy-Efficient Solar Pool Covers

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‘What is a solar pool cover and why is it used?’ Well, you are going to get your answers once you read through. The largest energy loss from a pool occurs due to evaporation due to which the pool water cools down and heat energy is lost to the surroundings.

Pool covers are used to prevent or minimize evaporation and thus there is lesser energy loss. However, solar pool cover not only serves this purpose but also transfers heat energy from sun to the pool water.

Structure Of Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is made up of synthetic polyethylene and is of dark colors for better conduction of heat. Solar pool cover bears small air pockets on its surface which look identical to bubble wraps. Each of these bubbles absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to the pool water rather than losing to the surroundings.

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Solar Energy Basics

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Solar energy is the most useful and brilliant source of generating power. Many of the worlds energy producing resources are outdated. The natural climate is being affective by growing emissions and green house gases. It will definitely have a negative impact on our environment which may lead to much more destruction.

The Magic of Solar Power – Shifting to Alternative Methods:

In times of growing economic recession and a lot of unemployment, many individuals cannot afford long and hefty bills. The Solar Power is the perfect solution to the problem. Have a look at the advantages and amazing features of the Solar Power. It can literally be used anywhere on the Earth. Solar Power is perhaps the only and most significant answer to all the new world problems. Many governments have already started working on it.

Why Solar Power – The Overview:

Solar Power is very vital. Must needs to realize to weighting of its collective benefits in order to realize the entire benefits of Solar Power. Solar Power can be extremely wonderful if it is taken in a better fashion. Solar Energy is energy that is harnessed from the Sun. Sun is the primal means of providing the Earth with power.

Sun – The Prime Energy Provider:

All forms of power exist on Earth due to Sun. Sun is the only and most significant source of generating power on the planet. Let it be chemical potential energy or geothermal energy, the Sun has contributed to its existence. However it also gives out its own power.

Plasma Rays and Radiation – Effective Use:

Radiation or Plasma rays are the terms used to describe Solar Power or Sunlight. Sunlight can be converted into useful energy by some simple investment and similar steps. The Sunlight is actually a bundle of energy rays. IF they are concentrated on a particular spot, they can generate energy. The Energy is quite useful.

Solar Power Panels – Installation and Applications:

A Solar Power Panel can be installed literally anywhere. Sunlight is the only fuel it requires and investment in Solar Power will never disappoint. Many developing and developed nations have used Solar Power as the perfect means of generating electricity. The Solar Power is extremely cheap and completely user friendly.

Emission of Green House Gases – Not An Issue Anymore:

Solar Power does not produce any emissions or green house gases. It contributes greatly in keeping the environment clean and steady. The Solar Power Panels are easily available in the market and be purchased at a reasonable cost. The Solar Power Panel Kit contains several components which are required.

The Components of Solar Power Panel:

An Inverter, Solar Modules and the Batteries come with the Solar Power Panel Kit. These instruments are connected together to form an effective system. Such a system can be used to work out the energy crisis being faced by millions of people.

Types of Cell – The Poly Crystalline Cells:

Solar Cells are the foremost important components required to trigger the process. The Solar Cells are made up of crystals. There are two categories of Solar Cells. The poly crystalline cells and the mono crystalline cells. These cells differ in nature and expense. They usually determine the amount of cells used and energy produced.

Location of Solar Units – Where To Install:

Solar Cells are fixed on the rooftop or an open area where sunlight is available. The water in the water tank gradually boils as PV cells transfer heat energy into the water.

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Important Facts About Thermal Energy

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Thermal energy or heat energy can rise and fall with temperature. Our daily life is deeply affected by it. In simple words it is “heat” that makes our life comfortable in many different ways.

Weather effect

You must have noticed that thermal energy is at its peak in summers. Therefore, we need to have cooling system inside our homes and buildings. During winter, situation is reversed. There is less thermal energy; therefore heating appliances are required inside rooms to keep us warm and cozy.

The source

Sun is the main source of heat energy. It might surprise you that even in cold winter; sun throws sufficient thermal energy to our planet. How this heat enters our homes while snow covers all around? It comes inside from building materials, windows and sky lights.

Geothermal energy

Just a few feet below the surface, earth has constant temperature. During winter, it’s warmer than its surface and during hot weather, its cooler. It gives heating source that is termed as “geothermal energy”.

Main uses 

Thermal energy is used in various ways in our daily life. It is consumed in the form of active gas, in solar and geothermal heating systems. Water heaters also have this energy. We can get more advantages from this energy by specifically designing our homes. It all depends upon our capability to get the most out of it.

Thermal water heaters

Many water heaters use thermal energy directly. These are compressed natural gas, butane, propane, oil, solar and geothermal. Waste heat or steam from a heater can also be used to warm drinking water at home.

Thermal space cooling

Thermally activated cooling systems (TACS) are type of solar space cooling system. Two types of solar systems are:

  1. Solar desiccant systems
  2. Solar absorption system

These work differently from one another. Desiccant systems regenerate desiccants which absorb humidity in the air. Thus, it creates cooler dry air.

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Why Use Sun-Powered Garden Lights?

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Using solar lights in garden can bring great advantages. Because of their many benefits, these are getting popular than electric lights. Although, their initial cost is higher than conventional lights, these prove to be more rewarding in the long-run.

How solar lights are convenient to use?

Since no wiring, switches or sockets are required, these are not difficult to install. You can easily set these for accurate placement. These work equally well in your lawn, garden or backyard. You can move these anywhere you like.

Using solar lights is cost-effective

Using these solar lights saves considerable amount of money. These are fairly economical.  The only source of energy they require is the sun. You don’t have to pay for hefty monthly bills.  Thanks to nature that provides solar energy absolutely free of charge. However, the price for solar lights can be higher than normal ones. But, their long-term advantages are worth the cost.

Conventional lights versus solar lights

Another big difference in solar lights and conventional lights is that these produce a soft glow. These work well to lighten driveway, patio, garden path, decks and sheds. Sufficient light is produced to illuminate all areas inside and around the garden.

How sun-powered lights work?

Solar garden lights absorb sun energy that strikes their surface. It is then stored during daytime. At night this retained heat energy gained from sunlight is released. That helps brighten up the area around.

Main components

Each solar light consists of a solar cell, which is surrounded by a case made of plastic. It rests at the top area. A standard battery is wired with solar cell. This is rechargeable and gets energy from sunlight during the day. It then lights up at night time.

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Passive Solar Heating: Indirect Gain

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Sun is the source of energy for our entire planet. It not only provides us the light during the day, it is also useful in regulating the temperature of our planet. The light rays of sun also heat the environment and thereby they promote life on our planet. The new advancements in field of science and technology have developed ways and means to cap the potential of the sun rays. These solar rays are used by the photovoltaic cells for production of electric current. These energy rays are also being used to heat different appliances using the passive heating concept.

Indirect Gain

Indirect gain is a means to achieving indirect or passive solar heating. This technique involves transfer of heat energy though the principle of convection. The heat energy is transported from one medium to the other without the use of the hydraulics of pumps. The heat energy is collected in one part of the building and is transferred to the other by the principles of heat exchange. Nowadays different means of using indirect gain are being incorporated in the building structures to heat by passive solar heating.

Few of the means of achieving indirect gain in buildings are as below:-

Use Of Roof Ponds

In this technique, a set of collapsible ponds are filled with water and these are placed on the roofs during the day time.

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Producing Electricity From Sillicon Solar Cells

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Natural resources of fuel are at a risk of being eliminated due to their consumption in very large amount. Scientist are trying to find new ways of producing fuel. One of them is the solar energy. Solar systems have been invented which convert heat energy into electricity. These solar systems are now in use and are cheap source of electricity. To understand the whole working of the solar energy systems, one must understand about the basic thing that is “Solar cell”.

Use Of Silicon In Solar Cells

Use Of Silicon In Solar Cells

The world has progressed rapidly in the field of solar energy. It is easy to use and is cheapest form of energy. To understand about solar energy system, one must start from basic level.,, a solar cell. The basic component of the solar cell is the semiconductor used to convert heat energy into electric charge. Many elements are now being used for this purpose but the best element that has been used from a long time and is still a part of many solar devices is Silicon. The guide line for solar cells is provided by the silicon structure in a photovoltaic (PV) cell. The current is produced in these cells by movement of the electrons from their respective shells. To move more electrons, additional impurities are added in silicon.

Producing Electricity From Solar Cell

A solar grade is made up with a crystalline structure. Semiconductor used in the cells is Silicon atom having three layers holding electrons. The no. of electrons increase in the center of atom. When the electrons from the outer shell of silicon escape, electrons from inner shells move to replace them. This moving results in creating a locked structure. Due to this reason, most of the silicon solar cells ape P-type or N-type silicon cells. N-type cells are added with the impurity that is mainly phosphorous which helps more electrons to escape from the outermost cell of silicon atom. Read the full story

Passive Solar Technology

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Sunlight is a very useful component in the lives of people in the modern day. Many individuals make use of solar power to ignite their lives and carry out their everyday tasks. However, without solar power many of the tasks would be left incomplete and life would definitely become much more difficult and complex to solve. Passive Solar is all about transferring thermal energy. The thermal energy is easily transferable through various unique means.

The Passive Solar Power Technology

The Passive Solar Power Technology

When solar energy strikes the surface of an architectural design, some of the heat remains stored in the building. The rest of the power is removed slowly from the system of the building. The Passive Solar Technology is another great aspect of solar power through which energy from the Sun can be made useful. One does not need any sort of sophisticated tools or devices to make this happen. The design of the building is more than enough to do it.

Passive Solar Design

The Passive Solar Design of a building implies that the building shall continue to retain its warmth and energy in chilly winters. Read the full story

Carbon Nano-Tubes Solar Cells

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You must have heard a lot about solar energy. It is creating hype now-a-days due to the latest technologies introduced by different companies regarding solar energy systems. Sunlight can most effectively be converted into electrical and heat energy through a number of methods. Solar cells are the most vital part of the solar energy systems that are used to convert the solar energy into electrical energy.

Photovoltaic solar cells

Photovoltaic solar cells

The name that is often used for solar cells is photovoltaic cells. The material commonly used for the manufacture of solar cells is silicon. Silicon is one of the most reliable semiconductors when it comes to solar cells. However, the latest addition to the materials used in this regard is carbon. The PV cells use carbon nano-tube coatings that are conductive in nature.

Carbon – The best alternative

Carbon circuits are one of the latest alternatives to the PV cells made up of silicon. These alternatives are being researched and monitored. The solar power industry is inclining with the passage of time. Therefore, they are presenting a number of new ideas regarding the designs and textures of the solar cells. There are a number of options available in the market other that the traditional silicon wafer solar cells.

Doping of silicon

Practicality is considered as one of the most significant factors. Therefore more practical designs are being offered to the people. Read the full story

Heating Homes With Solar Roof Ponds

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Roof ponds are a very popular addition to most of the houses. It may sound murky to you, but it adds an interesting feature to your roof. Solar energy has been considered as one of the most reliable, efficient, and cost effective alternatives for the fuels. There are a number of devices that are operated through the solar power. The sunlight is converted to the electrical energy to operate the device.

Cost effectiveness of the solar ponds

Cost effectiveness of the solar ponds

Solar roof ponds are gaining popularity with the passage of time mainly due to cost effectiveness and convenience. Most of the roof ponds are observed to be dark colored. The ponds are dark colored to make sure that the maximum amount of solar energy has been absorbed. These ponds are much tidier that any other type of pond, and are installed on the roof of the buildings.

Function of the solar roof pond

The solar heat is stored by the solar roof pond during the entire day. The stored energy is then radiated back into the house through the process of convection. In this way the houses remain heated for a longer period of time. Read the full story

Indoor Solar Lights

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Many people ask the question, is it possible to get solar lights inside the house? As a matter of fact, nowadays solar light is very common and widespread in the buildings and the homes as well. There are different methods due to which the light at homes can be powered by the solar energy.

Solar Electricity

Solar Electricity

One of the very common ways is the use of solar electricity. The technology known as photovoltaic (PV), is used for the conversion of solar energy to the electricity. A grid tie converter is used and the panels of photovoltaic are configured in conjunction with grid power system of the house.

How Indoor Lights Are Powered?

The electrical appliances and the indoor lights are powered when the electricity is drawn from the grid at night. It is a very useful technique which can actually generate credit on the electricity bill. The electricity generated by the solar system is much more than the electricity that is used at home.


Skylights are another way of using the solar light indoors.   Read the full story

Passive Solar Technique: Solar Direct Gain

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Solar energy systems are considered as the best alternative to the traditional ones. Solar energy is being converted into other forms of energy pretty successfully now-a-days. This is one of the most reliable and efficient thing to do. You are not required to spend a lot of money on fuel anymore. All you need is sunlight.

Applications of solar energy

Applications of solar energy

Solar energy is available all over the world, and you do not have to pay for it unlike other sources of energy. The function and efficiency of the devices that run on solar energy depends upon the amount of sunlight they are subjected to for the entire day. Lighting and heating are two of the most significant applications of solar energy systems.

Passive solar gain

If you are interested in getting a solar energy system for your house, you are recommended to get quality parts like solar panel, battery, etc. When it comes to heating, direct gain is the simplest technique regarding passive solar gain. You must be aware of the fact that the passive solar heating does not require too much maintenance. In fact this sort of heating needs the minimum amount of maintenance as compared to other techniques.

Active solar gain

On the other hand, the active solar heating totally relies on the mechanical devices for the transfer and distribution of heat, which makes it obligatory for the person to maintain the components well. Read the full story