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Making A Solar Generator at Home

Electricity generators are becoming popular in the areas affected by load shedding. These come in various configurations like petroleum, diesel and compressed natural gases. However, the increase in fuel prices is a hurdle in their use.

As a result, people are switching to alternate sources like solar energy.

Solar Generator


A solar generator is a device that uses the solar energy to produce electric current for home use. These come in various capacities and sizes.

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Why You Should Have Solar Energy Kit For Home?

Solar kits are cost-effective and an economical way to generate power. Why these are so popular and beneficial? There are many reasons for that. These are easy to install and are highly durable. A brief discussion of their great advantages is given here:

Solar kits are environment-friendly

There is no emission of greenhouse gases and other hazardous chemicals in solar power generators. Therefore, all over the world governments are convincing consumers to use solar energy. They also give incentives and make these available to their people.

Residential areas are more likely to suffer from environmental hazards. Solar kits for homes are surely a great way to keep atmosphere clean and pure.

How to install a solar power kit?

Installing a solar power kit is easy. You can do the task yourself after getting full instructions. Reading or watching tutorial videos will help a lot. Illustrations about fitting the supplies are easily understandable.

Alternately, get a professional to do the job. They are trained enough to install the kit properly. It will save time and energy.

What is the total cost for solar power kit?

The initial cost for setting up the system may be high. Thanks to government that offers tax incentives for using various sources of renewable energy. For a ready-made solar system the cost may be $10 per watt. Once you get benefits and convenience of using solar energy, cost does not remain a big issue.

How long will it last?

Solar energy kits are really durable. Their long-lasting feature makes these popular and widely used in the world. These can work for almost twenty-five years or more. In this way, it gives phenomenal money saving.

How solar energy kits work in homes?

Solar energy kits have a grid of photovoltaic cells. These are made from silicon or other semi-conductors. When sunlight strikes the cells, electrons excite.

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General Characteristics Of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

The vehicle in which two or more different power sources are used to move the vehicle is known as fuel cell hybrid vehicle. Generally the term refers to hybrid electric vehicles (HEV).The internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors are combined together in hybrid electric vehicles. The fuel cell hybrid car is powered by the gas engine and an electric.

Working Of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

Working Of Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

The energy is stored in rechargeable batteries. This stored energy is later on used to power electric motor. When the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen takes place, it results in the production of electricity. This electricity is generated by the fuel cells. So no greenhouse gases are emitted during the process. The storage battery that is fed by the electricity is powers the electric motor. There is a computer system fitted in the hybrid electric vehicles. This computer system helps in selecting the best energy source to maximize the efficiency of the vehicle. It also helps in providing the safety and comfort.

Greenest Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle

The fuel cell hybrid vehicle has been nominated as one of the greenest vehicles by The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The cost of fuel cell hybrid vehicles is not necessarily high than conventional fossil fuel powered vehicles. Very small wear and tear is required by the engine. Higher mileage warranty is offered by the manufacturers of fuel cell hybrid vehicles. Continue reading

Eco Friendly Automobiles

Automobile exhaustion is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases in the environment. Therefore, it is very important to find the alternative and rather cleaner sources of automobile fueling in order to lighten with the effects of climatic change.

Alternative Automobile Fuels

Alternative Automobile Fuels

Petrol fuels are still the dominating automobile fuels all over the world, but things are starting to change slowly. In some parts of the world, alternate automobile fuels are available like fuel cell, biofuels, hydrogen, bioethanol, biopetrol, liquid petroleum gas, and electricity. These types of fuels are being utilized for automobiles that are capable of running on alternative fuels.

Pros and Cons Alternative Fuels

These alternative options seem viable options for car fueling, but still these options have some advantages and disadvantages. Automobiles that run on alternative source of power offer various benefits to environment. Such cars are less polluting and are eco friendly to a great extent than conventional cars. The negative point of these cars can be their prices that can be lower or higher in accordance with the type of alternative fuel that is in question.

Biofuel as an Alternative Source of Power

Currently, biofuel is by far the most popular alternative fuel for automobiles. Many countries have either adopted it completely or partially. The shining example is Brazil that is the largest sugarcane producer in the world. In Brazil, in some states it doesn’t cost much to run automobiles on sugarcane ethanol.  However, there are certain major setbacks of biofuel. These setbacks include land management and food price. Continue reading

Energy Production Using Wind Farming

Wind farming technology is now considered as a promising method for the production of energy. There are many techniques of energy production. Most of these techniques are suggested as the low cost energy producing ways. But nearly all these methods are involved in the CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions which are harmful for human health. More than 20 billion kilowatt of electricity power is now producing in United States with wind farming. This is considered to be enough for 4.9 million households. Two nuclear power plants or 40 coal fired power plants can also be produced the same amount of energy. However, nuclear and coal fires power plants are considered as insecure due to the safety and emission of green house gases respectively. Therefore, wind farming projects have now preferred for production of energy.

Reliable source of energy production

Wind power is now frequently used for the generation of home electricity. It is assumed that if this power is increased to ten times from the existing amount then it can produce electricity for 50 million homes. This would be enough for the 150 million people.

Energy requirements

Wind power can easily be covered the current overall requirements of energy. However, industry needs much power than the home requirements. Every coal fired production and emission of gases from buses, trains, cars and planes causes to pollute the environment.

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Global Warming and Its Causes

Global warming is the most pricking question in this age. But still a great number of people are unaware of what global warming is and what its causes are. Let’s have a look on the causes of global warming. To do so, first we should know that global warming is an overall state of existence that has evolved from a number of environmental factors. All these factors merged together and gave birth to a big problem in the form of series of events that is collectively called as the global warming.


Depletion of Ozone

The global warming gained the attention of people after the depletion of Ozone layer. A molecular form of oxygen is called Ozone. The ozone layer is set in the lower part of the stratosphere of the Earth in the form of the thin strata forming a layer.

Due to the depletion of ozone layer, ultraviolet rays reach the surface of the earth directly and cause certain types of skin and other problems. Is it right that rise in UV radiations equate to global warming? The answer is not really. In reality, in the opinion of several scientists, depletion of the Ozone layer ending in cooling of both the troposphere and stratosphere. The main reason to co-relate depletion of Ozone layer to the global warming is to represent the need to maintain a balance between harmful radiation to reach the surface of the earth and human life to stop the increase the water and air temperature. Continue reading

Tyre Recycling: A Challenge!

Every year one tyre per person is discarded to junkyard and that leads towards heaps and heaps of tyres without recycling, so the disposal of tyres has become a problematic issue. Thrown tyres stock is generating health issue as tire fire occurs due to heat and leads to burning and then to pollution in air.

tyre recycle

The only solution to this problem is to recycle tires, the process of recycling tyre is an obstacle as they are very durable products and rubber is a hard to break material. Continue reading

Ten Major Benefits of Solar Energy

Sunlight is made of tiny packets of energy called photons. Every minute enough of this free energy reaches the earth that it can meet all of the world’s energy needs for a full year.

Solar Energy

I will discuss here the major ten benefits of the solar energy:

1 - First of all we knew that solar energy is a renewable energy. So there is no need to worry that sunlight will run out or will be used all up. Sun is a permanent source of energy and it will be there everyday.

2 – Solar energy is having no harm impact on the environment means its environment friendly. As fossil fuels that release the greenhouse gases, carcinogens and carbon dioxide while solar cells don’t release any harmful elements in the atmosphere.

3 – Solar panels are so much durable and are having no moving parts that you worry about replacing anything. Continue reading

How Is Global Warming Produced?

The overall global climate change has finally convinced everyone that climate change is for real, has begun, and is mostly due to human activities.


According to experts, the effects of global warming are extremely hazardous and extensive. Most of the times, these consequences are only thought of as threats to polar bears, exotic wildlife, and beautiful glaciers. But it is important to understand that climate change threatens more than just the animals and natural landscapes. It can also cause harm to human health and pose serious problems.

In order to understand the effects of global warming, we must first understand how global warming works. We all know that sunshine warms the earth. But when the sun’s radiations enter the atmosphere, a part of the radiations are bounced back into space, and another portion is absorbed by clouds and water vapors, but the majority strikes the planet’s surface.

Step Up To Stop Climate Change

We already know about the increasing hazards of climate change, but instead of accepting the disasters as nature’s revenge and continuing to burn fossil fuels into CO2, it is extremely important that we take appropriate steps to control the problems.

Global Warming

The rate of success will rely on our efforts and whether we are able to control the issue through scientific research, new public policies, and better personal choices that are environment friendly.

Here are some of the things that we can do to help towards the conservation of energy and environment and thus alter the increasing rate of climate change.

1. Walk instead of Drive

Try to walk or ride a bike for transportation. This way, you won’t just cut back on your fuel bills and generate less CO2, you’ll burn off that extra fat that, helping to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, dementia, depression, colon cancer, and osteoporosis.

Major Gases Responsible For Global Warming

The greenhouse effect is a natural process by which the earth keeps itself warm enough for the living organisms to survive. However, due to the human intervention, the level of these greenhouse gases has increased to such an extent that the greenhouse effect is become hazardous for human life.


Greenhouse gases are heat trapping gases formed on earth through natural processes and human activities, which then enter the atmosphere. Here are some of the major gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

1. Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide is being emitted in the air constantly as every time you breathe, a tiny amount of CO2 enters the atmosphere. However, this is an extremely small amount as compared to the CO2 produced when wood and fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal are burnt. Many other industries also produce CO2 as a by product. Although plants get rid of the CO2 present in the air during photosynthesis. With the increase in the fossil fuel combustion and deforestation, atmospheric CO2 has increased greatly. Carbon dioxide is accountable for most of the global warming, and with the ongoing rate, atmospheric CO2 level can almost double as soon as in 2050.