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How Government Agencies Can Reduce Their Electricity Bills?

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Government agencies are now converting their primary source of energy from the conventional sources to new, clean and environmental friendly solar electricity which converts light that the sun shines upon the Earth into usable Electricity. Unlike the old solar panels which were used to heat water, these new and advanced solar panels produce electricity that can be used to power anything from televisions, personal computers, lights, air conditioners and other countless electrical equipment.

Why Should the Agencies Start Using Renewable Energy?

Why Should the Agencies Start Using Renewable Energy

The government agencies might be converting to clean energy due to the fact that the Government of the United States is offering great rebates or refunds with the purchase of solar electric systems on their facilities. For example, the state of California is offering cash rebate of up to $4000 per kilowatt of the installed capacity. Many other states are also offering cash rebates in the purchase of solar electric systems. This not only helps the environment but also saves the money which government agencies spend on their electricity as the electricity obtained from the sun is completely free of cost and it just requires an installation fee and nothing else.

Do We Continue use of Electricity From Power Companies?

Yes, the connection of a power company is necessary but while using energy of Power Company one can also make his own energy by installing solar panels. In this way one can not only produce and consume energy from one’s personal solar panel but also save on Electricity bills and also enjoy Electricity during power outages. In this way one can become a power producer by just installing solar panels.

Solar electric panels are very easy to use and set up in your home. They are not breakable and one does not have to monitor its usage. Solar panels produce electricity from the sun whose light is free of cost. Solar have an expected warranty of 25 years and in most cases it has been notes to last almost twice as that. So you don’t have to worry if this is a profitable investment or not.

How Solar Panels Transfer Energy

There are basically two things required to setup a solar energy producing plant. One is the Solar Photovoltaic Array that is the panel which receives light from the sun and other is the inverter which converts Direct Current or DC that is produced by the Solar panel into home usable Alternating Current or AC.

The Solar PV Array should be nested at a point where it can absorb maximum light from the sun. The panel then converts this light into electricity in the form of DC. This DC is fed into the inverter which inverts this Direct Current into Alternating Current or AC. This AC current is then synchronized with the AC current the Power Company is producing and then it is fed through the Utility meter and then towards the grid. This will reduce the electricity one consumes from the power companies which slows down the Utility meter and in some cases it also runs backward. If one is living in a State such as California, the local Power Company is required to credit the person for the electricity that he has produced. This is called “Net Metering State”.

Battery Backed or Battery Less

Both the systems, that is, battery less and battery backed perform the same thing. Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in North Carolina

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If you fill out the correct information in the survey on the North Carolina solar energy website, then one of the North Carolina solar professionals will call you. He will guide you about solar evaluation free of cost. He will also supply you the most recent details about the rebates and tax breaks in North Carolina


North Carolina

Check an option of the solar power Solution(s) relevant for your house. Click all those choices that are valid for you:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Supply the Correct Information

If you provide the correct details, you will obtain more precise evaluation. This is specifically right for the sum of your energy bill each month. If the details are combined with your energy Supply Company by obtaining its rates from some alternate source, you will then receive more correct utilization of your current requirements of energy ever month.

This information will guide you to determine about the quantity of solar panels required to supply you the proportion of solar energy to meet your needs.

Free Solar Power Appraisal for North Carolina

North Carolina is really an excellent site to take benefit of utilizing the solar power. With the free of cost solar assessment, you will be able to estimate the prospective for the use of solar power at your home.

Read the full story

Basics of Sun Run Lease in LA and Arizona

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Sun Run has introduced a solar lease program available in Los Angeles (LADWP) utility and Arizona, though the Sun Run is basically known for Solar PPAs.

Solar Lease

Resedential Solar Lease

This lease is basically a relief for people who usually refrain from the lease because of the high upfront cost of the solar program. The upfront cost for the solar lease is typically $500 but this upfront cost could be less or zip in some utilities of Arizona. This solar lease agreement is for a period of 18 years and in case the house owner moves out of the house the Sun Run lease shall offer you three options firstly, the lease can be transferred in the name of the new homeowner, secondly, you can buy out the remaining agreement and thirdly the system can be bought at a predetermined cost.

Qualifying For the Lease

In order to qualify for the lease, a good to excellent credit is required and an ability to pay is also determined. However, the Sun Run says that other than the FICO Score it takes more things into their consideration for qualifying for the lease as well. The Lease agreement does not place any kind of lien on the home, or dip into the home equity.

Maintenance Forms a Part of the Lease Payments

The lease payments includes the maintenance of the equipment as well, the good news is that it also includes the inverter, which usually starts creating troubles between twelve to fifteen years of its installation.

The First Year Lease Program Payment

The first year of the lease program payment, which combines the solar lease and utility bill, is calculated by the Sun Ray Lease to be equal to what is being already paid by the home owner.

Read the full story

Solar Pioneer Program for Homeowners

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Solar panels are the best way to generate electricity for the home use. In America many companies are also promoting the use of solar panels by providing very reasonable loans for the solar energy systems. Government also provides subsidy on the solar panels so that every one can use and install these panels in home and can save more energy.

Solar panels are especially designed according to the use of users and to minimize the energy crises. These solar energy systems are very useful for you and also for the environment and society.

Useful aspects of solar energy

Useful aspects of solar energy

There are many useful aspects of solar energy. Following are some points that show the benefits of solar energy.

  • Solar panels are helpful for the environment, as they do not produce any pollutant in the environment.
  • Solar panels also help to minimize the consumption and usage of fossil fuels, as you do not need to burn natural gas or petrol for the electricity generators.

Read the full story

Government Grants for Alternative Energy

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President George W. Bush enhanced the funding for R&D for alternative energy in 2007 by 22%. But while announcing the enhancement he mentioned that the enhancement would apply on fabricated units. There look some exciting contradictions when the question for funding the alternative energy comes under discussion.The reason for the contradictions is that meanwhile Mr. President was announcing for enhancement of funding for the alternative energy R&D at the same time the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Golden Colorado (NREL) was terminating its employees and contractors’ contracts.

Government Grants for Alternative Energy

It looks the decision was later communicated to NREL and it started renegotiating contracts with employees immediately after the President’s address. Later the President addressed at the NREL. Now the matter is quite undisputed and it is understood that the US government is committed to boost up alternative energy projects by supporting R&D programs and tax concessions.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory of Golden Colorado (NREL)

The NREL is a foremost part of National Bio-energy Center and practically has no physical office. This is an extension of Energy Department of US and its prime responsibility is development of alternative energy. The examiners and the developers at the research centers are dedicated professionals and perform vital functions for the development of economically feasible products based on the proven creative ideas as claimed by the Director of Laboratory, Mr. Dan Arvizu.

Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in Ohio

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If you note down the details in the questionnaire correctly on the Ohio solar power website, then one of the Ohio solar professional will surely give you a call. He will guide you about solar assessment free of cost and also provide you with the most recent information about the price cuts and tax rebates in Ohio.



Choose an option of the solar power Solution(s) for your place. Tick all those options that are applicable to you:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Try to Furnish More Correct Information

If you supply the correct information, you will obtain the more precise evaluation. This is particularly right for the quantity of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is joined with the power supply company, its prices can be looked through some other source, and then you will get more exact usage of your current needs of electricity on monthly basis.

These details will help you to determine about the quantity of solar panels required to provide you the percentage of solar power you require to fulfill your needs.

Free of Charges Solar Assessment for Ohio

A free of cost solar evaluation can support the inhabitants of Ohio to determine the actual prospective of their beautiful state. The Ohio inhabitants can be assisted to devise and manufacture a solar power system that can be utilized to drastically shrink their power bills on monthly basis.

Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in Montana

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If you complete the questionnaire correctly on the Montana solar power website, then one of the Montana solar experts will make a call to you. He will advise you about solar evaluation on free of cost basis and also provide you with the latest details about the discounts and tax credits.



Make a choice of the solar power Solution(s) for your vicinity. Tick all those options that apply:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Try to Provide Accurate Information

If you supply the more correct details, you will be able to get the more exact evaluation. This is particularly right in relation to the sum of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is gathered with the name of your electricity company supplier who prices can be taken through some other sources, then you will be able to get more accurate consumption of your current usage of electricity on monthly basis.

These details will facilitate you to decide about the quantity of solar panels required to supply you the proportion of solar power you would like to acquire.

Montana Free of Cost Solar Appraisal

Montana is surely an ideal place to utilize hygienic power manufactured by solar panels. Actually, most of the places all over the Montana state have better potential to use solar energy. It shows better prospects than that of Florida State which is regarded as more welcoming for solar power.

Read the full story

Step by Step Guide to Residential Solar Power System

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For the installation of a Photovoltaic Solar Energy System, firstly you have to check out that how much solar energy is usually absorbed by your panel which depends on the mean daily solar radiations for your area.

1. Calculating the Potential Solar Radiation Power

The average Solar energy obtained is about 4-5 kWh/m2/day, in most of the areas but in some areas it even reaches to 8.

Solar power

In order to check your area, please concern to this map which is provided by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Resource Assessment Program. In the units kWh/m2/day, where kWh stands for kilowatt hour, with “m” is the area of the absorber, for this case, the photovoltaic cell, with square meters. Where the solar panels work with the efficiency of ranging from 7 to 17%.

Solar Radiation (kWh/m2/day) X % of Solar Panel’s Efficiency (7%) = Tot, Power in kW a solar Panel (2m2) can generate Daily

Keeping in mind the above formula, your habitat consist of an average solar radiation of 4.5 kWh/m2/day in the surface area of about 1m2 of photovoltaic cells, then the resultant can be 0.315 kWh/day (315 Watt/day) with the efficiency of about 7% of an average solar panel.

2. Determine Your Average Energy Usage

Once you come to know that how much solar energy you are obtaining from the sun then you can calculate that how much energy you need on your recent energy involvement.

Read the full story

Cheap Solar Lighting Systems

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The solar lighting can truly be regarded not only as the potential lighting source, but also the current light system.

Energy Saving

To save energy is one of the major purposes of saving daylight time. The rationale for this execution was that during the sleeping, people require minimum amount of energy, as people normally sleep with switching off the lights. Hence, by bouncing time ahead, the period between dusk and sleeping is narrowed. It is more daylight available before sleeping, so relatively little amount is mandatory for business purposes.

solar lighting

Renewable Energy

In the houses, the solar lighting supplies free of charge renewable energy with each flip of a light button. The solar energy is not only the source of renewable power, but it is also infinite. It is therefore, quite appealing to think of that all and sundry can now use the free of cost energy provided by the sun for light as well as for other electrical energy purposes. The one important reason for execution of daylight saving is to save time.

Source of Saving

In this way the additional light on hand in the evening time can be really advantageous to utilize the daylight saving time.

Read the full story

Efficiency of Biofuels

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Biofuels can be created with the conversion of natural material into power in order to strengthen the people. These biofuels are also an alternative energy resource as against the relic sources of power that we are presently using.

Biofuels Chemicals

The umbrella of biofuels comprise of a chemical substance ethanol and end products of couple of plants, like sugar cane. These also consist of corn oils. It should, however, be kept in mind that complete set of ethanol products are not premeditated as a petrol source. In this regard The International Agency has disclosed that within the time of fifteen years, ten percent of global petrol will be made by ethanol. This figure will rise to 30% in 2050 and currently the amount is only 2%.

Energy Efficiency

Nonetheless, it is long process to purify these biofuels and make these usable. In this regard, the Oregon State University has also unearthed the fact through their research that still we need to widen the energy resourceful biofuels, because gas is prepared from the fuel. Energy efficiency gauges the total quantity of functional energy that we require is resultant of particular quantity of input power. So far, not enough energy has been derived for our needs.

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How to Seek Grants for Alternative Energy

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You may be aspiring to do some study and want to build up alternative energy expertise on that basis. You may also desire to establish it as a non-profit business. For that purpose, you do require funding from the Federal as well as the state governments.

The Need for Alternative Energy Sources

The govt. funding for seeking up information and nurturing up the alternative energy have been largely publicized by the elected officials currently on various levels, like Federal, State and Town. In fact, the President of U.S is also very concerned about this issue.  The reality is that now as a nation, we have accepted the truth that we have to search for and enlarge the alternative energy resources as against the relic oils that we are currently using. The reason is that these fuels are slowly depleting. Now, it has become very expensive to extract these. Additionally these fuels are also polluting the surrounding as well as the quality of air

Govt. Grant Programs

If you look into more details, you will find that govt. has been offering a huge range of funding plans for that purpose. In this regard, you must consider the most vital fact in essence of that; Govt. funding is normally offered free of cost. It is not a lending activity for which you have to make interest repayments. In fact, you don’t have to return these funds to Govt. Nonetheless, in order to be eligible for this grant (since entails the grant of free money from the government), you have to fulfill a large number of pre-requisites. Read the full story