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Free Solar Energy For Homes

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Solar energy has become a hot topic for the people fed up of paying utility bills. It is becoming difficult to pay the utility bills due to decreasing income and people face the budgeting issues. Solar energy provides them an option to produce free electricity for their homes.

Factors For Conversion To Solar Energy

People are trying to convert to solar energy at a rapid pace. The governments are also offering rebates and incentives in this regard. However, one should consider a few factors before blindly going for the solar energy conversion. These factors are discussed below:-

1. Your Budget

Solar energy is expensive to start with. Therefore, one must know that how much is he going to invest in this project? The budget allocated must also be compatible with your expected requirements. Too much or too little budget will be useless for you in the long run.

2. Incentives For Solar Energy

Different states offer different rebates for the consumers. One should assess the amount of the government support in a particular area for installing a solar system.

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Getting Residential Solar System in Nebraska

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If you fill out the correct information in the survey on the Nebraska solar power website, then one of the Nebraska experts on solar energy will surely call you. He will assist you about solar assessment free of charges and also offer you the latest details about the rebates and tax incentives in Nebraska.



Tick an option of the solar power Solution(s) valid for your place. Check all those choices that are relevant to you:

  • Solar Electricity
  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater

Provide More Precise Details

If you present the right details, you will get hold of more correct assessment. This is especially true for the amount of your power bill every month. If the information is combined with your energy supply company, its rates can be checked via some other mean, and then you will obtain more precise usage of your existing requirements of power for each month.

This information will assist you to decide about the amount of solar panels required to supply you the percentage of solar power to fulfill your requirements.

Free Solar Assessment at Nebraska

Nebraska can boast of having plenty of sunshine. This makes it an ultimate location for manufacturing solar power. At the moment the states comes at the ninth rank in U.S because of its prospective of using solar energy.

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Government Rebates And Tax Credits to Install Solar Panels

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Many attractive financial incentives are provided by Federal, state and local governments to encourage homeowners to switch to solar energy. These incentives offered by government, lower the cost of a solar system and often make solar power even less expensive and cheaper than utility company electricity. This is because government wants to appreciate the users of solar energy.

State Rebate Program by government

Almost all the states and many utility companies offer their programs to encourage homeowners to use solar power instead of using company electricity. The amount of the rebate subsidy provided by the government varies by program, but many programs are very good enough to cover up to 30% of your system cost. In short if you use company electricity you will spend 30 % more money than if you use solar energy. Call Solar City to secure your rebate at the current level before it drops again. Because, it is a limited time package provided by government.

Rebates and taxes

In some areas where there is more solar energy, government is providing more incentives to promote usage of solar energy. For example, San Francisco and the state of Oregon offers a city rebate up to 6,000 dollars in tax credits over 4 years.

Federal Tax procedure

Federal government is offering deduction of taxes on solar plants up to 30 percent of the total tax amount through an investment tax credit (ITC). You can also apply this tax ratio on you upcoming tax years. Read the full story