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Effects Of Global Warming

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There are multiple effects of global warming, some which we do see today, and some that will appear more with the passage of time. Earlier in a post, I explained the various factors that lead to global warming, and its causes. Today, I will be discussing the consequences of global warming and its effects.Global Warming

Global warming has led to the recent changes in the earth’s temperature and the sea levels. Although there is strong evidence that suggests that our planet is warming, but it is very difficult to identify a single cause of this.

As the Earth’s average annual temperature rises, we may see its various effects in different areas. One of its main consequences could be the rising sea levels. It could lead to many towns and cities that lie below sea level to become victim to flooding leading to loss of life and serious economical impacts.

Causes Of Global Warming

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There are many causes that lead to Global warming, with each of the reasons contributing more to the increasing intensity of the climate change that has affected our planet.

causes of global warming

The main cause of global warming is the increase rate of greenhouse gases present in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases cause the the greenhouse effect, which traps the heat present on the earth by reducing the level of solar rays that are able to escape from our atmosphere.

Although the greenhouse effect is extremely important to support life on earth, by keeping our atmosphere warm enough to support life, the addition of human activities contributing to the quantity of greenhouse gases has caused an artificial increase in the intensity of the greenhouse effect, which has made this great phenomena a bad effect. Thus greenhouse effect is not bad, it is the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases that are causing the harm.

10 of the Worst Falling Sea Levels

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Now, put simply (really, this is a very simple way of putting it!) should there be a dramatic drop in sea levels for any number of reasons, it could cause the most productive area of the ocean known as the Continental Shelf to be reduced. And what would this do? This would cause a marine mass extinction. Yep, it really is as scary as it sounds!


Marine mass extinction quite literally means that life in the big blue, all sharks, whales and little but innumerable fish would cease to exist. But that’s not all. Due to drastic changes in weather patterns, this could then lead to mass extinctions on land too; you guessed it, that’s us!

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Ways To Prevent Global Warming

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An increase in the Earth’s temperature is called Global warming. This includes an increase in air temperature and ocean temperature. This poses a great threat to biodiversity. Global warming is mainly caused by air pollutants that trap the sun’s heat, thus increasing the world’s overall temperature.

global warm

However, there is something everyone can do to help. Here are some steps through with you can prevent global warming.

1. One of the simplest things you can do to slow down the process of global warming is by altering your home’s light. You can try changing them to compact fluorescent bulbs, as they will last longer and conserve energy too.

2. Turn off all appliances which you are not using currently. For example, turn off your computer if you are not using it, as many of us have a bad habit of just keeping it on. Keep your television off if you are not watching it. You can also unplug them to save energy.

Use of Coal and Its Effects on Environment

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Most of people think that coal had became part of past and now America had moved on to most advance, safer and cleaner energy sources. While in reality still coal provides electricity almost to half nation, which is more than any other source of power and statistics shows that coal use in America now had nearly tripled since 1960. And this coal use will increase if the power industry succeeds in building the many power plants it has proposed for construction.

Coal Effects

According to coal’s proponents coal power is much cheaper. Though the price of electricity made from coal is cheaper but it has other expensive things such as coal related air and water pollution, mining accidents, permanently altered landscapes and most important than all is climate change. And newest proposed coal power plants will cost far more than existing plants, which will be having major impacts on air and water quality and will be having same mining and climate impacts as existing plants.

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How Much We Know About Climate Change

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Climate change science is playing a main role for understanding the fundamentals of global warming. Now there is no doubt in the main stream scientific community that the earth is warming, and increasing evidence shows that humans had played significant part in it.

Climate Change

For instance we know that the specific gases like carbon dioxide and methane play a major role in determining the Earth’s climate by preventing heat from escaping the atmosphere. Researchers had documented that increased concentration of such environment harming gases are due to of human activities such as burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and land degradation, cattle ranching, and rice farming. Human’s part in global warming has been documented in a growing number of studies.

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Global Warming Solutions

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Though the world had almost realized the problem of global warming but still there are some who say global warming may or may not be a problem. This “ may” in this issue is creating a lots of hurdles in taking major steps against global warming because if global warming don’t exist and the world apply too much resources to solve that problem which don’t even exist then that will be a great loss of world’s resources and billions of people will have to face then poverty.

Global Warming Solutions

On other hand if global warming problem exists and we don’t do anything about it then it will become a disastrous problem for mankind in future. So it is more important to see what steps we can take that would prove beneficial whether or not anthropogenic global warming turns out to be a problem. These steps can be termed “no regrets” policies.

How can be a “No Regrets Global Warming Policy” made? Well a global warming policy can be termed “ no regrets” as long as it:

  • When the greenhouse gases amount is reduced being emitted in the atmosphere.
  • To make less such things, prevent or reduce harm associated with global warming.
  • Providing greater capacity for dealing with problems associated with global warming.
  • Making such policies for global warming that wont affect the economy and are beneficial.

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Will 2012 Be The End Of The World?

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2012 is almost here, and according to Mayans Theory, it may be the end of the world on 21st Dec 2012. Although it is still unlikely that we will have the doomsday in 2012, some of the extinction events that are going to happen, or have happened already in the past are listed below.

# 1 – Human Cause


Because of a lot of outstanding developments in different aspects of life, mainly in field of science, Humans have started to think that nature cannot harm them. But the truth is totally different from that because humans themselves have developed methods of self-destruction.

For example, the nuclear weapons – according to figures, there are enough nuclear weapons on earth, made by humans, that can easily wipe out the life from the surface of the planet earth. Only one nuclear war can destroy the planet.

I hope and pray that the planet earth will remain peaceful. Otherwise we are on the edge of extinction already by own human hand made weapons.

# 2 – Gamma Ray From Sky Can Wipe Out Life from Earth


Just think that you are sitting under the sky in night and staring at the stars and suddenly a light flashes up in the sky, and a star explodes. Before you can say anything, everyone on Earth will die.

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U.S. Unveils Plan To Boost Clean Technology In Poor Nations

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On Monday, The White House announced that it will be initiating a new program, spending $350 million over a period of five years in order to supply developing nations with clean energy technology to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce global warming. The funding will be granted by drawing funds from international partners.

clean power

According to this program, solar power alternatives will be distributed for homes, including sun-powered lanterns and cleaning equipment and appliances. The funding will also be used to encourage renewable energy systems in the world’s poorer nations.

The Major Economies Forum (MEF) established the funding plan among the world’s top economies in the beginning of this year, planning to produce the details and spending at the July summit meeting in L’Aquila, Italy.

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Facts About Global Warming

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Although we all know that global warming is something, most of us do not about the real effects of global warming, is it really happening? why it’s happening, what’s causing it, and how it might change the planet.

effects of global warming

The truth is that global warming is really causing worldwide climate change. Here are some facts to show the effects of global warming.

• The average temperatures have gone up almost 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) all over the world since 1880.

• The most alarming thing is that this rate of warming is increasing. The last two decades of the 20th century were the hottest in 400 years.

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Japan May Cut Emissions by Less than 25 %

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On Friday Japan cautioned that if rich nations fail to make deep reduction as part of U.N. due deal in Copenhagen in December about greenhouse gas emissions then it could water down planned 2020 cuts in greenhouse gas emissions.

A draft report in Brussels shown that European Union states are preparing to approve or sign an estimate by the European Commission that developing countries will need about 100 billion Euros ($150.1 billion) annually by 2020 to tackle climate change.

To help developing nations to fight the global warming problem and disputes over 2020 emissions cuts by developed nations are the main hard points in slow moving U.N. talks which will end in Denmark on Dec.18 with a new treaty or agreement.

Sakihito Ozawa

Japanese Environment Minister Sakihito Ozawa said that the possibility is not zero when he was asked if Japan might change its 2020 target of cutting emissions by 25 percent from 1990 levels if Copenhagen falls short on its determined target.

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