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Ethanol As A Fuel Of The Future

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The energy starved modern economy is looking for alternate fuels. They have begun tapping the potential of solar and wind energy. In addition, a lot of research is being done to generate the bio-fuels that are safer for the environment and economical as well. The development of ethanol as a fuel is a giant step in this regard.


Ethanol is considered by many to be the fuel of the future. It is a plant based fuel and extracted from the crops specially cultivated for this purpose. The corn and sugar cane are the most common crops in this regard. In addition, the potential of certain weeds and tree bark has also been realized by the oil producers.

Challenges For Ethanol

The ethanol is gaining popularity as a bio fuel that is safe for the environment as well. However, there are numerous challenges that it has to surmount before it becomes a common man’s choice. A few of these challenges are discussed below;-

Higher Cost

Ethanol is an attractive alternate fuel but it is quite expensive as compared to the gasoline. Production costs of ethanol are much higher as compared to gasoline.

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Solar/Wind Hybrid Units

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Solar power and wind energy are two forms of energy. The solar and wind energy are considered to be the alternative energy sources. The energy generated from these two mediums is pollution free and cheap. Solar power and wind energy can be combined together to form an interesting mode of energy production. The solar/wind energy hybrid is the latest innovation achieved by experts. This unit combines solar and wind power together to increase electricity production.

Solar Power & Wind Power

Research on solar and wind energy enabled this breakthrough to be made. These hybrid units are easy to install and provide with great power. The solar/wind hybrid units are the best backup power source for any home or commercial project. They can make power at any time of the day depending on natural factors like wind and sunlight. An all-round year generation of power can be expected in this manner.

Supplying Power to Remote Areas

Many isolated regions do not have any adequate or proper supply of proper. To deal with this issue, individuals must address the solar/wind energy hybrid units. These units have been preferred by main organizations in their aims to reduce carbon foot prints as well as improving energy production.

Power by Solar/Wind Hybrid

The cost of a Solar/wind energy hybrid unit is comparatively greater than individual solar and wind energy units. However, these units are quite easy to maintain.

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Working of Flat Plate Solar Collectors

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When one creates a solar energy system, the important thing that is kept in mind is the method of collection. This is very important because if you want your solar energy system to be successful it must have an efficient collector which is able to collect energy from the sun in the best way possible. In the market one can find mainly three different types of collectors but the most popular and the most widely used collector in the market today is the Flat Plate collector.

What is A Flat Plate Collector?

What is A Flat Plate Collector

A flat plate collector basically consists of a rectangular box which is covered by a plastic glazing or a glass, and underneath this covering lays a metal plate. The heat is trapped in the rectangular box with the help of the plastic glazing or the glass covering. This heat is then absorbed by the metal plate which is colored to absorb maximum heat. This absorbed heat is then transferred to tubes which contain air or water. These tubes then carry this absorbed heat around the house and keep the house warm without the need of any heavy electrical appliances

Air and Liquid systems

There are two types of systems. One system contains air in the tubes and the other system contains liquid in the carrying tubes.

Air Systems

Air systems in which heat is carried around with the help of air are not very efficient. Read the full story

Solar Cell’s Material Effects on Efficiency of Solar Cell

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With the passage of time advancements are coming in solar technology. This technology is improving and providing affordable energy. The proof of the advancement is new solar cells, the related industry is expanding and innovations are coming day by day. New one is better from the previous one. Now solar cells are available type of sizes and shapes.

Three generations of the solar cells

Three generations of the solar cells

You will find three generations of the cells which the solar industry has produced, each of them have cells of their own kind. In the very first generation you will find silicon-based cells. In the second generation variety of cells were introduced, these cells were mainly coated with a thin-film moniker and silicon is still used in these cells. To achieve maximum efficiency at low production coast, in the third generation cells the edges of the cells were cut. Every cell coming out of these generations has its own characteristic.

The solar cells are mainly differentiated by their size, shape and their semiconductor material. The solar cells having same material can also be differentiated further on the basis of unique characteristics. This characteristic separates one cell from other and also separates solar modules from one another.

Mono-crystalline solar cells

The mono-crystalline solar cell is known as father of modern solar power system. These cells are single-crystal and are made from a block of silicon known as cylindrical ingot. Read the full story

Third Generation Polymer Solar Cells

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Solar energy is one of the most useful and vital forms of energy. It can be easily produced by the harnessing of Sunlight in to potential electricity. Electricity can be then used in various commercial and domestic projects. Solar Energy is an alternative form of energy. It can be quite useful in making benefits for people of all age and regions. Sunlight is received by the Earth in almost all parts. It can be effectively converted through Solar Cells.

Third Generation Solar Cells

Third Generation Solar Cells

Solar Cells are the name given to the device that is responsible for the generation of Solar Energy. Solar Power Panels come equipped with the Solar Cells. These Solar Cells are capable of generating power when the light strikes their surface. However Solar Energy has various other uses as well. The introduction of modern techniques has also changed Solar Energy greatly. A new generation of Solar Cells has been introduced to the market.

Polymer Solar Cells

The latest and perhaps the final type of Solar Cells are the Polymer Solar Cells. These are the latest and most useful innovation to date. Read the full story

Passive Solar Energy and Residential Solar Energy

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The term passive solar and residential solar energy is often confused, both these energy systems make use of the sun energy but as to how it delivers is where the difference lays. The residential solar energy saves utility bill by virtue of the solar equipment installed while the passive solar system saves the energy cost by virtue of its sustainable design strategy.

Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy

Residential solar energy is an alternative to the electricity which is provided to you by your utility company, it is on you how much of your energy need you want to power with the residential solar energy. You may decide to either partially or fully power your residence with the solar energy, the residential solar energy works with the help of certain equipments which are installed in your homes.  The residential solar energy will involve the installation of panels in your residence, these solar panels are made of solar cells and liquid systems.  This is what the residential solar energy is, a whole system of power generation which makes use of equipment (the panel) to generate energy, the solar panel itself absorbs the energy from the sun rays and turn it to current.

Passive Solar System

Passive solar system on the other hand is a system which does not involve the installation of sophisticated equipment like the solar panel. It is a system that rather takes advantage of the sun energy or heat to ultimately reduce the consumption of power or energy of the house hold.

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Solar Pioneer Program for Homeowners

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Solar panels are the best way to generate electricity for the home use. In America many companies are also promoting the use of solar panels by providing very reasonable loans for the solar energy systems. Government also provides subsidy on the solar panels so that every one can use and install these panels in home and can save more energy.

Solar panels are especially designed according to the use of users and to minimize the energy crises. These solar energy systems are very useful for you and also for the environment and society.

Useful aspects of solar energy

Useful aspects of solar energy

There are many useful aspects of solar energy. Following are some points that show the benefits of solar energy.

  • Solar panels are helpful for the environment, as they do not produce any pollutant in the environment.
  • Solar panels also help to minimize the consumption and usage of fossil fuels, as you do not need to burn natural gas or petrol for the electricity generators.

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Residential Solar Leasing Program

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The solar energy powered residents are the need of the day, with the continuous rising rates of electricity and the rising awareness about the environmental damage. Many people think about switching their residence to the solar energy but do not find it a feasible option in monetary terms and are thus not able to make the switch. Nobody can deny the benefit of reduced energy bill obtained from it but yet they are unable to avail it.

Solar Leasing

Solar Leasing

Keeping in view the fact that people want to switch to solar energy but the only thing keeping them back is the heavy cost of the solar panels and that people can’t afford to pay lump sum for it, solar panel financing has made it way to the market. The solar leasing is now available that is facilitating people to switch their homes to solar energy at easy and facilitating terms of lease payments.

Suntech Solar Panel Leasing Program

Suntech is the world’s largest manufacturer of solar panels; the company has now launched a solar lease program for home solar financing called BriteLease.

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Why Do I Need a Solar Inverter?

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A set of photovoltaic consist of silicon wafers which absorb sunlight form the atmosphere and convert it into electricity. The electricity so produced is direct current (DC) which we cannot use directly to run our daily household electronic or electric devices. In order to convert the DC into alternating current (AC) we need an electronic deice commonly know as solar inverter. The current so generated by using the direct current by the inverter is used to power our daily household electricity consuming equipments.

Direct Current Functions

Direct Current Functions

Direct Current represents flow of electrons in one direction with a regular strength. The flow of the electrons is from negative node to the positive one. To understand the flow of direct current one can take case of batteries commonly used in vehicles or even smaller batteries used in battery operated devices. Other examples of DC are solar power cells, solar power systems etc. Although, almost every electronic circuit operates on DC but the problem with DC is it cannot be transmitted to use it away form its original place of generation.

Alternating Current Functions

Conversely the alternating current (AC) continues change its direction and its strength also keep variations. Probably due to the rapid change in directions of the current on alternates it is named alternating current. Step-up and Step-down transformers are used to increase and decrease respectively the voltage power of AC. Due to this functionality the AC is easy to transmit from the location of its generation to the locations of its use.

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How To Make Solar Panels At Home

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Almost everyone is interested in reducing the energy bills and cost associated to it, at the same time being able to provide our future generation with a better environment.  A solar panel installed in your home will enable you with the opportunity of generating your own electricity and that too from your own home. Now you will not have to worry about your electricity bill all the time and your dependence on the electricity companies will be greatly reduced.

Step to step guidance in making the panel

Solar energy

The building of a solar panel is not difficult, provided that you have good instructions and step to step guidance. You have the options of viewing or downloading them from the net, or buying the instruction guide, once you have the detailed instructions and carefully follow it step to step, it shall not be difficult for you to make your own solar panel. If needed you shall find somebody to help you in the making of the panel.

Assess your energy requirement

First in order to be able to assess your requirement of wattage, you need to have a look at your electricity bill.

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DC and AC Watts Differences

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Many people have knowledge about the electricity and all use electricity in their houses, schools, offices etc. But all people don’t know about the direct current and the alternate current DC and AC respectively. They also don’t know what the sources of these AC and DC current are. One should have their knowledge which is beneficial for their own convenience. Solar panels also work on watts and store energy on their panels.

AC and DC Current

electrical generation

Electricity flows in two ways; either it will be the alternate current of the direct current. Electricity is just the flow of electrons, which moves along a conductor. The conductor may be wires etc. The difference between these two is the direction or flow of electrons is different in AC current and different in DC current. In DC current the electrons go in forward direction but in AC current the electrons go in forward direction and then come back in backward direction. The electricity in wall lights which are being used by us in houses is the AC current. AC current is in the light sockets which are being installed in houses, schools etc.

DC Watts

DC Watts can be quote in two ways. One is known as Standard Test Condition and it is very simple you just take the watt from the panel and multiply it with other panel .

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