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Dawn of Alternative Energy Resources

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May it be in movies, but human intelligence has amazed the aliens too. Humans have demonstrated immense intelligence with their methods of survival. But now this survival depending upon the consumption of energy provided by the earthly sources is endangered. This is due to the exhaustion of energy resources.

In the past few years, human intelligence has worked hard enough in discovering and exploiting new and renewable alternative energy resources. These alternative energy resources include wind, ethanol, and biodiesel etcetera.

Before The Advent of Alternative Energy

To be clear, until a few years back, the matter of finding alternative energy resources was not on anyone’s top priority list. People were not concerned with what effects their oil/gas consumption was having on the earth’s resources. They were in their comfort zones with comfortable cash to run their engines. The government continued to make long term investments in the petroleum/gasoline sector as it seemed like the only worthy-of-payment article.

Dawn of Alternative Energy Resources

Just when all seemed well and smooth, oil and gas prices started to rise. This rise did not stick to a level but continued its climb till the unaware minds grabbed some sense out of it. The governments began to realize the urgency of the not-so-never-ending oil resources.

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Ethanol: Fuel Of The Future

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The quest for renewable energy sources has gained pace during last few years. The wind and solar energies have already been capped and the laboratories have developed a bio fuel called ethanol. This has successfully been used as a fuel in the aircrafts as well.

We usually say many things about ethanol without actually understanding its true nature. It is termed as the modern fuel and fuel of the future.

What Is Ethanol?

It is an alternative to the gasoline and its chemical name is ethyl alcohol. In fact, it is alcohol in its purest form. It is obtained by the fermentation of sugars present in sugar cane or other celluloses. It is a type of organic fuels.

Ethanol In Gasoline

Ethanol is being considered an alternative to fuel. However, it can not be solely used to run an engine. Instead it is used in conjunction with the gasoline.

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Understanding Ethanol

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The search for renewable energy sources has gained pace during last decade. The solar energy has already been capped and the potential of ethanol is being realized. We normally hear about the ethanol as a fuel of future but very few of us know and understand as to what is ethanol.


Ethanol means alcohol in its purest form. It is obtained by the fermentation of starch and this starch is obtained from a number of sources. USA obtains it from corn and about 10% of the corn produced is used for conversion into ethanol. Brazil is another country that uses ethanol. It produces ethanol by the fermentation of sugar from the sugar cane. Brazil is also a pioneer in the hybrid automobiles that can run on gasoline and ethanol both.

Next Generation Ethanol

Presently, ethanol is obtained by the fermentation of sugars from the food crops like corn and sugar cane. However, the researchers are trying to develop enzymes that can break down cellulose. The ethanol obtained from the cellulose is called the next generation ethanol.

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Ethanol As A Fuel Of The Future

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The energy starved modern economy is looking for alternate fuels. They have begun tapping the potential of solar and wind energy. In addition, a lot of research is being done to generate the bio-fuels that are safer for the environment and economical as well. The development of ethanol as a fuel is a giant step in this regard.


Ethanol is considered by many to be the fuel of the future. It is a plant based fuel and extracted from the crops specially cultivated for this purpose. The corn and sugar cane are the most common crops in this regard. In addition, the potential of certain weeds and tree bark has also been realized by the oil producers.

Challenges For Ethanol

The ethanol is gaining popularity as a bio fuel that is safe for the environment as well. However, there are numerous challenges that it has to surmount before it becomes a common man’s choice. A few of these challenges are discussed below;-

Higher Cost

Ethanol is an attractive alternate fuel but it is quite expensive as compared to the gasoline. Production costs of ethanol are much higher as compared to gasoline.

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Inflation In Gas Prices

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The main reason for higher gas prices are a rise in the prices of crude oil. The prices generally rise when demand exceeds supply. But in some cases, where the political situation of the world is at unrest, Companies buy the gas and gold for future reserves. This sometimes is the cases of high gas prices.

The Seasonal Rise In Prices

The Seasonal Rise In Prices

Gas prices usually rise in summer season where the traveling doubles than usual travelling. Every year, it is observed that the gas prices rise in the mid of the year. Since in summer season, most people want to go to different cities.

How The Rise In Crude Oil Affects Gas Prices

Trading of gasoline, which is primarily sold at the regional market and crude oil, is traded in the global market. The prices of crude oil are necessary in determining the prices of gas because crude oil is a primary raw material which is used in the production of gasoline. The price of crude oil may be accountable for over half the price of a gallon of gasoline.

Reviews On High Gas Prices

According to BP’s statistical review, the world has approx 41 years’ worth of oil left and as for natural gas, the world has a 65-year of gas supply remaining. Read the full story

Biofuel Benefits Go Beyond Environment

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Biofuels are the alternatives for the petroleum based fuels. They are considered to be cheap and environment friendly. Many biological materials are used in their preparation. As the century is followed by the energy crisis and a lot of climatic changes so the demand of bio fuels is rapidly increasing day by day.


Forms of Biofuels

There are many forms in which Biofuels are currently available. Two of them are discussed here!


The feed stock of certain plants e.g. sugar beet, sugar cane, beet root, corn etc is fermented and converted to ethanol. Ethanol is basically a mixture of ethane and alcohol. In the pure ethanol fired cars, we can use it as a fuel by mixing it with gasoline.

This mixing takes places at the pump and “gasohol” is produced. We can also combine it with isobutylene; as a result ETBE is created which is ethyl tertio butyl ether. The advantage of ETBE is that it is less volatile in nature than ethanol. Moreover it can easily be blended in the refinery thus the money is saved that otherwise were to be used in the blending at pumps.


It is made by the combing the methanol and raw vegetable oil. As a result a vegetable oil methyl ester (VOME) is formed. We can directly use VOME as fuel and can also blend it with petroleum diesel.

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8 Peculiar Car Fuels

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The world is moving fast and there are many astonishing possibilities in near future to use  the ‘useless’ materials for creating fuels. That is, the stuff we don’t think about, may get worth after renewing  and utilizing it. Scientists are working on bio-materials to use it as car fuels. Some of the peculiar car fuels made of bio-materials are mentioned below:

Chocolaty Fuel: Did you ever imagined of car that runs on fuel made of chocolate. Well, this doesn’t mean Hershey’s syrups are used instead of diesel. A group from University of Warwick, Britain is working on Formula 3 Race car that runs on biodiesel which have 30% derived from chocolate wastes. Moreover, the steering wheel is partially made of carrots and the mirrors and aerodynamic front wing is prepared of potato starch and fiber of flax. Read the full story

Certain Advantages Of Biodiesel Fuel

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Bio scientists have always been in search of finding and introducing fuels that can prove to be good substitute of traditional fuel items. The reason of all such efforts is quite obvious. First because the traditional fuel is not going to last forever as it is depleting rapidly. Secondly because there are so many environment issues associated to the usage of traditional fuels.

Biodiesel Fuel

Why biodiesel fuel is good

Despite of some of the disadvantages associated to the biodiesel fuel, its advantages are far greater. As bio scientists are continuously striving to make it more environment friendly, it has started showing results by reducing smoke pollution, noise pollution and by lessening the vibrations. Biodiesel is also better than gasoline when it is about keeping the engine fit and maintaining the acceleration. Biodiesel is a good fuel to be used in large means of transportation like ships.

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Transportation Required Energy

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We need energy to do every work in our daily lives. Travelling is one big act we do regular to cover long distances, so we need energy as well to travel. In today’s world we use transportation which consumes energy. In California half of the energy that is used for transportation in form of vehicle fuels and gasoline. Similarly in States, it is observed that three-fourth of the energy is used in vehicles fueling and diesel making.pumping gas big

In our previous posts we have learned about preparation of fuel, that is how it processed in refinery and resulted into multiple products. when the fuel is prepared it is sent to city areas through huge tankers. These tankers are so big that can carry about 10 gallons and they carry gasoline to the gasoline stations. the gasoline station have the two under ground pumps, that is when we get to the station we get options of the premium and regular. Apart from these is the mid grade gasoline called diesel also is used by heavy trucks and buses. it is also made from oil and brought in the same way to the fuel stations.

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Gas Prices(Part3): Prices Across USA

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Environmental standards that have been in place in some parts of the country for several years has given the new legislation to input ethanol. In some areas, gasoline was needed to meet higher environmental standards for reducing the amount of smog created by burning gasoline.

Production of this cleaner-burning gasoline caused problems in refining, distribution and storage, which in turn increases the cost of gas. gas price 1

On May 15, 2001 John Cook, director of the petroleum division of the DOE’s Energy Information Administration, said before the US House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce that "The result of this targeted approach to air quality has been to create gasoline market islands."

Cook showed California, the Chicago and Milwaukee areas as primary examples of gasoline-market islands. The requirements of clean-burning in each of these areas are unique with respect to that individual area, and there are only a few refineries that can produce the specialized products which are needed.

High demand of products, a supply problem at a refinery or a problem with a pipeline can cause a sudden and a great increase in pricing in these areas. Other states and municipalities also have their own requirements for cleaner fuel.

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Gas Prices(Part 1): How Gas Prices Work?

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In U.S.A, during May, 2008 the average gas prices reached $4.00 a gallon, and in some places this price level was also crossed, these were extremely tiring records. But for American consumers this was not a new thing. In May 2008, prices continued to rise till the end of the month. For this reason May, 2008 was considered as a month of price records that broke one after another. gastaxes
Gasoline keeps America moving, it is considered as the bloodline for America. Their prices are continuously fluctuating. They are a little down one month, rises the next month, and then in a year their prices shoot up more than 50 percent. Moreover these gas prices are different for different countries and even if you compare the gas prices of two states or cities you will find much difference in it. When we have noticed such a price difference among the gas prices then a question comes in the minds of most of the people that how gas prices are determined. Let us talk about the forces that determine the gas prices.

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