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Air and Liquid-Based Active Solar Heating

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There are mainly two ways of solar heating, those are active and passive. In passive solar heating process there is no electrical or mechanical device to gather the solar heat. This whole process is done by using the structure and design of the buildings, and is considered advantageous due to low maintenance and operational coast. While in active solar heating pumps and fans are required to direct and move solar heat. Active solar heating is further classified into air-based and liquid- based systems.

Liquid-based active solar heating

Liquid-based active solar heating

To trap the solar heat and in moving it liquid-based solar systems use liquid solar collectors. These collectors are filled with the fluids; the fluids are used on their capability of absorbing solar heat. These fluids can be water or any antifreeze agent. Flat-plate collector is among the most common collectors which are being used.

Working and installation of liquid-based solar systems

Mechanical collectors are also used; pump is a common mechanical collector it is used in transferring the heated liquid into heat exchanger or storage tank. If you are planning to install this system you have to decide about the size, coast, placement and durability of the storage tank. The distribution of the solar heat can be done by central forced air system or using various type of devices.

Air-based active solar heating

Air-based solar heating system uses air instead of water for transferring solar heat. The operations of the air collector are less efficient than the liquid collector. The main reason for lesser efficiency is that air does not transfer heat efficiently than as liquid. Read the full story

Evaporative Cooling: New Better Technology

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Humans have been using cooling techniques for a long time. Evaporative cooling is among those ancient techniques. To minimize the hot climate effect people used to sleep in home enclosures or screened-in porches. During the summer nights wet blankets or sheets were hung around the enclosure, fans were used to draw the warm air and the air coming into room through the wet blanked helped in cooling the room. Same technique now days are being used in many homes of the hooter climate areas like south California and Arizona.

Economical technology

Economical technology

Evaporative cooler mostly has an electric fan that draws the warm air in the system, there the air passes through the moist pads and through evaporation it is cooled. Then that air is distributed throughout the home according to the requirement. This cooler makes use of the simpler technology than the refrigerant air conditioners; technology used in this cooler is much cheaper. This also requires much less maintenance and it do not expel any toxic refrigerant fluids or gases. It only requires replacement of the moist pads after one or two seasons. They work only in the areas where humidity level is low, area having humidity thirty percent or low is considered ideal.

High efficiency

Due to their high efficiency and environmental friendly nature they are gaining popularity quickly. These coolers require much less energy to operate than the air conditioners. It has created new options for you; you can use these coolers with smaller motors on solar panels electricity.  Solar panels work at their maximum capacity in the hotter parts of the day exactly at that time maximum cooling is required. The cooler will get maximum electric energy from the solar panel so it will work in a best way.

There are two main types of evaporative coolers, direct and indirect. Read the full story

3 Types of Solar Panels For Home and Garden

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Many people have heard about the solar energy panels and intend to use them in their gardens and homes. Many want to use them in place of the regular electricity. But the problem is that people have heard of them, but do not know how to use them. The other thing that might be a matter of concern for people is that will the solar panels be enough to fulfill their energy needs. We will tell you about different types of solar panels which are available for your home and garden. The aim is to create basic understanding about the solar panels the types of solar panels available in the market. We will also elaborates the functioning and cost of solar panels and suggests what type of solar panels can a you use for your home and garden.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Understanding the functioning of Solar Panels

Like any other form of energy solar energy is also a form of energy. The laws of physics tell us that energy can be converted from one form into the other. Likewise solar energy can be converted into electricity or heat energy. The solar panels do the job; they convert light energy into electricity or heat. Combined with phosphorus, boron or other elements the solar panels are made from silicon plates. The aim is to create solar cells which produce negative and positive charges. The two thin solar panels i.e. photoelectric modules and solar thermal collector are microscopically thin rectangle boxes which absorb the sunlight and convert it to heat or electricity.

Why Solar panels?

The solar panels are more environment-friendly medium of energy. Compared to electricity, solar energy pollutes the environment to the least and does not emit harmful gases which prove harmful for the environment.

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Nuclear Power – Alternate Energy Source

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Scientists agree that power generation through fission reactions of atom commonly known as nuclear energy is an important alternate energy solution. This is because of its vast potential to generate power.

Efficiency of Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants consume most of their input and their performance is pretty amazing. Most preservationists show their reservations on the use of nuclear energy as a source of alternate energy source. They claim the residue material, which is in the form of radioactive gases is dangerous to environment. To address their point of concern, the efficiency of the nuclear power reactor is used as a yardstick. Nuclear power is produced at 80% efficiency, which means that output of the fission reactions is more or less equivalent to the input. This results minimal residue substances. In production of power through other sources also creates residue material. There could be no mean of power generation without leaving the residue material. Off course, there is residue material in this technology too.

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Not All Solar Power is ‘green’

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All the solar thermal plants in USA are not pollution-free. It is because they use different kinds of fuels as well. They are the result of several kinds of pollution and harmful effects to the environment and the atmosphere.

Solar thermal plants

They are so called the green-energy alternatives. They make use of the energy coming from the sun and are expected to be pollution-free. They are thought to be a great contribution in the present time of energy crisis.

Solar energy

But unfortunately, they don’t solely use the sun energy but a number of other chemicals are used in their working. This is making them cause pollution of several types. They also result in green house effect and thus in global warming.

Some of the solar thermal plants are designed that use natural gas or propane boilers other than the sun energy. This is used as a fuel to start up the units. It results in the production of the gases that cause the green house effect.

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Global Warming – As An Opinion

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Global warming is a hot, controversial topic, that seems to be eating away at every citizen, every leadership and every country, but the sad fact; people don’t care less. So what exactly is this thing called, “Global Warming”? Let’s have a closer look.

As Public Opinion

As an opinion global warming means, the end of the world. Ask any common citizen or even a kid as to what they think is global warming, you’ll get a straight answer, “the Earth dying.” No scientific claims, no political answers. And this public opinion is in a way true. With the constant pollution and emission of dangerous gases, our planet Earth is slowly, gradually suffocating and dying, and if this is the pattern that we continue to live in, Mother Nature might as well bid us farewell. Still people will continue to use a car for a five minutes walk, continue to burn stuff, continue to live life like as if nothing affects them.

global warming

As a Political Opinion

Politicians in collaboration with multinational leaders may state global warming as a “social and financial concern”. Social as it would require  massive setups to control it and financial as most politicians and corporates don’t really want to waste their invested money in carbon fuels and oil.

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Conversion of Biomass into Energy

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Ancient way of converting biomass into energy is just to burn it for producing heat, as humans practiced it for thousands of years. Still this is the most common way for conversion of biomass into energy in United States and elsewhere also.

Biomass conversion into Energy

The heat generated from biomass can be used for heating, cooking, and industrial processes, or for producing electricity.

Using biomass for burning haves some problems regarding some energy waste and also some air pollution if it is not carefully controlled.

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Causes Of Global Warming

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There are many causes that lead to Global warming, with each of the reasons contributing more to the increasing intensity of the climate change that has affected our planet.

causes of global warming

The main cause of global warming is the increase rate of greenhouse gases present in the earth’s atmosphere. These gases cause the the greenhouse effect, which traps the heat present on the earth by reducing the level of solar rays that are able to escape from our atmosphere.

Although the greenhouse effect is extremely important to support life on earth, by keeping our atmosphere warm enough to support life, the addition of human activities contributing to the quantity of greenhouse gases has caused an artificial increase in the intensity of the greenhouse effect, which has made this great phenomena a bad effect. Thus greenhouse effect is not bad, it is the increase in the amount of greenhouse gases that are causing the harm.