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Solar Powered Jacket: Charging Gadgets On The Move

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Sun is the biggest Source of energy for our little(not so much) world. If we divide that energy by the time we consume that energy the result is known as Power. This is how the idea of getting electric power from sun cherished.

You can use Solar panels to make green electricity for your home and you use that electricity in daily life to do many things. For instance your computer uses electricity, you can use that even to charge your green car and you can use it to charge your gadgets. Did I just say charge gadgets! Ever got into a situation where your cell phone is dead and you had to make a business call! Almost every body gets into a situation like that. So how about charging your gadgets on move via your Jacket?

Solar Power Right In Your Jacket

If the idea seems great to you, surely it will if you are kind of always-on-move person, then you should have a look at these solar panels for jackets by PowerFLEX™. These Solar panels are specially built to fit in Scottevest SeV jackets. Jacket will conceal all the wires either connecting with ear buds or charger.

Tech’s And Specs Of Solar Panels

PowerFLEX panels used on the jackets are made from thin photovoltaic material. This thin material is basically copper indium gallium diselenide(CIGS) on a thin stainless-steel substrate.

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Solar Energy For Domestic Use

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Home rents and utility bills have been on the rise in United States. While inflation has certainly increased in the past couple of years, almost half salary of working class accounts for the rents and bills. Nobody wants to pay utility bills but the lifestyle is still becoming luxurious day by day.

As electronic appliances and gadgets fill our lives, their use is increasing in homes. And the utility bills are increasing at a steadier pace too. Solar energy is a promising solution to this problem.

Factors To Consider Before Using Solar Energy For Homes

Today every person dreams of free electricity. While solar energy may seem much attractive, it is not vary easy to install and maintain due to a number of factors associated with it. These are some of those issues that you should resolve first.

1. Cut Short Your Electricity Consumption

In the first step you should estimate your minimal consumption. Secondly, plan for as much energy conservative system in your home as you can. It is required because solar energy is expensive. The panels are extremely expensive and the first time expenses can be huge. But this leads to a lifetime saving plan for you.

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Solar Path Finder: Tool for Installing Solar Panels

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The solar energy has emerged as a promising source of renewable energy. The vast potential in terms of heat and light can be capped by use of simple gadgets. The governments are promoting the use of the energy by giving incentives to the citizens. These incentives include tax concessions and leasing facilities.

However, these efforts are of no use if one does not know the correct path of the sun throughout the year. This path of the sun for entire year is calculated by the sun pathfinder.

Sun Pathfinder

Sun pathfinder is an important tool for establishing any plant related to solar energy. It is used to give out the path of the sun at a particular location throughout the year. If one knows the path, he can easily place and position the solar panels in a way that they get maximum exposure to the sun. In addition, the sun pathfinder can be used to locate the sun rooms and other sun related research projects.

Principle Of Operation

The sun pathfinder works on a simple principle of the sun reflection. The gadget is composed of a mirrored half bowl. The reflection of the sun is seen in the bowl and the position of the shadow gives an idea of the sun reading. This reading is further compared with the location card that traces the path of the sun. Read the full story

A Guide to Wind Generators

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Most people are willing to adopt the major technological advances that have been made in renewable energy. These people are eager to use these technological advances for their personal and professional needs. But it can be difficult for many of these people to start as they are inexperienced about where to start.

Renewable Energy Options

Renewable Energy Options

There are various options available when it comes to renewable energy. These options include solar, geothermal and wind power. However, many of these options are too complex to be understood by common people. Also, their installation might be expensive for many people.

Wind Generators

If you have selected wind generators and wondering how you can wind generators to cut down on electrician cost while at the same time protect environment from potential hazards of carbon then you should consider certain things. These important factors are as follows:

Determine How Much Power You Need?

The first thing that you must take into consideration before putting wind generators at your home o office is to determine exactly how much amount of energy you need. If you are going to use wind generators in your home that is small and you use only basic electronics and appliances then you will need less power. Read the full story

How Batteries Work

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The world is evolving at a very rapid pace. People need things to work upon and daily developments are a complete revelation. Most of the people in the world are often stuck with terms like lifetime, expectancy and mileage. These terms are often used with automobiles and gadgets with some sort of functions.

Batteries – The Brilliant Backup

Batteries – The Brilliant Backup

However Batteries are one energy storage medium that has been associated with almost every particular device. Batteries are considered to be the life line for many individuals. These Batteries can be used to power and operate several appliances. Solar Power Panels make use of Batteries in a very vivid manner. However many Batteries are often subject to wear and tear. However many Batteries can be preserved if they are maintained in a better way.

Solar Power Panels – Battery Comes First

Solar Power Panels are one of the most useful and brilliant tools available for generating power. The Solar Cells are used to generate power and provide the household with electricity. However Solar Power Cells sometimes fail to work in the desired manner. Batteries are often used when the system fails or a blackout occurs.

The Process & Importance

Batteries are available all over the world. Many of the most famous Batteries provide the consumer with a long life and steady working. These Batteries are usually expensive and work in a better manner. Batteries are made with different technologies and a lot of different components.

Components of a Battery – Internal Parts

Batteries are made up of an Electrolyte and Plates. The Plates are used to provide the Battery with power and charge to start an engine or process. The electricity generated by the Battery depends on how much power it produces. Over a complete lifetime, a Battery may well worked out and done its purpose.

The Battery Quality – It Matters

Many Batteries are available in the market. However some Batteries are usually better than others. One category of these Batteries is the True Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery. It is the most effective and powerful Battery known to man. It makes use of a very strong electrolyte and several plates.

Technical Terms – How Batteries Work

Many individuals are unfamiliar with the technical terms associated with renewable power resources or machines. These terms are not always paid much attention and that is where things fail. Batteries need care and a lot of maintenance. They must never be over worked and exploited.

The Best Battery – True Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery

The True Deep Cycle Lead Acid Battery is very powerful. These types of Batteries are often used in Golf Carts, Powerful Vehicles and other Electric Motors. The Batteries are very powerful and can often lift the load of anything they are operated with. Most of the Batteries often differ in ignition style and lighting.

The Liquid Cell Battery – Ideal To Use

There are some major types of Batteries available in the market. The Liquid Cell Battery is perhaps the most important type of battery. It is mostly used in Golf Carts. It has thick plates and a large storage. The electrolyte is strong and can facilitate most processes.

Deep Cycle Battery – The Significance

The Deep Cycle Battery is used in several different processes. It is used by many boat companies. The Deep Cycle Battery is used in boats mostly. The Deep Cycle Battery does not possess thin plates. The Batteries made out of thin plates are easily worn out within a year. These Batteries are also quite expensive.

The Golf Cart Battery – How It Is Used

The Golf Cart Battery – How It Is Used

The Golf Cart Battery that is managed well and in a better environment is quite powerful. It has a greater life and can last up to 5 years. With proper maintenance, the Battery can be extremely good and useful. Read the full story

Energy Guide Yellow Label

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Though you may find resourceful or proficient gadgets are somewhat more expensive to purchase, but you must go for these owing to their benefits. These appliances pay for their costs even in the initial few years after purchasing.

ENERGY STAR Appliances

Energy Star

The ENERGY STAR appliances certainly carry the characteristics of resourcefulness and proficiency as mentioned above. It is therefore, highly recommended to purchase ENERGY STAR equipments. These will increase the power efficiency and you will get lower power bills. Hence the buying cost payback period will be few years and rest of your saving over the life time of product is your saving. In a way, you will make an investment in buying ENERGY STAR appliances.

Yellow Energy Guide Label

It is, however, of vital importance that you must search for the yellow Energy Guide label, whenever you go for the purchasing of ENERGY STAR appliances. This Energy Guide label provides you information about the unit’s energy efficiency commonly known as EER (Energy efficiency ratio). The EER is directly proportionate to the efficiency of the appliance. It means that higher the EER then more proficient the appliance is.

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Complete Solar Panel Installation Guide

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If you want to help the environment and lower spending on heavy electricity bills the solar panels are the right option for you. The use of solar panels is not only cheaper but also environment-friendly. Here is a complete guide for the installation of solar panels.

1. Fulfilling the Prerequisites

The first and far most thing to do before starting the installation of solar panels is to make sure that you have notified your local electricity provider. This is needed because they might send a technician to help you in the installation process. There are chances that they may also ask you to sell them some of the extra watts which your solar panel is generating.

solar panel installation

The second important thing is to acquire any special permit if you need one. Since every state has a different law and if by law you need any permit for the installation of any alternative source of energy, you should get the permit before you start the work. The regulations might ask for energy source audit, therefore to avoid troubles later on its better to complete the prerequisites in advance.

2. Select Right Tools and Gadgets

For the installation of solar panels you will need solar panels along with a couple of gadgets. Stainless steal leg bolts, three by eight (3/8) inch steel bolts, a stud finder solar panel mount, conduit, pilot drill bit and a drill, laser sight or a role of twine, and metal rails are the tools necessary for the installation of solar panels.

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Making Solar Energy Panels

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The power utilization has been consistently enhancing and the state of affairs for oils is not favorable either. People are therefore, looking for new means; such means that can supply power with substitute methods. In this regard, one of the good options is to prepare your solar power panels.

Save Environment and Money

Solar Panels Saves Environment

By preparing your own solar energy panels, you will not only contribute to make a better environment, but you will also save bunch o cash. By making your own solar energy panels, the major portion of your energy requirement will depend on solar power. The power that you derive daily from sunlight will run your lights and other electrical equipments.

Solar Panels are Expensive

There is no doubt that solar panels are very costly to purchase, however, if you follow certain guidelines; it will help you in saving your cash. You can also make it yourself. It is really a simple venture that you can easily finish with modest prior information.

In case, if you intend to proceed with this project on your own; even then the most costly ingredient will be the panels. You must keep in mind that you have no need to modify your complete house in a one go. If you proceed bit by bit, then you will be able to make saving of your cash. Besides that, you will also manage to construct panels on your own.

Saving on Electric Bills

If the solar panels that you make yourself will manage to accumulate some of the sunlight, then it will enable you to save money on your electricity bills.

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10 Water Powered Gadgets

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We all know that electricity is highly in demand these days and it’s supply is not meeting it’s demand. For this reason some smart and eco-friendly people have come up with ideas that do not consume electricity but green methods such as usage of water. Let us take a look at the following gadgets that are powered by water. These help you go green and keep you clean.

1. Bedol Eco-Friendly Clock

This green clock works when you add water and some lemon juice to it and it will work for up to 8 to 12 weeks. This watch is very economical, never needs consumption of electricity and it is pollution free. If you run out of water in the clock and the battery is dead, he inbuilt memory chip in it remembers the time.

Bedol Eco-Friendly Clock

2. Water Powered Calculator

This water powered calculator is very simple with an amazing design. Read the full story

Solar Power Technology Takes Its Next Step

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With the passage of time, the world has realized the increasing importance of renewable energy. This has led to new innovative, technology being introduced everyday.

solar charger

There has been a substantial increase in the portable devices that charge up gadgets from the sun. These gadgets are becoming much smaller in size and more powerful everyday.

New portable solar chargers have now been introduced that can be plugged directly into a laptop and can provide up to a quarter of its power needs while in use.

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