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Hydroelectric Power: An Introduction

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This renewable energy is in widespread use. It is an alternative source to fossil fuels. It is called “hydro power” due to, its generation by the force of water.  The greater the force and amount of water, the greater the amount of electricity produced. A power station is needed to generate hydro electricity.

Essential Conditions:

Certain favorable physical conditions are essential for generation of hydro power. These include:

  • Fast-flowing water
  • Perennial and high rate of rainfall
  • Natural store of water (lake)
  • A narrow, deep valley for building a dam and reservoir

How is it Generated?

A dam is built to trap the water. This is built in a valley with a lake. Water is passed through tunnels in the dam, which turns turbines. These turbines then run the generators and hence, electricity is generated. The electricity is further transmitted through pylons and cables.


Since 70% of Earth is water it will not run out. The hydro power is more reliable than wind and solar. Natural water flow allows unfaltering energy production. Once established, it is the cheap source of electricity.

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