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Types And Advantages Of Solar Heating Systems

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Now you can power your house with green energy. It may sound expensive or difficult to convert normal home into sun-inspired home. But in fact, it is fairly simple and economical. These have countless benefits. Being environment-friendly, these are safer and not harmful for the atmosphere around.

Two methods of solar heating are “active” and “passive”.

Active solar heating

Specific equipment is required for active solar heating. Pumps and fans are needed to move or direct sun heat. There are two further classifications in it, which are air-based and liquid systems.

1.Air-based solar heating

In air-based solar heating systems, collectors are used. These trap air which absorbs and transfers heat from the sun. Air-based system can work on lower efficiency than liquid ones. Why is that so? The reason is that air cannot transfer heat efficiently like water can do.

Advantages of air-based solar heating

There is an advantage of air-based solar heating that these systems can warm up room directly. These can also function early in the morning and late in the day. Moreover, these are easy to build and install. These can be fixed outside so that more than one room in a house can be heated.

Air-based connectors are mostly installed on window frames, roofs and walls.

2.Liquid-based active solar heating

Liquid solar collectors are used in liquid-based systems. These trap and move heat. Most common are flat-plate collectors. A fluid, like water or antifreeze is filled. This liquid absorbs heat. This heated fluid is then transferred to heat exchanger or storage tank through mechanical collector such as pump.

Important considerations

While installing solar heating system, consider these important things first:

  • Its cost is affordable
  • Size is suitable to your particular needs
  • It is durable and long-lasting
  • Tank placement is absolutely accurate

When entire mechanism is properly installed, solar heat can be distributed with a central-forced air system, a radiant floor, and a baseboard or hot water radiator.

Passive solar heating

Another type is Passive solar heating system. It works by storing solar energy. It does not require any electrical or mechanical devices.

Read the full story

Flat Plate Solar Energy Collectors

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Solar energy is the most useful source of fuel that is available all over the world for no cost. You are not required to pay a single dime for getting sunlight. Conversion of solar energy to other forms of energy makes it possible to get incredible applications without offering any threat to the environment.

Solar collectors

Solar collectors

If you are thinking about getting a sole energy system for your house, you must keep in mind that solar collectors are the most vital part of the design. The main function of the solar collectors is to collect the solar energy or heat, which is then converted into electrical energy mostly and stored in battery. Flat plate solar collectors are gaining popularity with the passage of time.

Applications and installing of solar collectors

You are most likely to be looking for more information about the flat polar solar collectors. The major applications of these sorts of collectors include water heating, pool heating, and space heating. The common place of installment for flat plate solar collectors is the roof of the building containing solar energy systems. The flat collectors are suitable for collecting heat at temperature less than 180 degree Fahrenheit.

Basic types of solar collectors

Basically there are three types of solar collectors that are named evacuated tube collectors, flat plate solar collectors, and integral collector storage systems. Read the full story

Flat-Plate Solar Collectors

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Initiation of every solar thermal heating process takes place with thermal collectors. These collectors are used to trap the solar radiations and draw heat from these radiations. These radiations pass through the liquid or air enclosed in the tube. These tube transfers the solar-heated to the system installed in the house.

Circulation systems in the collectors

Circulation systems in the collectors

There are two heat circulation systems open and closed loop system. In the open loop system the indoor air is heated by directly passing it through the thermal collector and in the closed loop system the heat exchanger transfers its heat to the inner parts of the home.  Flat-plate collectors are most commonly type of collectors used these days. These collectors are either liquid or air-based. Evacuated tube collectors can provide the most efficient of gathering solar heat. Flat-plate collectors are inexpensive and are mostly used at residential place or in any small scale application.

Flat plate Liquid Solar Collectors

Flat-plate collectors consist of metal box that is insulated and covered by a gazing. Read the full story

Components of Active Solar Water Heating System

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Unlike the passive system in active solar hot water system electric fans and pumps are used. These devices are used for transferring the heated water through the system and different parts of the home. The types of active solar water heaters are differentiated on the basis of the type of collectors and circulations system.

Flat-plate collectors

Flat-plate collectors

Flat-plate collectors are inexpensive; these collectors are used at small scale application. These collectors are most commonly used for the residential applications. For the prevention of solar heat loss the sides and bottom are insulated. Collectors usually look like flat and large metal boxes. Inside these metal boxes there are absorber plates made from copper or aluminum. These plates are covered with glazing and darkened for absorption of solar radiations. Under these plates there is a series of inter-connected pipe, through which cool water passes. That water is heated inside the box collectors. An electric pump circulates the heated water throughout the home. In the freezing climates, the transferring fluid used is other than water. The type is fluid is used that do not freezes inside the collector and continuous circulation is done in order to prevent freezing.

Evacuated tube collector

Using evacuated tube collector in the active solar water heating system can be an expensive option. But the efficiency of collecting solar heat is much higher than other collectors; it has the inability to reach the highest temperature. Evacuated tube has a glass tube inside the tube there are flat metal absorbers are installed. The metal absorbers used absorb the solar heat. Read the full story

Solar Water Heaters Capabilities

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The capability of the solar water heaters increases in warm climate, you can get hot water which can meet your about sixty to seventy percent of your home hot water requirement. But in cold climate the capability of the heater drops. Thus it requires a backup system through which the requirements can be fulfilled.

Active system

Commonly used solar water heaters have active system that circulates water between different parts of home, insulated water storage tank, and collector. This all circulation is done by active system that system consists of a pump and controls. Few systems circulate water through heat exchanger and then distribute to home while active system pumps water from the collector.

Passive system

Passive system

The Active solar water heaters use pump for the circulation while passive systems operate and rely on gravitational force and distribution is done by natural circulation. Passive system is installed below the storage tank so that the warm water level can rise into the tank. In both of these systems collector is used to heat up the water. These collectors have the design to absorb solar energy; collectors can get heated so that they can heat the water passing through them.

Types of collectors

There are three common types of collector. These are integral collector-storage, evacuated tube and flat plate. Flat plate collectors mainly consist of a dark metal or it can be a polymer that is located in rectangular boxes on the top of roof. Flat plate collectors are mostly used in heating the pools. Read the full story

Solar Collectors – Evacuated Tube Collectors

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Solar collectors are the important component of solar water heaters. There are basically three distinct types of solar water collectors that are used in solar water heaters. These types include flat-plate, integral collector storage, and evacuated tube collectors.

Comparison of Evacuated Tube with Other Collectors

Comparison of Evacuated Tube with Other Collectors

These collectors are less cost-effective collectors than that of flat-plate collectors, as they cost twice the overall cost of the flat-plate collectors. These collectors reach the highest temperatures that are 170 to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Flat plate collectors are not capable of heating water or air above the temperature 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The integral storage collectors utilize passive water heating techniques in only those locations where temperature of the exterior environment never reaches the freezing point.

Types of Evacuated Tube Collectors

Basically there are two main types of evacuated tube collectors. Read the full story

Solar Thermal Chillers for Space Cooling

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Solar thermal energy is most widely used on residential level for a variety of purposes. It is used for heating domestic water and for a variety of other works. Solar thermal energy is helping a lot in performing daily tasks. One of the best uses of solar thermal energy includes space cooling.

What is Space cooling?

What is Space cooling

Heat that is collected from solar thermal collectors can be utilized for operating a thermal chiller or absorption chiller. This chiller cools your home or office after getting charged by the solar thermal power.

Working of Solar Thermal Chiller

Solar thermal chillers work on a simple principal. The entire process of cooling is triggered with the solar collectors. The thermal chillers require the collectors to be able to reach higher temperatures than average temperatures. These collectors should be bale to work on temperatures higher than flat-plate collector. However, other collectors like beefed-up flat-plate collectors (that contain double or triple glazing and enhanced backside insulation) and evacuated tube collectors can also be utilized in effective manner. All these collectors collect and absorb solar radiation for heating water that runs through these collectors. After proper heating of water, it is transferred to thermal chiller from where it is released to cool the hot interior environment of your home or office.

Hot Water

Hot water is used in the thermal cooling system. Read the full story

Solar Power Versus Thermal Power

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There are solar and thermal heating power systems that work on different principal. Solar thermal power works on a different principal. It is quite different from photovoltaic solar power that is used to create electricity, as it captures, absorbs and distributes solar hear.

Applications of Solar Thermal Power

Applications of Solar Thermal Power

Solar thermal power has a wide application. Solar thermal power is utilized for various purposes like for heating swimming pools, to heat the interiors of buildings, and to heat water that is used for domestic purpose.

Major Thermal Power Technologies

The major technologies for thermal power include power tower and parabolic troughs. Also include grid connected electrical plants that are used on industrial scale.

Small Thermal Power Technologies

Small thermal power technologies include standalone systems that are used for residential purposes. These systems generally work on the basis of thermal collectors that consist of evacuated tubes, flat plates or integral collector storage containers.

Flat Plate Collectors

These collectors are the most common types of collectors. These collectors are used to create hot water. These collectors contain rectangular boxes with transparent gazing. This glazing protects the heat loss and allows sunlight to in. The rays of sun enter into a metal absorbing sheet that contains built-in pipes or tubes that distribute the heated water through the system and also into the storage container. Read the full story

Understanding Thermal Liquid Heater Collectors

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Solar collectors are really helpful for heating water or space in residential use through solar power. There are basically three distinct types of solar collectors. These include flat plate, evacuated tube and integral collector storage.

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Flat Plate Solar Collectors

These are the most common types of collectors. They are used to generate hot water. These collectors are usually found on residential roofs. These collectors consist of insulated metal boxes. These boxes contain an absorber plate that is used to heat water or air. This plate can either be glazed or unglazed. For heating, cold water circulates through tubes or pipes that are connected to absorber plate. Air is then moved through the space heater though the absorber either by the fan force of by natural convection. The flat plate collectors are most commonly used to heat household water that flows back to the residential building. These collectors are also used for heating swimming pools.

Evacuated Solar Collectors

These collectors are capable of reaching the highest temperatures and are relatively costlier than other collectors. A direct flow evacuated tube usually has a flat and glass tubes that contain metal absorbers. These metal absorbers are also called as fins. These fins are connected to a header pipe. Read the full story