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Residential Solar Panel Setup

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Most solar homes are constructed using the same basic building principals of solar homes. However, two solar homes are not necessarily exactly he same. There are certain elements that are necessary for increasing the efficiency of solar home, resourcefulness and utility so they can be called “solar homes”. Following are these important elements.

Orientation of Solar Homes

Orientation of Solar Homes

Orientation of solar homes is very important because sun is the empowering and guiding force behind all the setup of solar panels, so solar homes must be built in a style in which the can face and receive sufficient sunlight. It simple means that all the rooms that need frequent inhabitation must be located on the south side, so hey can absorb a considerable amount of sun heat.

Shading of Solar Homes

Shading of solar homes also holds great importance. Shading protects home during cozy temperatures. It is important for solar homes to have shading during the scorching summer times. Shading is required to be manifested in skylight coverings, window coverings, landscaping and trees. Read the full story

A Guide to Thin-Film Solar Panels

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Thin-film solar panels are considered as the future of solar technology. It is expected that these solar panels will take over the market of solar technology in near future. The thin-film technology has been making their partial appearances in the market for few years and finally they have arrived fully.

Important Features of Thin-film Solar Panels


The thin-film solar technology offers great benefits over its counterparts. There are various solid reasons that make this technology feasible for use. Following are some important features of thin-film solar technology for which it is popular.

Cost of Thin-film Solar Panels

Solar prices are dropping to extent. A significant change of 70 to 80 percent is expected to appear in solar technology market in near future. Most solar panel manufacturers are claiming that these valuable solar products will be available for as low as $1 to $2 per watt. Since conventional panels are currently being sold at $4 to $5 per watt, so the availability of cheap solar products is welcoming news. In the past, there were various projects that were considered to be utopian or infeasible for the economic concerns but these projects make sense. Read the full story