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Using Solar Sunspaces In Homes

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Sun rooms, green houses and “sun spaces” are a few terms that are often used interchangeably. But, there is a difference in all of these. It depends upon the purpose for which these are used. These are all used to retain heat from the sun. A brief note on all three is given below:


It is a general term used for those home extensions that use natural light and windows. You can convert that extended area into reading room because it has ample light. It can also be used as an area for playing games. Kids would surely love that. Another option is to make it your prayer room or store sacred items in that.

Sunrooms don’t necessarily provide heating around the area. These are simple lighted extensions in a home that can be used in various forms.


Greenhouses are especially made to hold back solar heat. This energy is needed for the growth of plants. Optimal conditions required by plants are not favorable for home living spaces. Moreover, in greenhouses it is important to control high temperature and excessive level of humidity. Otherwise, it is hard for plants to survive.

In a house attached with greenhouse, if windows are fixed in place of insulated walls, house can use more energy.

solar sunspaces and their purpose

Solar sunspaces work differently from greenhouses and sunrooms. These are supposed to collect solar heat that is distributed throughout the home. Since, there is no mechanical equipment or device needed; it is type of passive solar heating.

What are the main advantages of solar sunspaces?

Passive heating system has many advantages over active heating system. Sunspaces are built using techniques that integrate well into the design of a house. These go with the building structure and material, therefore these are not expensive.

Another benefit of solar sunspaces is that these are easy to maintain. There are no solar panels to clean or repair as in other active heating systems.

How sunspaces work?

A combination of direct and indirect solar heat gain is used in sunspaces. They can serve as storage area in the form of an attached room. Where is the solar collector in a sunspace? The space in the attached solar sun space acts as collector. It retains natural sun heat to keep room warm.

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Solar Initiative By Ausra

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Energy holds the potential of becoming the most sought after community of the future. Among various energy sources, the solar energy appears to be the most prominent commodity of the future. This technology is available in market since long but the expensive apparatus are the biggest hurdle in its progress. Now a days numerous companies are trying to bring the initial costs of solar panels to reasonable limits. Ausra power is leading the way in this regard.

History Of Ausra Solar

Ausra solar emerged as one of the giants in solar energy in 2006. The company is based at Palo Alto close to the famous Nanosolar headquarters. It is a private company with the aim of lowering the costs of solar energy to the bare minimum and makes it affordable for the common household. Their target is to make the solar energy as affordable as the coal or nuclear energy.

Funding Of Ausra Solar

The Ausra Solar is a private company but it receives aid and funds from numerous organizations. The biggest supporter is Khosla Ventures. Few of the other partners are listed below:-

1. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

2. Electronic Arts

3. Genentech

4. Macromedia

5. Sun Microsystems

Objective Of Ausra Solar

The Ausra Solar aims at advancing in the field of solar energy with a view to lower the costs of solar energy apparatus.

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Solar Lights Used As Floodlights and Spotlights

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Solar lights have created hype in today’s world. This is the era of solar energy derived components. We can regard solar energy as one of the best alternatives for other fuel options. You are not required to spend even a single dime for fuel in case of solar driven components, because they are operated entirely on solar energy. The best thing about solar lights is that they are easy to install and are movable.

Powerful lighting options

Powerful lighting options

These solar lights can be used as flood lights and spot lights in some cases as required. They perform extremely well as flood lights, as they are totally capable of providing with a uniform, and even spread of light across wide open area. You can also use them at places including sheds, doors, garages, patios, gardens, entryways, pathways, and many others. Solar lighting is very powerful in comparison with other lighting options.

Light emitting diodes

LEDs or light emitting diodes are the major components of all the solar lights. These are special sort of diodes that emit light when provided with electrical energy. The solar flood lights also utilize these diodes in order to produce lighting. Read the full story

Details of CT Solar Lease

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The CT Solar lease is good news for the home owners of Connecticut.The solar technology is fast emerging as the new mode of energy generation but as the solar panels installation is expensive, not everybody can afford to buy and install them. To overcome this issue, the lease method of payment and acquiring is fast making its way in this industry and avenue to facilitate people in benefiting from this method of power generation.

Qualifying Terms of the Deal

CT Solar Lease in Connecticut

In order to qualify for this deal the homeowners must confirm to certain standards set for the availing of this deal, the FICO credit score has to be a minimum of around 650 or more. You also have to be a customer of CL&P or UI utilities, besides this the approved installer shall analyze if your home is fit for the solar installation. This would generally mean that your roof is minimum shaded and is in good suitable condition for the installation and your roof faces South East, South West or South. Another criterion which threshold may vary with the no of people living in your home is that your household must be generating less than the 200% of your area’s median income. The logic behind this is that if this is not the case then you might be in a position to benefit from the 30% Federal tax credit. However, the amount of home equity left in your home is not considered or a criterion in the availing of this deal.

No Upfront Charges

There are no upfront charges associated with the deal.

Lease Term

The Lease term is a minimum of 15 years, extend able to 20 years, the lease is transferable to the buyer. The solar system can be bought at the fair market value (FMV) after 20 years, this might mean a very nominal amount.

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Best Time To Use solar power systems

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During the daytime, the production cost of the electricity is the highest because of its peak usage. In contrast, as the usage during night time is low, the production cost decreases. Thus, Time of Use (TOU) metering is the best option for renewable energy-sources because solar power systems produce energy during the daytime peak-price period, and produce little power during the night time, when the price is low.

Basically Time of Use is a rate plan that your utility may or may not have, though most do for solar or wind. Time of Use has nothing to do with a warranty anyway; it works with a net metering (which is described next), to lower your new utility bill. Also, to assure that solar has a faster payback. Following are some basics about Time of Use.

Net Metering

Net  Metering

During the longer days of summer, solar panels produce more electricity than one’s housing needs. So the extra energy produced is sent back to the grid for storage. On the other hand, at night time, as the sun is not shining and your solar panels are not producing, the electricity you did not use is sent back to you from the electric company. This is called net metering.

The power that your panels generate during the day time and send back to the grid is the most expensive power of the day. This power is intensely needed by the multiple factories and business and they are willing to pay for it.

Savings With Time Of Use Rate

The energy your solar panels produce is of great value. The Utility buys the energy your solar panels produce at the high day time “peak” rate with Time of Use Rate. So here is the big savings as discussed under:

1. As the sun is not shinning in the night and you buy some or all of that power back, you buy it back at the cheaper night time rate. So you sell the solar electricity high, for instance, 14 cents a watt, and buy back the night time “off peak” electricity at 7 cents a watt. Here you make a profit of 7 cents a watt on the energy your panels produce! That’s what called Time of Use.

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New York’s Residential Wind Energy Rebates

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With the utilization of wind energy and other power proficient expertise in your house, you can support to provide the pollution free atmosphere. It will also shrink the conventional source of energy that is dependent on relic fuels which are not only expensive, but are also quickly depleting. In this regard, LIPA (Long Island Power Authority) always provides you useful information about the use of alternative energy resources.

Tips of LIPA’s Wind Energy Discounts and Rewards

Here you will find the course of action regarding the LIPA’s wind energy price cuts and other motivation factors.

LIPA Wind Energy Price Cuts for House owners

New York's Residential Wind Energy

  • You will be able to save US$3.50 for the usage of one kilowatt in an hour (kWh). In a year time the normal production is around 16,000 kilowatts per hour.
  • To get benefit of these rebates, an individual must be an inhabited power client situated in the “Long Island Power Authority” service terrain.
  • Solitarily, the fresh Wind Systems attached to the network and the recent kind of inverters that have already been examined by the Public Service Commission will qualify for LIPA discounts. The Wind System must also be in the list of LIPA’s permitted paraphernalia.
  • The new apparatus must be fixed up specifically in line with the prerequisites of the company. The presented towers must be with the rationalized building authorizations. The engineering illustrations must be endorsed by some of New York State accredited   qualified engineer.
  • A parameter for system evaluation is mandatory to calculate the amount of power produced.

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Getting Residential Solar System in Montana

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If you complete the questionnaire correctly on the Montana solar power website, then one of the Montana solar experts will make a call to you. He will advise you about solar evaluation on free of cost basis and also provide you with the latest details about the discounts and tax credits.



Make a choice of the solar power Solution(s) for your vicinity. Tick all those options that apply:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Try to Provide Accurate Information

If you supply the more correct details, you will be able to get the more exact evaluation. This is particularly right in relation to the sum of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is gathered with the name of your electricity company supplier who prices can be taken through some other sources, then you will be able to get more accurate consumption of your current usage of electricity on monthly basis.

These details will facilitate you to decide about the quantity of solar panels required to supply you the proportion of solar power you would like to acquire.

Montana Free of Cost Solar Appraisal

Montana is surely an ideal place to utilize hygienic power manufactured by solar panels. Actually, most of the places all over the Montana state have better potential to use solar energy. It shows better prospects than that of Florida State which is regarded as more welcoming for solar power.

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Easiest Ways to Build Solar Panels

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Solar energy is now the talk and need of time, with ever increasing rates of utility bills and the depletion of natural resources leading to their inflated costs. It is time that we switch to the mode of power generation that is not only economical, cheap, eco-friendly but also very efficient the solar energy.

The Solar energy generated power saves you money in lieu of your electricity bill but what if the solar panels itself is very expensive. Many people would be more than willing in fact very eager to have the solar panel installed to save themselves all the energy cost but what holds them back is the high cost of   the solar panel.

Solar Panel Can Be Built At Home

Solar Panel Can Be Built At Home

The good news is that the solar panels can be built at home, in fact all what is required to build a solar panel can be put together by you to make a solar panel yourself at a very reasonable rate. This is further good news for people who wish to avail the solar energy generated mode of power, now you don’t even have to pay the initial high investment cost for buying the solar panel.

Solar Panel Requisites

Solar panel basically, amongst other, components constitutes of the photovoltaic cells that absorb the energy from sun rays and then this energy is converted into the electric current that we use. These photovoltaic cells are now abundantly available in the market and can be purchased in bulk, depending upon your energy usage.

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Making Cheaper Solar Panels

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Developing your own solar cells is not as much technical exercise as you think it to be. It is basically very easy procedure if you have an excellent information kit. You can easily conserve your money partially if not completely by switching over to solar energy if you receive enough sun rays on home. Further you can also conserve money if you construct your own solar panel instead of buying costly complete solar power system.

You need some essential parts which comprise of a board; a wooden board is best one, silicone caulk, some side panels, screws, solar cells, pane of glass and wires and the necessary tools.

The most expensive element of your listed constituents is solar cells. You can easily buy almost every thing of your needs except the solar cells. Various hardware stores near to you may have the solar cells too, but it would be least expensive to get the solar cells using internet.

The Solar Cells:

The first important step before you acquire the items listed, is to work out you power requirements. The experts advice to construct initially one solar panel and if after you enhance your abilities to work with, you can construct the additional panels.

Normally approximate 36 solar cells would be enough to generate 60 watts of electricity. But it varies from solar cells to solar cells depending on its labeled capacity. You need to work out the dimensions of your solar panel according to your power needs or the electric equipment you are going to use with.

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How Solar Water Pump Works?

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These solar pumps utilize solar energy instead of regular electricity to pull the water. Solar pumps are better for the environment as compare to the conventional pumps. These pumps use solar energy which does not release any harmful emission into the environment. Since these pumps get their energy from the sun, they save non-renewable energy.

Solar pumps are best for areas where power sources are not readily available. People of the areas which experience regular power load-shedding can also get benefit from solar pumps. These pumps can be placed anywhere away from the source of power. If the well is half a mile away from your home, solar pumps are your preferable device to get water out of the well. All you have to do is to connect the pump to the grid and it will pump the water for you.

solar pump installation

Types of Solar Pump Systems

Since the pumps work on sunlight, therefore place them in areas which receive maximum sunlight. There are two types of system available with solar pumps, systems which are fixed and systems which move in the direction of the sun.

The systems which move in the direction of the sun are the tracker systems. The tracker systems are expensive, as compare to the systems which are fixed. The tracker systems collect more sunlight and are more efficient.

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Selecting Solar Panel Design

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