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Ethanol: Fuel Of The Future

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The quest for renewable energy sources has gained pace during last few years. The wind and solar energies have already been capped and the laboratories have developed a bio fuel called ethanol. This has successfully been used as a fuel in the aircrafts as well.

We usually say many things about ethanol without actually understanding its true nature. It is termed as the modern fuel and fuel of the future.

What Is Ethanol?

It is an alternative to the gasoline and its chemical name is ethyl alcohol. In fact, it is alcohol in its purest form. It is obtained by the fermentation of sugars present in sugar cane or other celluloses. It is a type of organic fuels.

Ethanol In Gasoline

Ethanol is being considered an alternative to fuel. However, it can not be solely used to run an engine. Instead it is used in conjunction with the gasoline.

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Ethanol As A Fuel Of The Future

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The energy starved modern economy is looking for alternate fuels. They have begun tapping the potential of solar and wind energy. In addition, a lot of research is being done to generate the bio-fuels that are safer for the environment and economical as well. The development of ethanol as a fuel is a giant step in this regard.


Ethanol is considered by many to be the fuel of the future. It is a plant based fuel and extracted from the crops specially cultivated for this purpose. The corn and sugar cane are the most common crops in this regard. In addition, the potential of certain weeds and tree bark has also been realized by the oil producers.

Challenges For Ethanol

The ethanol is gaining popularity as a bio fuel that is safe for the environment as well. However, there are numerous challenges that it has to surmount before it becomes a common man’s choice. A few of these challenges are discussed below;-

Higher Cost

Ethanol is an attractive alternate fuel but it is quite expensive as compared to the gasoline. Production costs of ethanol are much higher as compared to gasoline.

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The Real Problems with Ethanol as Alternative Fuel

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The quest for alternate fuel is the dream of all scientists. Various energy resources are already being capped like the solar and wind energy. Different fractions of petroleum are distilled to yield various fuels. But perhaps the most important breakthrough in this field is the production of a bio-fuel called ethanol. Many of the scientists are calling ethanol the fuel of the future.


Ethanol is the ethyl alcohol produced by the fermentation of sugars etc. This is used in drugs and as a part of alcohol for drinks. The same is also now used as a solvent and above all the fuel for vehicles. Ethanol gained worldwide publicity once an aircraft with this bio-fuel flew across Atlantic. Ethanol is gaining world wide popularity due to its safe nature for environment.

Advantages Of Ethanol

Ethanol is called as the fuel of the future. It is being used to power cars and buses and gives great mileage. It is cheaper as it is produced from the food crops like sugarcane. Furthermore, it’s burning yields minimal emissions of carbon dioxide and no other harmful gases are generated.

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Solar Powered Mobile Chargers

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Energy is the soul of the modern era. The depletion of our conventional energy sources like oil and gas has troubled the scientific community since long and they are looking for alternative energy resources. This research for alternative and environmentally safe energy sources has lead to development of fuels like ethanol but the biggest, though a bit expensive to start with, revelation is the use of solar energy for powering up our life

Solar Energy

Solar energy is an un-harnessed area with vast potential. The energy reaches the earth in form of light and heat which is used by the life on earth. But the light rays have a capability to produce energy once they are used by the solar cells made up of photoreceptors. These solar cells may be used to power the wrist watch or power an automobile. The principle remains the same and that is to convert light into electricity.

Solar Power Mobile Charger

Solar power mobile charger is used for the purpose of charging from direct sunlight. It powers itself from the sunlight or any light source and in turn supplies this electric current to the battery of the mobile set. These power chargers come in a wide range of capacities and you must choose carefully the correct charger giving the right amount of current in units of amperes and watts to power your mobile phone. Also the compatible accessories like wires with suitable ports for plugging into your battery must be procured.

In Case of Emergency

Mobile phones are an ideal way to communicate from far off distances and they are the means for calling help in an emergency. However, their dependence on battery and limitation of talk time or standby times may cause them to be out of function once you need them the most. Solar power mobile charger can store energy up to hours depends upon the storage and capability of device.

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Solar Energy Support By BP

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Companies all over the world are striving to develop the energy resources. With the declining oil and gas reserves of the world, people are looking towards alternate energy sources. Now the powers of the winds are being harnessed, ethanol is being produced, but by far the most potent source remains the sun.

The sun not only powers life on the plant, its energy in form of light can be converted into electrical energy.This energy is being utilized world over though lot needs to be done in this field.

Evolution Of British Petroleum

British Petroleum remains one of the largest private oil exploration and marketing company of the world. It ranks third amongst the world energy companies. The company had been investing in oil and gas worldwide but as these resources are decreasing, and in a response to global warming and green house effect awareness, the company is switching itself to alternate and safer energy resources.

Renaming The British Petroleum

Petroleum and gas no longer remain the sole energy sources of the modern world. In order to absorb this reality, the British Petroleum has also modified its philosophy and company outlook. The biggest step that they took in 2000 was to change the name from British Petroleum to Beyond Petroleum. This name signifies that the company does not deal in petroleum alone, rather it is open to all the energy sources including solar and nuclear.

BP And Solar Energy

The biggest respite to solar energy investors came once BP signed a deal with the Home Depot. This deal aimed at providing the solar panels for domestic users. The program advanced further once BP acquired Lucas Energy Systems in 1980 and also later on they bought Amoco and Solarex in 2000.

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Natural Gas Vehicles Are Supreme Choice For America

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To promote natural gas vehicles in America, organization named NGVAmerica (Natural Gas Vehicles for America) is working on national levels. The idea of natural gas vehicles is not so common so far, but it provides an amazing option to get fossil fuel-free life. Natural gas vehicles for America are dedicated to market vehicles driven and motorized by natural gas or hydrogen.

Multiple Manufacturers

Multiple Manufacturers

There are more than 100 companies represented by Natural Gas Vehicles for America which are interested in promoting natural gas vehicles. These companies include vehicle manufacturers, fleet operators, engine manufacturers, gas companies as well as natural gas produces. Meanwhile NGVAmerica is supported by various environmental organizations as well as from government sector.

Market Scenario

There are round about 110, 00 natural gas vehicles driven on roads of US, as per information given on the website of NGVAmerica. Total number of natural gas vehicles all over the world exceeds 11 millions. In United States, number of natural gas fuel station exceeds 1,100.

There are about 30 companies in U.S which manufacture such vehicles as well as their equipments. Cost of using natural gas is three times less than conventional gasoline. Natural gas is sold on gallons’ standard for gasoline, that is, GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalents), where GGE contains the same amount of energy (125, 00 BTU) as it is found in one gallon of gasoline without containing ethanol.

Available Markets for NGVs

According to NGVAmerica, number of natural gas vehicular increased up to double from the year 2003 till the year 2009. Read the full story

Eco Friendly Automobiles

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Automobile exhaustion is one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases in the environment. Therefore, it is very important to find the alternative and rather cleaner sources of automobile fueling in order to lighten with the effects of climatic change.

Alternative Automobile Fuels

Alternative Automobile Fuels

Petrol fuels are still the dominating automobile fuels all over the world, but things are starting to change slowly. In some parts of the world, alternate automobile fuels are available like fuel cell, biofuels, hydrogen, bioethanol, biopetrol, liquid petroleum gas, and electricity. These types of fuels are being utilized for automobiles that are capable of running on alternative fuels.

Pros and Cons Alternative Fuels

These alternative options seem viable options for car fueling, but still these options have some advantages and disadvantages. Automobiles that run on alternative source of power offer various benefits to environment. Such cars are less polluting and are eco friendly to a great extent than conventional cars. The negative point of these cars can be their prices that can be lower or higher in accordance with the type of alternative fuel that is in question.

Biofuel as an Alternative Source of Power

Currently, biofuel is by far the most popular alternative fuel for automobiles. Many countries have either adopted it completely or partially. The shining example is Brazil that is the largest sugarcane producer in the world. In Brazil, in some states it doesn’t cost much to run automobiles on sugarcane ethanol.  However, there are certain major setbacks of biofuel. These setbacks include land management and food price. Read the full story

Setbacks of Ethanol as an Energy Source

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Natural reserves like natural gas, coal, oil etc depleting exponentially and soon a time will come when these natural reserves will bid goodbye to us forever. Currently and since the time when humans become mindful of the wonders of natural resources, these resources are doing great job by fueling our cars and heating homes. Due to fewer deposits of these natural resources, many countries are finding alternate sources for energy production. Not only for the fewer energy resources but also for the betterment of environment, alternative sources of energy are inevitable to be practiced.

Ethanol as Energy Needs Solution

Ethanol as Energy Needs Solution

The debate of what is the best alternate energy source is a never ending debate. Many people have advocated ethanol as an appropriate alternate source of energy. In many countries ethanol has already been adopted as a source of energy for automobile fueling and for other purposes. However, there are some serious setbacks of ethanol as an alternate source of energy. It is important for people be aware of these setbacks.

Understand Ethanol

First, it is very important to understand what ethanol is and how it is produced. I is a corn based fuel that has a potential to be used as energy source for automobiles fueling and trucks. Many studies have shown that ethanol releases toxic substances into the environment through vehicle exhaust. Read the full story

Best Alternative Fuels available

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If anyone is environmental friendly he shows his passion by riding a car that runs on non-fossil fuels. These cars not only emit less carbon but also save you money as the alternative fuel is cheaper than conventional fuels.

Types of Non-Fossil Fuels

Types of Non-Fossil Fuels

There are many types of non-fossil fuels currently available in the market. These types include hydrogen, ethanol, electricity, natural gas, biodiesel and liquefied petroleum gas which is commonly referred as LPG. Anyone can alter their engines so they can run on any of the mentioned types of fuel. Whereas some fuels don’t require alteration of the engine.

Natural Gas and LPG as Fuels for Cars

Vehicles that run on natural gas are more environmental friendly and they leave less carbon footprints. It is a mainly a fossil fuel. Honda has produced a car under the name of Civic GX which uses natural gas as the primary fuel.  Another alternate fuel is Liquefied Petroleum Gas commonly known as LPG. It is formed during the refinement of crude oil. This fuel is very popular all over the world and currently more than 9 million vehicles use LPG as their primary fuel. Read the full story

Efficiency of Biofuels

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Biofuels can be created with the conversion of natural material into power in order to strengthen the people. These biofuels are also an alternative energy resource as against the relic sources of power that we are presently using.

Biofuels Chemicals

The umbrella of biofuels comprise of a chemical substance ethanol and end products of couple of plants, like sugar cane. These also consist of corn oils. It should, however, be kept in mind that complete set of ethanol products are not premeditated as a petrol source. In this regard The International Agency has disclosed that within the time of fifteen years, ten percent of global petrol will be made by ethanol. This figure will rise to 30% in 2050 and currently the amount is only 2%.

Energy Efficiency

Nonetheless, it is long process to purify these biofuels and make these usable. In this regard, the Oregon State University has also unearthed the fact through their research that still we need to widen the energy resourceful biofuels, because gas is prepared from the fuel. Energy efficiency gauges the total quantity of functional energy that we require is resultant of particular quantity of input power. So far, not enough energy has been derived for our needs.

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Biofuel Benefits Go Beyond Environment

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Biofuels are the alternatives for the petroleum based fuels. They are considered to be cheap and environment friendly. Many biological materials are used in their preparation. As the century is followed by the energy crisis and a lot of climatic changes so the demand of bio fuels is rapidly increasing day by day.


Forms of Biofuels

There are many forms in which Biofuels are currently available. Two of them are discussed here!


The feed stock of certain plants e.g. sugar beet, sugar cane, beet root, corn etc is fermented and converted to ethanol. Ethanol is basically a mixture of ethane and alcohol. In the pure ethanol fired cars, we can use it as a fuel by mixing it with gasoline.

This mixing takes places at the pump and “gasohol” is produced. We can also combine it with isobutylene; as a result ETBE is created which is ethyl tertio butyl ether. The advantage of ETBE is that it is less volatile in nature than ethanol. Moreover it can easily be blended in the refinery thus the money is saved that otherwise were to be used in the blending at pumps.


It is made by the combing the methanol and raw vegetable oil. As a result a vegetable oil methyl ester (VOME) is formed. We can directly use VOME as fuel and can also blend it with petroleum diesel.

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