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Energy-Efficient Solar Pool Covers

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‘What is a solar pool cover and why is it used?’ Well, you are going to get your answers once you read through. The largest energy loss from a pool occurs due to evaporation due to which the pool water cools down and heat energy is lost to the surroundings.

Pool covers are used to prevent or minimize evaporation and thus there is lesser energy loss. However, solar pool cover not only serves this purpose but also transfers heat energy from sun to the pool water.

Structure Of Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover is made up of synthetic polyethylene and is of dark colors for better conduction of heat. Solar pool cover bears small air pockets on its surface which look identical to bubble wraps. Each of these bubbles absorbs heat from the sun and transfers it to the pool water rather than losing to the surroundings.

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Reducing Household Electricity Bills

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High Costs of Electricity in USA have become discouraging for thousands of consumers. As a result, people have started looking for the alternate sources of energy. Credits and discounts are available for the installation of solar electric system for household and business venues. For instance, the State of California pays a rebate for using solar power system.

In addition, the solar power system is available on lease in a number of states. New solar systems available for domestic users provide free energy from the sun. This can be used to run TVs, refrigerators, pumps, computer and many other appliances.

Need Of The Electric Power Company

With the advent of solar electric system, utility consumers have become independent in producing power for their domestic use. Consumers do not have to rely on Power Company alone and they can meet their utility needs. However, they remain connected with a Electric Power Company.

Convenience Of Solar System

Solar system is very simple to use. It does not require any special monitoring and is a plug and play utility. In addition, there is no issue of moving parts and noise. Solar modules are assembled under the heat and light of sun and generate power through out the year. Solar modules cover a warranty of 25 years but they last for about fifty years.

Configuration Of Solar Electric System

The Solar Photovoltaic Array is a unit that collects the energy from a sun. It is placed on top of a roof in a south direction. Hence it gets maximum exposure to the sun light. Energy conversion unit (an inverter) receives energy in the form of direct current and inverts it into alternating current.

Features Of The Solar Electric System

A few salient features of the Solar Electric System are highlighted below:-

1. Functions Of Inverter

AC or alternating current is used in houses and the sockets are made to receive it. Inverter produces the AC current from the DC that it gets from the battery. This is in turn fed to a utility meter and a grid. While producing power, the utility meter may have to slow down and at times run backwards.

2. Net Metering States

Net Metering States like California charge full retail price for the power production. Consumers get a credit from company for producing the excess power. Utility companies located in a state with net metering laws, issue a credit for the full retail value of power, households or businesses consumption.

3. Credit for Excess Production

Credit for excess production is carried forward to the subsequent months. At the end of a year, the solar system power generation restarts. If any credit is remaining, it will be treated as zero. So it is important to set a yearly limit for the scale of production and consumption.

4. Batteries For A Solar System

 It is a personal choice to use batteries. Both kinds of the solar systems are available in market that runs on battery or even without them. The system automatically shuts down in case of failure with a battery-less system. No electricity is available at homes until a utility company restores the power. This is a safety measure installed by the power companies.

5. Feeding Power During Power Failure

During power failures, utility company sends a lineman to repair power lines. System does not allow an inverter to operate during power failures.

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Solar System A Growing Source Of Energy

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Global warming, energy crises and greenhouse effects are worldwide concerns. All countries are insistently pursuing other safe alternatives of energy sources. Solar system is on top priority list among other alternative sources of energy. Countries are investing extra money in the field of research for the development of a solar energy system.

Solar system produces 0.1 percent of electricity in U.S.A. It will increase up to 10 percent. It offers competitive cost than other sources of energy.

Competitive Costs

Some factors influence the costs of a solar system. The Size of a system, required energy and a location of installation, set price of a solar system. Average cost of an installed system roughly estimated about $36,000 for a home of 2500 square foot.  This estimated cost is about 4 Kwh at $9 per watt. This estimation is not accurate. It just provides an idea of the cost.

Determine Size Of Solar System

The size of a home does not determine the size and the consumption of a solar system. Just call a representative and ask him to calculate the size of a solar system for your home. He will call your utility power company and get your monthly or daily electric usage in kilowatt hours. This information is also available in the copies of electric bills.

Tax Credits And Rebates

High Costs of Electricity in USA dissatisfy thousands of utility consumers. They enjoyed tax credits and generous discounts. Credits and discounts are available for the installation of solar electric system for household and business venues. The State of California for instance offers 15% tax credit and $4000.00 (per kilowatt) as a cash rebate for the solar electric system.

Photovoltaic panels

New solar system generates free energy from the sun and runs TVs, refrigerators, pumps, computers and many other appliances. Photovoltaic panels produce power directly through sunlight. Photovoltaic panels use semiconductors made up of various components. These panels are first preference of residential solar system.

Solar Thermal Collectors

This is another way of trapping, absorbing and transferring heat from sunlight in the form of warm water or air.  Solar energy system has a long way to go. It moves in a right direction with better incentives.

Configuration Of Solar Electric System

The Solar Photovoltaic Array is a unit that collects the energy from a sun. It is on the top of a roof in a south direction. So it gets maximum exposure to the sun.

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Lighting With The Help of Solar Energy

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Nobody likes dark places and also nobody wants increase their electricity bills. Well with the introduction of solar lighting solutions one can escape from both types of situations. Solar lights can easily light your homes as well as decorate your gardens in the best way possible and without affecting your electricity bill. These solar systems are easy to install and easy to use. Following article will show how one can take advantage from these lighting solutions for the indoors as well as the outdoors.

Outdoor Solar Lighting

Outdoor Solar Lighting
Outdoor lights powered by solar systems are wireless and very easy to use and also provide greater mobility. You can move these lights to any place according to your needs because all they need is the sun. These solar systems absorb light energy from the sun and then convert it into usable electricity which is then stored in batteries which are also connected with these lights. The electricity is stored in the batteries for later use when there is no light. A photo resistor detects darkness when the sun goes down and then sends a signal to the control panel of the solar light which in turn powers up the light with the help of the energy stored in the batteries in the day time. And hence no electricity is required from the grid which saves money on electricity bills and also keeps the garden lit.

LEDs used in Outdoor Solar Systems

Outdoor solar lighting solutions consist of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). The LEDs used in solar systems are very powerful when we look at their performance but use very less amount of energy. Read the full story

Solar Power Cells Deal in Australia

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Solar Cells are the cells which are used to harness light energy from the Sun. Light energy is converted in to Chemical Potential and later Electrical energy. All over the world, many individuals have effectively made use of Solar Power. The Solar Power has been implemented by various countries worldwide. These countries have made progress on the journey towards safer energy. One such country is Australia which makes use of sunlight

Solar Power in Australia

Solar Power in Australia
The people of Australia are not at all new to the concept of Solar Energy. Solar Energy can be made very useful by Solar Cell units being installed on rooftops of separate platforms. Several projects and deals have been made to discuss the implementation of solar power. The solar cells can be provided to Australian household and industries in an economic manner. Several firms like AP6 and Asia Pacific Partnership are showing concern in this regard.

How Australia Will Benefit

One of the most important and ground breaking reports include the provision of as many as five-hundred thousand Solar Cells to Australia by Spectrolab. Read the full story

Passive Solar Technology

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Sunlight is a very useful component in the lives of people in the modern day. Many individuals make use of solar power to ignite their lives and carry out their everyday tasks. However, without solar power many of the tasks would be left incomplete and life would definitely become much more difficult and complex to solve. Passive Solar is all about transferring thermal energy. The thermal energy is easily transferable through various unique means.

The Passive Solar Power Technology

The Passive Solar Power Technology

When solar energy strikes the surface of an architectural design, some of the heat remains stored in the building. The rest of the power is removed slowly from the system of the building. The Passive Solar Technology is another great aspect of solar power through which energy from the Sun can be made useful. One does not need any sort of sophisticated tools or devices to make this happen. The design of the building is more than enough to do it.

Passive Solar Design

The Passive Solar Design of a building implies that the building shall continue to retain its warmth and energy in chilly winters. Read the full story

Refrigerators That Work on Solar Energy

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Solar energy is growing and advancing so rapidly that now one can run a refrigerator on it. These refrigerators are powered by a photovoltaic cell which collects energy from the sun stores it and then makes it available for use. This new technology not only saves money but also the environment which definitely needs some saving.

Size and Power Consumption

Size and Power Consumption

Refrigerators that run on solar energy are small in size. They are ideal for use during camping or for RV owners. Many people in remote areas also use these type refrigerators. These refrigerators run on a 12 volt backup battery and can easily cool down their contents to about thirty degrees lower than the surrounding temperature. Solar energy is not as compatible with these refrigerators as one would like. If solar energy is the only available source of charging the battery then the refrigerator must have a very small ampere-hour need.

Usage according to Conditions

Solar refrigerators can be a difficult thing to use when the solar energy is the only source for charging the battery because solar energy produced with the help of photovoltaic cells is not constant all the time due to changes in the intensity of sun’s light, and other various factors which includes their position. According to the temperature the refrigerator will require similar energy. For example during the winter the temperatures are lower and the refrigerator will require lesser amount of energy to keep its contents cool.

Solar Refrigerators against Conventional Refrigerators

Solar refrigerators can be used very effectively to transfer vaccines and medicines where they are required and can easily take place of conventional refrigerators that mostly run on kerosene. Kerosene refrigerators require a fuel of about a liter on everyday basis whereas refrigerators that run on solar energy can keep the contents cold for free.

Cost of Solar Refrigerators

Refrigerators that run on solar energy are much more costly than their conventional counterparts. A solar refrigerator costs about $3500 to $4500. Read the full story

Facts about Solar Energy

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The market for renewable energy is now dominated by the Solar energy systems. Solar systems are becoming a preferred choice for people who want an energy system that is clean and environmentally friendly. Many people think that solar energy can only be used in electrical generation. Well it is the most widely known phenomena but it is not the only one. Read on and find out facts about solar energy and its other interesting uses.

Facts about Solar Energy Systems

Facts about Solar Energy Systems

  • The sun is the only source for production of electricity in Solar panels.
  • Greenpeace says that, energy generated with the help of the sun can fulfill energy requirements of about ten similar places like Earth
  • Solar systems only make about 0.039 percent of Earth’s total energy requirements. That is very less when compared to the extent to which solar energy is capable of producing.
  • Direct electrical generation through energy from the sun is done with the help of photovoltaic cells. These cells are made in such a way that they absorb energy from the sun and then converts it into usable electrical energy.
  • If only four percent of the Earth’s deserts are covered by Photovoltaic cells, the energy produced by them will be enough to meet electricity demand. These photovoltaic cells take energy for electrical generation only from the Sun. Read the full story

Working of Flat Plate Solar Collectors

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When one creates a solar energy system, the important thing that is kept in mind is the method of collection. This is very important because if you want your solar energy system to be successful it must have an efficient collector which is able to collect energy from the sun in the best way possible. In the market one can find mainly three different types of collectors but the most popular and the most widely used collector in the market today is the Flat Plate collector.

What is A Flat Plate Collector?

What is A Flat Plate Collector

A flat plate collector basically consists of a rectangular box which is covered by a plastic glazing or a glass, and underneath this covering lays a metal plate. The heat is trapped in the rectangular box with the help of the plastic glazing or the glass covering. This heat is then absorbed by the metal plate which is colored to absorb maximum heat. This absorbed heat is then transferred to tubes which contain air or water. These tubes then carry this absorbed heat around the house and keep the house warm without the need of any heavy electrical appliances

Air and Liquid systems

There are two types of systems. One system contains air in the tubes and the other system contains liquid in the carrying tubes.

Air Systems

Air systems in which heat is carried around with the help of air are not very efficient. Read the full story

Photovoltaic (PV) Cells

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In this modern era, people are looking for sources of creating usable electricity which is not only reliable but also environmental friendly. Due to this demand or interest, researchers and scientists started working on this project. They found many solutions but the best solution was Photovoltaic Cells.

What Is a Photovoltaic Cell?

What Is a Photovoltaic Cell

A photovoltaic cell is basically a device which generates electricity just by using energy from the sun. A photovoltaic cell does not require any fossil fuel for its operation and hence it is the most clean and environmental friendly source of electricity.

Composition of a Photovoltaic Cell

A photovoltaic cell consists of a diode. A diode conducts electric current through conducting materials as well as insulators when the electrons in the diode are provided with sufficient energy. This energy can be provided by any mean including heat energy from the sun.

How Photovoltaic Cells Work

The light rays from the sun carry the energy. When these light rays strike on the photovoltaic cell, the energy from the rays is transferred into the atoms of the semiconductor which in turn release electrons. These electrons are the charge carriers and hence they start conducting electrical charge in the form of a Direct Current. This Direct Current then enters the inverters which converts this Direct Current into usable Alternating Current. This Alternating Current can then be fed through the utility panel and then used to power up anything.

Extrinsic Semiconductors

Silicon is the most common semiconductor because of its physical qualities. Most semiconductors are fabricated using silicon. This may be due to the fact that silicon is more durable and also stable at higher temperatures. Read the full story

Learn About Solar Water Heater Heaters

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Solar energy has changed the ways of living in many countries. In the past, where in most parts of the world when people used to rely on conventional heaters to heat water to utilize it for their everyday tasks. Bit now the world has changed in many places where solar energy is working wonders.

Solar Water Heaters in Warm Climates

Solar Water Heaters in Warm Climates

In hotter seasons, solar water heaters are capable of fulfilling up to 70 percent of the total water needs of a home annually. However, this capability of solar water heater drops during winter seasons and during chilled climatic conditions. Due to this reason solar water heaters are usually used with the conventional back up system.

Commonest Type of Solar Water Heater

The commonest type f solar water heater system comprises of an active system that uses pumps and controls the circulation of water between a collector, a properly insulated water storage container, and the home. Sometimes, active water heating system directly pumps the water from the collectors and others distribute it through a heat exchanger before it finally distributed to the home for use.

Passive Solar Water Heater Systems

Passive solar water heaters are quite different the active solar water heating systems. Passive solar water heating systems don’t rely on pumps but they work on the force of gravity and take help from the natural circulation for the distributions of hot water. Read the full story