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Reducing Household Electricity Bills

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High Costs of Electricity in USA have become discouraging for thousands of consumers. As a result, people have started looking for the alternate sources of energy. Credits and discounts are available for the installation of solar electric system for household and business venues. For instance, the State of California pays a rebate for using solar power system.

In addition, the solar power system is available on lease in a number of states. New solar systems available for domestic users provide free energy from the sun. This can be used to run TVs, refrigerators, pumps, computer and many other appliances.

Need Of The Electric Power Company

With the advent of solar electric system, utility consumers have become independent in producing power for their domestic use. Consumers do not have to rely on Power Company alone and they can meet their utility needs. However, they remain connected with a Electric Power Company.

Convenience Of Solar System

Solar system is very simple to use. It does not require any special monitoring and is a plug and play utility. In addition, there is no issue of moving parts and noise. Solar modules are assembled under the heat and light of sun and generate power through out the year. Solar modules cover a warranty of 25 years but they last for about fifty years.

Configuration Of Solar Electric System

The Solar Photovoltaic Array is a unit that collects the energy from a sun. It is placed on top of a roof in a south direction. Hence it gets maximum exposure to the sun light. Energy conversion unit (an inverter) receives energy in the form of direct current and inverts it into alternating current.

Features Of The Solar Electric System

A few salient features of the Solar Electric System are highlighted below:-

1. Functions Of Inverter

AC or alternating current is used in houses and the sockets are made to receive it. Inverter produces the AC current from the DC that it gets from the battery. This is in turn fed to a utility meter and a grid. While producing power, the utility meter may have to slow down and at times run backwards.

2. Net Metering States

Net Metering States like California charge full retail price for the power production. Consumers get a credit from company for producing the excess power. Utility companies located in a state with net metering laws, issue a credit for the full retail value of power, households or businesses consumption.

3. Credit for Excess Production

Credit for excess production is carried forward to the subsequent months. At the end of a year, the solar system power generation restarts. If any credit is remaining, it will be treated as zero. So it is important to set a yearly limit for the scale of production and consumption.

4. Batteries For A Solar System

 It is a personal choice to use batteries. Both kinds of the solar systems are available in market that runs on battery or even without them. The system automatically shuts down in case of failure with a battery-less system. No electricity is available at homes until a utility company restores the power. This is a safety measure installed by the power companies.

5. Feeding Power During Power Failure

During power failures, utility company sends a lineman to repair power lines. System does not allow an inverter to operate during power failures.

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Solar System A Growing Source Of Energy

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Global warming, energy crises and greenhouse effects are worldwide concerns. All countries are insistently pursuing other safe alternatives of energy sources. Solar system is on top priority list among other alternative sources of energy. Countries are investing extra money in the field of research for the development of a solar energy system.

Solar system produces 0.1 percent of electricity in U.S.A. It will increase up to 10 percent. It offers competitive cost than other sources of energy.

Competitive Costs

Some factors influence the costs of a solar system. The Size of a system, required energy and a location of installation, set price of a solar system. Average cost of an installed system roughly estimated about $36,000 for a home of 2500 square foot.  This estimated cost is about 4 Kwh at $9 per watt. This estimation is not accurate. It just provides an idea of the cost.

Determine Size Of Solar System

The size of a home does not determine the size and the consumption of a solar system. Just call a representative and ask him to calculate the size of a solar system for your home. He will call your utility power company and get your monthly or daily electric usage in kilowatt hours. This information is also available in the copies of electric bills.

Tax Credits And Rebates

High Costs of Electricity in USA dissatisfy thousands of utility consumers. They enjoyed tax credits and generous discounts. Credits and discounts are available for the installation of solar electric system for household and business venues. The State of California for instance offers 15% tax credit and $4000.00 (per kilowatt) as a cash rebate for the solar electric system.

Photovoltaic panels

New solar system generates free energy from the sun and runs TVs, refrigerators, pumps, computers and many other appliances. Photovoltaic panels produce power directly through sunlight. Photovoltaic panels use semiconductors made up of various components. These panels are first preference of residential solar system.

Solar Thermal Collectors

This is another way of trapping, absorbing and transferring heat from sunlight in the form of warm water or air.  Solar energy system has a long way to go. It moves in a right direction with better incentives.

Configuration Of Solar Electric System

The Solar Photovoltaic Array is a unit that collects the energy from a sun. It is on the top of a roof in a south direction. So it gets maximum exposure to the sun.

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Composition and Types Of Solar Cells

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You can find a number of devices in the market that runs on solar energy. Solar lights are one of the most popular among all the other applications of solar components. In previous times, the solar lights were considered dim and unreliable due to less glow and lack of quality. Such lights were pretty expensive back then. However, in the past few years things have changed a lot. Solar lights are considered one of the most reliable electrical components.

Solar lighting

Solar lighting

Solar lighting is gaining a significant place in our life due to its increasing reliability and cost effective nature. These lights may seem a bit expensive to you, but the incredible feature that set them apart from the traditional lighting is that you are not supposed to spend a single dime in order to provide them with fuel. Solar energy is the only sort of fuel that is present all over the world in abundance, and you can use as much you require.

Solar panel

If you are thinking about having a solar energy system for your house, then you must keep in mind some vital components of that system. The major part of the solar energy system, on which it relies entirely is the solar panel. Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in New Mexico

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New Mexico is potentially strong for the exploitation of solar energy. Because of abundant sunshine and high altitude it is a perfect site for solar energy production.

States Incentives

Residential Solar Systems

New Mexico State provides a plenty of state sponsored incentive and discount programs to its people, planned to make solar power more economical for the average homeowner. These programs are useful in reducing the cost of a solar panel kit installation.

Federal Incentives

Along with that Federal programs are also offered to locals of New Mexico. By combining both of the above mentioned programs, it is possible to construct an economical solar power system. Solarhome.org is providing free solar evaluation to the Mew Mexico. So win the benefit of the free solar evaluation and discover the potential of solar power, take advantage of these incentives and start saving money.

Solar Panel Efficiency

Developed progress in the past decade has lowered the rate of solar panels. Now it is possible that a 30 percent efficiency panel can overcome the cost of production and installation over the first 6years of its life. This means that solar power is now cost-effective and feasible, since panels are designed to run for at least 10 years before they start to break down.

Free Solar Evaluation

The California Solar initiative has been an example for other states to pursue in setting up incentive programs to promote solar power. There are also other states with more solar potential and discount or incentives. For more information on the viability of solar power in your area, as well as information on local incentive programs, solar evaluation is needed. It will collect particulars about the locality, conditions, power usage etc. With these it will be estimated that what type of quantity of solar kit needed. For that purpose a questionnaire is to be filled. The questionnaire requires information to estimate the solar need.

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How Much Solar Panels Will Cost?

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The use of solar power in homes as well as businesses is the most recent trend in order to protect the environment and also for preserving the power. The conventional sources of energy production depend on relic fuels. These are very expensive as well as pollute the environment. Besides that, these fuels are rapidly depleting.

What is Solar Power?

What is Solar Power

Solar energy is the power generated from the sun. It has excellent outcomes, if you make utilization of power as well its preservation. With the popularity of solar power, the requirement of solar power merchandise is also increasing.

Solar Power Appliances

Now the individuals are constructing the solar power homes for making their lives easier and for leading their lives resourcefully. Besides constructing solar power proficient homes, they also like to use efficient solar power lighting, electrical devices, water heaters and water pumps. You can therefore, purchase solar power equipments for using in the kitchen

By and large, the apparatus to be used in kitchen are the most expensive in a house, because in the kitchen, equipments function on continuous and frequent basis.  Now there is an important aspect to calculate the cost.

Cost Allied to the Power Consumption

It is allied to the wattage that you require or would like to have in your home; the expense varies from US$7.00 to US$9.00 per watt usage. Now, it is correlated to the quantity of solar panels you require or you desire to have; the complete expenses can reach up to the figure of US$70,000.

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Getting Residential Solar System in Wyoming

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Vast solar farms can be built in WI as it is mostly undeveloped. Having large solar farms will make it a potential candidate for supplying power to neighboring states as well as their own.

Solar Power Vs. Wind Turbine

Solar Power Vs. Wind Turbine

Wyoming is famous for the production of wind power. It is one of the windiest states. But solar power is just as practical and necessary as a wind turbine. Wind turbines only work about ½ of the time, and solar panels work the remaining ½ of that time making them a suitable combination for producing ample electricity. Once installation is complete then the areas far away from power lines can be connected to the grid by smaller solar. You have to bear no utility costs for that.

Free Solar Evaluation

Fill the Wyoming free solar evaluation form and you will find out all the factors that can affect the feasibility of converting to solar power. Power consumption in any home or business depend on these factors such as location, building materials, square footage, number of windows and type of roof. By completing the questionnaire correctly on the Wyoming solar power website, you will be called by one of the Wyoming solar experts. He will advise you about solar evaluation on free of cost basis and also provide you with the latest details about the discounts and tax credits.


Make a choice of the solar power Solution(s) for your vicinity. Tick all those options that apply:

  • Solar Pool Heater
  • Solar Water Heater
  • Solar Electricity

Accurate Data

If you give the more correct details, you will be able to get the more exact evaluation. This is particularly right in relation to the sum of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is gathered with the name of your electricity company supplier who prices can be taken through some other sources, then you will be able to get more accurate consumption of your current usage of electricity on monthly basis.

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How to Make a Basic Solar Panel

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Often most individuals are intrigued by the fact of how solar panels are built. The factor which makes building solar panels easy is that it does not cost much if you build it yourself. If the solar panel is purchased from the market place, it would cost you few thousand dollars. However, if you take the raw materials and build it yourself, the work would be done in a few hundred dollars. Readymade solar panels may seem attractive and a much easier option, however if you wish to save money then building it yourself would be recommended.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels


Functioning of Solar Panels

If one person questions you regarding how the solar panel functions then the answer to it isn’t much complex. Solar panels operate using the photovoltaic effect. This means that the radiation from the sun provides the energy which causes the electrons placed on the solar cells to react. These electrons then shift from their molecules and this movement creates electricity

Cost of Creating a Solar Panel

Advancements in technology has not only made life easier for us but also made several things much cheaper than they were till about a few years ago. One of these things includes the solar panel.

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Not All Solar Power is ‘green’

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All the solar thermal plants in USA are not pollution-free. It is because they use different kinds of fuels as well. They are the result of several kinds of pollution and harmful effects to the environment and the atmosphere.

Solar thermal plants

They are so called the green-energy alternatives. They make use of the energy coming from the sun and are expected to be pollution-free. They are thought to be a great contribution in the present time of energy crisis.

Solar energy

But unfortunately, they don’t solely use the sun energy but a number of other chemicals are used in their working. This is making them cause pollution of several types. They also result in green house effect and thus in global warming.

Some of the solar thermal plants are designed that use natural gas or propane boilers other than the sun energy. This is used as a fuel to start up the units. It results in the production of the gases that cause the green house effect.

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Photovoltaic Cell – How It Works?

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Photo voltaic cells are usually known as solar cells. These are frequently used in the applications of recently used electronic devices like satellites, calculators, and watches etc. However, these are used primarily in the space applications. Photo stands for light and voltaic corresponds to the electricity, so photovoltaic devices are used to produce electricity from the light. Hence, these are also commonly known as solar cells. Photovoltaic cells can be obtained in different sizes and shapes. Photovoltaic modules can be formed by joining different individual photovoltaic cells. The size of the photovoltaic array can be finding out by estimating the required output power and the accessible amount of light at the location.

Photo voltaic cells

Manufacturing materials for photo voltaic cells

Specific materials generally semiconductors are commonly used in fabrication of photovoltaic cells. Silicon is a semiconductor material which is mostly used for this purpose. Silicon is available in different forms like single crystal, poly crystalline and amorphous.  Thin films of some poly crystalline materials like Copper Indium Disengage, Cadmium Telluride etc are also used in the construction of photovoltaic cells.

Use of Silicon in Production of Photo voltaic Cells

When light falls on the photovoltaic cell, it absorbs the specific amount of light and reflects the remaining through photovoltaic cell. The absorbed light is only used to produce the electricity. Silicon has interesting chemical properties when existing in crystalline form. When a certain amount of light is absorbed in pure Silicon, a number of free electrons produce by breaking of the chemical bonds.

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How to Reduce your Energy Cost

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The power supplied from the utility is more costly than the renewable energy from solar or wind. Therefore the first step to take is to get rid of the current utility bills by installing solar cells for your home. When converting to solar power you have to be very cautious in your use of electric power. You can cut your energy requirements and in turn energy expenses by reducing the use of heating devices, increasing energy efficient lighting and appliances. Below are mentioned a few approaches to help you reduce your electricity bills.

Low Energy Consuming Home Interior

The peak load occurs due to the heating devices. With a simultaneous use of heating devices there is danger that the DC battery, supplied along the solar panels, can be depleted of charge very quickly; particularly in overcast and dark conditions. A few techniques to reduce this sort of use of electricity can help you reduce bills in case of utility supply or can attain a longer battery life from solar panels.

Energy Consuming Home Interior

Make sure you have effective insulation at your home. This is the most economical way of preserving heat of your home.  The windows and ceiling of your house are the main source of heat loss. The eaves should be insulated in order not to let the bulk heat escape in the form of warm air. The windows should be sheathed with curtains and blinds. The gaps on the outer side of the windows should be filled so that no cold air from outside can enter.

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Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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Solar energy is considering a reliable source of energy. It plays a vital role to almost fulfill the recent requirements of energy in all over the world. Several homeowners are looking to install the solar panels for their home electricity needs. There are many advantages of solar energy. However, there are also some disadvantages of the solar power. It is considered that people should be aware from the disadvantages as well.  These disadvantages of solar energy are now described below in detail.

 Renewable energy

Initial cost of installation

Initial cost to installing a solar panel is considering little bit high. This is surely a main disadvantage of solar energy. People are also claiming that solar energy is much costly than the other available energy sources like fossil fuel technologies. The use of solar energy for production of electricity is expected to increase with the decrease of price for solar panels.

Need of large area for installation

A solar power system needs a large space for its installation. The precise installation of solar panel is required to work efficiently in order to provide a reliable source of electricity. This is also considered as disadvantage of solar energy especially short spaced and expensive areas.

Environmental pollution and clouds

Efficiency of solar panels can be degraded due to the environmental pollution. So, environmental pollution as well as the clouds in sky affects the working of solar panels. As both pollution and clouds can block the sunrays, and hence diminish the sun’s energy.

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