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Solar Battery Charger

World is searching for renewable energy sources to maintain their resources as well as to save the money. Electricity rates are growing up due to the oil prices and there is an urgent nee to tap new resources. Solar energy has come to the rescue of mankind in this regard. It provides electricity for your home and invention of portable chargers has facilitated the life.

Advantages Of Solar Chargers

Solar battery chargers have many advantages over other means of electricity like being economical and long lasting. They are environment friendly and do not require any external source of electricity required. In addition, the modern solar battery charger are compact and small in size with maximum ability to provide power.

One Time Investment

Initial Investment in this system may cost you some extra amount but it can serve your needs for number of years. One can also use them as a backup for the electricity in homes or in small business unit with the ability of sun tracking.

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Solar/Wind Hybrid Units

Solar power and wind energy are two forms of energy. The solar and wind energy are considered to be the alternative energy sources. The energy generated from these two mediums is pollution free and cheap. Solar power and wind energy can be combined together to form an interesting mode of energy production. The solar/wind energy hybrid is the latest innovation achieved by experts. This unit combines solar and wind power together to increase electricity production.

Solar Power & Wind Power

Research on solar and wind energy enabled this breakthrough to be made. These hybrid units are easy to install and provide with great power. The solar/wind hybrid units are the best backup power source for any home or commercial project. They can make power at any time of the day depending on natural factors like wind and sunlight. An all-round year generation of power can be expected in this manner.

Supplying Power to Remote Areas

Many isolated regions do not have any adequate or proper supply of proper. To deal with this issue, individuals must address the solar/wind energy hybrid units. These units have been preferred by main organizations in their aims to reduce carbon foot prints as well as improving energy production.

Power by Solar/Wind Hybrid

The cost of a Solar/wind energy hybrid unit is comparatively greater than individual solar and wind energy units. However, these units are quite easy to maintain.

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Applications of Geothermal Energy

The Geothermal energy has been discovered by experts and scientists in hopes of eradicating the existing energy problems world face today. Geothermal energy is easy to use and implement. Because of the feasibility to use it, many people are now making use of geothermal power. The Geothermal energy is obtained from the hot rocks underground by inducing water to them through pipelines. The steam produced in turn gives out raw power.

Applications of Geothermal Energy

Applications of Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy can be literally used for any heating purpose. The thermal energy can provide warmth to households as well as prove to be very beneficial for unfreezing pipelines and sidewalks. The thermal energy may also be used to generate steam from water and turn the hydro turbines for electricity production.

Usage in the United States

The Geothermal energy is in use since a very long time. As many as 300 American luxury resorts where making use of geothermal energy back in the year 1993. Continue reading

Facts about Wind Energy

This huge Earth has untapped resources, and each has it’s own worth and value. Nothing in this world is useless. Similarly, wind is another natural source which is holds great importance. It benefits the mankind in many ways. One of it is that it can be used to generate electricity!

Renewable and Non – renewable Energy

Before talking about wind and its energy, it is important to know the difference between two terms: renewable and non-renewable sources of energy. Renewable sources occur in limited quantity and if their use continues, they will run out, like fossil fuels and uranium. Whereas, non renewable sources of energy can be re used and recycled and provided that they are used wisely, they will never run out, like solar energy.

Wind Energy – Valuable Power

Wind Energy - Valuable Power

So what is this to do with wind? Well, wind energy is a non-renewable source of energy. Wind is an alternative source of energy; however, many people overlook this essential fact. So, it is our duty to make people realize the significance of wind, and that they should never overlook wind power again.

Wind – Infinite Power Supply

Wind, being a renewable source of energy, has a continuous supply, so that it can be used over and over again. It is a form of solar energy and unlike fossil fuel; it does not need to be produced. Thus, wind power provides opportunity to reduce dependence on fossil fuel and at the same time expands the power supply capacity to remote locations where grid expansion is not practical.

The Purpose of Wind Farms

As it is a vital natural resource, many countries are now considering on setting up wind farms. Some, like Germany, Denmark and others, have setup wind farms. But, can they be setup everywhere? They can only be setup where wind speeds are always higher, like on the shoreline, at the top of a hill, and in places free of obstructions.

Wind Energy – Expensive or Cheap?

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How Solar Collector Works?

Solar panels are the easiest things to operate once it has been installed but, its working is complicated. A solar panel basically converts energy it collects from the sun into usable electrical energy that can be used to power up various electrical equipments and electronic gadgets. Some basic things to learn about solar systems and their preferred way of using have been discussed in the following article. A person who uses solar systems does not need to know about the working of a solar system but a little information never hurts.

Solar Systems are Fragile

Solar Systems are Fragile

Solar systems are not the most tough electricity provider. They are fragile and require careful handling. They just cannot be thrown out in the open. For a solar system to work properly and to the maximum efficiency they have to set in the right position so that they can absorb maximum energy that is thrown by the sun.

Silicon-The main Ingredient While Making a Solar Panel

Silicon is used in the production of panels used in solar systems. Silicon makes the transition of light energy into electrical energy. A solar panel is a complex machine. Going into the depth of the working and importance of Silicon in solar panels may aggrandize this article but it may be noted that without the use of Silicon generation of electricity is nearly impossible.

Size of the Solar System

The size of the system not only implies on the solar collector but, also the whole system that along with the collector makes usable electricity. The size of the solar collector along with its components such as batteries, specific inverters that invert DC into AC and other requisites determine the capacity of a solar system as to how much electricity it can produce. Continue reading

How Does Geothermal Energy Work

Geothermal energy is the heat available from the earth. Now this heat can come from two main sources. One, the heat coming from the sun and the other is heat coming from the center of the earth itself.Theoretically speaking the geothermal energy is enough to meet all the energy demands of humans. But this whole heating potential is not extractable.

Geothermal Energy Due to Sun

The top surface of the earth is baked by the sun during the day. The earth conducts this heat underneath the surface. The effect of this is more pronounced during the winters – when the temperatures a few meters underground are 10-15 degrees Celsius.

Geothermal Energy from the Earth’s Core

Geothermal Energy from the Earth’s Core

The other source of geothermal energy is the hot center of our earth. The center of the earth has very high temperature of up to 6000 Celsius. Places which are more prone to volcanic eruption are mostly suitable for extracting geothermal energy. The hot pools and geysers are other apparent forms of geothermal energy at our disposal. The geothermal energy from the center of earth can be extracted by digging for deep pipelines which will require more cost.

Comparison of the Two Sources

The geothermal energy due to absorption of heat from sun rays is more uniform and can be used anywhere. This heat is mostly used to warm up the homes in cold countries.

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The Basics of Biomass Fuel

Biomass fuel is organic substance used to produce heat by the process of combustion. Bio mass energy, bio fuel or biomass fuel are interrelated terms. The biomass is used to make different products like electricity, solid and gaseous fuels and chemicals. Given below are some of the facts relating to biomass energy.

Renewable Energy Source

Yes, biomass is a renewable energy source which means that the resource is not going to end for millions of years.

Biomass Energy

The rising prices of fossil fuels have intensified the need of using renewable energy sources. The crops and animal wastes are major sources of biomass fuel. Biomass is a byproduct obtained from sugar cane, manure etc. So as long as there are living things on earth the biomass is not going to end. In the U.S the biomass is the second major renewable energy source.

Sources for Biomass Energy

There can be many types of crops which can be grown in diverse conditions to obtain biomass fuel. This ensures large scale production of biomass fuel. However, competition with other food or cash crops can be an issue in countries which have less area available for growing crops. Biomass can also be obtained from natural forests. Ethanol is a notable biomass fuel. It can be produced by fermentation of any biomass rich in carbohydrates.

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Optimal Design of Solar Lighting System

There are many methods by which solar energy can be use. Designing and installation of solar system are the main parameters for solar panel. Solar lighting system for homes is now might be considered a challenge and demand of the time. There are many advantages of solar lighting system. It consumes very low amount of electricity as compared to the usual light. These are also considered to be cheaper than other lights like fixtures, bulbs, switches and lamps etc. Natural sun light can be utilized in a proper way by solar lighting system. There are many other emotional and mental benefits of solar lighting systems.

Selection of place

Chose of proper location is the first step for the skylights. This is suggested to be very low cost solar lighting system for homes. Natural sunlight will be penetrated inside the house by use of skylights. Skylights can be moved easily into the house which is its additional benefit. This also helps in the ventilation of air. There is no need of any additional lights into the house, when skylights placing in the entire home. Houses can also be illuminated during the full moons using the skylights. Continue reading

Water is Energy

The link between water and energy is not considered important by most of the masses as the massive hydro-power turbines plants generating electricity takes away all the attention from a very important link of water and energy. It is human nature that until or unless they are suffered by certain thing they don’t realize the value of the component or matter.

Water from river, oceans and lakes are the resources of energy and to attain energy from it many theories, technologies and idea have come forward and in those few of them are implemented time to time.

Natural gases and geothermal energy can also be attained from the water and it is an amazing fact that simple need of everyday life: Water is just not only for the drinking purpose but also it is valuable asset for us.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is not just about heating and cooling building as many people thinks, but it about acquiring energy from the heat stored in the crust of earth. Geothermal water is the ground water which is heated by the earth energy from the earth crust, and that energy acquired from the heat is used to make electricity and fulfill other demands of energy required elsewhere.

The reservoirs of geothermal water are usually planted near the places where the heat of earth can reach the top and make enough energy. Several different types of water plants are made such as Binary cycle, which is used to vaporize the water while Dry steam plant  and Flash steam power plant is used to bring hot water on the surface Continue reading

Nuclear Energy-How It Works?

Let’s discuss first what basically nuclear energy is. Nuclear energy is a product of a fission reaction called fission. Fission is splitting of Uranium atoms and it thus yield a lot of energy. Uranium is a metal mined in various parts of the world. In 1956 the first large scale nuclear power station opened at Calder Hall in Cumbria, England. Nowadays some ships, submarines and huge cruisers are also nuclear powered.

Brief Theoretical Schematic Of Nuclear Power

Nuclear Fission produces a tremendous amount of heat which in turn is used to heat water to make steam. The steam is then used to do work in turning the turbine. The rotation of the turbine is a source to do work on the generators which in turn convert the generator energy to electric currents.

Descriptive Explanation Of Nuclear Energy Generation

Nuclear energy is made in a similar way to the fossil fuel –burning station work except that a chain reaction occurs inside a nuclear reactor and is the source of heat instead. This reactor uses uranium rods as fuel and nuclear fission generates the required amount of heat.

Nuclear fission occurs when neutrons smash into the nucleus of a uranium atom which splits roughly in half and produces heat energy. As a result of the fission of these large atoms, new, much smaller atoms are created, these being a by-product, radiation and more neutrons that are set free once the larger atom breaks. Continue reading

How To Make a Solar Panel?

The use of solar energy is soon going to replace our electric companies.  Many people are yet not ready to accept this new concept of a low cost energy in simplest form.  Day by day the price of utilities is increasing, and the most rapidly growing price is that of electricity bill. This is due to conflict of supply and demand. There is a rise in price because people are willing to pay for electricity at any cost and so companies are often charging them irrational cost.

The Need of Electricity

Electricity is an important commodity, and with increase in world’s population the need for electricity will definitely grow day by day. Electricity is considered to be the most important and essential resource which is being consumed on daily basis. The luxurious life style, which the modern man has adapted, cannot be imagined without electricity. We use electricity for all household chores, cleaning and washing, to keep the temperature warm or cool and to run every appliance. Today’s man cannot live without electricity and one might want to think ways to save money for the future.

Solar Energy

Sun is used for drying clothes since ages. It is an amazingly powerful source of energy with no cost. A very tiny amount of sun’s energy which hits Earth is enough to meet all our power needs. Sun is the driving force behind solar energy. Solar energy is free of cost and it needs no fuel and it produces no waste or pollution. In sunny countries, solar power can be used easily in remote areas. It is very handy to use for low-power purposes. The best perk behind utilization of solar energy is the money you will save.

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