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Benefits Of Wind Turbines And Solar Panels

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Wind turbines and solar panels are becoming a popular means of electricity generation. They allow you to live at a remote place and still be able to operate your electrical appliances without needing to run a generator.

Solar Energy By Using Solar Panels

Sun is a vast and inexpensive source of energy for the entire planet. It produces heat and light. While the heat is being used to warm our earth, the sun light can be effectively used to generate electric current.

1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are the devoices that use the sun light and convert into electric current> these cells are composed of silicon and once the light falls on these cells present in arrays of solar panel, the electrons are freed which cause the current to flow. In this way, electricity is generated without any harmful emission.

2. Factors Affecting Solar Energy

Since the solar energy is obtained from the sunlight, any thing affecting its intensity is going to affect the amount of electricity produced. If the solar panels are placed at a place where they receive very little light or they receive the light for short intervals, their production shall be very limited. On the other hand, the exposure to intense light will generate higher amount of electricity. The weather conditions also affect the solar panels.

3. Solar Power System

A solar Power system is composed of a solar panel connected to the battery. The battery is charged by the current produced by the panel and this battery powers the appliance in the homes.

Power Your Homes with Wind Turbines

The wind is also a source of energy and its power can be experience during the hurricanes.

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Commercial Uses Of Wind Turbines

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Cheap energy is the dream of the modern era. The energy capacity of water is being capped since ages and the use of solar energy is gaining popularity. A new development in this direction is production of energy using wind. The windmills have been in service since long for milling of cereals but their potential for electricity generation is a new dimension. They appear to be a promising and cheap source of energy with no harmful environmental hazards.

Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are successfully being used in UK and many parts of the globe in generation of electricity for the people. It is a good opportunity for power users in reducing their energy cost and developing strong infrastructures, which support the wind turbine technology. Wind power is capable of fulfilling one half of our energy needs and it is not a new concept for many industrial users. One example of the potential of wind turbines is the Coemi 55/15 50kW turbine that can generate up to 188,000 kWhs per annum.

Commercial Interest

The sources of alternative energy are a blessing for consumers sick of load shedding and electricity bills. As against the traditional energy sources of oil and gas, the wind energy provides a safe and environment friendly option. Wind power could be utilized to generate innumerable business profits by providing electricity for both domestic as well as the industrial purposes. Assessing the vast potential of the energy capacity of wind, a large number of investors are concentrating on this technology. Wind turbines for commercial users can become an amazing revenue earning opportunity.

Advantages Of Wind turbines

Wind power creates positive impact upon the environment as well as upon the cost of the electricity.

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A Review Of SunRun Power

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The need for alternate energy resources has forced the investors world over to devote money for research of alternate energy resources. The power of wing has been utilized for milling of cereals since ages but the same potential for electricity generation is now being capped. Similarly the sun energy has been used for drying of products like meat and onion etc but the same is now being converted into electricity by using the photovoltaic cells. One of the companies investing huge amounts in the field of solar energy is SunRun.

History Of SunRun

SunRun is the first ever company in USA that provides solar panel for residential use on lease. They are in fact the pioneers in solar leasing and also offer the loans for research and development projects in the field of solar energy. The company is based in San Francisco, California. It was established by Ed Fenster and Lynn Jurich, two students that established it right after their graduation from Stanford University.

Goals Of SunRun

The SunRun Company has a set of clearly defined goals. The company was established once the theme of global pollution was very popular and hence the company, right from its inception, has the aim to provide the consumers with an environmentally friendly energy source.

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Electricity by Solar Power

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The cost of Fossil-Fuels is rising and is almost impossible to cope up with. Many people in the world are not able to pay energy bills due to lack of financial resources and increasingly devastating energy bills. The bills received by individuals are quite hectic and worrying. Many people have shifted their reliance upon Alternative Energy sources. These sources of power are quite different from the conventional means of power generation.

Solar Power Installation

Solar Power Installation

Power generation from Alternative Resources is not an easy task. With advancements in modern technology, better and simpler ways of power generation have been adapted. Once of such means is the Solar Energy. Solar Energy can be produced by simply harnessing sunlight. The energy generated from Solar energy is cheap but the equipment is quite expensive.

Practical Use of Solar Power

The Solar Energy systems are quite beneficial for many people. They can easily solve the problems associated with energy production and crisis in modern day. Read the full story

Coemi-G3 Wind Turbines

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Working of a wind turbine is explained on four bases. Wind mill usually consist of three blades when these blades come in contact with the wind the turbine spins. A shaft of the turbine is connected to the generator. When the turbine spin the shaft spins the rotor of the generator thus electricity is produced.

Wind speed

Wind speed

The most important factor which effects the generation of electricity is wind speed. Knowing wind speed you can easily determine the amount of electricity Coemi wind turbine will produce. Wind speed is measured by inbuilt anemometer. The information from this instrument is carried to a controller which starts up the turbine even if the wind speed is 2.5m/s and convert energy obtained into electrical energy. It adjusts automatically its position to prevent all setup from damaging when the wind speed is very high up to 40mph.

Importance of blade design

Blade design matters a lot in generating process. The design of the blade should be such that can stay strong and operate in bad climate conditions. The blades are light in weight and are start generating process at low speed from 2.5m/s. Read the full story

Thermal Powered Pumps

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Thermal energy can be produced from a number of sources but the most notable and powerful means of thermal power generation is mother Earth. Earth provides with sufficient thermal energy to overcome the needs of residents. The thermal energy can be routed to the homes, power generation plants and commercial industries for further use. Heat can be immensely useful. Only the correct means of using it must be known.

Utilizing Heat Pumps

Utilizing Heat Pumps

It can be used to warm the air outside or even cool it. It is very capable and efficient in its working as it will maintain the temperature to a bearable limit. It uses the energy that usually goes waste.

Increasing Popularity Of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are gaining in fame rapidly  due to tax incentives, rebates and the inherent energy and cost savings in using a more efficient heating and cooling system. The main barrier for heat pumps is the high upfront costs, although tax incentives and energy savings can recover those costs some years, depending on the system and climate.

How Heat Pumps Work

Thermal pumps are typically not powerful enough to handle the entire heating and cooling load for an average home. The thermostat should not be twisted often and left at a standard 16-17 degrees. Read the full story

Wind Turbine Structure

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Wind Turbines are the most effective means through which energy from the Wind can be harnessed. Wind energy is included in the most beneficial and brilliant means of power generation. The Wind energy is an alternative energy source which can prove to be very advantageous for people of all regions. The Wind energy units must be installed to facilitate from Wind energy. These units are available in several different forms of Wind Turbines.

Wind Turbines – Making Use of Wind Energy

Wind Turbines – Making Use of Wind Energy

Wind Turbine is the only component which is required to manage the production of Wind Energy. Wind Turbines are responsible for creating all the Wind energy. The Kinetic energy of the Wind is converted into electrical energy. The electrical energy can then be made of use after proper conversion. Many farms and other commercial projects make use of Wind energy. Wind Turbines can found in such locations which are self dependent in terms of power production.

Effective & Powerful

The most effective and efficient of Wind Turbines include those which are made by the Coemi. Coemi is one of the most recognized and renowned brands which produce Wind Turbines. The Wind Turbines are known for their excellent power and the manner through which they work. These Wind Turbines are powerful and very sound.

Horizontal Axis Turbine Structure

The Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Design has been aced by Coemi. One of the latest and most brilliant Wind Turbines to come from the workshop of Coemi is the Coemi G3 Wind Turbines. Read the full story

Costs of Wind Turbine Units

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Wind energy is considered to be one of the most useful and brilliant forms if energy generation. The wind turbines can act as excellent replacement for the fossil fuels which are used to generate a major chunk of power in the modern era. Fossil fuels are quite expensive and they are depleting at an alarming rate. The situation is so critical that it is expected that major reserves will be depleted within 60 years. Excessive demand contributes to it.

The Wind Energy – Wind Turbines

The Wind Energy – Wind Turbines

Wind energy is an alternative form of energy and the wind turbines can be used to harness wind power. The wind turbines are specially designed units which can process the kinetic energy from the wind in to electricity. The electricity can be provided to the commercial or domestic projects depending upon the requirements. However most people all over the world use wind turbines on a small scale. Wind energy is attractive yet has some extra costs.

What Are Wind Turbines?

The wind turbines are specially designed units which are installed in remote and isolated locations where wind blows. The stronger the wind blows, the more the energy is produced. Wind energy can be very brilliant if it comes to solving local energy problems. Wind turbines are much more feasible in the long term investment thought.

Costs of a Wind Turbine

The cost of wind turbines depend upon several factors which vary from time to time. One of the most obvious and realistic factor is the size of the wind turbine. Generally, the larger the wind turbine is, the more it will cost. On average, the tall standing structures cost about two-hundred thousand Dollars. They are quite expensive.

What Affects The Price?

These wind turbines are capable of processing and producing a large amount of energy over the course of one year. Read the full story

Mind-Boggling Usage of Solar Generators

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For generating electricity, generators are required and solar generators are the most incredible alternatives. The generators consist of a number of parts that work jointly for producing electricity. The major parts of a solar generator include inverter, battery, controller, and most importantly solar panel.

Solar panel

Solar panel

The basic function of a solar panel is to collect the solar energy as it is mounted on the top of the roof. It also converts the sunlight into usable electricity. The other reliable replacements for the solar panel are solar tiles and solar shingles.

Function of inverters

Inverter is a device that is used to convert the direct current into alternating current. Inverters used in solar generators also perform the same function. Once the current is converted from DC to AC, you can use it for any household purpose. Another important part of the generator is the grid-tie inverter. The basic function of this inverter is the connection of solar power system and the utility grid of the company.

Back-up source (battery)

A battery is installed to fulfill the purpose of storing the electrical energy. Storing is necessary for back-up usage. The charging of the battery is controlled with the help of a charging controller. It monitors the charging of the battery continuously and prevents it from the overcharging and undercharging conditions. Read the full story

Facts about Solar Energy

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The market for renewable energy is now dominated by the Solar energy systems. Solar systems are becoming a preferred choice for people who want an energy system that is clean and environmentally friendly. Many people think that solar energy can only be used in electrical generation. Well it is the most widely known phenomena but it is not the only one. Read on and find out facts about solar energy and its other interesting uses.

Facts about Solar Energy Systems

Facts about Solar Energy Systems

  • The sun is the only source for production of electricity in Solar panels.
  • Greenpeace says that, energy generated with the help of the sun can fulfill energy requirements of about ten similar places like Earth
  • Solar systems only make about 0.039 percent of Earth’s total energy requirements. That is very less when compared to the extent to which solar energy is capable of producing.
  • Direct electrical generation through energy from the sun is done with the help of photovoltaic cells. These cells are made in such a way that they absorb energy from the sun and then converts it into usable electrical energy.
  • If only four percent of the Earth’s deserts are covered by Photovoltaic cells, the energy produced by them will be enough to meet electricity demand. These photovoltaic cells take energy for electrical generation only from the Sun. Read the full story

Solar Cells by Generations

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There are four distinct generations or categories of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, the electricity generating heat of the solar panel and solar cells. These generations or categories represent a kind of timeline of innovations and changes that have been introduced in solar power technology. These generations and categories are separated by characteristics like application, semiconductor material and stage of development.

First Generation of Solar Cells

First Generation of Solar Cells

It is not only the oldest but also the most commercially widespread generation of the solar cells. This generation is characterized by conventional silicon wafer solar cells. These solar cells utilize thinly sliced silicon wafers that act as semiconductor. It is an important part of the solar cell that absorbs photons and by exciting its electrons to generate applicable electric current.  Currently, silicon solar cells are capable of controlling roughly 80 percent of the photovoltaic market due to their higher conversion efficiency. Although, this efficiency is expected to alter as the next generation of solar cells is more efficient and cost effective.

Second Generation of Solar Cells

This generation of solar cells is characterized by thin film and building integrated technology. The solar cells of second generation are thinner, more cost effective and more flexible than their counterparts of first generation. In this generation the types of semiconductor material has broaden. New materials have introduced that include amorphous silicon to calcium telluride and copper indium gallium selenide. It is expected that second generation’s thin-film solar cells will take over the market and eliminate the first generation’s solar cells from the trend within 5 to 10 years, but so far it is just an expectation. Read the full story