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Global Warming

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Earth does not belong to just particular individual. It has been present since millions and billions of years and has undergone radical changes. These changes have occurred in terms of climate and evolution of species over a lot of time. Global Warming is one aspect of how nature and climate has changed over time.

Desperate Times – Desperate Measures

Desperate Times – Desperate Measures

Evolution of mankind is a natural process. The catalyst in this process is the constantly changing climate. Due to climate change a lot things have simple reshaped and reconstructed themselves. However, a very major and serious threat waits. Global Warming is an issue that must be addressed promptly and contributions must be made to save the planet. Global Warming must be fought back to survive.

Responsibility Of Mankind – Global Warming

As the prime and most intelligent specie on the planet, it is the responsibility of mankind to prevent Global Warming. The Global Warming is an issue of intense debate and a lot of controversy. Clear signs of the Global Warming appeared back in 20th century after mass industrial revolution worldwide and weather changes.

Effects Of Global Warming On People

Many individuals have personally witnessed the Global Warming changes. Global Warming is primarily the increase in temperature. The temperature increase is quite drastic and bizarre. Global Warming is said to have increased the Earth’s temperature which may have several negative effects on the environment.

Famous Events – Global Warming Is The Cause

Some of the most renowned events occurred due to Global Warming is the breaking of ice glaciers. Ice glaciers are large masses of ice and snow accumulated together. In 2005, experts noticed the Ayles Ice Shelf breakup. This breaking was visible through satellite images. The glacier was as long as 41 miles and one of the largest.

Breaking Of Ice Shelf’s

Similarly, other Ice Shelf’s have completely broken down. Much more has occurred on the North Pole where snow caps are constantly melting. Read the full story

Global Warming – Wake Up Call

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Global warming – Tick Tick Tick

We tend to believe that global warming is a sequential process that takes place over the time. Chronologically, we`ll be first probing on the events addressing the surfeit presence of gases capable of absorbing solar energy along with the existence of many other particles in our atmosphere. Subsequently we then describe the proceedings where raised temperature levels on the earths sphere implicate the atmosphere for the long term.

The much debated greenhouse effect is quantifiable computed to be around a 1 degree Celsius increment over the past 50 years. One Degree?? This may not seem substantial at all at a first glance as biologically human bodies have the tendency to adapt to a considerable range of anomalies occurring in the climate. We wouldn’t even notice 1 degree change in temperature in a span of 50 years, in fact our bodies would adapt to a raise in temperature even by 10 degrees if it were to happen. We probably may observe patterns of unconscious mass migrations to more moderate areas, however the implications of a one degree rise in temperature are far more substantial than one can imagine, leading to alterations in the alignment of the forces of nature.


Literally, Permafrost means permanently frozen soil. It’s basically a state where some parts of the surface of planet earth have been under freezing attires for at least two years. With a rise in temperatures globally, such permafrost regions prevailing for more than a thousand years underwent a meltdown. A vast segment of the arctic comprises of permafrost. In summers, there is 2-12 ft. soil available for vegetation but beneath it still lays the frozen core. These frozen cores are of vital importance to earth as they trap in huge amount of gases usually methane and carbon dioxide keeping in check the concentrations of gases in the atmosphere. One degree rise in temperature results in the melting of permafrost buried in the earth and vitally the outbreak of more meditations to greenhouse gas.


In the same lines, frozen areas better known as Tundra haven been observed to be constantly warming up.  Tundra is basically the soil found above permafrost viable to limited vegetation being in the state of frost most of the time around the year. Tundra regions on the earth serve as absorption sinks of carbon in the atmosphere. As the increment in temperature results in a lengthened seasonal existence of such areas, they release more carbon, freezing its function to absorb gases concerning the greenhouse effect.

global warming

Though there are extremist criticisms that global warming would ultimately destroy oxygen reservoirs (plantations and rainforests) of our planet, but the basis is still weak. Though, the imminent danger of global warming is still pretty much alarming.

Polar meltdown

The increment in the general temperatures all around the world which we observe is more than just enough to cause cataclysmic events. Read the full story

Global Warming Prevention

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Global warming can be described as an average increase in the Earth’s temperature, which is ultimately causing changes in world’s climate. These warming effects are heading towards the change in rainfall patterns, rise in sea level and serious repercussions on plants, wildlife and human beings. Basically the scientists relate this alteration with the mal activities of humans. global warming

The effects of global warming and climate change are of a serious concern to both the human life and the environment as well. It is predicted that due this global warming climatic changes can turn to extreme weather events. In order to reduce this concern, many countries have implemented various policies and the rest are in the process of focusing on this. It is imperative on every individual’s part to play his apt role in overcoming these global changes. You can be a part of the solution by adopting some easy ways in fighting against global warming.

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12 U.S.A. National Parks have become endangered due to Global warming

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National parks across the American West are one of the most treasured natural spaces of United States. From Yellowstone to Yosemite, U.S. national parks stand as monuments to Americans’. They express our love of nature and our spiritual connection to the land. They are incomparable sources of grandeur, beauty and recreation—but now we can’t predict that for how long they would remain?


Global Warming is a Threat to U.S National Parks

Twelve U.S. national parks are at extreme risk due to the increasing effects of global warming and the green house effect, according to a report from the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization titled, Losing Ground: Western National Park Endangered by Climate Disruption.

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