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Power System for Remote Homes and Cabins

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In this current technology world no one would prefer bringing utility company power lines to any new remote area. The main disadvantage in bringing the power lines from any utility company costs a person hundreds and thousands per each foot.

Solar and wind generators can be considered as a solution of above expensive problem. Furthermore, person can free himself from expenses of monthly electricity bill.

Important Features:

1. A person pay far less as compare to utility companies to bring power to your remote area.

2. No more Monthly ongoing bills.

3. Now by the existence of this technology no more power poles required. That in return increases the resale of a person’s property.

There are many configurations some of which are discussed below.

DC Only System:

To maintain a charge in the batteries, small wind generating system or solar array is used. It is important that such system should be used in small cabin. And make sure that all appliances should be operated with DC only. As a matter of fact, DC appliances are more expensive then the AC one. But in long run it would be a better choice. DC appliances could be bought from RV supply houses.

Size Of DC System: 

First thing to be considered is size. Size of the solar module or wind generator must be very appropriate. So that it could easily fulfill the power requirement of one day. It creates no disturbance in the efficiency.

Mounting Kit Of DC System:

DC system requires a mounting kit whose duty is to mount systems on the roof or on any open place near the cabin. These modules are normally mounted either flat or a bit tilted. A rack should be used that could be tilted. So at noon time module can point itself directly towards the sun.

Resistant Wire Of DC System:

Sunlight resistant wire, generally of 10 gauges whose main quality is its protective sheath. That can work for a long time in exposure without any harm. It may excel the efficiency of the DC System.

Charge Controller:

A charge controller is required in solar modules that could prohibit the overcharging of the batteries. It also resists in draining back of the batteries. Usually, in small wind generator we have charge controller built in. So an external charge controller is not elementary in wind generators.

Fuse Holder:

A protective fuse and fuse holder, of about 10 to 50 amps. It’s important that fuse should be deployed close to the battery. It must be connected to the positive terminal of the battery. Fuse amperes could vary with the number of modules in the cabin.

DC Distribution Panel:

A fused DC distribution panel is required in order to distribute the Voltage all over in the cabin. Distribution can be made by direct connection or female cigarette outlets could be used. It regulates the voltage level.

Powerful Batteries:

Some very deep cycle batteries of appropriate size can manage with the loads. That is supposed to take power from this bank. Batteries must be powerful so that after day consumption it should not be discharged below 50%. It is to be noted, for long life of batteries they must not be discharged below 50%.

DC/AC System without AC Powered Charger:

The construction of such is totally similar to the DC only system with one additional component known as inverter. The purpose of inverter is that it changes DC in AC electricity. This AC electricity can then further be used in household components as microwave ovens, computers, fans etc. One another change in this system is that regular household AC outlets. It took place instead of cigarette lighter outlets.

Powerful Invertors:

Inverter used must be enough powerful so that it can produce continuous power to run the appliances smoothly. Secondly, inverter must have high surge so that heavy loads such as motor, microwave etc. could be easily started.

Size Of Invertors:

Appropriate size of inverter DC cables is very important. The size of the cables must be suitable in both length and diameter. It’s highly recommended that 10 feet 4/0 cable is used with the inverter that is rated 12 Volts at 1500 watts.

DC Fuse:

DC fuse or disconnect would be required of appropriate rate. Similar to DC only system it must also be deployed to battery. It should be connected with the positive terminal. Use the fuse that is specially designed for DC use, or else your equipment would be of no use.  The bad thing is it may result fire in the cabinet.

AC Circuit Breaker:

AC circuit breaker panel must be used for the protection of inverter and the loads. The panel should be mounted between inverters and loads. It increase the protection and safety.

Inverter Types 

There are two basic types of inverter that converts DC to AC. First one is Modified sine wave Inverter and the other is pure sine wave Inverter.

Modified Sine Wave Inverter:

Modified inverter is the one that produces a sine wave that is approximately similar to the one produced by the utility company. This inverter is very efficient, reliable and required no virtual maintenance.

Sine Wave Acts Like Square Wave:

Sine wave produced by Modified sine wave inverter is like a square wave. Frequency and Voltage is constant that do not allow brownouts or spikes. As seen with utility company power. Appliances like stereos, computers, TV’s, inkjet printers etc. are preferred to be run on modified sine wave inverter. Today 95% cabins are enriched with such type of inverter.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter: 

This is the type of inverter that produces exactly the same sine wave, as the one produced by the utility companies. It also prevents brownouts and spikes. It’s less efficient as compared with the modified sine wave.

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Pumping Water with Solar Or Wind Energy

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It may be true that electricity is not the basic necessity of life but its deprivation can cause us difficulties in accessing the basic necessities of life. Where there are no power lines life becomes quite difficult to spend, but now thanks to the sun we can now take benefit of solar energy.

Solar pumps are a clean and very simple alternative to fuel-burning generators and of course windmills. Solar pump has the ability to produce more water as compared to a windmill or generator even in the harsh climate. Solar pumps are basically designed in such a way that they utilize DC power supply from the panels consisting of photovoltaic cells. Solar pumps can also be modified to operate on AC power supply.

Solar Pumps

Solar Pumps

Solar water pumps are designed in such a way that they only use DC electric supply from a panel consisting of photovoltaic cells. They must operate at low power during the low light conditions. They must not be stalled or over heated.

Low pumps utilize low volumetric mechanisms due to which the water is sealed in the cavities and forced upward. Where there is a need for high volumes of water then centrifugal pumps are used.

Surface pumps are mounted on the ground level, whereas submersible pumps are lowered into water. Submersible pumps are quite common in deep water wells.

Pump Controller

Pump controller is also known as the current booster. It is an electronic device utilized by most of the solar pumps. It works like an automatic transmission device.

It helps the pump to start and preventing it stalling in case of weak sunlight.

Solar Tracker

Solar pumps are also fitted with solar trackers. Solar trackers adjust the PV array according to the position of the sun, thereby increasing the energy gain up to 55%.Where there is availability of more peak sun hours then overall cost can be reduced by employing a smaller pump and a smaller power supply.

Tracking is efficient most when the weather is clear and sunny, at the same time it is less effective as the weather turns cloudy and cold.


The most important part is that of storage. Storage depends upon the climate and the usage of water. It may be possible that only three to four days storage may be required. For the sake of simplicity and economy some systems use water storage rather than batteries. A float switch is fitted in the pump which turns the pump off when the water tank is filled, so as to prevent the overflow and wasting of water.

Advantages Of Solar Pumps

Comparison of a solar pump and a windmill is quite meaning less as the solar pumps are quite easy to install and maintain as compared to the windmill and also they are less expensive.

Livestock Watering

Solar pumps are used for watering the livestock. Cattle ranchers enthusiastically use solar pumps. Read the full story

Passive Solar Energy and Residential Solar Energy

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The term passive solar and residential solar energy is often confused, both these energy systems make use of the sun energy but as to how it delivers is where the difference lays. The residential solar energy saves utility bill by virtue of the solar equipment installed while the passive solar system saves the energy cost by virtue of its sustainable design strategy.

Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy

Residential solar energy is an alternative to the electricity which is provided to you by your utility company, it is on you how much of your energy need you want to power with the residential solar energy. You may decide to either partially or fully power your residence with the solar energy, the residential solar energy works with the help of certain equipments which are installed in your homes.  The residential solar energy will involve the installation of panels in your residence, these solar panels are made of solar cells and liquid systems.  This is what the residential solar energy is, a whole system of power generation which makes use of equipment (the panel) to generate energy, the solar panel itself absorbs the energy from the sun rays and turn it to current.

Passive Solar System

Passive solar system on the other hand is a system which does not involve the installation of sophisticated equipment like the solar panel. It is a system that rather takes advantage of the sun energy or heat to ultimately reduce the consumption of power or energy of the house hold.

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Solar Panel construction and Installation

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Shifting from one source of energy to another could be the best way to curtail your energy bill per annum. With the passage of time and advancement in technology we have increased number of home electronic devices and machines who add our comfort level. One way to decrease the bill may be to avoid the use of such devices. Perhaps the better way to decrease the bill is to alter the sources of energy and shift to renewable energy sources. It will surprisingly cut down our energy bills and save our hard earned amounts. To build your own solar panel you need to have the approach to a workshop. Solar energy is one of the renewable sources of energy, which will generate electricity free of cost forever.

 Solar energy

When you decide to shift to solar energy you need to work out the quantity of energy that your system should generate.

You may acquire a compact solar power system that will reduce your power bill as much as ten percent or even your power bill may completely be eliminated. However, in practice the pretenders of the solar power system install solar panels to just get hot water, and later they completely shift to the solar power system for their entire domestic needs.

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Solar Inverters and Converters

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The device which converts direct current (DC) produced by a photovoltaic panel into alternating current (AC) is generally known as solar inverter. The electricity produced by photovoltaic panel is in form of direct current (DC) which could not be used to operate home electric devices. We need to convert it into alternating current (AC) to operate our home electric or electronic devices.

solar system

Never Purchase Inverter of Low Competence

Normally the solar inverter is considered one of costly components of the alternate energy technique. Dueto this, majority of the purchasers of solar energy systems misjudge the voltage power competence of the complete system and tend to buy an inverter which is of lower power. Therefore, the experts suggest that you buy lesser quantity of solar cells primarily, and purchase an inverter of higher capacity and later extend the quantity of your solar cells. It will save your costs after installation of the solar energy system.

The size of solar inverter market is big enough and there is tough struggle among the market participants. In recent past it was ascertained that American producers were producing such inverters which were not working on their labeled power and it threw many American manufacturers out of the market. This paved way for global inverter manufacturers to enter into the market and now the most popular brand are European.

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