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Using Solar Sunspaces In Homes

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Sun rooms, green houses and “sun spaces” are a few terms that are often used interchangeably. But, there is a difference in all of these. It depends upon the purpose for which these are used. These are all used to retain heat from the sun. A brief note on all three is given below:


It is a general term used for those home extensions that use natural light and windows. You can convert that extended area into reading room because it has ample light. It can also be used as an area for playing games. Kids would surely love that. Another option is to make it your prayer room or store sacred items in that.

Sunrooms don’t necessarily provide heating around the area. These are simple lighted extensions in a home that can be used in various forms.


Greenhouses are especially made to hold back solar heat. This energy is needed for the growth of plants. Optimal conditions required by plants are not favorable for home living spaces. Moreover, in greenhouses it is important to control high temperature and excessive level of humidity. Otherwise, it is hard for plants to survive.

In a house attached with greenhouse, if windows are fixed in place of insulated walls, house can use more energy.

solar sunspaces and their purpose

Solar sunspaces work differently from greenhouses and sunrooms. These are supposed to collect solar heat that is distributed throughout the home. Since, there is no mechanical equipment or device needed; it is type of passive solar heating.

What are the main advantages of solar sunspaces?

Passive heating system has many advantages over active heating system. Sunspaces are built using techniques that integrate well into the design of a house. These go with the building structure and material, therefore these are not expensive.

Another benefit of solar sunspaces is that these are easy to maintain. There are no solar panels to clean or repair as in other active heating systems.

How sunspaces work?

A combination of direct and indirect solar heat gain is used in sunspaces. They can serve as storage area in the form of an attached room. Where is the solar collector in a sunspace? The space in the attached solar sun space acts as collector. It retains natural sun heat to keep room warm.

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Passive Solar Heating: Indirect Gain

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Sun is the source of energy for our entire planet. It not only provides us the light during the day, it is also useful in regulating the temperature of our planet. The light rays of sun also heat the environment and thereby they promote life on our planet. The new advancements in field of science and technology have developed ways and means to cap the potential of the sun rays. These solar rays are used by the photovoltaic cells for production of electric current. These energy rays are also being used to heat different appliances using the passive heating concept.

Indirect Gain

Indirect gain is a means to achieving indirect or passive solar heating. This technique involves transfer of heat energy though the principle of convection. The heat energy is transported from one medium to the other without the use of the hydraulics of pumps. The heat energy is collected in one part of the building and is transferred to the other by the principles of heat exchange. Nowadays different means of using indirect gain are being incorporated in the building structures to heat by passive solar heating.

Few of the means of achieving indirect gain in buildings are as below:-

Use Of Roof Ponds

In this technique, a set of collapsible ponds are filled with water and these are placed on the roofs during the day time.

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Concept of Renewable Energy

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The energy is capable of being replenished and reused so it can render in various ways. This idea is referred as renewable energy and is being extensively studied and researched these days. Renewable energy can be obtained in various ways.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

During one hour, the solar energy coming from the sun is enough for the world’s energy need for more than one year. Energy obtained this way does not need presence of sunlight all the time. The method used to convert solar energy into electricity is called photovoltaic panel. Hence solar energy is an example of renewable energy.

Wind Energy

Wind turbines are used to capture wind energy. So the wind energy is another example of renewable energy.

Passive Solar Home

Electricity is not the only objective to be achieved by the renewable energy concept. Energy can be obtained and captured by some inactive home designing as well. Having the concepts of simple laws of energy can be very effective. According to law of energy, heat transfers itself from warm surfaces to the cooler in order to maintain the difference of temperature. Passive solar home can be designed by understanding this law.

Role Of Radiation

Radiation plays important role in such scenario.   Read the full story

Passive Solar Energy and Residential Solar Energy

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The term passive solar and residential solar energy is often confused, both these energy systems make use of the sun energy but as to how it delivers is where the difference lays. The residential solar energy saves utility bill by virtue of the solar equipment installed while the passive solar system saves the energy cost by virtue of its sustainable design strategy.

Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy

Residential solar energy is an alternative to the electricity which is provided to you by your utility company, it is on you how much of your energy need you want to power with the residential solar energy. You may decide to either partially or fully power your residence with the solar energy, the residential solar energy works with the help of certain equipments which are installed in your homes.  The residential solar energy will involve the installation of panels in your residence, these solar panels are made of solar cells and liquid systems.  This is what the residential solar energy is, a whole system of power generation which makes use of equipment (the panel) to generate energy, the solar panel itself absorbs the energy from the sun rays and turn it to current.

Passive Solar System

Passive solar system on the other hand is a system which does not involve the installation of sophisticated equipment like the solar panel. It is a system that rather takes advantage of the sun energy or heat to ultimately reduce the consumption of power or energy of the house hold.

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Disadventages of Solar Water Heater

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The use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy is on the rise. Several equipments and house hold items are run on the power generated from the sunlight. These items include solar powered lights, solar inverters, generators, and solar water heaters. Solar heater provides the facility of warm water whenever needed. It is no doubt that solar water heater come with advantages, but there are certain disadvantages of solar water heater as well.

Soaring Prices of Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

There are several types of water heaters available in the market. People purchase these heaters according to their affordability and according to their needs. Though the sale of products which run on solar energy is on the rise, but not all the people can afford solar water heater, or require them. There are heaters which use gas or electricity to produce heat. These heaters are cheaper than the solar water heaters.

If a comparison is made between the prices of gas or electric heater to the prices of solar heater, you will see an astonishing difference. A solar water heater can cost you from 800 USD to 32, 00 USD. The cost of solar panel used in the heater makes the price of the solar water heater high.

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Difference Between Passive Solar and Residential Solar Energy

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The distinction between the passive solar and residential solar energy may be mystifying for large number of individuals. You will find here some more elucidation about the distinctions between these two systems. First, you will learn about the residential solar energy.

Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy

Residential solar energy, as it is also evident from the name is the solar energy for house instead of business. The various houses may utilize the option of residential solar energy to diverse levels. They use it as per their liking or requirement. Few of the houses in this regard may only have some outdoor solar lights. The others may use the residential solar energy system for the purpose of heating water only. There may be certain houses that completely depend upon residential solar energy to fulfill their power needs.

Solar Panels and Solar Cells

The solar power is by and large derived from the solar panels that are prepared with the help of solar cells and fluid systems. The Residential solar system is also known as an active solar system. The active solar system entails the perfunctory systems.

Passive Solar Systems

As against the residential solar systems, the passive solar systems are those systems that utilize the innate sunlight for shrinking the use of power. It can also be stated that a passive solar home is incorporated in such a manner to derive the optimum benefit of the sunlight. Passive solar homes are devised on the basis of sustainability techniques.

How Passive Solar Works?

The passive solar technique may comprise of the huge windows to congregate light, fans for the heat allocation, stone floor coverings, and open areas.

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Easiest Ways to Build Solar Panels

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Solar energy is now the talk and need of time, with ever increasing rates of utility bills and the depletion of natural resources leading to their inflated costs. It is time that we switch to the mode of power generation that is not only economical, cheap, eco-friendly but also very efficient the solar energy.

The Solar energy generated power saves you money in lieu of your electricity bill but what if the solar panels itself is very expensive. Many people would be more than willing in fact very eager to have the solar panel installed to save themselves all the energy cost but what holds them back is the high cost of   the solar panel.

Solar Panel Can Be Built At Home

Solar Panel Can Be Built At Home

The good news is that the solar panels can be built at home, in fact all what is required to build a solar panel can be put together by you to make a solar panel yourself at a very reasonable rate. This is further good news for people who wish to avail the solar energy generated mode of power, now you don’t even have to pay the initial high investment cost for buying the solar panel.

Solar Panel Requisites

Solar panel basically, amongst other, components constitutes of the photovoltaic cells that absorb the energy from sun rays and then this energy is converted into the electric current that we use. These photovoltaic cells are now abundantly available in the market and can be purchased in bulk, depending upon your energy usage.

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Solar Powered Homes: How to Guide

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The solar energy technology is evolving, it’s getting better and more efficient with time, the prices are coming down, investment and research is making its way to this avenue and finally the awareness about it is increasing. Now the information on how to be able to make a solar cell or panel at home is abundantly and easily available with all the guidelines and precautions to be followed. With all this it is very evident that we shall now see a green revolution in terms of energy production. Besides the world is increasingly growing aware of the threats that our environment is facing which is destroying our eco-system and the need to switch to nature friendly ways and methods of productions is increasing.

Many Benefits of Solar Energy

Benefits of Solar Energy

There are numerous benefits of solar energy that make it worth considering as the future major source of energy generation and as the one to be powering your house. Solar power is Eco-friendly, there is no pollution, no environmental damage, optimum utilization of sun energy that reaches the earth and besides, this can also help us in preserving the fast depleting natural resources of oil and coal. It is very cheap as compared to the ever rising bills of energy, which are expected to rise further with the depletion of natural resources and reserves and the increase in their demand.

Your Home Powered by Solar Energy

It is now feasible to power your home with solar energy; the time that the solar energy would be powering the whole of the resident is not far. The photovoltaic solar cells are becoming more and more efficient with time and the solar technology is evolving and producing better results and output. It is not difficult to find a solar residential kit or a solar energy system and if you have the basic knowledge of electricity, you might be able to install one in your home yourself.

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Solar Inverter

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Solar inverters are devices which convert direct current into alternating current. DC, commonly known as direct current is in a straight line form, and is not suitable for home appliances. We use AC or alternating current to run our domestic electronic devices. Solar inverters, as is evident from the name; work on the energy obtained from the sun.


How Electric Current is Produced?

Solar panels receive energy from the sun. This energy is in the form of light. Light is transferred to the photovoltaic cells which are mounted onto the solar panels. Photovoltaic cells are made of semiconductor layers of gallium or crystalline silicon. The semiconductors on the solar panel are connected through a junction, and contain both positive and negative layers.

When the heat reaches to the solar panels it is absorbed by the semiconductor elements affixed on them. The energy breaks the loose electrons of crystalline silicon or gallium. The loose electrons start a very fast motion from the negative layer of the photovoltaic cell to the positive layer of the cell. The fast motion of electrons produces electric current. The current generated because of the motion of the electrons in the solar panel is either stored into a battery for later use or is sent to the inverter.

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DC and AC Watts Differences

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Many people have knowledge about the electricity and all use electricity in their houses, schools, offices etc. But all people don’t know about the direct current and the alternate current DC and AC respectively. They also don’t know what the sources of these AC and DC current are. One should have their knowledge which is beneficial for their own convenience. Solar panels also work on watts and store energy on their panels.

AC and DC Current

electrical generation

Electricity flows in two ways; either it will be the alternate current of the direct current. Electricity is just the flow of electrons, which moves along a conductor. The conductor may be wires etc. The difference between these two is the direction or flow of electrons is different in AC current and different in DC current. In DC current the electrons go in forward direction but in AC current the electrons go in forward direction and then come back in backward direction. The electricity in wall lights which are being used by us in houses is the AC current. AC current is in the light sockets which are being installed in houses, schools etc.

DC Watts

DC Watts can be quote in two ways. One is known as Standard Test Condition and it is very simple you just take the watt from the panel and multiply it with other panel .

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Understanding Climate and Weather

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We all remember learning terms such as “climate” and “weather” back in our primary school days, but not all of us stay in touch with these (until commonly used) to be able to differentiate them. Let us take a look at what the weather of the earth is and what the climate is.

Climate of the Earth

climate of the Earth

The climate of the earth can be defined in different ways. It all depends on the speculations of the people. However, climate can be defined as the weather averaged for a long period of time. We can judge the climate, considering a number of years, by the rainfall and the changes in it’s amount, the pressure of the wind and the fluctuation of the temperature. Every place has a different climate. It depends on the location of the place, the sea level and the height from the sea level. Read the full story