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Third Generation Polymer Solar Cells

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Solar energy is one of the most useful and vital forms of energy. It can be easily produced by the harnessing of Sunlight in to potential electricity. Electricity can be then used in various commercial and domestic projects. Solar Energy is an alternative form of energy. It can be quite useful in making benefits for people of all age and regions. Sunlight is received by the Earth in almost all parts. It can be effectively converted through Solar Cells.

Third Generation Solar Cells

Third Generation Solar Cells

Solar Cells are the name given to the device that is responsible for the generation of Solar Energy. Solar Power Panels come equipped with the Solar Cells. These Solar Cells are capable of generating power when the light strikes their surface. However Solar Energy has various other uses as well. The introduction of modern techniques has also changed Solar Energy greatly. A new generation of Solar Cells has been introduced to the market.

Polymer Solar Cells

The latest and perhaps the final type of Solar Cells are the Polymer Solar Cells. These are the latest and most useful innovation to date. Read the full story

What Are Solar Gable Fans?

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The main focused area of solar gable fans is the top floor ventilation. It contributes to the air flow throughout the entire home during the ventilation process. The solar gable fans are installed on the exterior of the gable end on the top hat portion of the gable exterior wall that extends up above the wall end of the home and onto the end of the supporting device that is holding up the roof. The end of the attic is signified by the gable ends and gable ends are the best place for a fan. Most often gable ends are also installed with the vents to allow air flow through the attic.

Electric Attic Fans vs Solar Fans

Electric Attic Fans vs Solar Fans

In certain cases, electric attic fans are also deployed on gable ends in order to increase the air flow and to ensure better ventilation. However, conventional fans that are wired into the electrical system of the home, increase the utility bills and add tax that electrical system. On the other hand, solar gable fans have proved to be a feasible alternative. These fans offer al the benefits of the electric fans and the best thing about gable fans is that they don’t carry the drawbacks like the conventional electric fans. Most homeowners can choose to deploy the fan without any external help because the installation of fan does not require wiring. Read the full story

Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array Electrical System

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Sanyo is a well known Japanese brand which is also included in fortune 500 companies of the world. It is majorly an electronic company and manufactures a wide array of products. It also produces multiple products that support the solar energy.

Analysis of the Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array Electrical System

Sanyo 3.36 kW Solar Array

Here you will find a review of Sanyo 3.36 kW solar array electrical system to give you some idea about the main features and technicalities of the system. You will also come to know how it proves to be helpful for you. This solar energy system comprise of:

  • Railing, Fastener & fix together installation system with visual layout
  • 16 Sanyo HIP-210NKHA5 of 210 Watts photo voltaic components
  • AC (Alternating current) Disconnect, MC (Metal-clad) Cables, Ground drags and wiring plan
  • SMA SB3000US Grid-tie current converting device (Inverter)
  • The solar array area must be 221 square feet minimum
  • The measurement of solar module should be 62.2”x31.4”x1.8”

Requirement for System

  • The solar array area must be 221 square feet minimum
  • The measurement of solar module should be 62.2”x31.4”x1.8”

Main Features of HIP-210-NKHA5 PV Module

  • The module performance is 16.7%
  • Cell performance is 18.9%
  • Five year guarantee for craftsmanship and twenty years electrical power output
  • Maximum output: 210 Watts

How to get Optimum Energy

You need to affix Hybrid mono silicon jointly with amorphous silicon layers. The HIT ® solar panels are by and large is the trendsetters in the sunshine conversion performance. Obtain the best power in only a particular extent of the locality. Reduce your expenses by utilizing of relatively little system components and racking stuff. You can also shrink your costs by spending a relatively little time period installation of per watt.

Sanyo HIT Features

The Sanyo HIT photo voltaic cell comprises of only one slender crystalline silicon disk of adhesive material between the ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers. The article presents best proficiency in the market. Besides that it also adds value to the finest production techniques.

HIT solar cells boost qualities of periphery and reduce the power production shortages by creating impurity-free i-type amorphous silicon coatings amid the crystalline foundation and p- and n- kind amorphous silicon coatings.

Read the full story

Disadventages of Solar Water Heater

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The use of solar energy as an alternative source of energy is on the rise. Several equipments and house hold items are run on the power generated from the sunlight. These items include solar powered lights, solar inverters, generators, and solar water heaters. Solar heater provides the facility of warm water whenever needed. It is no doubt that solar water heater come with advantages, but there are certain disadvantages of solar water heater as well.

Soaring Prices of Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

There are several types of water heaters available in the market. People purchase these heaters according to their affordability and according to their needs. Though the sale of products which run on solar energy is on the rise, but not all the people can afford solar water heater, or require them. There are heaters which use gas or electricity to produce heat. These heaters are cheaper than the solar water heaters.

If a comparison is made between the prices of gas or electric heater to the prices of solar heater, you will see an astonishing difference. A solar water heater can cost you from 800 USD to 32, 00 USD. The cost of solar panel used in the heater makes the price of the solar water heater high.

Read the full story

How Solar Water Pump Works?

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These solar pumps utilize solar energy instead of regular electricity to pull the water. Solar pumps are better for the environment as compare to the conventional pumps. These pumps use solar energy which does not release any harmful emission into the environment. Since these pumps get their energy from the sun, they save non-renewable energy.

Solar pumps are best for areas where power sources are not readily available. People of the areas which experience regular power load-shedding can also get benefit from solar pumps. These pumps can be placed anywhere away from the source of power. If the well is half a mile away from your home, solar pumps are your preferable device to get water out of the well. All you have to do is to connect the pump to the grid and it will pump the water for you.

solar pump installation

Types of Solar Pump Systems

Since the pumps work on sunlight, therefore place them in areas which receive maximum sunlight. There are two types of system available with solar pumps, systems which are fixed and systems which move in the direction of the sun.

The systems which move in the direction of the sun are the tracker systems. The tracker systems are expensive, as compare to the systems which are fixed. The tracker systems collect more sunlight and are more efficient.

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Solar Panel construction and Installation

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Shifting from one source of energy to another could be the best way to curtail your energy bill per annum. With the passage of time and advancement in technology we have increased number of home electronic devices and machines who add our comfort level. One way to decrease the bill may be to avoid the use of such devices. Perhaps the better way to decrease the bill is to alter the sources of energy and shift to renewable energy sources. It will surprisingly cut down our energy bills and save our hard earned amounts. To build your own solar panel you need to have the approach to a workshop. Solar energy is one of the renewable sources of energy, which will generate electricity free of cost forever.

 Solar energy

When you decide to shift to solar energy you need to work out the quantity of energy that your system should generate.

You may acquire a compact solar power system that will reduce your power bill as much as ten percent or even your power bill may completely be eliminated. However, in practice the pretenders of the solar power system install solar panels to just get hot water, and later they completely shift to the solar power system for their entire domestic needs.

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Details Of Solar Spot Lights

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Solar systems use free and large amount  of sunlight to produce energy. One of the many uses of sunlight is to make solar spot lights. Solar spot lights are used for lighting needs in the night times. To operate these lights, there is no need to fix into the electrical grid. Thus, these lights will work reliably, even if there is no power supply available in the surroundings.

Let’s discuss the solar spot lights in detail:

Solar lighting

Solar Spot Lights Defined

The key source for solar spot lights is sunlight. The power from the sun is received through a solar panel, located on top of the device. Certain batteries are fixed in the device to receive energy effectively. At darkness, the light turns on automatically, and at appearance of light in the sky, the solar spot light turns off automatically. With a full day’s charge, a solar spot light can burn for up to eight hours.

Kinds of Solar Spot Lights

Solar spot lights can be of many kinds. The least expensive of them are gripped in plastic covers; hence, they are light and reasonable in price, too.

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DC and AC Watts Differences

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Many people have knowledge about the electricity and all use electricity in their houses, schools, offices etc. But all people don’t know about the direct current and the alternate current DC and AC respectively. They also don’t know what the sources of these AC and DC current are. One should have their knowledge which is beneficial for their own convenience. Solar panels also work on watts and store energy on their panels.

AC and DC Current

electrical generation

Electricity flows in two ways; either it will be the alternate current of the direct current. Electricity is just the flow of electrons, which moves along a conductor. The conductor may be wires etc. The difference between these two is the direction or flow of electrons is different in AC current and different in DC current. In DC current the electrons go in forward direction but in AC current the electrons go in forward direction and then come back in backward direction. The electricity in wall lights which are being used by us in houses is the AC current. AC current is in the light sockets which are being installed in houses, schools etc.

DC Watts

DC Watts can be quote in two ways. One is known as Standard Test Condition and it is very simple you just take the watt from the panel and multiply it with other panel .

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Solar Inverters and Converters

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The device which converts direct current (DC) produced by a photovoltaic panel into alternating current (AC) is generally known as solar inverter. The electricity produced by photovoltaic panel is in form of direct current (DC) which could not be used to operate home electric devices. We need to convert it into alternating current (AC) to operate our home electric or electronic devices.

solar system

Never Purchase Inverter of Low Competence

Normally the solar inverter is considered one of costly components of the alternate energy technique. Dueto this, majority of the purchasers of solar energy systems misjudge the voltage power competence of the complete system and tend to buy an inverter which is of lower power. Therefore, the experts suggest that you buy lesser quantity of solar cells primarily, and purchase an inverter of higher capacity and later extend the quantity of your solar cells. It will save your costs after installation of the solar energy system.

The size of solar inverter market is big enough and there is tough struggle among the market participants. In recent past it was ascertained that American producers were producing such inverters which were not working on their labeled power and it threw many American manufacturers out of the market. This paved way for global inverter manufacturers to enter into the market and now the most popular brand are European.

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Numerous Ways to Save Energy

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There are numerous ways that can decrease the energy expenditures and use it more proficiently. There are some techniques and suggestions to control the energy bills.

Save energy

  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Hot Waters
  • Refrigerators and Freezers
  • Home Electronics
  • Cooling
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Dishwashers
  • Cooking
  • Laundry

Guidelines for Heating

All the guidelines mentioned below are supposed to for consumers who are using electric energy as their basic energy mix. All the heating devices use electric power to operate, be it a hot-air force system or a hot-water circulating system. An efficient boiler separately would not contribute towards reduction of your consumption bill rather we need to keep in focus the complete heating system as a one unit. By keeping a blend of proper wadding, thermostat adjustment and climate stripping we can control the use of energy by our heating system and minimum exhausts to atmosphere.

  • Scheduled regular visits by certified experts for routine maintenance and checkup of your heating system are beneficial.
  • Suitably padded walls, floors, ceilings, hot air vessels, hot water channels substantially eliminates transfer of heat to atmosphere.
  • The filters of hot-air force system should be periodically checked and properly cleaned or replaced.
  • When the temperature is equal the air with low humidity, makes you feel wintry than the air with more humidity. Therefore the installation of humidifier or manually keeping the home humid will lessen the energy cost.
  • If you are going to install a new boiler keep in mind to select such a boiler the speed of which can be controlled either through some analogue or digital system. You can adjust the speed of the motors according to your needs and it will save your energy. It will also result better quality air, control changes in temperature and produce low sound.
  • While purchasing a new boiler, bear in mind the automatic thermostat which could be programmed in advance for all the possible outcomes and adjusts itself accordingly. You can conserve at least 18% of your energy costs form heating and cooling systems by using such a thermostat. You can also replace your existing thermostat. Keep the temperature of the thermostat according to your comfort.
  • Use storm windows and doors as these contribute as much as 15% towards saving your energy bills. Stick or paste such material on your windows and doors which controls loss of heat. Clear plastic sheet across the windows or windows with double glass (double glaze) controls loss of heat to atmosphere.
  • Proper fabrication of walls, floor, roofs windows and doors with weather shield and specially the areas which contain cracks, conserves energy costs.
  • The moveable electric heaters use extraordinary energy, please avoid these.
  • Allow the sunlight, the natural source of heat to come in. Slide the blinds, curtains, canopies away from window glasses.

Guidelines for Cooling

The cooling system is the largest energy consumer than any other energy consuming system at your home. Like in the case of other systems you can conserve energy and save dollars by appropriate look after and constantly improving your cooling machines.

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Best Deals on Solar Power Kits

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The tendency to build green home has been widely admired by large number of people.

Environment is a Hot Issue

The ecological issues are very hot these days; especially these are very popular on media. Each of the newscasters is discussing on carbon deposits or global warming on daily basis. If you intent to utilize a power proficient system, then you better initiate to replace a fraction of your energy requirements to such a source as substitute that does not affect environment.

diy solar heater

Solar Kit and DIY

You must try to acquire some solar kit out of the many available in the market, if you do concur with DIY (Do It Yourself) approach.

Easy Availability of Solar Kits

You can start with internet search tools for information regarding residential alternative energy sources. You will find a lot of websites. Solar power kits are highly in demand these days. They are sold with well defined and simple guidelines that one can easily comprehend. Many of the home workshops and local peripherals stores/shops sell the requisite apparatus and matter.

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