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Review Of SunPower Solar Systems

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The quest for renewable energy sources has continued through out the history. The pace further picked up during the last decade and now the companies are investing huge amounts in research and development of alternate energy sources. The capacity of solar power has been taken note of by the world community and efforts are being made to harness it. SunPower Solar Systems is one of the companies that joined the race to develop solar energy for domestic users.

History Of SunPower Solar Systems

SunPower Solar is a company with its manufacturing done at Philippines. It is a public sector company with its headquarters located at San Jose, California. The company aims at reducing the initial cost of installing the solar energy systems for the domestic users.

Technology Of SunPower Solar

SunPower Solar specializes in manufacture of solar panels and high quality photovoltaic cells. The company also produces good quality roof tiles which are capable for using the solar energy in optimum manner.

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Solar Initiative By Ausra

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Energy holds the potential of becoming the most sought after community of the future. Among various energy sources, the solar energy appears to be the most prominent commodity of the future. This technology is available in market since long but the expensive apparatus are the biggest hurdle in its progress. Now a days numerous companies are trying to bring the initial costs of solar panels to reasonable limits. Ausra power is leading the way in this regard.

History Of Ausra Solar

Ausra solar emerged as one of the giants in solar energy in 2006. The company is based at Palo Alto close to the famous Nanosolar headquarters. It is a private company with the aim of lowering the costs of solar energy to the bare minimum and makes it affordable for the common household. Their target is to make the solar energy as affordable as the coal or nuclear energy.

Funding Of Ausra Solar

The Ausra Solar is a private company but it receives aid and funds from numerous organizations. The biggest supporter is Khosla Ventures. Few of the other partners are listed below:-

1. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

2. Electronic Arts

3. Genentech

4. Macromedia

5. Sun Microsystems

Objective Of Ausra Solar

The Ausra Solar aims at advancing in the field of solar energy with a view to lower the costs of solar energy apparatus.

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The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil

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Cuba after collapse of soviet union faced two major issues.

  1. Energy Crisis (Peak Oil Prices