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Solar Initiative By Ausra

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Energy holds the potential of becoming the most sought after community of the future. Among various energy sources, the solar energy appears to be the most prominent commodity of the future. This technology is available in market since long but the expensive apparatus are the biggest hurdle in its progress. Now a days numerous companies are trying to bring the initial costs of solar panels to reasonable limits. Ausra power is leading the way in this regard.

History Of Ausra Solar

Ausra solar emerged as one of the giants in solar energy in 2006. The company is based at Palo Alto close to the famous Nanosolar headquarters. It is a private company with the aim of lowering the costs of solar energy to the bare minimum and makes it affordable for the common household. Their target is to make the solar energy as affordable as the coal or nuclear energy.

Funding Of Ausra Solar

The Ausra Solar is a private company but it receives aid and funds from numerous organizations. The biggest supporter is Khosla Ventures. Few of the other partners are listed below:-

1. Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

2. Electronic Arts

3. Genentech

4. Macromedia

5. Sun Microsystems

Objective Of Ausra Solar

The Ausra Solar aims at advancing in the field of solar energy with a view to lower the costs of solar energy apparatus.

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Finding Solar Cells For Sale

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Are you fed up with thinking about the amount of money you have to spend every time on payment of the utility bill? Even though you might be trying to live as comfortably as possible, but it would be really surprising for you to know that the heat and electricity on which you rely in your homes and offices comes from the burning of coal and probably from the nuclear power. There are a lot of severe negative effects of these sources of fuel on the quality of the natural environment being shared by all of us. It will not be complicated or expensive for you to change your home or business from to a more renewable source of energy. It would be a good place to start, if you start finding solar cells for sale.

Why People Are Reluctant In Utilizing Solar Cells?

Why People Are Reluctant In Utilizing Solar Cells

The idea of buying the solar cells for sale might be confusing for you, if you are not aware of utilizing solar power for heat and electricity.  A lot of people clearly realize the fact that how much significant it is to take into consideration renewable sources of energy as soon as they become accessible.

 It may be the case that you have seen solar power arrays in your town which are being used on homes and businesses, but you might consider them so expensive or complicated to obtain their benefit.

Awareness About The Solar Cells:

If you would opt to go to the market in the near future for the purpose of finding solar cells for sale in the future, you should be aware of the fact that solar cells are equipment that generate electricity from light through the process of photovoltaic effect. Read the full story

Getting Residential Solar System in Utah

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Complete the questionnaire in an appropriate manner on the Utah solar power website, then the Utah solar professional will call you. He will guide you about solar appraisal free of cost and also offer you with the most recent details about the price cuts and tax incentives in Utah.



Make an option of the solar power Solution(s) for your place. Tick all those choices that are relevant:

  • Solar Water Hear
  • Solar Electricity
  • Solar Pool Heater

Supply Correct Information

If you offer the more precise details, you will obtain the more correct evaluation. This is particularly right for the sum of your electricity bill on monthly basis. If the information is combined with your power supplier by checking its prices through some other source, you will then get an idea about approximate utilization of your current requirement of electricity on monthly basis.

These details will facilitate you to determine about the number of solar panels required to supply you the percentage of solar energy to fulfill your energy needs.

Free of Cost Solar Assessment at Utah

The State of Utah has a privilege of being a self reliant since long. For that reason, the use of solar power system is a very practical choice for this location. There is a large array of surrounding in this state. These are ranging from large mountains to arid regions and plains.

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8 Signs that Solar Power will Change the World

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The solar power is increasingly becoming economically feasible as the new mode of power generation, the solar power is eco friendly and very economical as compared to the other methods of power generation. Investment has started making its way to the solar power generation projects and the technology is continuously evolving, becoming more and more efficient. It looks as if it shall become the major source of power generation in a short time.

Solar Power Generation Prices are getting Competitive

The factor that till a few years back kept solar power from overtaking the power generation as a major production source was it being expensive. When compared with the coal generated power, the coal generated power was a remarkable 90% cheaper than the solar power generation. Now the changed and recession hit economy of the world has played a major role in bringing down the prices of solar panel from 10%—30% in the last six months. Contributed to this lowered price is also the investment that is making its way in this power generation means, an example being the 3 times lowered prices since May, of the Sharp solar panel from a $5/watt last year to $4/watt. Many of the projects which previously could not be considered would now become feasible because of this price decrease. Read the full story

Specifics about Solar Energy

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Installation of solar panels at home assists you in two ways; one is that you get cheapest energy for your home and second it increases your home value. Modern solar systems are more accurate, efficient and easy to install. Though initially installation of solar panels cost you much, but on long term you really know that your investment won’t go in vain. When the solar panel will be installed, the costs depreciate over time. The system itself adds value to your home. Overall, you get inner satisfaction that you are using clean and non-polluting systems.

Six Things That Makes Solar Energy a Better Choice:

  1. Unlike other energy sources like oil, coal, or natural gas, solar energy is a free source.
  2. If you sell back the extra electricity to the electric company made by your solar panel, you can have no electric company bill. Read the full story

Time To Switch On To Solar Power Products

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The world of ours is really through environmental dangers that have even posed questions upon our existence on planet earth. Perhaps that is the reason that people around the globe are opting for the ways of producing energy that is not produced in a way that is harmful for the environment. For instance, instead of relying upon the power that is generated by using coal, oil or other solid fuels, now solar power and wind powered products are being used by the people.solar powered products

Here in the present article we are going to analyze the products that have been recently launched in the market and that instead of using the energy produced by the conventional ways require the energy that produced by sun. Most of the products being mentioned below either use energy directly taken from the sun or they use the energy that is taken from the sun but it is stored in the batteries for utilizing the sun energy.

Benefits of using solar power products

Using these products you would not only save the electricity cost, but you would also be feeling free from electricity breakdowns and would be contributing in a cleaner environment. The solar power products mentioned below are not only reliable; they are also easily available in the markets.

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Major Gases Responsible For Global Warming

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The greenhouse effect is a natural process by which the earth keeps itself warm enough for the living organisms to survive. However, due to the human intervention, the level of these greenhouse gases has increased to such an extent that the greenhouse effect is become hazardous for human life.


Greenhouse gases are heat trapping gases formed on earth through natural processes and human activities, which then enter the atmosphere. Here are some of the major gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

1. Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Carbon dioxide is being emitted in the air constantly as every time you breathe, a tiny amount of CO2 enters the atmosphere. However, this is an extremely small amount as compared to the CO2 produced when wood and fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas, and coal are burnt. Many other industries also produce CO2 as a by product. Although plants get rid of the CO2 present in the air during photosynthesis. With the increase in the fossil fuel combustion and deforestation, atmospheric CO2 has increased greatly. Carbon dioxide is accountable for most of the global warming, and with the ongoing rate, atmospheric CO2 level can almost double as soon as in 2050.

Introduction To Geothermal Energy

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Although we may find it very convenient and easy to use fossil fuels in order to carry out our daily business, but it is important to remember that these natural resources are depleting very fast and we must take appropriate steps in order to save these resources for our future generations.


This is only possible if we start using other renewable sources of energy rather than the natural fossil fuels.

According to scientists, if we continue the energy usage at the ongoing rate, we could run out of oil in about 40 years, and out of natural gas soon after that.

We only have these fossil fuels because they have been forming deep inside the Earth for millions of years, and once we finish them up, it is going to take another million more years to rebuild them again.

Coal’s Future

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America is having large coal resources but not like as before. In 2007 the National Academy of Sciences reported that the country likely has at least a 100-year supply at today’s consumption levels, but that could not confirm the often quoted assertion that the nation has a 250 year supply of coal.

Coal's Future

Since then, the U.S. Geologic Survey substantially reduced its estimate about the amount of coal, which is economically recoverable in the nation’s most important coal field, the Powder River Basin. Anyhow even if the United States coal reserves remain abundant. There are other factors that may limit the coal use. As there are options to limit carbon dioxide emissions in future, which will very likely reduce the production of the coal, in the absence of the success of carbon capture and confiscation on a large scale.

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Producing Renewable Energy From Chocolates

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For those chocolate lovers who believed that chocolate was the most perfect substance on Earth, another reason has arrived to love chocolates even more.


Now, cocoa bean shells that are left over after the chocolate has been made are being used as a biofuel. It’s actually happening in New Hampshire, which is also the home of chocolatier Lindt USA .

Recently, Lindt announced a partnership with Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH)  for the burning of cocoa bean shells to produce electricity from one of the three 50MW boilers at PSNH’s Schiller Station power plant in Portsmouth.

Some Facts About Solar Energy

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Our Earth receives 174 petawatts (PW) of solar radiations at the upper atmosphere, out of which almost 30% is reflected back to space whereas the rest is absorbed by clouds, oceans and land masses.solar energy

The Earth’s land surface, oceans and atmosphere that absorb solar radiation, raises their temperature. This causes warm air that contains evaporated water from the oceans to rise, causing atmospheric circulation or convection.

The water cycle gets completed when the air reaches a high altitude, where low temperature prevails, and the water vapor condenses into clouds, which rain onto the Earth’s surface.